Chapter 2239: A Shameless Tycoon

Han Fei didn’t know how Li Shenhao, who was so flamboyant and vain, got into Bai Ranran’s team.

Anyway, this person was definitely not as stupid as he looked. Otherwise, Bai Ranran wouldn’t have accepted him.

However, through Li Shenhao’s name, his surname, and his manners, Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Who is this person?”

Before Bai Ranran could introduce him, Li Shenhao chuckled and rubbed his hands. “Brother Fengliu, I’m from the No. 18 farm. Li Dacai is my father. I’ve long admired you, Brother Fengliu. You’ve cleared the Scavenger Arena alone, which makes me really admire you. Please take care of me on this trip… Our Li family doesn’t have many people. I have 386 brothers, but I’m the only one who can come to this Ten-Thousand-Year Competition. Alas, the burden of the family is all on me…”

As he spoke, Li Shenhao calmly took out a Star Shell and stuffed it into Han Fei’s hand as if he had never held it before.

Han Fei wanted to refuse, but when he scanned it with his perception, he found that the Star Shell contained 20 million energy crystals, more than a billion ultra-quality spiritual stones, and 10,000 catties of Earth Vein Spring Water.

Even if it was just a gift, it was too much. Xue Fei’s annual income from guarding the No. 80 farm was not much higher than this.

Han Fei wanted to return it, but then his heart did a flip. Why didn’t he accept the resources that came to him?

Li Shenhao didn’t even look at the Star Shell but looked at Han Fei with a smile the whole time. Seeing that Han Fei didn’t return the Star Shell, he immediately remembered what his father said. In this world, money could do anything. As long as you were shameless enough to give money away, it wouldn’t be a loss even if you couldn’t give it away. Everyone would think that you were very weak, so you could hide yourself well.

Li Shenhao firmly believed this. Look, even the iceberg Ye Fengliu had accepted his bribe.

While stuffing the gift into Han Fei’s hand, Li Shenhao said, “Seriously, Brother Fengliu, Sister Ying, Boss Ranran, Brother Hong, did each of you drop a Star Shell just now? You were too careless. Fortunately, I picked them up for you…”

With that, Li Shenhao was going to stuff Star Shells into Pan Ying, Bai Ranran, and Tian Hong’s hands.

Pan Ying’s face immediately darkened. “Take it back.”

The corners of Bai Ranran’s mouth twitched as she shouted in a low voice, “Li Shenhao.”

Neither of them took it, but Tian Hong reached out and took it. So, because others can’t see your face, you don’t have to care about your face?

Li Shenhao laughed and said, “Ah! What a waste. Sister Ying, Sister Ranran, what a waste. You can just pick up what you drop. Why don’t you want it? Forget it, I’ll keep them for you. Don’t worry. Along the way, I’ll pay for everything.”

Han Fei looked at the calm Li Shenhao and was lost for words. F*ck, does this mean that as long as you don’t feel embarrassed, others will feel embarrassed? This is the first time I’ve seen someone bribe others in such a special way.

Now Han Fei wondered if this guy had bought his way into the first team.

As for embarrassment, Han Fei wasn’t embarrassed at all. He had been pretending to be Ye Fengliu with a poker face. The only thing he was thinking about now was whether to rob this fatty or not. As the saying went, don’t reveal your wealth. This fatty had revealed too much now.

However, Han Fei didn’t think it was necessary. No matter how many resources this fatty had, it was impossible for him to continue to expand his Origin Sea by ten thousand kilometers. It didn’t seem necessary to rob him now. In comparison, Han Fei suddenly felt that this fatty seemed to be more flexible.

Besides, he had once met Li Dacai, the lord of Farm No. 18, who was really rich. There was no need to rob his son now. He should just directly rob Li Dacai.

Han Fei put away the Star Shell and fell silent, as if he didn’t care about Li Shenhao’s background anymore. This greatly reduced Pan Ying’s impression of Han Fei. She thought to herself, You’re bribed by this petty money? You really let me down.

Bai Ranran said, “Then let’s follow these two principles first. Let’s find a Sea Establishment creature and ask where the nearest wilderness settlement is. We’ll make plans after we get some basic information.”

Just as Bai Ranran and the others were about to leave, a young man suddenly said, “Bai Ranran, as the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Your first team and my second team are one of the two strongest teams. Why don’t we go together?”

