Chapter 2256: Ruins of Gods

“Who is it?”

Han Fei’s heart skipped a beat. The voice that suddenly appeared in his ears made him vigilant. It was a desire from the bottom of his heart, making him eager to obtain power.

That feeling was right in front of him. Was the Sacred Bone tempting him?

Han Fei frowned and sneered. “What condition? You only have one bone left, and you still want to seduce me? Emperor Sparrow, come out for dinner!”

This kind of malicious enticement was also evil. This power caused many people to fall into chaos. And the Emperor Sparrow was born with the ability to swallow this power.


Therefore, as soon as the Emperor Sparrow came out, he understood Han Fei’s purpose.


As the Emperor Sparrow opened his mouth, a tremendous amount of golden light poured into his body. In Han Fei’s heart, the Emperor Sparrow’s voice sounded, “Very pure divine power. This is probably the residual power of a god, right?”

Han Fei said, “I don’t know. Anyway, it’s not bad to cultivate with this power.”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to cultivate with this power for long. Although this divine power is good, if you absorb too much of it, it will inevitably affect you. Fortunately, you still have the Yin-Yang Millstone. Otherwise, you might have gone crazy and might even be parasitized by this divine power. In the distant future, there might be divine power awakening in your body.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. “Then what should we do? Give up this thing?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “If you can use the spiritual fire of the world to forge it, you might be able to forge it into a weapon. It’s at least a godly weapon. Otherwise, I advise you to give up. Things left behind by gods are not easy to take.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Why didn’t you say so earlier? I’m good at refining! As it happens, I still have a lot of useless refining materials in my Origin Sea.

Han Fei said, “Got it. Go back and rest. I’ll deal with it.”

The Emperor Sparrow asked, “Are you sure you can deal with it?”

Han Fei said, “If I can’t, I’ll just leave.”

After recalling the Emperor Sparrow into his Origin Sea, Han Fei condensed a void hand again and grabbed at the Sacred Bone. Unfortunately, his terrifying power still shattered when it was about to touch it.

Han Fei was not in a hurry. He extended his hand, and the Demon Purification Pot appeared in his palm. Han Fei, who could use part of the power of the Demon Purification Pot, asked the Demon Purification Pot to extend a small vine and grab the Sacred Bone, dragging it into the Demon Purification Pot.

How could the Sacred Bone be willing? It showed its powerful will to resist the Demon Purification Pot.

At that moment, a strange scene appeared in the outside world.

The golden halo finally dissipated, replaced by a divine void shadow that was covered in strange Dao patterns.

The Sky Opening powerhouses who were fighting fiercely stopped at the same time and bombarded the mountain as if they wanted to drill through it.

Boom ~

Boom ~

Han Fei felt some tremors underground and couldn’t help frowning. What happened outside? It seemed to be quite loud!

“Master Calabash, use all your little vines!”

A few small vines of the Demon Purification Pot moved at the same time and began to drag the Sacred Bone. Sure enough, the Sacred Bone couldn’t resist the power of the Demon Purification Pot and was dragged in.


Han Fei was relieved. Fortunately, he didn’t try to pick it up directly, or he would be troubled by it.

As for body tempering, Han Fei knew it very well. It was incredible that a drop of Golden Jade Marrow could be produced in a few days.

At the moment he heard that voice, his heart was stirred and he had an inexplicable impulse. After all, the power he absorbed had been tempered by the Yin-Yang Millstone.

But in any case, he had gained a lot this time. Cultivating here for ten days was better than cultivating for ten years normally. Since he couldn’t grasp the power of the Sacred Bone in the end, he would refine it.


Han Fei didn’t care what was needed to refine the Sacred Bone. As soon as the Demon Purification Pot was opened, he casually threw a lot of treasures in his Origin Sea in. He didn’t know if he could refine a godly weapon, but he knew that it would be good stuff.

Two hour later.

The trembling power at the bottom of the sea was getting weaker and weaker. There was no telling if it was because the Sacred Bone had been completely refined, but Han Fei seemed to hear a roar.

At this moment, half of the materials that Han Fei had stored in his Origin Sea over the years had been absorbed. More than 500,000 wisps of Chaotic Qi had been swallowed, and more than 20,000 wisps of Immortal Qi had been swallowed.


