Chapter 2231: Gathering·Comprehension·News (1)

Two years passed.

In a remote place in the scavenger sea, Han Fei had been cultivating here for two years.

During this period, no one followed him, and nothing unusual happened. It seemed that they quite trusted him. He didn’t know if it was because Zhao Honghuang had given him the Blood Devouring Pill.

But Han Fei didn’t dare to be careless. In the past two years, he had been in seclusion to balance the gap between his soul power and his physique. So far, the effect was average.

Although the two had transformed a lot, too much of the transformation would cause his foundation to be unstable.

Therefore, in the past two years, Han Fei had been mainly stabilizing his foundation and didn’t have the time to temper his body or explore his questions about the Sky Opening realm.

On this day, Han Fei was wondering if he should return to the Origin again, because he had used up all the resources he had obtained from An Taiping and Qiu Shoucang.

At present, Han Fei’s Origin Sea had expanded from 200,000 kilometers to 270,000 kilometers. This was the benefit brought about by the countless resources he got from late-stage Star Transformation powerhouses.

Han Fei had once won a thousand consecutive victories in the arena of the City of Scavengers and obtained countless energy crystals, but the resources he got in return were not enough to expand his Origin Sea by ten thousand kilometers.

And the resources that An Taiping and Qiu Shoucang had helped him expand his Origin Sea by 70,000 kilometers.

However, this situation couldn’t be replicated, and it was impossible for him to kill such a strong master easily. If it weren’t for the siege of thousands of Sky Opening Realm evil spirits, the help of the Ancient Blood Fiend who was going to reach the longevity realm, the help of Xing Yu, and the special environment of the Primordial Ancient Land… it would be impossible for him to kill these two people.

This also fully showed that he was still very far away from real Sky Opening Realm powerhouses.

The top priority now was to open up his Origin Sea. As for how much he could open up, Han Fei planned to ask Eldest Senior Brother and the others this time.

As for the remaining resources, there were still a large number of materials and treasures that couldn’t be transformed into energy to expand the Origin Sea. Of course, he had to make the best use of them. Some mineral deposits, ground veins, spiritual liquid, and the like were slowly fused into his Origin Sea. He wanted to trigger his Origin Sea to return to its origin again, but he felt that it wasn’t worth it for such a small amount of resources.

Suddenly, Han Fei felt that in the depths of his sea of consciousness, the mark of the Void Temple was triggered.

Immediately, Han Fei knew that a new gathering had begun. Because of the limitation of conditions, Han Fei didn’t go to many small gatherings.

This time, it was also a small gathering.

However, in Han Fei’s opinion, a small gathering was similar to a hundred-year gathering.

Not everyone would attend small gatherings. Those who were busy, didn’t want to come, or had no news to share didn’t have to come.

Han Fei patiently rearranged the surrounding environment. After hiding the area, he triggered the mark in his mind and opened the void door.


Void Mountain.

Han Fei called this place the Void Mountain for convenience.

Han Fei came a little late. As soon as he entered the Void Mountain, he looked around and bowed to the senior brothers and sisters with a smile. “Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother, Senior Brother Undead, Senior Brother Azure Dragon, Senior Sister Green Lotus, Senior Sister Red Lotus, Senior Sister Feng Yu…”

This time, only a few people came, and the others were not here. To Han Fei’s surprise, Feng Yu came. More than 300 years ago, she said that she was going to participate in a trial and never appeared again. He didn’t expect that she would come to this small gathering.

After everyone responded, Feng Yu said, “Junior Brother, we haven’t seen each other for three hundred years. Did you miss me? Are you still holed up in your lousy place?”

Han Fei grinned. “I haven’t been there for a long time.”

Feng Yu curled her lips. “It’s only been three hundred years. You make it sound like a long time.”

Han Fei paused for a moment. No one usually said where they came from or where they were, and Han Fei didn’t intend to say it. The matter in the Chaotic Wasteland might come to an end for the time being. He would go to the Divine Capital Dynasty first.

The azure dragon asked, “Eleven, are you done?”

Feng Yu said, “It should have been over long ago, but the East Sea Divine Realm is going to hold a super competition that is held every 100,000 years. It seems interesting. I’m going to join in the fun.”

Han Fei asked, “Are you going too?”

Immediately, everyone looked at Han Fei. Are you going too?

Feng Yu immediately exclaimed, “Junior Brother, are you going too? Wait, Junior Brother, you haven’t opened the sky for long, right? You haven’t turned your Origin Sea into a star yet, but you’re going to participate in this Ten-Thousand-Year Competition. Isn’t it a little dangerous?”

Han Fei immediately smiled and said, “No matter what, I’ll go first! Besides, my strength isn’t that bad. Wouldn’t it be a disgrace to the Void Temple if I’m too weak?”

Senior Brother Azure Dragon said, “Junior Brother, no matter what, you have to be careful.”

