Chapter 2242: No One Can Be Trusted in the Wilderness

Even if a Sea Establisher wanted to kill a Sky Opener, as long as the method of attack was suitable, there was no problem.

Sky Openers were to explore the Sea of Stars. However, it was unrealistic for new Sky Openers to explore the Sea of Stars. Therefore, the Sea of Stars was meant to make the Origin Sea produce more Great Daos and let the Origin Sea connect to the Heavenly Dao.

Therefore, in terms of comprehensive strength, physique, soul, and other aspects, early-stage Sky Openers far exceeded Sea Establishers. However, when the best in the Sea Establishment realm also grasped the Dao runes of the world and could connect to the Heavenly Dao, in theory, there was only the difference in strength between the Sea Establishment realm and the Sky Opening realm, and there was no so-called realm suppression.

Therefore, when Bai Ranran saw Han Fei’s slash, she knew that Han Fei had made great progress, and it would be difficult for this Sky Opener to survive.


The soul of the Sky Opener wasn’t completely destroyed. This was a flaw that Han Fei deliberately left.

Seeing this, Bai Ranran immediately took action. The white dragon swallowed all the soul power in the range into its mouth, and then detonated in the white dragon’s mouth, producing a puff of green smoke.


At that moment, the weather changed, and a Great Dao crack appeared in the sky, spanning more than a hundred thousand kilometers.

Unfortunately, perhaps because the Sea Realm was too big and there were many strong masters, such a Great Dao crack didn’t attract the attention of many people around.

As for the local powerhouses who were about to attack Han Fei and the others, they were all horrified and seemed to be shocked. These two people were only in the Sea Establishment Realm. How could they withstand the influence of the Dream Eating Technique?

At this moment, Old Ji Chang and Village Chief Ding Yuan were both shocked, but they didn’t dare to retreat. These two could even kill a Sky Opener. Weren’t they equivalent to Sky Opening Realm powerhouses?

When Bai Ranran looked at them, Old Ji Chang hurriedly said, “Lords, let’s talk nicely. We were coerced by this person! This person came to our island decades ago. How can we resist a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse? We have no choice but to obey. In fact, we just want to live in seclusion quietly and don’t want to be involved in other people’s battles.”

Old Ji Chang said innocently, but Bai Ranran simply asked, “How do we wake them up?”

Old Ji Chang hurriedly took out a few white fruits and said, “These are fruits nurtured on the Dream Eating Tree. Let them eat them and they can wake up.”

Bai Ranran took the fruits and didn’t doubt him. She didn’t think this old man dared to lie to her. The only Sky Opener on this island had already died, and she and Ye Fengliu hadn’t been troubled by the dream. How could these people dare to act rashly?

However, Han Fei shook his head slightly. When Bai Ranran was about to feed the fruits to the three of them, Han Fei suddenly said, “Wait a moment.”


Bai Ranran couldn’t help looking at Han Fei inquiringly.

Without looking at the fruits, Han Fei looked at the old man and said, “Eat one yourself first.”

No matter how stupid Bai Ranran was, she could tell that something was wrong. Han Fei was right to be cautious in such a situation. How could she trust a stranger?

Bai Ranran wondered if she was stupid. She was actually about to feed these fruits to Pan Ying and the others just now.

Old Ji Chang was shocked and couldn’t help looking up at Han Fei with ferocious eyes.

At that moment, behind the old man, all the Sea Establishers attacked, burning their essence blood and attacking Han Fei and Bai Ranran angrily.

Unfortunately, Bai Ranran was the strongest in the Law Enforcement Camp, not to mention Han Fei. He could blow up this island with one finger. How could these people deal with him?

Therefore, Han Fei didn’t need to do anything. Bai Ranran attacked in person, and the Sea Establishment powerhouses were killed one after another.

Han Fei blocked Old Ji Chang who was about to run to the tree. The old man said ferociously, “Brat, you ruined my plan! You must die. Blossom, Dream Eating Divine Tree.”

Han Fei looked back, only to see that the ancient tree began to sway, and the pink and white petals filled the sky.

The petals were weirdly dense.

Han Fei didn’t give Old Ji Chang a chance to escape. Instead, he slashed backhand and directly destroyed Old Ji Chang’s body and soul.

But Han Fei didn’t stop attacking. He slashed again, and his saber had the power of annihilation, trying to cut into the pink and white petals.

However, although many petals were annihilated, most of them could still escape.


Han Fei returned to Bai Ranran. “This flower is not a flower. It’s more like a soul poison.”


Bai Ranran nodded. After glancing at Han Fei, she suddenly drew a sea of fire with her Sea Pen.

This fire was not true fire, but something similar to soul fire. When the petals touched the sea of fire, a massive number of petals were burnt on the spot.

