Chapter 2271: Dao Fusion Book

These words were like thunder in the ears of Han Fei and the three strong masters of the Heavenly Race. It was a little absurd yet terrifying.

Weren’t gods extinct? Now a guy suddenly appeared and claimed to be a god. However, Han Fei believed that because although his body was nailed to the ground, he still had the strength to trap so many people here. It almost didn’t make sense that he could bring him and the three strong masters of the Heavenly Race over from such a long distance.

Han Fei felt that if it weren’t for the Eye of Disaster, this unreasonable thing might not have happened at all.

Except for Han Fei and the clones of the three strong masters of the Heavenly Race, the others didn’t have any special reaction to this. Obviously, they had long known that this golden light called itself a god.

Han Fei immediately calmed down. Whether this golden light was a god or not, it couldn’t be simple to trap so many strong masters at once.


Han Fei glanced around. These people were all in the Sky Opening realm. The ones who died were probably also in the Sky Opening realm.

So, more than eight hundred Sky Opening Realm powerhouses had died here.

Han Fei guessed that even if this golden light was really a god, it was definitely not a good god. A god actually absorbed the energy of Sky Openers who were like ants in his eyes. Wasn’t this bullying? Which decent god could do this?

At this time, Han Fei temporarily put aside the grudge between him and the three strong masters of the Heavenly Race and looked at the five spear pillars.

The spear pillar was engraved with strange Dao patterns, emitting a faint grayish-red mist. Each pillar was about a thousand feet high and was about two meters thick. The tips of the spears were nailed in the golden light and couldn’t be seen at all.

What everyone could visualize was the bodies of the spears. Han Fei looked at the Dao patterns on the pillars and seemed to be attracted.

In a daze, Han Fei seemed to see a spear in the sky. The spear was completely red, and then there seemed to be Dao patterns imprinted on the spear from the outside.

“Dao pattern mark?”

The spear pillars seemed to be able to trigger Han Fei’s mind. For a moment, he forgot where he was and many doubts appeared in his heart.

This was the first time he visualized the birth of Dao Patterns, also the first time he saw the birth of Dao Patterns.

He had thought that the Dao patterns were lines created by someone and were mostly used for arrays. But when he saw the scene where the Dao patterns were born on the spear, his heart suddenly stirred.

Were Dao Patterns artificially created?

When Han Fei first came into contact with Dao patterns, he felt that they were a little strange. The lines of the Dao patterns were complicated or simple, and completely irregular.

Later, the “Ten Thousand Dao Patterns” compiled all kinds of Heavenly Dao patterns, disassembled them, and recorded ten thousand ways to use the Heavenly Dao patterns. According to the book, the Dao patterns themselves were meaningless. But once they were used in arrays, they could borrow the power of gods.

Han Fei didn’t cultivate arrays for a long time, but later he directly became an array master. Almost no one could compare to him because he had learned the use of the Dao patterns in the Ten Thousand Dao Patterns. By disassembling the Dao patterns and integrating them into arrays, he could make the arrays several times stronger.

But today, Han Fei suddenly had another idea. Did he really need to remember the Dao Patterns? The Ten Thousand Dao Patterns classified, compiled, and disassembled Dao Patterns.

But from what Han Fei saw just now, the Dao Pattern seemed to be born naturally and didn’t seem to need to be deliberately engraved or disassembled. It was more like you needed it, and then this world understood your intentions, so it attached a layer of Dao Pattern to your technique.

“Interesting. So Dao pattern can be used like this? We should have the Heavenly Dao spontaneously form Dao patterns.”


As if realizing something, Han Fei suddenly came back to himself, only to feel excited.

Then, Han Fei’s expression changed. At this moment, he felt that 30% of his Qi and blood had disappeared. He was now a Sky Opening Realm powerhouse. How many resources would it take to replenish 30% of his Qi and blood?

Before Han Fei could think about how the Dao Patterns were born, he sensed a sad aura.

When Han Fei turned his head, he saw that a strong master who was close to the spear pillar had withered. His vitality was dissipating at a visible speed, and his Great Dao was annihilated.

Han Fei couldn’t help being surprised. He could feel the sadness of that person. As a strong master, it was not that he couldn’t die, but who would be willing to die for no reason like this?

“Roar! Go to hell!”

Suddenly, he heard someone roaring on the other side. Han Fei looked over, only to see a half-dead Sky Opening Realm powerhouse. He seemed to know that he was about to die, so he directly burned all the remaining flesh, blood, and essence in his body, burnt his soul, and launched a peak-level dazzling blow, trying to penetrate the golden light.

Han Fei clearly saw that this person’s attack was full of the Dao runes of the spear pillars.

It could be seen that this person had probably comprehended a lot of the Dao runes of the spear that suppressed this god, so he could launch such a terrifying blow.

