Chapter 2254: Ancient Mountain Range

Seven days Later.

On a certain sea area, Han Fei cursed, “Son of a b * tch, this old guy just won’t let me go. I just used your Crab King City as a whetstone, but I didn’t grind you bald. Why do you keep chasing me?”

Han Fei had once killed An Taiping and Qiu Shoucang, so he thought he could resist a late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouse.

But in fact, when he really fought Xie Wuyin, he found that not only was this person strong, but he was also comparable to a strong master like Qiu Shoucang. His Great Dao was also very insidious. When this Great Dao entered his body, he used the essence of the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique, but this thing could still resist it.

Until today, this corrosive power in his body was finally obliterated by him.


The moment the Great Dao of Corrosion disappeared, Xie Wuyin, who had been chasing Han Fei all the way, frowned and stopped chasing. He murmured, “Disappeared? How can it disappear? Even the remnants of my Dao runes are gone. How did that brat do it?”


Han Fei knew that he had escaped the pursuit. He recalled the direction in which he escaped and roughly estimated his location based on the time and speed he traveled.


Han Fei’s heart did a flip. He didn’t expect that he had run so far in the past few days. He was almost out of the territory of the Crab King City.

Now, Han Fei’s location in the wilderness was very far away from the Chaotic Wasteland. The only place closer to here might be the Ghost Strait.

However, the Ghost Strait was about half a light year away from where he was. However, the ancient place that Han Fei had heard about in the Crab King City seemed to be here.

Han Fei estimated that as long as he walked to the neighboring sea area, he should be able to find the so-called Ruins of Gods in half a month.

As for the Crab King City! He couldn’t beat them yet, mainly because their boss was too powerful. If this whetstone could break the knife, what was the point?

Therefore, Han Fei simply gave up. Didn’t they say that there were many strong masters near the ancient mountain range? Then he would go there to take a look.

However, before going to the ancient mountain range, Han Fei released Zhou Jingjing and the others.

Zhou Jingjing’s first reaction was, “Have you escaped the pursuit of the Crab King City?”

Han Fei sneered. “The Crab King City is nothing. I released you today to return your freedom.”

Zhou Jingjing thought to herself, I’ve watched you being beaten up by the Crab King City countless times, but you said as if the Crab King City is nothing in your eyes.


Zhou Jingjing was suddenly stunned. Give us back our freedom?

In the past few years, although Zhou Jingjing was living in fright, she had experienced the benefits of relying on the strong. Although Han Fei used them as bait, Han Fei could sweep his opponents every time, and they could always benefit in the end. This was much better than when they served as a sea monster fortress.

Now, Han Fei was going to return their freedom?

Han Fei said leisurely, “I’m going to the ancient mountain range to take a look. Although you are strong, it’s too dangerous there. I can’t guarantee your safety. So, what’s your choice?”

“How can I choose?”

Zhou Jingjing was a little confused. Haven’t you already decided? What do you mean by how I should choose?

Wait ~

Zhou Jingjing suddenly woke up. It didn’t seem to be the case. Although the Ancient Mountain Range was dangerous, in the wilderness, where was safe?

As people from a sea monster fortress, they were already quite strong in the wilderness. And a place like the ancient mountain range must have a lot of strong masters exploring it.

However, no matter how many strong masters explored it, as long as they were careful in the vast wilderness, no strong masters would really notice them. Besides, most of the time, the strong masters they encountered were at most at the same level as them. As for the stronger ones, they wouldn’t bother to rob an ordinary Sky Opener.

For people like Han Fei, robbery was fake, but tempering was real.

Zhou Jingjing’s eyes glittered. “Can we continue to be bait?”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Okay, but I won’t give you a raise. Besides, I’m afraid there will be more and more enemies in the ancient mountain range. You have to be mentally prepared not to come out to hunt for a long time.”

In fact, Han Fei didn’t want to dismiss this bait for the time being. After all, they had cooperated so well. There were still decades. It would be troublesome to find new partners.

Zhou Jingjing took a deep breath and said firmly, “We can continue to be bait.”

For some reason, Zhou Jingjing felt that this was an opportunity. She knew what Han Fei meant. He meant that there were many strong masters in the ancient mountain range, so there would naturally be many enemies.

Han Fei gave them a choice and allowed them to leave freely.

In fact, Han Fei hadn’t completely understood the law of survival in the wilderness. As long as there was meat to eat, as long as there was a chance to rise, many people were willing to pay a price.

Being bait for Han Fei, their harvest was hundreds of times more than what they hunted. Why didn’t she be bait?

Han Fei smiled. “Okay. If I can’t guarantee your safety one day, it will be the time for us to part ways. As for whether you can leave safely or not, it’s none of my business.”