“Thank you for your reminder, Senior Brother Azure Dragon, but I’m in a special situation now. I’m afraid I have to go on this trip.”


Just as Feng Yu was about to continue, Eldest Senior Brother suddenly said, “Alright, if Eleven has something to say, talk after the class. Junior Brother’s aura is not too stable, and his foundation is slightly chaotic. Let him listen to the class first.”

When everyone heard this, they seemed to understand. The so-called unstable aura was probably because his strength was improving too fast. Everyone felt that his improvement was too fast because they felt that there was no other possibility except this for the disciples of the Void Temple.

In particular, since Little Junior Brother could enter the Void Temple, his foundation couldn’t be weak. Thinking that Han Fei was going to participate in the ten-thousand-year-old competition in the East Sea Divine Realm, his current unstable aura must be caused by his rapid growth.

Eldest Senior Brother wanted to teach first naturally because his lecture contained the truth of the world and the aura of the Great Dao, which could help Han Fei stabilize his aura.

At this moment, Feng Yu hurriedly replied, “Yes, Eldest Senior Brother.”

Han Fei and the others immediately sat cross-legged. A moment later, they heard the voice of their Eldest Senior Brother rang slowly.

However, Han Fei suddenly discovered one thing, which was that when Eldest Senior Brother used to lecture, he always started with the Great Dao, but this time, he started with the Heavenly Dao…

Instead, when the word “Heavenly Dao” was mentioned, Han Fei felt a little dizzy and wanted to sleep… Oh, no, he wanted to meditate.

Han Fei seemed to hear a few words. “What is the Heavenly Dao? It’s a kind of power, a power hidden in the world. The Heavenly Dao contains all the Daos in the world. If you want to make use of the Heavenly Dao, you have to make use of the Dao that suits you…”

Although Han Fei felt that he was in a daze, his chest was heaving. Although he didn’t realize it, he seemed to have understood something.

Han Fei’s Origin Sea was vaguely touched. While the Origin Sea produced the Great Dao, there seemed to be power coming in from the Sea of Stars, which made Han Fei feel extremely comfortable, as if someone was massaging him after a long period of exhaustion.

Unfortunately, this wonderful feeling disappeared as soon as Han Fei felt it.

Suddenly, Han Fei heard Eldest Senior Brother’s voice, “Okay, that’s all for today’s class. Junior Brother, how do you feel?”

Han Fei immediately checked his personal information, and information popped up in his eyes.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: 101 (Sky Opener)

Bloodline Ranking among the Clans in the Infinite Ocean: the 200,016th

Chaotic Qi: 1,370,000

Spiritual Power: 5,461,258

Perception range: 6.5 million kilometers

Strength: 4,582,429 Waves

First Spiritual Heritage: Origin Spiritual Heritage

Second Spiritual Heritage: Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage

First spiritual beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 96)

Second spiritual beast: Emperor Sparrow (level 99)

Main Art: Time Fishing Technique, the eighth level of the Void Fishing Technique (Emperor-level, Divine-Quality)


Han Fei’s heart did a flip. His soul power was released and his strength increased.

In the past two years, he had been cultivating in seclusion mainly to balance the gap between his soul and strength, although he could transform his soul and strength every day.

However, just like what Eldest Senior Brother saw the moment he saw him, the rapid change had a price. He needed time to consolidate this change.

After all, the soul and the physique were two completely different powers.

Otherwise, his soul and strength would have long been balanced.

Han Fei was surprised because he knew that he would attend the gathering today, so when he came out of seclusion in advance, he had noticed the information of his soul power and strength.

At that time, his soul power was 5.52 million, and his strength was 4.51 million.

However, after listening to Eldest Senior Brother’s class, both of them had transformed. Besides, Han Fei could feel that his mobilization of his power seemed to be better than before.


“At least it saves me a hundred years of bitter cultivation.”

Han Fei felt that if his foundation was unstable before, it had stabilized after one class. Of course, it was only stable, but was still a distance away from being firm.

Han Fei knew that Eldest Senior Brother was helping him consolidate his strength. As for the future, he still needed to rely on himself.

Han Fei immediately replied, “Thank you, Eldest Senior Brother. I feel much better. Now it’s time to solidify my foundation.”

“Um! That’s great.”

Eldest Senior Brother didn’t say much. He simply asked, “Do you have anything to discuss?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Since he had a lot of questions, he had to take this opportunity to ask them. How could he not cherish this opportunity?

Han Fei said, “Eldest Senior Brother, I have a question.”

Eldest Senior Brother looked at Han Fei kindly and then nodded.

Han Fei immediately said, “Eldest Senior Brother, I want to know if only a balance between the soul and the body can be considered a complete solid foundation.”


Before Eldest Senior Brother spoke, Senior Brother Azure Dragon said, “Little Junior Brother, was your unstable foundation caused by this problem?”