Chapter 2248: Results of the First Stage of the Trial

When Han Fei saw Pan Litian, he understood the various situations he had encountered recently.

Just as everyone had guessed when they parted ways, all of this was a part of the trial set up by Pan Litian. Or rather, these people were not arranged by him, but were used by him.

When Han Fei came to the island, he bowed to Pan Litian. “Greetings, Master Litian.”

Pan Litian nodded slightly. “Not bad! You’re the 37th to arrive. Since you’re here, go to the camp and wait!”

Pan Litian’s so-called camp was in the forest not far away. Han Fei glanced around and saw Bai Ranran who had already arrived. In addition to Bai Ranran, Tian Hong and Li Shenhao had also arrived, leaving only Pan Ying. These people were faster than he had imagined!


Han Fei felt that Bai Ranran and Tian Hong might have arrived, but he didn’t expect Li Shenhao to arrive. It seemed that this fatty was much smarter and stronger than he imagined.

Han Fei took a few steps forward, and Li Shenhao hurried over. “Brother Ye, you’re here too? Did you encounter any difficulties on the way?”

Han Fei thought to himself, I really didn’t encounter any difficulties. After all, with the accurate and detailed sea chart, I just need to go straight to the Magic Moonlight City.

But since Li Shenhao asked, Han Fei could only answer casually, “A little trouble.”

Li Shenhao immediately said with a smile, “Little trouble definitely won’t be a problem for Brother Ye. Brother Ye, your guess was right. That so-called sea monster fortress did rely on the Sea of Stars to find our location. And our trip this time was really arranged in advance. Only Dream Island is not part of our trial. Everything we encounter later is in Lord Litian’s plan.”

“Dream Island is not?”

Han Fei was a little puzzled. It was clearly a trial field. Although he didn’t know why the people from the City of Origin were there, it was clearly part of the trial.

Li Shenhao smiled and said, “Brother Ye, in fact, we ran in the wrong direction at the beginning. Do you remember the other wilderness camp outside Dream Island?”

Han Fei asked, “The Ascetic Camp?”

“Yes, that’s it. That’s the initial trial ground of our City of Scavengers. However, we went astray at the beginning and might have gone to one of the trial grounds of the City of Origin. Then, we inexplicably treated it as a trial for us.”

Han Fei: “…”

Seeing Han Fei’s speechless expression, Li Shenhao smiled and said, “I just found out that the Magic Moonlight City is actually a camp set up outside by our City of Scavengers.”


This time, Han Fei was really shocked. Was the Magic Moonlight City built by the City of Scavengers? Wasn’t this a city group composed of forces in the wilderness?

Han Fei immediately scanned around with his perception. This island spanned more than 60,000 kilometers, and there were many strong masters. When he scanned around with his perception in the Sea Establishment Realm, many people immediately resisted.

But even so, Han Fei still saw countless strange races on this island. Among them, there were hundreds of humanoid creatures transformed from undersea creatures, including various demonic plants, birds, insects, and various mermen. Han Fei felt as if he had walked into the City of Wanderers. However, this camp was much more dilapidated than the City of Wanderers.

Han Fei frowned. “The Magic Moonlight City is on our side. Then…”

Han Fei was about to ask about another city, but then he felt that he wasn’t supposed to know about the other city. That city seemed to be further away. Where did he know about the other city?

Seeing Bai Ranran looking at him, Han Fei’s heart did a flip. “Do the City of Origin and the City of Wanderers also have their camps outside?”

Li Shenhao immediately smiled and said, “Brother Ye is really smart! The City of Origin does have a large camp called the Guardian Camp. However, the Guardian Camp is still a little far away from us. I think they will have to go through such a long trial like us too. As for the City of Wanderers, they don’t seem to have a camp here.”

Han Fei thought to himself, This is very in line with the style of the City of Wanderers. As Wanderers, they are all experienced in battles. Besides, in the City of Wanderers, people are required to do military service, and they must ensure that their home is not invaded. Therefore, anyone who has become strong will go to places like graveyard battlefields. Their experience is far more abundant than teams of the City of Scavengers and the City of Origin that are mixed with a large number of big clan descendants.

Han Fei didn’t care about it and didn’t ask further. Instead, he sat cross-legged casually and said, “Let’s just cultivate!”

Li Shenhao didn’t change his mood at all because of Han Fei’s indifferent attitude. This person was fawning to everyone and didn’t seem to be a descendant of a big clan at all.

Without Pan Litian’s permission, Han Fei and the others couldn’t go to the Magic Moonlight City rashly. After all, they were all real strong masters. Although the Magic Moonlight City was the camp of the City of Scavengers in the wilderness, it was also managed as a city. The races here were complicated. The influx of so many strong masters would definitely bring a certain impact to the people of the Magic Moonlight City.

