Chapter 2228: Cheating

In this primitive ancient land, Han Fei had already tried. He couldn’t enter the Origin Sea because the entrance to the Origin Sea seemed to be suppressed by the power of this world.

However, this didn’t mean that he really couldn’t enter the Origin Sea. An Taiping revealed his Star Beads, which was his biggest loophole.

If Han Fei didn’t know that the Star Bead was connected to the Origin Sea, it would be fine, but he knew. Mo Qi told him this herself.

Sure enough, although there was only a crack, it was enough for him to kill his way in.

At this moment, Xing Yu’s eyes were almost popping out. This is the original body of Nezha? Are you looking for death by running into An Taiping’s Origin Sea?

However, when Xing Yu saw the motionless Blood Fiend standing in the void beside him, he couldn’t help but be shocked. How did he control such a powerful Blood Fiend?

Also, so many evil spirits seemed to be attacking consciously. Were they also under his control?

Xing Yu couldn’t help sighing. Why had no one ever told her that Nezha had the original body? Did the Master of Silence know? The answer was that he definitely knew. Otherwise, Nezha’s original body wouldn’t have to expose himself.

Xing Yu also felt that this person was definitely on their side. Although his original body hadn’t turned his Origin Sea into a star yet, there was no doubt that this person could definitely become the fifth general of the City of Wanderers.

This news made Xing Yu quite excited. However, he really couldn’t imagine how he could come out of An Taiping’s Origin Sea alive.

No matter how weak An Taiping was, he was a strong master who had long turned his Origin Sea into a star. He was a powerhouse comparable to the four generals and the top ten lords. How could Han Fei resist him?

In An Taiping’s Origin Sea, the moment Han Fei rushed in, An Taiping was stunned.

“B*stard, how dare you enter our Origin Sea? Are you looking for death?”

An Taiping’s first reaction was to use the power of his Origin Sea to forcibly kill Han Fei. He didn’t want to waste his energy on Han Fei, thinking that there were still two strong enemies outside, so he had to escape.

However, when the terrifying power rolled towards Han Fei, three small branches extended from between Han Fei’s eyebrows.

An Taiping discovered, to his shock, that his terrifying power couldn’t hurt this person at all. Besides, all the Immortal Qi and Chaotic Qi in his Origin Sea were gathering here and he couldn’t control them at all.

“Who the hell are you?”

Han Fei grinned. “Me? I am… the coolest, the coolest boy on this street.”

An Taiping was speechless. What the f*ck? You’re singing?

An Taiping was furious. “Even if I can’t kill you, how can you survive my self-destruction?”

Han Fei flexed his shoulders and spread his hands. “Do it! You could do it before, but now…”

At this time, two more small vines extended from between Han Fei’s eyebrows. Except for the small vine with fruits, the other five small vines all came out. For a moment, An Taiping felt that he was controlled by an invisible force. He wanted to activate his Origin Sea, but he found that he couldn’t control the power in it anymore.

Han Fei sneered. In the past, it was because he was weak that others could detonate their Origin Seas with the absolute suppression of strength.

But now, he had already opened the sky and had six vines. From the moment he came in, the power of this Origin Sea belonged to the vines. You still want to blow yourself up? Dream on!

Of course, it wasn’t that An Taiping couldn’t self-destruct, but that he could only blow up his own body, and his Origin Sea could only become ownerless.

This was the first time Han Fei had seen the Origin Sea of a Star Transformation powerhouse.

It was a complete planet. Han Fei looked up at the sea of stars, which were surrounded by several big stars.

Han Fei could understand that this was to create small galaxies, such as the solar system. Unfortunately, although An Taiping’s small galaxy had a few big stars, it lacked stars like the sun.

After watching the star transformation process and the evolution of the Origin Sea from the ancient human’s memory, Han Fei wasn’t that surprised.

However, there were so many resources in An Taiping’s Origin Sea! Han Fei glanced around. If he collected them, even if most of them were useless, he could expand his Origin Sea by at least 50,000 kilometers, or even more.

This was completely incomparable to the resources he exchanged with billions of resources in the City of Scavengers. If he had to measure it with resources, Han Fei could only say that it was at least tens of billions of energy crystals.

And this was only a part of what Han Fei could collect.

Han Fei wanted to swallow the entire Origin Sea of An Taiping. He had tried this before, but it was useless. He could only swallow the resources that flowed on the surface of the Origin Sea. As for the resources hidden in depth, even if he could dig them out, it would take a long time.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the time to dig for resources now. There was still a big battle waiting for him outside, and Qiu Shoucang hadn’t been killed yet.

In the outside world.

Hearing Han Fei’s words, Xing Yu didn’t attack but gave An Taiping to Han Fei. In fact, at first, An Taiping wanted to escape and still had consciousness, but later, almost all his strength went silent, and he seemed to be resisting something and couldn’t care about Xing Yu at all.