Han Fei knew that this man called Ye Qingzhou had gathered a group of experts. Now there were eight people in his second team, and none of them looked weak.

Bai Ranran glanced at Ye Qingzhou indifferently. “If there are too many people, the trial will be meaningless. Let’s go our separate ways.”

Ye Qingzhou smiled. “Then have a safe trip. See you in the Divine Capital Dynasty.”


After crossing tens of millions of kilometers, Bai Ranran and the others stopped for a moment, and Pan Ying said, “Ranran, Ye Qingzhou doesn’t seem to have any good intentions. I heard that he is very jealous. We have to be careful of him.”

Bai Ranran said, “On the surface, he won’t do anything rash. Let’s go into the void. This place is close to the wasteland, and the surrounding creatures don’t seem to be very strong. Let’s go further away.”

One day later.

Han Fei and the others were rushing forward at full speed, so they were already very far away from the wasteland.

And here, the strength of the creatures began to gradually increase. At least, there were more and more Venerables.

Two days later, Han Fei and the others encountered the first Sea Establishment realm creature. Although they ran for three days before encountering a Sea Establishment realm creature, everyone knew that it was completely by fluke. The outside world was so big that with their speed, they might not be able to finish running for a hundred or a thousand years. Now that they encountered a Sea Establishment realm creature, it meant that there were many strong masters outside.

The creature that Han Fei and the others caught was a sea clam. It was discovered because it was too big and its body was a hundred kilometers wide.

Obviously, the sea clam didn’t seem to feel that any danger would suddenly appear in this place, so it lived here. It disguised itself, but revealed a big straw, pretending to be a cave like an undersea chimney. This would make many creatures take the initiative to enter its mouth.

Among the five of them, Bai Ranran didn’t encounter any strong enemies and never liked to attack. Tian Hong, this iron lump, had always kept people away. When Han Fei saw the big clam, he just stopped and didn’t do anything.

Only Pan Ying and Li Shenhao were left. However, when Li Shenhao saw this creature, he immediately exclaimed, “What a big living clam. He’s actually not an ominous creature. He’s so round and full. This is simply a work of art…”

Anyway, Han Fei had taken the money. No matter how exaggerated Li Shenhao was, he didn’t care.

However, before Li Shenhao finished bragging, Pan Ying poked a big hole in the clam that was about to escape.

Han Fei said indifferently, “Your artwork is broken.”

Li Shenhao: “???”

Li Shenhao never thought that Han Fei would talk to him. Even Bai Ranran and Tian Hong couldn’t help but glance at Han Fei. In their impression, Han Fei was extremely cold just like them. They never thought that Han Fei would bother with an idiot like Li Shenhao.

At this moment, Pan Ying stood straight on the big clam and shouted, “Answer my question. You may live.”

The big clam hurriedly begged, “My lords, please spare my life! I’m just a clam born in a remote sea area and have never cared about worldly matters. If you have any questions, I’ll try my best to answer them.”

Pan Ying glanced at Bai Ranran and the others. Seeing Bai Ranran nod slightly, she said sternly, “Tell me, where is the nearest wilderness wanderer camp?”

“Oh! My lord, this place is not close to the wanderer camp. This is the border near the Chaotic Wasteland. It may take months to reach the wanderer camp.”

Pan Ying raised her eyebrows. “So far away?”

The sea clam said, “My lord, it’s very far for me, but not far for you. If you keep walking deep into the wilderness, you will encounter more and more wilderness camps.”

Pan Ying said, “I’m asking the closest ones. Why are you beating around the bush with me? You’ve already established the sea and live on the edge all year round. How can you not know? Tell me, or I don’t mind searching your soul.”

The sea clam was horrified. “My lord, spare me. I’ll talk, I’ll talk. Less than a month’s walk west of here, there is an island called the Secluded Island. Many ordinary itinerant cultivators gather there. They don’t like fighting and only like to cultivate slowly.”

“Humph! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Pan Ying was about to slap the clam to death when Bai Ranran said indifferently, “Let it go.”

The clam was horrified and quickly thanked her. “Thank you for your mercy, my lord…”

Swish ~

The big clam ran away with a swish, disappearing into the void.

Bai Ranran said, “There’s no need to kill our way through. It’s our first time here. Be cautious.”