Chapter 2252: Shit, It’s the Second Day

“With you?”

Zhou Jingjing was stunned. Although she didn’t know why Han Fei had been chasing them, she had some guesses. He probably wanted their emperors to fight him.

As for the Sky Opening realm powerhouses, in addition to normal cultivation, by sparring, tempering, and experiencing hardships, they could stabilize their cultivation and even improve their comprehension faster.

She felt that Han Fei was probably thinking this. The only thing she didn’t understand was that he could easily kill a Star Transformation Realm expert. Why did he need them to spar with him?

Han Fei smiled. “What do you think?”

Han Fei didn’t really want to find a few lackeys for himself. It was mainly because he couldn’t really attack the Crab King City alone.

Even if there was no Monarch in the Crab King City, that Third Uncle of the Crab King City was already very powerful. He had definitely reached the level of the top ten lords.

Besides, there was definitely more than one powerhouse like this in Crab King City. How could there only be one late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouse in a mobile castle? If that was the case, as long as someone could hold back the late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouse, the mobile castle would be doomed.

However, from the words “Third Uncle” used by the young master of the Crab King City, Han Fei estimated that there were at least three late-stage Star Transformation Realm super powerhouses in the Crab King City, which made much more sense.

If it were the previous Han Fei, he would definitely be unwilling to join forces with these people. If he wasn’t careful, he would lose his life.

But now, he should be able to deal with one powerhouse. If there were really more powerhouses, Blood Fiend should be able to deal with one too. Of course, if the other party had a third Sky Opening Realm powerhouse, Han Fei still wouldn’t be able to defeat them.

However, this also served the purpose of tempering himself. Otherwise, if he could deal with a mobile castle alone, how could he be tempered?

One of the reasons why Han Fei suggested that Zhou Jingjing and the others follow him for the time being was to attract the attention of others.

The mobile castle and the sea monster fortress both located their targets via stargazing. Although the big stars in the Sea of Stars were far away and they couldn’t cross the Sea of Stars, as long as they confirmed that the other party was a cultivator and chased in that direction, the probability of encountering him was extremely high.

However, what could be observed was usually flickering stars. If it were a lone star, it would be very difficult to observe. For example, there was originally only one star in a certain starry sky, but many stars suddenly appeared. This way, it could be confirmed that there were cultivators here.

However, in the starry sky, countless lonely stars hung high. Who knew which star corresponded to a specific cultivator? In the vast Sea of Stars, even if the cultivators representing the stars could move, because the distance was too far, it was generally not easy to detect.

Therefore, mobile castles and sea monster fortresses were only good at discovering group targets. It was mostly luck that they occasionally found lone targets.

Zhou Jingjing looked at Han Fei solemnly. “Why? You are strong enough to fight a late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouse. Why do you still need us to follow you? Aren’t you a loner?”

Han Fei grinned and said, “You should have guessed what I’m doing, right?”

Zhou Jingjing said, “You’re tempering yourself with battles, so you need high-intensity battles. The stronger the enemy, the better. Of course, they can’t be too strong.”

Han Fei smiled and said, “Smart! Therefore, I need bait. Not only to attract the attention of the Crab King City, but also the attention of the strong masters of other Sea Monster Fortresses.”

Zhou Jingjing’s teeth hurt. How dare he use the word “bait” so blatantly?

Besides, it was bait! If they weren’t careful, they would be doomed. Zhang Daqian was too ruthless. She shouldn’t have tried to save him before.

But Han Fei added, “Don’t worry. I can give you a certain reward for being bait. We can split the resources we looted. I’ll take 70, and you take 30…”

The strong had the right to set the price. Han Fei didn’t stand on ceremony with Zhou Jingjing. What he didn’t say was that this share was only targeted at ordinary looted materials. If it were a robbery at the level of the Crab King City, he believed that he would at most give 5% of the resources to Zhou Jingjing and the others. After all, they were just bait.

Zhou Jingjing couldn’t back down now. She could only agree, although she knew that agreeing to Han Fei was like asking a tiger for its skin. It was very dangerous.

Zhou Jingjing asked, “Then can you return the previous resources to us?”

Han Fei frowned. “Why should I return the resources I snatched with my own abilities?”

Zhou Jingjing: “…”

Another three years passed.

At this moment, Han Fei, Zhou Jingjing, and the four Sky Opening powerhouses were watching a giant shark fleeing. Yes, they had looted another sea monster fortress.