Originally, Han Fei had another plan, which was to find another team of people as bait when he went to the ancient mountain range. In the past few years, he found that Zhou Jingjing was not bad. Most of the resources she harvested were supplied to the people in her camp.

However, not everyone was like Zhou Jingjing. He wanted to find some vicious people as bait, so it didn’t matter if they died.

But since Zhou Jingjing was still willing to be bait, he had nothing to be unhappy about. After all, they cooperated well.

Half a month later.

Under the guidance of the Vast Ocean Navigator, Han Fei found the location of the ancient mountain range very accurately. However, the territory occupied by this ancient mountain range was beyond Han Fei’s imagination.

Han Fei had thought that it was just a mountain range. As an ancient ruin, it was at least as big as the Grand Myriad Mountains.

But in fact, that was not the case.

For example:

At this moment, the demonic conchs that were about to attack Han Fei trembled under Han Fei’s suppressing pressure.

The leading demonic conch said nervously, “My lord, this ancient mountain range has been named the Ruins of Gods by many explorers. We can’t calculate how big the periphery of the ruins is. Occasionally, strange phenomena will appear here. It’s said that someone once saw a godly weapon here. There are also rumors that someone picked up a large pit of Mystic Yellow Soil here. There are also rumors that a heavenly spiritual treasure and an ancient demonic core have been dug here. As for the real Ruins of Gods, we’ve really never been there! It’s said that anyone below the Sky Opening realm will definitely die if they enter.”

Han Fei asked, “Why are there no Sky Opening powerhouses in such a big place? From what you said, there seems to be a lot of good stuff in the periphery!”

The Demonic Conch smiled bitterly. “My lord, that’s because there are more opportunities in the places outside the ruins. I heard that half a year ago, someone obtained some opportunities there and directly reached the longevity realm.”

“Reach the longevity realm?”

Han Fei was confused. How could it be so simple?

“Okay, leave!”

Han Fei thought to himself, Digging for treasures is my strength. With the Vast Ocean Navigator, I don’t necessarily need to go to the inner area immediately.

According to the demonic conch, the inner area was extremely dangerous, and the outer area seemed to have a lot of opportunities.

Anyway, the Ruins of Gods had been discovered for a long time, so he didn’t need to rush over.

Under the guidance of the Vast Ocean Navigator, Han Fei began to dig around.

Three days later.


Han Fei dug through a mountain, only to see a red crystal soaring into the sky. Han Fei grabbed it.

However, the extraordinary light didn’t disappear but formed a red cloud that spread out.

This obvious energy fluctuation radiated out at a speed faster than light. Han Fei was dumbfounded.

At the same time, people nearby and some distance away swept in Han Fei’s direction.

“Huh? A treasure was born?”

“The strange astronomical phenomenon is beyond my perception range. It seems to be a good treasure.”

“Which b * stard is so lucky? Why can’t I find any treasures?”

Han Fei stared at the red crystal in his hand, and information popped up in his eyes.

< Name > Divine Crystal

< Introduction > The blood of a god. It lost its vitality and finally solidified into a magical crystal. The crystal contains the Dao runes of a god. From it, one can see a trace of the Great Dao of a god. It can also consolidate the soul and flesh.

< Level > Spiritual Treasure of Heaven and Earth

<Quality> Ordinary

< Contained Blood Qi >

< Effect > This Divine Crystal can replenish Qi and blood and help with cultivation. Its effect is extraordinary.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes. So it was just a spiritual treasure of heaven and earth? Shouldn’t the blood of a god be at least at the level of a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure?

Han Fei thought for a moment. This Divine Crystal seemed to only help temper the body, because it contained blood Qi but nothing else.

Quickly putting this thing into his Origin Sea, Han Fei didn’t use it immediately, because he knew very well that tempering his body wasn’t something that could be done overnight. He was here to hunt treasures, not to cultivate.

There was no telling if it was because of the special environment here. There were many treasures here. But even if Han Fei confirmed it with the Vast Ocean Navigator, he still dug out some small pieces not quite valuable.

Two more days passed.

Han Fei dug a mountain and saw a green jade in his hand. However, as soon as he grabbed it, the mountain collapsed and caved in, destroying the surrounding hundred mountains.

Similarly, more than a hundred mountains collapsed, forming a force that rippled in all directions, as if to show that the thing in Han Fei’s hand was extraordinary.

When Han Fei took a closer look, his eyes glittered. It was the Heavenly Dao Jade Essence. The Ten Thousand Scale Monarch once rewarded him with one. The effect of this thing was equivalent to a hundred years of body refinement!