Chapter 2260: Double Kill

Han Fei might not be a match for a strong master like Pan Litian or the old man from the Ghost Strait, but he was more than enough to deal with others in the same realm.

Of course, these people focused on the power of the soul and might have cultivated the Yang Soul. But in the face of Han Fei who was using all his strength, they had too few means to use.

Activating the Great Dao at an ultra-light speed, these people’s bodies could be destroyed with only one punch for Han Fei. However, his God Slaying Boxing Gloves had a maddening effect. Perhaps the remaining power of the god could corrode people’s minds and make them feel that they had seen a divine path.

Good lord, being hit by this punch, they would lose their minds and fall into madness. No matter how many soul techniques they had, they were useless!

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Han Fei attacked four people in a row. Among the four of them, only one could barely resist the maddening power, but the other three all went crazy. After they went crazy, they seemed to feel that they had seen a divine path. As soon as they saw each other, they fought.

For a moment, the crazy ones were fighting fiercely.

At this moment, someone was shocked and quickly came back to his senses. He took out a certain protective jade slip.

Han Fei had been dealing with them carefully from the beginning. If such a strong master who was good at soul attacks was really summoned, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

It wasn’t that he was a coward, but that he didn’t know enough about soul techniques. This Yang Soul technique was definitely not ordinary. Just Ruo Youxuan’s soul technique had almost made him fall for it. If this strong master really came, he probably had no other choice but to escape.

The man had just taken out the jade slip, trying to shatter it, when he suddenly felt a pain in his head. In the next moment, his head was gone, as if it had been forcibly torn off by something.

Han Fei didn’t expect this either. He thought that these people were at least in the Sky Opening realm. No matter how weak their bodies were, they shouldn’t be so fragile. However, Little Black bit this guy’s head off so easily.

Suddenly, Han Fei realized that in the past few days, he had been using the Yin-Yang Great Millstone, and the power of the Sacred Bone had to be purified by the Yin-Yang Millstone before it flowed into his body.

Little Black, Little White, and the others also benefited a lot. They directly reached level 99 and were only one step away from opening the sky.

It turned out that it was not that the other party became weaker, but that Little Black became stronger.

This person failed to crush the jade slip. Han Fei jumped and appeared here. Taking advantage of the moment when his Yang Soul had just left his body, he punched through the sky and beat this person into a lunatic.


Unfortunately, Han Fei still underestimated these people. Although he was fast enough, these people didn’t look like strong masters from a sea monster fortress. Otherwise, how could he still have the time to take out a protective jade slip?


When a thousand-foot-tall giant suddenly appeared, he immediately glanced at Han Fei, his eyes glowing purple, and he shouted, “Purple Prison Cage.”

Swish ~

At that moment, Han Fei clearly saw those people heave a sigh of relief. Then, Han Fei found that he couldn’t use super light speed anymore, and a purple mist appeared around him.


A bolt of lightning struck down, and Han Fei felt a great threat, because it was not ordinary lightning, but soul lightning.


Having lost the ultra-light speed, Han Fei was hit on the head as if his sea of consciousness was attacked by a strange force. He couldn’t help but groan and bleed.

Han Fei immediately mobilized the ownerless soul in his body, stepped on the Soul Controlling Array, and punched the lightning.




The barrier of the Soul Controlling Array and the ownerless souls shattered again and again. In the blink of an eye, there were at least a dozen times.

However, before the purple lightning cage was broken, a massive number of soul knives appeared in it, trying to penetrate his soul.

If he guessed right, among these people, there should be someone else who used a protective jade slip, trying to use a late-stage Star Transformation powerhouse to kill his soul.

“Damn it!”


Han Fei was furious. If the other party really took out eight or ten protective jade slips, wouldn’t he have to face the continuous soul attack of a super powerhouse in the late Star Transformation Realm?

At that time, even if his body didn’t die, he would be struck silly by the other party.

The Demon Purification Pot would help him protect his soul, but it was only relative. More importantly, the Demon Purification Pot would help him sweep away all souls that tried to invade his sea of consciousness. However, his soul would still be attacked.

With this in mind, Han Fei thought to himself, I must not be at a disadvantage, or there will be no hope of a comeback.


After a bird cry, Han Fei’s eyes turned red. The Emperor Sparrow fused with Han Fei without revealing his figure. Seeing the situation, the Emperor Sparrow couldn’t help taking a breath.

“Did you provoke a group of guys who are extremely good at soul attacks?”

Han Fei asked, “Can we beat them?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “Yes, but let me use your body.”

Han Fei said, “Take it.”

