Chapter 2226: Evil Spirit Army

The No. 3 Revived Place was only a semi-origin ground. At first, no one thought anything could happen here.

Before the trial was started, the three major powers had explored this world. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have let so many people enter it.

But now it seemed that they had missed something. It was not that they hadn’t checked the Death Abyss, but they hadn’t seen a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse there.

Therefore, they took it for granted that it was where World Origin was. They didn’t expect that there, an ancient big shot was still alive.

Logically speaking, such a situation was difficult to appear even once every ten thousand primitive graveyards. After all, a world had become a wasteland and the World Origin of the world had been drained. How could anyone still be alive?


Xing Yu, Qiu Shoucang, and An Taiping came to the front of the cave. They didn’t look for Bai Ranran and the others. Since they didn’t come back, they just didn’t want to come back. Otherwise, it didn’t explain why none of the leaders came back.

At this moment, Xing Yu narrowed his eyes and said, “To be able to kill so many kings at the same time, the danger down below might not be as simple as only in the Sky Opening realm.”

An Taiping suddenly said, “Have you noticed that the World Origin of the world is no longer dissipating here? This means that the World Origin of the world has been taken.”

“What do you mean?”

Qiu Shoucang’s face turned cold. “Are you saying that this disaster was caused by someone?”

Qiu Shoucang’s heart did a flip, because he had learned from Tian Hong that Ghost Blade led the team down. Now, the others who went down were all dead, but Ghost Blade’s Life Tablet was still intact.

Could it be that Ghost Blade triggered the disaster below and obtained unexpected resources? He swallowed all the World Origin of the world here?

Qiu Shoucang’s heart stirred. This was possible. He knew the ability of Ghost Blade. The Nine-Death Indestructible Body could allow him to die nine times in a row without dying. If Ghost Blade obtained all the World Origin of this world alone, his potential and growth would probably be comparable to Bai Ranran’s.

Qiu Shoucang immediately said, “Why? No matter how dangerous it is, can it stump the three of us? It’s not an exaggeration to say that if the three of us attack, even a powerhouse who is going to reach the longevity realm will be killed by us. How can a mere Revived Place stop us?”

What Qiu Shoucang said was actually true. At their level of strength, one of them could actually easily sweep across an Origin Ground. Even for a place like the Raging Sea, if it weren’t for the fact that there was the Beast King guarding it, it wouldn’t be able to resist a strong master who had turned his Origin Sea into a star!

In fact, Duan Qingsi even dared to fight a Monarch with the Master of Silence. It could be imagined that at their level, their combat power had reached a terrifying level.

Xing Yu could kill more than twenty ordinary Sky Opening realm evil spirits with one blow. If it were Qiu Shoucang or An Taiping, it would probably be the same.

However, Xing Yu had long known what was below the abyss. He had been dragged over to fight the group of evil spirits. There were so many of them! Even if the three of them attacked together, it was unrealistic to kill so many evil spirits. They were strong, but they were still in the Sky Opening realm.

It could only be said that even if they were faced with so many evil spirits, it wouldn’t be easy for them to die. Of course, if there was someone below who helped him and had other means, he might really be able to keep Qiu Shoucang and An Taiping there.

With this in mind, Xing Yu was a little excited. These two people were not weak at all. If they were really killed, there would only be benefits and no harm. At that time, whether it was the City of Origin or the City of Scavengers, they could do nothing about it. After all, the No. 3 Revived Place was explored by all the three parties.

However, Xing Yu felt that this possibility was relatively small. After all, there were so many evil spirits down below. It would be good enough if he could fight his way out. Even with the help of Nezha’s original body, it would only be easier for him to escape.

At this moment, Qiu Shoucang meant to enter the abyss together.-

Xing Yu wondered if Han Fei really had a way to take these two people down since he asked him to lure them over. But a few years ago, he seemed to be too busy to take care of himself.

While Xing Yu was thinking, An Taiping said, “Although the World Origin of this world has disappeared, this place has killed hundreds of us Sea Establishment realm seedlings after all. We can’t let this matter go easily. I think we can enter.”

Xing Yu said, “Since you think we can enter, let’s enter!”

At this moment, Xing Yu was more like a bystander. He felt that he was safe in this trap. What he was interested in now was what Nezha’s mysterious original body was going to do.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The three of them jumped into the abyss one after another. As the saying went, the strong were fearless. Anyway, Qiu Shoucang and the others felt that in a mere Revived Place, how could there be any creatures that could threaten them?