But in any case, Xing Yu knew that An Taiping was dead for sure. His strength was getting weaker and weaker. Even if Han Fei didn’t take action, he was confident that he could kill An Taiping now.

In the past, only one vine attacked, but today, five vines attacked together. After about half an hour, An Taiping couldn’t hold on anymore.

An Taiping twisted his body, which was a sign of self-destruction. The self-destruction of a late-stage Star Transformation powerhouse was so powerful that Xing Yu and the ancient human retreated at the same time.


A self-destruction that swept hundreds of thousands of kilometers stirred the void and even caused a violent earthquake in the surface world.

Because he didn’t belong to this world, An Taiping’s death didn’t cause any weather changes.

At the moment An Taiping died, the two Monarchs of the An family suddenly opened their eyes.

An Bailing suddenly got up from the throne with a solemn expression. Something big had happened on the graveyard battlefield.

Amidst the explosion, a figure seemed to walk out of the flames. The flames made him shine golden like a god.

Xing Yu narrowed her eyes slightly, and then Han Fei said, “Done. As for Qiu Shoucang, I want to lure him out to kill him.”

Xing Yu’s eyelids twitched. “If he goes outside, will you still have a chance to kill him?”

Han Fei grinned. “Cripple him first, then throw him to the outside world. This is a revived place. It’s possible for it to revive in the future.”

Xing Yu shrugged. “Why didn’t I know that Nezha was an avatar? Who are you?”

Han Fei said, “You can ask the Master of Silence or Duan Qingsi who I am. In short, we are not enemies. We are firm allies.”

Xing Yu asked, “A firm ally? A force outside the wasteland?”

Han Fei said, “Stop guessing. You’ll find out when you go back.”

On this side, An Taiping had died. It was impossible for there to be no reaction from the City of Origin.

Although Han Fei could temporarily command these evil spirits because of the ancient human, the evil spirits were not useful except in the No. 3 Revived Place.

After all, it was impossible for the monarchs not to come after such a big event. An Taiping’s status was equivalent to the four generals in the City of Wanderers and the top ten lords in the City of Scavengers.

How could such a heavyweight powerhouse not be taken seriously?

When the monarchs came, the less than a thousand evil spirits left would be nothing at all.

At this moment, all the evil spirits were chasing Qiu Shoucang.

Just like An Taiping, although Qiu Shoucang had killed many evil spirits, his power had a limit. Even if Qiu Shoucang’s Origin Sea was full of resources, he was under a lot of mental pressure!

Although An Taiping and Qiu Shoucang were both stronger than Han Fei, Han Fei could reverse time, had the help of the Emperor Sparrow, and could also fish for Xing Yu to help him.

Overall, in terms of the number of kills, Han Fei might have more, but in a fight, if he used too many combat skills and soul power, his spiritual power would inevitably be exhausted.

At this moment, Qiu Shoucang was coming to Han Fei because he felt the outbreak of a super battle.

However, when Qiu Shoucang saw the ancient human, he felt terrible.

Xing Yu didn’t appear. Han Fei hoped that he would surprise his opponent like before.

Even Han Fei hid himself. Anyway, he didn’t have to do it himself. There were still many evil spirits.

Even if most of them had been killed, there were still 713 left. In other words, since they parted ways just now, An Taiping and Qiu Shoucang had killed more than 300 evil spirits.

At this moment, the ancient human appeared and a great battle broke out. Qiu Shoucang didn’t even have a place to run as he was completely held back by this ancient human.

Besides, this time, Han Fei was not in a hurry to attack.

This was because he couldn’t accurately grab an opportunity to enter the other party’s Origin Sea through his Star Bead every time.

Therefore, he had to cripple Qiu Shoucang and give him one last chance to escape.

Therefore, all the remaining evil spirits went on stage, including more than 700 evil spirits and the ancient human. They held Qiu Shoucang back and gave him no chance to escape no matter how furious he was.

In the dark, Han Fei was watching the show with Xing Yu.

Han Fei sighed. “You guys are really good at fighting. He almost can’t fight anymore, but he can still kill seventy or eighty evil spirits. How strong.”

Xing Yu was speechless. Are you really not praising yourself? We are so strong, but you are not?

Xing Yu: “It should be about time.”

Han Fei said, “No rush. Keep pushing him. It won’t be too late for him to burn tens of thousands of years of his lifespan.”

Before this, Qiu Shoucang had already burned fifty or sixty thousand years of his lifespan, which made Han Fei sigh.

A moment later, Qiu Shoucang was sent flying by the Blood Fiend and immediately burned his lifespan again. With the power of his Star Bead, he sent the Blood Fiend flying and killed 17 evil spirits.

At this moment, Xing Yu said, “It’s about time. I know you still want to enter his Origin Sea. But if you wait any longer, when the An family’s monarchs arrive, it won’t be easy for you to continue to act.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “Okay.”