Zhou Jingjing said, “It’s been three years. We’ve robbed at least seventy to eighty percent of the sea monster fortresses in this sea area. The Crab King City has been lured over more than a dozen of them. Zhang Daqian, if you want to polish yourself, why don’t you change places?”

In the past three years, Zhou Jingjing felt as if she was walking on thin ice and was living in fright every day, although the resources they gained in the past three years were comparable to what they gained in the past hundred years.

However, the reputation of the Chiliocosm had already spread throughout this sea area. All the wilderness camps, islands, ships, and fortresses here knew about the Chiliocosm.

Yes, after following Han Fei, the name of the Giant Whale Fortress was no longer used. The main reason was that Zhou Jingjing didn’t want to ruin her reputation. Otherwise, when others met her in the future, they would probably swarm up to kill her.

But Han Fei didn’t care. He even had the terrifying idea of making the “Chiliocosm” a legend in the wilderness. When others heard that it was the Chiliocosm, their first reaction would be either to run or to attack it together.

On the side, an emperor also said, “Yes! Boss Zhang, you just heard that just next to our sea area, the seabed collapsed, revealing a huge ancient mountain range, where countless strong masters gathered. That place will definitely be able to temper your cultivation.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “Good. Then let’s go to the ancient mountain range.”

Zhou Jingjing: “Uh… Can we not go there… Well, fine! Let’s go!”

Seeing Han Fei give him a look, Zhou Jingjing gave up. She just felt that with Han Fei’s personality, if he went to the ancient mountain, he would definitely have conflicts with many people, which would be even more dangerous for them.

Han Fei nodded slightly. “We’ll set off tomorrow, but for now, let’s wait a little longer…”

Hearing that Han Fei wanted to wait a little longer, the Sky Opening powerhouses around Zhou Jingjing all frowned. They all knew what Han Fei was waiting for. He was waiting for the Crab King City.


When the void fluctuated slightly, Zhou Jingjing suddenly shouted, “All of you, go to the camp.”

Three years ago, Han Fei had said that Zhou Jingjing and the others were just bait. In the past few years, Zhou Jingjing and the others had been excellent bait. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t be afraid, because at the level of the sea monster fortress, they could only spar with Han Fei and no one could beat it.

However, there were some exceptions, which were the Crab King City.

Now, everyone in the vast sea knew that the Crab King City had a conflict with a sea monster fortress called the Chiliocosm. The Crab King City had tried to kill it a dozen times but failed to destroy the Chiliocosm.

At this moment, the void trembled. When Han Fei saw the figure that appeared in the void, he couldn’t help but grin. “Oh! Xie Kuan, Third Master Xie, are you alone today?”

Third Master Xie’s face trembled. “I knew it was you, Zhang Daqian. If you have balls, don’t run this time. I’ll kill you.”

Han Fei sneered. “Come on! I’ve got some comprehension today. I won’t run unless I fight 30,000 rounds!”

Third Master Xie said, “You said that. Take this…”

Knock, knock, knock!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In terms of strength, Han Fei was naturally inferior to Third Master Xie, but his body was tough! In the past three years, he had fought with Third Master Xie seven or eight times.

In addition to Third Master Xie, Han Fei had fought Second Master Xie five or six times. In terms of strength, Second Master Xie was at least 20% stronger than Third Master Xie.

Han Fei could only hold on for a hundred seconds before he had to run.

However, in the hands of Third Master Xie, Han Fei could barely hold on for more than half an hour.

But this time…

Half an hour later, Third Master Xie was a little shocked. “Have you turned your Origin Sea into a star?”

Han Fei sneered. “If I have, how can you beat me?”

In fact, in the eighth year of his training in the wilderness, Han Fei finally consolidated half of his foundation. Half a month ago, he had an epiphany, and his strength soared by 20%, or because of the consolidation, his normal combat power had recovered and even increased by 20%.

This 20% was not a joke. This was his own strength without using the power of his Great Dao. Although it was only 20%, it was a breakthrough success.

This was because Han Fei discovered that as his soul and physique became more and more balanced, the effect of consolidating his strength became more and more obvious. After the real ultimate balance was reached, Han Fei believed that his basic strength might directly soar by more than 50%.

An hour later, Han Fei’s blood was surging. Although he couldn’t fight anymore, it felt really good! Third Master Xie was really reckless. He could beat him up every time.

This time, Han Fei felt that it was comparable to ten years of cultivation.

Suddenly, Han Fei subconsciously pinched his fingers and his face changed slightly when he saw the sky. It had been exactly one day since the last time the Nine Palace Luck Ruler measured his luck.

“Shit, it’s the second day.”