Chapter 2247: Moon Snake

Han Fei had thought that he might be defeated when he chased the sea monster fortress alone and might need to use Blood Fiend.

However, it turned out that he overestimated that Star Transformation powerhouse.

It was this overestimation that made Han Fei realize that not all Star Transformation Realm powerhouses were so powerful. Perhaps the people he met at the beginning were extremely powerful guys like Qiu Shoucang and An Taiping. He thought that if he hadn’t reversed time when facing the Star Beads of those two, he might have been dead.

However, after taking the middle-aged man’s blow, Han Fei found that he could completely withstand it. He was only sent flying for thirty thousand kilometers. Although his internal organs were shaken, his injuries were minor.

From this, it could be seen that this middle-aged man’s Origin Sea was not big, and his strength after he had turned his Origin Sea into a star was not great.

Of course, this was only relative. If his opponent were not him but someone else, it might be a different story.

Therefore, Han Fei decided not to use the Blood Fiend for the time being.

A month later, Han Fei came out of the quagmire of the Sea of Stars. Realizing that it was about time, he went straight to the Magic Moonlight City.

Han Fei’s speed was very fast. In order to experience how ultra-light speed felt, Han Fei rushed forward and the void distorted. Along the way, many creatures didn’t know that someone had flown over their heads.

Originally, it would take at least two months for an ordinary Sea Establisher to cover this distance, but it only took Han Fei seven days to arrive. Unfortunately, ultra-light speed required too much kinetic energy and needed a deep grasp of the Great Dao. Otherwise, Han Fei might be able to be even faster. Of course, in addition, he was also worried that his natal star would be too dazzling, so he slowed down later.

A billion kilometers away from the Magic Moonlight City, the void around Han Fei returned to normal. He murmured, “It still doesn’t work. The consumption is too great. Fortunately, I can partially fuse with the Heavenly Dao. Otherwise, it would be difficult to fly at ultra-light speed for so long.”

Another day passed.

Han Fei finally stepped on a fertile sea area. Cities would usually be built in relatively fertile places. However, they couldn’t be too close to each other, or there could easily be wars that would destroy the cities.

Han Fei passed an undersea jungle and a coral sea, then a sea bamboo forest and a sea of algae, and finally appeared above the deep sea.

As the name suggested, the deep sea was too deep, which made the surrounding environment not very good.

As soon as Han Fei entered this place, he stopped.

This was because there seemed to be something wrong with this deep sea area. He scanned it with his perception, but didn’t find many creatures.

Just as Han Fei was about to continue forward, he suddenly turned his body and reached for the void.


Although he didn’t see anything, Han Fei still crushed something in an instant. After the invisible thing shattered, it turned into a milky brilliance and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Han Fei frowned slightly. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation. These invisible creatures were very weak and could be killed with a pinch, but he couldn’t see them. This was a little strange.

After killing this creature, Han Fei attacked again in his heart, but this time, he didn’t kill this invisible creature, but directly suppressed it with the aura of the Great Dao.

Beside him, there seemed to be many invisible creatures charging at him. Han Fei didn’t care. With a thought, the surrounding seawater turned into knives and stirred the void, instantly crushing those invisible creatures.

Information popped up in his eyes.

< Name > Moon Snake

< Introduction > It’s a strange snake that swallows moonlight essence. The moon snake has an invisible body, which can’t be seen at daytime and can be vaguely seen at night. The snake is fast, strong, and has suction cups on its body. Once it attaches to someone, it will turn into a moonlight light spot. Unless fed with blood, it can’t be taken off. At night, its moonlight essence can be retained. By absorbing its moonlight essence, it can cleanse flesh and strengthen the body.

< Level > 89

< Quality > Exotic

<Realm> Half-King

< Contained Chaotic Qi > 176 wisps

< Battle Technique > Blood Fusion, Strangle

< Collectible > Moonlight (Collectable only at night)


Han Fei was amazed. This was just a Half-King Moon Snake, but it could hide from his eyes in the dayti. If it was a Moon Snake at the same level as him, wouldn’t it have a natural advantage over him?

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Countless moon snakes rushed at Han Fei, but they were all annihilated halfway.

However, since they were advanced creatures, they were not stupid. Therefore, Han Fei sensed the anomaly at the bottom of the sea and found that these ordinary moon snakes began to quickly retreat and stop attacking.

However, a stronger threat was coming.