Han Fei was also slightly surprised, because Bai Ranran had never shown such a move when she fought Nezha and Butcher An.

“She can draw someone else’s Great Dao in a short period of time. Is this also a kind of Dao borrowing?”

Han Fei pondered, and Bai Ranran looked at Han Fei and said, “This is my Companion Spirit’s Innate Divine Technique, but I hope you can keep it a secret.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “It seems that the problem lies with that big tree. These people are probably controlled by that tree.”

Bai Ranran asked, “How do you know that there’s something wrong with the fruits?”

Han Fei said, “These people were too calm. And you seemed to be enchanted at that moment.”

Bai Ranran was shocked. Indeed, she had never thought that there was something wrong with the fruits. She just felt that Ji Chang was very trustworthy.

From the looks of it, this should be one of Ji Chang’s abilities. It could win the trust of others, catching them off guard.

Bai Ranran asked, “Thank you. But why weren’t you affected?”

However, when Bai Ranran saw Han Fei’s indifferent eyes, she seemed to understand it. This person was an emotionless person. It made sense that he could block this enchanting technique.

Perhaps because Bai Ranran burned the pink petals, Tian Hong quickly got up and blocked the dream impact.

Then, Pan Ying and Li Shenhao woke up one after another. Han Fei could tell that Pan Ying was really asleep, but Li Shenhao was probably pretending.

This made him a little curious. This fatty was interesting. The gap between the No. 1 farm and the No. 1 farm of Pan Litian was not small. However, the gap between the two people looked quite big too.

Perhaps Pan Ying was stronger than Li Shenhao in terms of combat power and comprehensive strength, but in terms of temperament, sensitivity, and behavior, she was much weaker than Li Shenhao.

Pan Ying exclaimed, “We’ve been tricked. We’ve been dragged into a dream.”

Li Shenhao exclaimed, “I was so scared. I dreamed of a big tree that wanted to eat my brain.”

When Li Shenhao shouted this, Han Fei couldn’t help but turn his head and look at him. The latter immediately felt a little guilty, but he thought that he should just follow Pan Ying to exclaim.

Pan Ying asked, “What about those b * stards?”

Bai Ranran: “They’re all dead.”

When Bai Ranran finished speaking casually, they heard a crack, and the ancient tree thousands of meters tall suddenly broke.

Then, it was taken into the Origin Sea, and Han Fei had suddenly appeared under the tree. Then, he reached out in the void and grabbed much Earth Vein Spring Water.

Before Pan Ying could be surprised, Li Shenhao shouted, “Brother Fengliu, you’re awesome!”

A strange gleam flashed in Pan Ying’s eyes. She couldn’t help but look at Bai Ranran, feeling the power left in the surrounding void. She was sure that only Bai Ranran and Han Fei were attacking just now.

Bai Ranran said, “The people from the City of Origin arranged for a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse to lie in ambush here ten years ago. It might not be an ambush for us, but if it’s someone else, they’re very likely to fall for it. Destroy this island!”

“People from the City of Origin?”

“A Sky Opening Realm powerhouse?”

For a moment, even Tian Hong couldn’t help but twist his head. He didn’t expect that there was a Sky Opening realm powerhouse hidden here. Didn’t this mean that Bai Ranran and Han Fei had cooperated to kill a Sky Opening realm powerhouse?

Bai Ranran was fine. She had once killed a Sky Opening realm cultivator alone, but this changed everyone’s opinion of Han Fei.

When Han Fei returned, he said indifferently, “If I’ve guessed right, the ascetic camp has also been controlled.”

At this moment, everyone’s expression couldn’t help but turn ugly. That’s right. If the City of Origin had been planning for a long time, then the nearby forces should have been replaced by them. Only then could they hunt indiscriminately.

However, Bai Ranran said, “The First Lord should have noticed this matter. Perhaps Lord Litian has already started to resolve the problem himself.”

However, Han Fei didn’t think so. Even for the trial, the three major forces would generally sort out the nearby wanderer camps.

This Dream Island was so close to the Chaotic Wasteland. Why would the City of Origin choose to ambush them here?

Li Shenhao said, “I think we don’t have to worry about these things. Although the people of the City of Origin have been exposed, the other wanderer camps might not be occupied by the City of Origin.”

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Li Shenhao, who chuckled and said, “What if this wanderer camp is also a part of our trial? What if this is a trial specially prepared for us by the strong masters of the three major forces?”

Pan Ying asked, “Are you saying that the City of Origin hunted us, and maybe our people also hunted the people from the City of Origin? We only picked 150 people in total. What’s the point of hunting each other like this? Just to make us kill each other?”

Bai Ranran’s heart stirred. “No. This kind of trial is more like a warning. It has indeed taught us a good lesson. In this wilderness, no one is trustworthy except for our own people.”