Chapter 2234: Entered the Sea of Stars

After the gathering, Han Fei felt much more at ease. This was because he knew that he could actually reach an absolute balance between his soul and body. He hadn’t pursued it before, but now it was time to pursue it.

Of course, before pursuing this absolute balance, he had to go to the Sea of Stars.

In Han Fei’s Origin Sea.

Han Fei looked up. Although he had the Star Sea Boundary Map, it didn’t correspond to the current Sea of Stars. Besides, the old turtle had once said that one couldn’t enter the Sea of Stars casually. It was very dangerous there.

Therefore, Han Fei hadn’t been there for a long time.

But now, there seemed to be some secrets in the Sea of Stars that he had to explore.


With a thought from Han Fei, he appeared at the edge of the Sea of Stars. This was his Origin Sea. As long as he was within the range of his Origin Sea, he could go anywhere he wanted with a thought.

Han Fei thought that he only needed to take one step to enter the Sea of Stars.

However, when he took this step, he discovered that he seemed to be caught in a quagmire of resistance. It was clearly the Sea of Stars in front of him, but for the first time, he knew that there was an invisible gap between the Origin Sea and the Sea of Stars.

This “quagmire” felt like a gravity space, or a suppression of the power of the Heavenly Dao. Anyway, Han Fei felt that his blood was steaming, and his power was suppressed and wanted to burst out.

He didn’t feel that he could rush over until Han Fei exerted 80% of his strength.

However, when Han Fei realized that he could leave the quagmire, he immediately gave up, because he discovered that this quagmire was an excellent place for body tempering.

Void Refining Technique was about tempering the body with the collapsing power of the endless void.

And in this “quagmire”, Han Fei knew that this was no longer within the range of his Origin Sea. This was because he found that the time acceleration effect here was much less than in his Origin Sea.

The only good thing was that this place was affected by his Origin Sea and could still accelerate time.

Since this place didn’t completely belong to his Origin Sea, he could cause the void to collapse.

But in fact, it was difficult for Han Fei to break out of here. It required a lot of power to cause the void to collapse.

Han Fei could understand that this “quagmire” might be to protect the strong masters who had just opened the sky. Don’t just think about running to the Sea of Stars. If you run there, you might die. If you have the ability, pass this “quagmire” first.

Han Fei was not in a hurry to enter the Sea of Stars. Anyway, he already had a direction.


When Han Fei triggered the void, a terrifying force penetrated the quagmire, like a drop of water dropping on a calm lake and setting off ripples, an impact beam was formed where the water droplet fell, and at the center of the beam was the connection point between the endless void and the quagmire.

At that moment, the violent power seemed to be tearing Han Fei’s flesh and blood. Han Fei felt that there seemed to be infinite Dao runes between the heavens and earth attacking him.

The Golden Jade Marrow in his bones began to tremble, and a tremendous amount of Chaotic Qi was sucked into his body.

“Yin-Yang Millstone.”

Han Fei quickly urged Little Black and Little White to activate the Yin-Yang Millstone. At that moment, Han Fei felt that his body-refining speed was ten times, a hundred times faster than before.


Han Fei had thought that the Golden Jade Marrow was too difficult to cultivate. According to ordinary speed, it might take 100,000 years for the Golden Jade Marrow to fill his body.

But now it seemed that maybe because of the major breakthrough in his strength, the Sea of Stars quagmire, or both, Han Fei’s speed soared. At this speed, it might only take him one or two thousand years to finish refining the Golden Jade Marrow.

At that time, his body would make another qualitative leap.

Unfortunately, this Sea of Stars quagmire was not completely in the range of his Origin Sea. The effect of time acceleration was greatly reduced. As for what the time acceleration was here, he had to test it.

Several months later.

Han Fei heaved a long sigh in his heart. He didn’t expect the time acceleration here to be so slow, only eight times. In other words, even if the effect of cultivating the Void Body Refining Technique was dozens or hundreds of times better now, it would still take two or three hundred years for the Golden Jade Marrow to fill his body.

Han Fei thought to himself, Anyway, before the Ten-Thousand-Year Competition of the Divine Capital Dynasty, I have no hope of improving my body because I don’t have enough time.


Han Fei had only cultivated in the quagmire for a year to adapt to the resistance in the quagmire. Then, he broke through the quagmire and entered the Sea of Stars.

“Bo ~”

When Han Fei rushed out of the quagmire and stepped into the Sea of Stars for the first time, it felt as if a bubble had been burst. And as soon as he entered the Sea of Stars, Han Fei felt unusually cold, piercing to the bone. Han Fei couldn’t help being speechless. This place seemed to be very suitable for practicing Void Body Refining Technique too.