Han Fei estimated that the power of this blow was comparable to his All Great Daos in One Sword. If he blocked it head-on, he might be injured.

This person’s attack was destined to fail. His peak attack was shattered into starlight the moment it entered the golden light.

This person’s body was annihilated in midair, with no chance of rebirth.

Two Sky Opening Realm powerhouses died in a row, which made Han Fei realize the danger of this so-called god. Han Fei quickly mobilized the resources in his Origin Sea to make up for his lost Qi and blood and returned to his peak state.

Then, he went to comprehend the new technique that appeared in his mind.

Dao Fusion Book (Incomplete)

Introduction: There are rules in the world that can define all techniques, nurture the Great Daos and carry all living beings. The source of all things is the heavens and earth. Cultivators compete with the heavens for the Great Dao, which is a great defiance. Merging with the heavens is the right way. Fusion with the heavens can carry the will of the heavens, grasp the Heavenly Dao patterns, and summon all techniques.

Comprehension: 37%

Remarks: The fusion of the Dao is not to the heavens, but to the strong.


Han Fei was immediately excited. The Demon Purification Pot was indeed omnipotent. After only one visualization, he had already comprehended 37% of the Dao patterns.

At this speed, it seemed that it wouldn’t take long for him to completely comprehend this thing. Once he completely mastered the Dao Fusion Book, he might have a way to break this seal.

Of course, it was still too early to break the seal.

Therefore, Han Fei remained still and continued to visualize.

About three months later, Han Fei was woken up by abnormal astronomical phenomena. It turned out that while Han Fei was meditating, someone else died.

However, this time, Han Fei found that his Qi and blood were only reduced by more than 20%. It must be that the visualization time was not as long as the first time.

When he looked at the Dao Fusion Book again, his comprehension level was 43%. This surprised Han Fei. It shouldn’t be! Why did his comprehension speed slow down? Could it be that the further he went, the more profound it became?

Han Fei looked at the three strong masters. Although they were clones, their strength and realm were much stronger than his. Therefore, they shouldn’t have consumed much Qi and blood so far.

Han Fei saw that not far away, someone sighed slightly. He couldn’t help but ask, “Senior, may I ask how long I’ve been in here? I feel that I’ve only visualized it twice, but several seniors have already died. Did it take us decades to visualize it once?”

The man glanced at Han Fei and shook his head slightly. “How can it take so long? You’ve only been here for more than half a year. They died because they were trapped here for too long and their resources were exhausted.”

Han Fei was secretly relieved to hear that only half a year had passed. It was a good thing, as long as it didn’t take decades.

However, Han Fei wasn’t optimistic now, because 80% of his resources had been exhausted in order to survive the heavenly lightning baptism.

The rest were just some ordinary resources. Even if they could be used to restore his Qi and blood, it wouldn’t last long.

The amount of resources required for each person to recover to his peak was different. Han Fei’s physique was extremely strong, so the amount of resources required for replenishment was naturally more.

Therefore, he didn’t dare to be negligent. No matter what, he had to digest the Dao Fusion Book first.

Three years later.

This was Han Fei’s fifteenth visualization. In the past three years, he had witnessed the death of a dozen Sky Opening realm powerhouses, and three new Sky Opening realm powerhouses had come. Naturally, they were here to hunt treasures, only to be trapped here.

This time, Han Fei was in the visualization state. The picture that appeared in his mind was that he was standing between the heavens and earth, as if his body was one with the heavens and earth.

As Han Fei waved his hand, wind blew and thunder rumbled.

At that moment, Han Fei felt a strange power spreading in his body.

Han Fei recognized this power. It was the power of the fourth divine pill on the Demon Purification Pot’s vine.

“Huh? I haven’t been able to refine the fourth divine pill yet?”

Han Fei had never known this. He thought that he had completely refined the fourth small pill, but it turned out that it was not the case. The remaining power of this small pill was still in his body.

Relying on the fourth divine pill, Han Fei had already partially fused his Dao. This was because the power of this divine pill was to ride the clouds, control the stars, and subdue the sea.

At this moment, perhaps because he had truly comprehended the Dao Fusion Book and the origin of the Dao patterns in the world, this part of the power appeared immediately and dissipated in his body.


Han Fei felt that his Origin Sea was stirring, and his many Great Daos were suddenly connected to the sea of stars, as if they were about to fuse with the Heavenly Dao.

“Huh! Human, you’ve comprehended the Dao pattern. I didn’t misjudge you. You’re a person of great luck. It’s worth it to take you here from billions of kilometers away.”

At that moment, Han Fei knew that he had completely comprehended the Dao Fusion Book. Then, he activated the remaining power of the fourth small pill, and his Origin Sea began to spontaneously fuse with the Dao.

This couldn’t be hidden from this god, so he immediately communicated with Han Fei.