Han Fei felt a slight threat. Because his strength was suppressed now, Han Fei felt a slight threat even though it was only a Sea Establishment realm Moon Snake.


Then he saw his knife array was broken. Facing the surging waves, Han Fei simply closed his eyes and activated the Great Dao of Gravity. He didn’t need to see the moon snake. As long as he felt the force field of the moon snake, the approximate shape of the moon snake could appear in his mind.

When the moon snake was about to pounce at him, Han Fei’s long knife quickly drew out with a clang, and a large area of pale yellow light and a milky crystal flashed.


After killing the Moon Snake, Han Fei used the short gap to enter his Origin Sea.

After nightfall, Han Fei came out and started a massacre.

In just three hours, Han Fei had killed a hundred thousand Moon Snakes, 29 Sea Establishment Realm Moon Snakes, and two Sky Opening Realm Moon Snakes. The moonlight essence and moon crystals he collected would slowly gather into a pale yellow mist at night. As long as he collected it well, it wouldn’t dissipate.

The bad thing was that this thing had to be sealed in darkness and couldn’t be exposed to light. Once it was, it would dissipate, whether it was in a bottle or somewhere else. Therefore, the moonlight essence could only be used at night or in darkness.

Han Fei didn’t know the effect of the moonlight essence. Anyway, after he got it, he could take some of it. This moonlight could actually promote the growth of his Golden Jade Marrow.

This was like an auxiliary medicine that could accelerate and promote digestion and absorption. Although it couldn’t directly improve and temper the body, it had an enhancing effect. As for how much it could enhance, Han Fei couldn’t say that it might be about 30-50%. In any case, it was a good thing.

Of course, the Moon Snake could not only produce moonlight essence, but also moonlight crystals. However, this thing would only be born in the Sea Establishment Realm and the Sky Opening Realm Moon Snakes. The effect was naturally much better than the mist-state moonlight essence. However, this thing was also rare. God knew how much of it was needed to help him refine all the Golden Jade Marrow.

Han Fei had no time to cultivate here and collect the moonlight, so he didn’t take it to heart for the time being.

At midnight, Han Fei was actually very close to the Magic Moonlight City.

He had planned to collect moonlight along the way and arrive at the Moonlight City before dawn. However, in the middle of the night, he happened to encounter a six-person team led by a Sky Opening realm cultivator who was collecting moonlight.

Among the six of them, the aura of the Sky Opener was still not very stable, indicating that he had just opened the sky. Among the others, two of them should be at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm, but the remaining three hadn’t reached the peak yet.

In Han Fei’s view, this team was naturally not strong. But anyway, it was a team with a Sky Opening realm powerhouse.

At this moment, the six-person team stood in front of Han Fei.

Han Fei frowned slightly. “What do you mean?”

The Sky Opening Realm powerhouses looked at Han Fei solemnly. Then, he charged at Han Fei without even saying anything.


Han Fei was puzzled. Is this person out of his mind?

In the blink of an eye, Han Fei drew his saber and slashed out. The terrifying Saber Dao immediately repelled the Sky Opening Realm powerhouse.

At this moment, the five Sea Establishers also charged at him.

How could Han Fei hold back? With a flip of his hand, he drew a knife from the void, and a peak-level Sea Establishment powerhouse who was charging at the front suddenly exploded.

As soon as the knife waves collided, two humanoid powerhouses who were not at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm were minced by the knife light.

In just one clash, three of the six people had died.

The Sky Opener’s expression changed drastically, and then his eyes turned red. Someone shouted, “A*shole, I’m going to kill you intruders.”

“Huh? Is there a problem?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. These people thought that he was an invader. Besides, from the beginning, these people seemed to be looking at him with hatred. When they attacked him, they also furiously attacked with all their strength. Obviously, there was some inside story.

“Were they forced to attack me?”


Han Fei activated his ultimate speed and shook off the three of them. The Sky Opener who had just opened the sky tried to catch up with him with his ultimate speed, but he failed.

After all, not everyone would master so many profound things after opening the sky. This person clearly hadn’t completely grasped the power of the Sky Opening realm.

However, half an hour later, he encountered a second team chasing him. There was also a Sky Opening realm cultivator in the team.

But this time, Han Fei didn’t attack. These people were just forced to attack him. If he really attacked them, it would be unfair, and there was no need to slaughter for no reason.

Another hour later.

Han Fei saw an island and perceived a person. Who else could it be but Pan Litian?