Han Fei agreed readily. He called the Emperor Sparrow out at this time naturally because the inherited techniques of the Emperor Sparrow were all soul attacks, and most of them were super strong soul attacks. This meant that the Emperor Sparrow was also very good at soul attacks. At the same time, the Emperor Sparrow also had a super strong body.

In any case, it should be easier for the Emperor Sparrow to deal with the current situation than him.


Han Fei suddenly straightened his body, stood straight, and looked dignified. He glanced across like an emperor looking at the world.

As the Emperor Sparrow’s gaze swept across, the three phantoms outside the arena immediately shattered one after another. It was a soul-level clash, and the Emperor Sparrow forcibly messed up their minds with the Frenzying Eye.

The protective jade slip could only release one blow. Now that the Emperor Sparrow disturbed their minds, the array here collapsed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the purple mist cage exploded, the infinite soul knives and the golden soul lock that was about to buckle suddenly shattered.

“How is it possible!”

On the other side of the Ghost Strait, the group of people exclaimed.

Why did this person suddenly erupt and break three late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouses’ soul attacks in a row?

In the next moment, someone met Han Fei’s eyes and said in horror, “We can’t…”

Before he finished speaking, the people who were looking at Han Fei suddenly fell into madness and froze on the spot.

Then, Han Fei shouted solemnly, “Devil Arrival.”


At that moment, the three of them were burning with dark blue flames. They attacked randomly in the void as if there were enemies in the void.

Then, Han Fei continued, “Ominous Possession.”

A large amount of ominous aura spread out from Han Fei’s body and entered the people who had gone crazy. Seven people in a row were enveloped by the ominous aura.

Immediately afterward, these people completely lost their minds. However, although they lost their minds, unlike ominous creatures, they were controlled by the Emperor Sparrow.

As the saying went, victory and defeat were decided in an instant. One second ago, Han Fei was still trapped in the Purple Thunder Cage, and the next second, the Emperor Sparrow broke out of the cage with Han Fei’s body. At a glance, many people fell into madness. Of course, among these seven people, three were affected by Han Fei’s fist mark and fell into a frenzy.

But anyway, these seven people had all lost their minds and used all kinds of soul techniques on their companions.

“Um! What a strong body.”

Originally, the Emperor Sparrow wanted to use the Heavenly Fiend Battle Body, but he found that Han Fei’s body after activating the Great Dao was much stronger than his Heavenly Fiend Battle Body.

This made the Emperor Sparrow speechless. “Why did your body suddenly become so strong?”

The words of the Emperor Sparrow were imprinted in Han Fei’s soul.

Han Fei, who had nothing to do, clicked his tongue when he saw the Emperor Sparrow fight. However, his body was not under his control now.

“Damn, as expected of a natural-born Monarch. In terms of soul techniques, these people are all trash in front of you.”

But then, what the Emperor Sparrow showed was not only the Dao of the soul. When he attacked again, he also used his fists. As the Emperor Sparrow punched out, a Sky Opening realm powerhouse was not only blown up by the punch, but his Yang soul was also shattered. The Yang soul tried to gather again, but the Emperor Sparrow punched seven times in a row.

In an instant, the Yang soul was directly annihilated. With consecutive bangs in the sky, this person was blown up by the eight punches of the Emperor Sparrow.

Han Fei was shocked and exclaimed, “Isn’t it said that the Yang soul is indestructible? It can’t be defeated by a physical technique. How was it destroyed by you?”

The Emperor Sparrow still had the strength to say, “This is the Fist Soul. There is no absolutely powerful body in this world, nor is there an absolutely indestructible soul. The fist intent can obliterate the soul, but above the fist intent, there is the Fist Soul. A great technique has a soul. When your attack has a soul, you naturally won’t be afraid of these Yang souls.”

Han Fei was stunned. “Fist soul?”

The Emperor Sparrow burst out at an ultra-light speed and appeared in front of another person the next moment. He punched this person seven times and blew him up. Then, he said, “It’s actually simple. When the soul and will fuse, you can produce a Yang Soul. When the Yang Soul and your Great Dao of Origins fuse, you can understand the higher-level usage of soul power. Any great technique can have a soul and runes. For example, this fist soul can hurt the body and destroy the soul. In this way, you can kill both your enemy’s body and soul.”

“Kill both the body and the soul?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “When can I comprehend this double kill technique?”

Emperor Sparrow: “Prove your Dao.”

Han Fei couldn’t help being shocked. Prove his Dao? So, maybe the question he asked in the Void Temple was still so far away from him that Senior Brother Azure Dragon and the others didn’t tell him the answer.