Chapter 2225: The Trial Ends Early

At the exit of the No. 3 Revived Place.

Qiu Shoucang and An Taiping’s auras suddenly changed slightly. Xing Yu, who was paying attention to the two of them at all times, immediately imitated them and changed his aura slightly.

Anyway, he didn’t know what had happened. So far, a total of six people of the City of Wanderers had died.

This number was too unreasonable. Even if they had a life-saving teleportation jade slip, they might not be able to use it in time.

Now, there were a total of 17 people around him who had quit the exploration.

This probability of death was much lower than Xing Yu imagined.

In fact, he didn’t know what Nezha’s original body had done, but in the past two years, Qiu Shoucang and An Taiping often looked unhappy.

Therefore, Xing Yu pretended to be unhappy too, so that Qiu Shoucang and An Taiping couldn’t see anything wrong with him.

Xing Yu kept a dark face for about half an hour. Suddenly, the void trembled.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

On the City of Scavengers’ side, Sea Establishers appeared one after another.

More than 20 people quit the exploration at once. Among them, Xing Yu even saw Tian Hong.

“What’s going on?”

Xing Yu was dumbfounded. He could understand if others quit the exploration, but if Tian Hong quit, there must be a problem. This person could be considered one of the strongest people this time in the No. 3 Revived Place. To be able to force Tian Hong to quit the battle, something big must have happened.

Qiu Shoucang’s eyes widened. “Tian Hong, why are you out?”

Tian Hong glanced at the teams of the City of Wanderers and the City of Origin and said in a low voice, “Nezha and Butcher An joined forces to kill us.”

Hearing this, Xing Yu understood. If they could kill their opponents, what did it matter who they joined forces with?

However, what Xing Yu didn’t understand was why An Taiping’s expression was so dark just now. Nezha and Butcher An killed people from the City of Scavengers. Shouldn’t you be f*cking happy?

Qiu Shoucang asked, “Besides this? Why did nearly 40 people die in a row?”

At this moment, Qiu Shoucang didn’t hide it anymore. The others would find out about this sooner or later anyway. The reason why he said it now was that he wanted to hear Tian Hong say that this death was unreasonable. He wanted an excuse to enter.

When Xing Yu heard that, he thought, Wait, why do I feel that something is wrong? F*ck, 40 people died at once? So many? Why aren’t any of my men dead?

Tian Hong said, “The three major forces hunted the natives to an abyss, which should be where World Origin is. Each of the three cities sent out some strong masters to explore it. But I’m afraid they are all killed.”

Xing Yu immediately pretended to be furious and shouted ahead of An Taiping, “Is there a seal in that place? Otherwise, how could the teleportation jade slips fail?”

Tian Hong felt that since so many people had died on his side, it should be about the same on the other two sides.

Therefore, Tian Hong said, “There is no seal. A native Heavenly Talent escaped there with more than 50 native peak-level Sea Establishers. If there was a seal, we would have noticed it long ago.”

In fact, Xing Yu already knew what that place was. Although he didn’t know how Nezha’s original body survived and how he could use the Primordial Ancient Land to lure a large number of strong masters from these two cities in and kill them, it seemed that that guy had actually conquered that place.

Otherwise, with the bloodthirsty nature of the evil spirits, how could they not attack the people of the City of Wanderers?

But in any case, it seemed that the City of Wanderers was the final winner this time. Compared to the other two parties who had suffered heavy casualties, only six people from his side had died. If these two parties knew, they would definitely explode.

Xing Yu snorted. “Idiot, how can you easily take such a risk to enter that dangerous place?”

Xing Yu snorted. Although An Taiping had learned part of the answer, Butcher An seemed to have done a good job this time, so he didn’t say anything.

This was because Qiu Shoucang said that 40 of his men had died, but only 30 had died on the City of Origin’s side. It was probably about the same for the City of Wanderers. It seemed that Butcher An didn’t do so badly this time.

However, Qiu Shoucang couldn’t take this blow. In the first three months, 46 people died. Although things were better after that, in a year, 40 people died, and now another 40 people were gone. A total of 201 people went in, but now 126 were gone. In addition, many people had already quit the exploration. There were less than 40 people left. He was afraid that if he didn’t take action now, these 40 people would be gone too.

Qiu Shoucang said, “Xing Yu, An Taiping, that secret place in the abyss is clearly beyond the scope of this trial. I suggest that the three of us go there together and destroy it.”