When they entered the world below, the billowing murderous aura instantly filled their nerves. When the anxiety that filled the void made them feel that something was wrong, it was already too late.

“Is this an Ancient Desolate Battlefield?”

An Taiping’s eyes were cold. Feeling the intense murderous aura here, he immediately shouted in a low voice, “Not good, we’ve been ambushed. This place is more dangerous than we imagined. This kind of intense murderous aura is a place of nurturing evil spirits. It’s very easy to give birth to evil spirits.”

The City of Origin was the first main city in the Chaotic Wasteland after all. They knew more secrets here. Therefore, as soon as An Taiping arrived here, he had guessed the real problem here.

Sure enough, in their perception, the evil spirits here began to gather. When the first Sky Opening realm evil spirit appeared, they knew why so many people died one after another.

After all, the trial-takers were only in the Sea Establishment Realm. In the face of a Sky Opening realm evil spirit, it would be strange if they didn’t die.

Xing Yu pretended to be angry. “Qiu Shoucang, why did you insist that we should come down? Did you know the real situation here? Their cause of death is obvious. If you want to stay here to fight the evil spirits, stay here.”

Xing Yu mocked, as if he was about to leave. However, more and more evil spirits appeared around him. He perceived that there were already dozens of them. At this speed, in a while, there would be evil spirits everywhere.

Qiu Shoucang’s face darkened. “How the f*ck could I know? We have the most deaths here.”

Xing Yu said, “So you want to drag us down with you? If you want to blame someone, blame your people for being too greedy. If they weren’t greedy, the people of our City of Wanderers might not have died.”

Qiu Shoucang shouted, “Xing Yu, are you looking for trouble?”

Xing Yu snorted. “Why? Do you think I’m afraid of you? Take a look at yourself. If Pan Litian comes, he might be able to beat me. You are just the second lord.”


“Stop arguing. Let’s think about how to get out. There are more and more evil spirits here. They are all in the Sky Opening realm. None of them are weak.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As they talked, they had already begun to fight. They had no choice but to fight. When the evil spirits were everywhere, it would be difficult to fight.

For a moment, the three strong masters all attacked. The evil spirits that Han Fei found extremely troublesome were shattered one after another in front of these three people, not even qualified to resist.

An hour later.

When the three of them destroyed nearly 500 evil spirits, they finally felt exhausted. It was true that they were late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouses, but they were only in the Sky Opening Realm and had their limits.

They could get no external help in this place. They could only consume their own resources. However, like Han Fei, even if their combat power was still there, their mental exhaustion couldn’t be ignored.

Even though they had penetrated nearly 500 evil spirits, there were still a large number of them chasing them. There were still seven or eight hundred of them that they could see.

Han Fei, who was sitting on the neck of the ancient Blood Fiend, was speechless. Was this the combat power of people at the level of Xing Yu? They were simply animals! The three of them had easily killed nearly five hundred evil spirits. It seemed that they could still continue to fight.

Han Fei calculated that there were still 1,021 evil spirits that he could control. These were evil spirits that had accumulated over countless years. In just a short while, they were almost all used up!

Han Fei thought to himself, I can’t go on like this. I can’t just rely on Xing Yu.

Immediately, Han Fei said, “Attack.”

Then he jumped off the Blood Fiend. At this moment, only the boss could kill Qiu Shoucang and An Taiping.

On the other side, Xing Yu roared, “An Taiping, are you f*cking leading the right way? Where is the exit? Where the hell is the exit?”

An Taiping roared back, “the World Origin of the world here has been collected. Even our An family can’t find it according to the traces left behind. At this moment, you have no choice but to believe me.”

Qiu Shoucang was shocked. “Not good! Thousands of evil spirits have surrounded us!”

Xing Yu cursed, “An Taiping, you idiot. I believe you, but you brought us into the evil spirits’ nest?”

Xing Yu felt quite good. It was a rare opportunity for him to scold them. However, thousands of evil spirits had come again. Wasn’t this too much? Where was Nezha’s original body?

At this moment, Xing Yu suddenly heard Han Fei’s voice transmission, “Attention! Stay away from An Taiping. A general attack has begun.”