When a pair of black boxing gloves with weird dark golden patterns appeared in front of him, information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

< Name > God Slaying Boxing Gloves

< Introduction > It’s made of a Sacred Bone, Supreme Green Essence, ancient dragon veins, and ancient star jade. The gloves give birth to natural Dao patterns and can unleash 30% extra power. The God Slaying Boxing Gloves is bloodthirsty, soul-eating, and carries demonic energy. Once the Godfiend Qi enters the body, it can cause chaos and madness.

<Quality> High-quality Godly Weapon

< Attached Soul > None

< Effect > Bloodthirsty, Soul Devouring, Chaos.

< Recastable >

< Unrefined >

< Remarks > It produces the Dao Pattern of Heaven and Earth and its effect can last for a long time.

Seeing this pair of boxing gloves, Han Fei nodded in satisfaction. Although he majored in the saber, his saber technique was too simple. Once something happened, it was very easy for him to be recognized. And he was also good at fist techniques. He could pretend to be a person from the Fist Light Mountain for convenience in the future.

Han Fei grinned and waved his hand, and the boxing gloves came to him.

It required a lot of Qi and blood to bind a high-quality godly weapon with blood. But what Han Fei didn’t lack now was Qi and blood and lifespan. Besides, his current strength was not weak, and his Qi and blood were quite rich.

After only using the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique five times, Han Fei subdued the God Slaying Boxing Gloves.


After five days, when Han Fei finally came out of the depths of the ground, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. Before he could run, the void was caught in a strange array.

“A barrier?”

Han Fei was horrified. He looked down and found a huge pit under him. The pillar-shaped mountain was gone, and an abyss dozens of kilometers deep had been blasted out of the ground.

For a moment, seven red-eyed strong masters charged at Han Fei.

“Am I ambushed?”

Han Fei didn’t panic, but he didn’t expect to be ambushed. Did what happened below attract the attention of the outside world?

The only thing Han Fei could think of was that the Sacred Bone had attracted many people.

“Chi la ~”

Someone swept past Han Fei, and the void was shattered. The void storm surged like a wave, covering the place where Han Fei was.

Although Han Fei also wanted to temper himself through fighting, there were obviously many people here. This void had been sealed by an unknown barrier. How could he feel at ease if he didn’t kill those enemies?

Therefore, when the first Sky Opening Realm powerhouse passed him, Han Fei also swept to the side, grabbed a long void knife, and passed this person.

Both of them were extremely fast, as if they were evenly matched.


Half of the man’s body exploded. Han Fei wanted to preserve his strength, so he didn’t use all his strength. Even so, Han Fei felt that it was impossible for the man to recover without three or five seconds.

As for the other six Sky Opening powerhouses, someone roared, “The divine path is mine. No one can take it away.”

Someone burned his essence blood crazily, trying to seal Han Fei with his own essence blood.

“F*ck, he’s risking his life?”

Han Fei realized that something was wrong. They seemed to have gone crazy. Half of the body of the person behind him had exploded, but the first thing he did was not to repair his body, but to turn back and attack him crazily.

“Is he really crazy?”

Han Fei frowned. These people seemed to have lost their minds and were fighting desperately.

“If these people are crazy, who set up the barrier?”

Han Fei shattered the blood seal on his body and punched through a Sky Opening realm powerhouse’s soul.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

On Han Fei’s fists, blood light surged, his strong physique, overwhelming blood Qi, and the domineering God Slaying Boxing Gloves seemed to be telling his background.

Behind the scenes, on the head of a giant turtle, stood a few young powerhouses.

A young man exclaimed, “Is he from the Fist Light Mountain? Why would the people of the Fist Light Mountain be here?”

Someone frowned and said, “He must have come to the wilderness to gain experience and happened to get the news about the Ruins of Gods. This person’s physique is so strong that he can withstand the attacks of these lunatics. His combat power is strong and he can kill in each blow. It seems that he is undoubtedly a late-stage Star Transformation cultivator.”

Someone frowned and said, “Since he’s from the Fist Light Mountain, should we fight him? This person must not have shown his full strength. If he unleashes his full strength, I’m afraid he’s not weak.”

However, a man in a black robe sneered. “What’s the big deal about the Fist Light Mountain? Since he has got a treasure, he should foresee the fate of being killed. Besides, when has our Ghost Strait ever been afraid of the people of the Fist Light Mountain?”

The young man raised his hand slightly. “Prepare to activate the Demonic Sound Soul Annihilation Array.”