Han Fei could feel a large amount of impure Chaotic Qi from the Sea of Stars. In the infinite silence, Han Fei could also feel that there was an invisible force in the Sea of Stars that was guiding his Great Dao.

In addition to these two feelings, Han Fei felt an inexplicable pressure on his soul. There was a power trying to touch his soul, making him feel like sleeping.

“Hiss ~ Endless Void?”

Han Fei’s heart trembled. He had felt a stronger feeling than this before. That was the endless void. When he was in the Sea Establishment Realm, Han Fei had once entered the endless void. Back then, he really fell asleep inside and then was saved by Teacher Beast King.

That impression was indelible. Although he had already opened the sky, he still couldn’t forget that feeling. He felt that if he stayed in the Sea of Stars for too long, he might fall asleep too, like in the endless void.

Han Fei looked back at his Origin Sea. It was already blurred as if it was enveloped by a mist.

“No wonder everyone says that the Sea of Stars is dangerous. I’ve just come out and already feel such danger. What if I can’t find my way back?”

At this moment, Han Fei didn’t dare to be too far away from his Origin Sea. He had conducted a total of four experiments in the Sea of Stars.

One was to cultivate the Void Body Refining Technique.

After several months of confirmation, Han Fei found that the cultivation speed in the Sea of Stars was more than ten times that of the Sea Realm, but it was slower than in the quagmire.

The problem was that the quagmire was affected by his Origin Sea and had a time acceleration. In the Sea of Stars, he couldn’t accelerate time, so refining his body here was slower than in the quagmire.

The second experiment was naturally to practice the Void Sky Watching Technique.

It didn’t even take a month. In a few days, Han Fei could confirm that practicing the Void Sky Watching Technique in the Sea of Stars could better clarify the Heavenly Dao. He could even capture all the Great Daos he had walked in the Sea of Stars.

Then, Han Fei discovered that the Sea of Stars was full of the Heavenly Dao. If he wanted to fuse with the Heavenly Dao, it was most suitable for him to cultivate in the Sea of Stars. His speed was ten times faster than in the Sea Realm.

The third was that Han Fei began to try fusing his Dao with the Heavenly Dao.

The premise of reaching the ultra-light speed was that he needed to borrow the power of the Heavenly Dao, and the premise of borrowing the power of the Heavenly Dao was that he needed to fuse his Dao with the Heavenly Dao.

Basically, this was the true Union of Heaven and Man.

Han Fei planned to fuse the Great Dao of Gravity and the Great Dao of Space with the Heavenly Dao. For Han Fei, it wasn’t difficult to fuse his Great Daos with the Heavenly Dao. The true meaning of returning to the origin was that the world was one, and the Dao was natural. The Great Dao was one with the Heavenly Dao, and he just needed to return his Great Dao to the origin.

When Azure Dragon told Han Fei all this, Han Fei had already known the cultivation method of ultra-light speed.

At this moment, under the ultimate speed, with the help of the anti-gravity propulsion, Han Fei’s speed soared again.

When his speed exceeded the critical point of light speed, the white hole and stairs that Han Fei saw last time were all gone. What was left were colorful void lines. This was like the first time Han Fei escaped from the void. It could also be compared to a void light explosion cloud similar to a sonic boom cloud.

Two years passed.


In a certain Sea of Stars, the void distorted irregularly, but there was no light or shadow.

When the distorted void disappeared, a figure appeared above a misty mist.

“It’s time to go out, but the time is too short. At present, I can only do three times the speed of light.”

The Emperor Sparrow’s voice sounded, “It’s already not bad. According to my inherited memories, there are very few people who can exceed the speed of light before turning their Origin Seas into stars. Even after that, not everyone can grasp ultra-light speed.”

Han Fei said, “However, I didn’t expect you to be able to open the sky in the Sea of Stars. This is a big discovery. If everyone can open the sky in the Sea of Stars, wouldn’t they be completely undisturbed?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “Not all creatures can open the sky in the Sea of Stars. The heavenly tribulation in the Sea of Stars is stronger than the heavenly tribulation in the Sea Realm. Just like your Origin Sea is isolated from the Sea of Stars by a layer of quagmire, so is the Sea Realm. When the power of the heavenly tribulation descends on the Sea Realm, it will weaken because of this quagmire. Therefore, ordinary people who can open the sky in the Sea Realm won’t choose to open the sky in the Sea of Stars.”

Han Fei said, “You just keep calling yourself strong.”

The Emperor Sparrow held his head high and snorted. “That’s the truth. If you can prove your Dao in the Sea of Stars, you will find that people like the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch are nothing.”