Besides, in order to give Han Fei and the others a final trial, Pan Litian forced the strong masters of the Magic Moonlight City to snipe outside. Therefore, the people who intercepted Han Fei earlier all hated Han Fei.

Han Fei could guess the reason. The people from the City of Scavengers were not weak. It was too difficult for them to take down these Heavenly Talents, and it was relatively easy for these Heavenly Talents to attack them.

In this way, the last trial outside the Magic Moonlight City would inevitably kill many strong masters of the Magic Moonlight City. It would be strange if they didn’t hate them.

About seven days after Han Fei arrived, strong masters from the City of Scavengers arrived at the Magic Moonlight City one after another.

As for Pan Ying, she only reached it nine days after Han Fei arrived. When Pan Ying arrived, she was in a sorry state. This was a young lady from a big clan who had never suffered much. She was a real Heavenly Talent. Although she was strong, she didn’t know much about the outside world.

From afar, when Pan Ying saw Pan Litian, she immediately shouted, “Grandpa, this is really just a pure trial. Grandpa, you made me suffer so much.”

“Shut up.”

Pan Litian’s face darkened. “Everyone has been through this, but you? If I don’t show you the dangers of the world, you won’t even be able to reach the Divine Capital Dynasty. How can you talk about the Ten-Thousand-Year Competition?”

Pan Ying was speechless and didn’t know who to tell how aggrieved she was.

Immediately, Pan Ying looked at Han Fei and the others, and then Pan Ying blushed and felt a little embarrassed. It was one thing for Bai Ranran, Tian Hong, and Ye Fengliu to be ahead of her, but Li Shenhao was another!

Ye Fengliu cooperated with Bai Ranran to kill a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse. But Li Shenhao was nothing! Just like her, he fell asleep on Dream Island too, but he was also ahead of her. She immediately felt terrible.

As if knowing what his granddaughter was thinking, Pan Litian snorted. “Girl, don’t underestimate anyone. Li Shenhao you despise came a day earlier than Ye Fengliu. Today is the tenth day since he arrived.”

Pan Ying: “…”

Half a month later.

A total of 98 people arrived at the Magic Moonlight Island.

It had been almost half a year since they left the wasteland.

After another three days, when a total of 127 people came to the Magic Moonlight Island, Pan Litian no longer waited. Those who couldn’t come today, whether dead or alive, were all eliminated.

Pan Litian actually thought it was not bad. He had expected to have 110 people arrive within the time limit he set, but it seemed that this batch of people was not bad. There were actually 127 of them.

However, what Pan Litian didn’t know was that a small sea monster fortress in the wilderness was almost penetrated. Otherwise, the result might have been as he expected.

At this moment, everyone was standing in front of Pan Litian.

The latter said, “I believe that in the previous period of time, you must have experienced some setbacks or narrowly escaped death. In just half a year, a team of 150 people has eliminated 23 people. Do you know what it means?”

Most people fell silent. They didn’t expect this path to be so difficult. Many people were still a little afraid. Many times, they almost lost their lives because of their choices.

Pan Litian shouted, “This is only half a year’s journey, less than one hundredth of the whole trip, but 23 people have been eliminated. Do you still think you are Heavenly Talents? Do you still think you are invincible in the same realm? What are you proud of?”

Han Fei didn’t feel anything about Pan Litian’s blow. The creatures in the wilderness were looking for a way to survive, and these Ten Thousand Scale Race geniuses were looking for a way. They didn’t expect to die here at all. In comparison, Han Fei felt that it was already beyond his expectations that so many people could make it here.

Pan Litian said, “Now I can tell you that if it weren’t for the fact that I set up this path on purpose, it would be a miracle if a hundred of you could come here today.”

After a pause, Pan Litian sneered. “The emperors who accompanied me that day have already walked far away. I’ve waited for you for a while just to tell you that this road is not easy to walk. From today on, you’ll really have to walk the rest of the road alone. I want you to know that in the wilderness, no creature is trustworthy… I can give you a piece of advice. Run when you meet the strong, kill when you meet the weak. Follow my advice, and sometimes it can save your life.”

At this time, Pan Ying said, “Gran… Lord Litian, can we enter the Magic Moonlight City?”

Pan Ying’s first thought was to get a sea chart. Although she had experienced a lot of hardships, she also realized her shortcomings. Her grandfather definitely wouldn’t follow her all the way, so a sea chart was very important.

And in the vast wilderness, if you wanted to get a sea chart, it meant that you might have to experience all kinds of dangers. Otherwise, who would give you a sea chart, which was painted by the strong masters with their memories inch by inch.

“Yes! Master Litian, can we enter the Magic Moonlight City?”

“If we can enter the city, we can exchange for resources.”

Immediately, the crowd began to discuss, most of whom were children of big clans.

However, Pan Litian grinned ferociously. “No.”