Xing Yu said, “Even if we want to take action, we’ll have to wait for the two-year period to expire. Otherwise, if anything goes wrong, or there are strong masters there, heh, you don’t have many people left there, but we still have some people there who haven’t evacuated.”

An Taiping thought for a moment. In fact, 101 people of the City of Origin had died, which meant that more than half of their people had died, but their situation should be better than the City of Scavengers.

Therefore, An Taiping said, “I think we can recall them in advance. After all, that secret place is already beyond their ability. It’s very likely that there are Sky Opening Realm powerhouses in it. Otherwise, it’s impossible for them to kill so many people in a row. After the people return, we’ll take action and sweep across that place.”

Qiu Shoucang nodded slightly. “That’s fine. Xing Yu, what do you think?”

Xing Yu was thinking about how to continue the trial when a memory suddenly appeared in his heart.

While Xing Yu and the others were discussing recalling everyone, Han Fei had already caught Xing Yu’s historical body. Han Fei said, “Think of a way to end the trial early and recall a hundred people. I’ll take the others out. By the way, think of a way to lure An Taiping and Qiu Shoucang to an abyss here. Many people know the location.”

At the exit.

Xing Yu immediately nodded slightly. “I think it’s fine. We can recall them in advance. That place is indeed strange. The trial is indeed not suitable to continue.”

Qiu Shoucang stared at Xing Yu. Although he felt that Xing Yu agreed too readily, he thought that the abyss was entered by the people of the three parties. If the people from the City of Scavengers were gone, it must be the same for the City of Wanderers.

Summoning everyone to leave the field was relatively simple.

The teleportation jade slip had the ability to gather allies, which was the main way for Bai Ranran and the others to gather allies.

In addition to summoning allies, a Sky Opener could attach his power to the jade slip and summon all the trial-takers back.


After the message was sent out.

In just half an hour, a large number of strong masters from each party returned.

No, to be precise, a large number of the strong masters of the City of Wanderers had returned.

A total of 83 people returned in front of Xing Yu. Including the 17 people who had already quit the competition, 100 people had returned.

As for the City of Scavengers’ side, a total of 34 people returned. Including those who had left the competition, there were a total of 69 people.

A total of 70 people of the City of Origin had returned. Including the 28 people who had quit before, there were 98 people in total.

To everyone’s surprise, Nezha, Bai Ranran, and Butcher An hadn’t returned.

In fact, Nezha’s idea was that if he went back now, his original body would have to go back too. He still needed to create time for his original body.

Therefore, when most of the others retreated, Nezha chased after Bai Ranran and even called the usually crazy Butcher An to fight her together. Seeing that Nezha was determined, Butcher An thought that he might have a chance to kill Bai Ranran.

As for the remaining people of the City of Wanderers, they had been taken into Han Fei’s Origin Sea as early as when Han Fei found Nezha, just to create the illusion that the City of Wanderers suffered a loss this time too.

Now, Qiu Shoucang and the others could roughly sense that the reason why Bai Ranran and Nezha didn’t come back was probably because they were fighting each other.

After all, a moment ago, these parties were fighting fiercely, and Nezha and Butcher An attacked Bai Ranran together.

Now, they must be besieging Bai Ranran, so they had no time to come back.

However, Qiu Shoucang wasn’t worried about Bai Ranran’s safety, because Bai Ranran’s true strength was comparable to a Sky Opener’s. As the strongest in the Law Enforcement Camp, even Zhao Honghuang had given her some trump cards. How could she be killed by two guys in the same realm as her?

Qiu Shoucang said, “There’s no time to lose. Since most of the people have been summoned back, let’s attack!”

An Taiping: “What’s the rush? Send them out first.”

This time, the losses were too great. Seeing that only 69 people of the City of Scavengers returned, it was obvious how heavy the losses were.

Therefore, if the City of Scavengers had any ill intentions or decided to attack the other two parties’ Sea Establishers, no one could afford it.

In fact, Xing Yu didn’t care. He thought to himself, Since the Master of Silence values this trial so much, he must be waiting outside to flip the table at any time. How could he not know his boss?

Therefore, Xing Yu was not worried at all that something would happen to his people.

Half a day later, when the people from the three major forces all came, the powerhouse in charge of the graveyard battlefield of the City of Scavengers, Zi Xiao, asked in surprise, “It ended in advance? Why are there so few people?”

Qiu Shoucang said, “There’s something wrong with the natives in the No. 3 Revived Place. I can’t explain it now. Let’s talk when I come back.”