Chapter 2276: All Emperors Give Resources

When Han Fei said that this place was no longer swallowing energy, everyone immediately sensed it and exclaimed.

Someone was overjoyed. “Hahaha! My vitality is no longer flowing away.”

Someone almost went crazy. “Good, good. It happens that the resources in my Origin Sea are about to be exhausted.”

Someone cupped his fists. “Thank you, Fellow Daoist and Lord God. How should I address you? We still don’t know your name.”

“That’s right! Fellow Daoist, we owe you a great debt of gratitude. How can we not know your name?”


Han Fei said frankly, “My name is Han Fei.”

Someone smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Han Fei, wait a moment. We’ll cut off their damn heads now.”

Someone echoed, “Kill them! Damn the Heavenly Race! How dare they make an enemy of our Fellow Daoist Han Fei? They must be courting death.”

Someone unleashed the combat power of the late-stage Star Transformation Realm and took the lead to attack. “How dare three clones be so arrogant to us? They really don’t know how to write the word ‘death’.”

At that moment, in the valley, great techniques swept across the sky. None of the more than 200 Sky Opening Realm powerhouses were mediocre. With several late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouses taking the lead, the three people from the Heavenly Race were drowned by the power of these people in a moment. The surrounding hundred mountains were flattened, and the scene was a mess.

During this period, Han Fei saw the strength of the three strong masters of the Heavenly Race. With a flip of their hands, their strength reached tens of millions, their speed reached the peak, and all the emperors were sent flying.

However, even if they were so strong, their energy was quickly consumed under the bombardment of more than 200 strong masters. How could mere clones resist these ruthless people who were used to fighting in the wilderness?

Therefore, the three of them only lasted for a hundred seconds before they were shattered by the emperors.

Someone held a lightning hammer that shook the world and blasted out ten thousand lightning strikes.

Someone released a strange poison that corroded the void.

Someone shot out a spear beam, which contained 30% of the power of the God Sealing Spear.

Seeing this scene, Han Fei exclaimed in his heart. At times, there was strength in numbers. They were all in the Sky Opening realm, and a group of evil spirit could even drag a strong master like An Taiping to death, let alone a group of emperors who were used to fighting in the wilderness.

Satisfied, Han Fei cupped his hands at the emperors and said, “Thank you for your help. Please wait a few months for me to break the seal.”

“Haha, it’s just a small matter. How can it delay Fellow Daoist Han Fei from breaking the seal? Just break it and don’t worry about us.”

At the moment when the three clones shattered, on a big ship outside the Ruins of Gods, the three Heavenly Race powerhouses suddenly opened their eyes.

Almost at the same time, they felt that something was missing. They had been waiting here all these years for the return of their clones.

But at this moment, their hope was shattered. The clones that carried nearly 40% of their strength had actually died in the Ruins of Gods. This was somewhat unacceptable to them.

The leader said, “Let’s go! This place can destroy our clones, so it can also destroy us. Since our clones are dead, that brat must have died long ago. Now it seems that there must be a big secret here. We have to ask the Monarchs of our race to come here.”

With that, the big ship turned around and jumped away in the void.

In the deal, both Han Fei and the “god” were quite careful, mainly because the god was too careful. Every time Han Fei broke a spear pillar, he would give Han Fei 20% of the promised resources and various treasures.

Han Fei had been preparing for more than half a month when he suddenly rose to the sky and forged spear pillars with the mountain and some of the advanced refining materials in his Origin Sea.

At that moment, everyone looked at the sky and felt the sharp spear beam Dao runes in the spear pillars.

Then, they saw the void tremble, and strange marks appeared all over the sky. When those marks were imprinted on a spear pillar, a God Sealing Spear appeared.

When thirty-six God Sealing Spears appeared in the sky in a row, Han Fei used the thirty-six spears to form a sealing spear array, which was based on the God Sealing Spears.

Knock, knock, knock!

The moment all the spear arrays enveloped him, the golden light dimmed and the range was reduced by more than ten times.

All the emperors witnessed this scene and were excited.

Someone was shocked. “Fellow Daoist Han Fei is really talented. In just six years, not only did he comprehend this spear Dao, but he can also use Dao patterns at will.”

“A peerless Heavenly Talent is really a peerless Heavenly Talent. Although there are Dao patterns between the heavens and earth, who can use them easily? I didn’t expect Fellow Daoist Han Fei to use them so easily.”

“Oh! How can someone who can challenge the Heavenly Race and escape from the clones of the three Heavenly Race powerhouses be mediocre?”

For a moment, praise sounded, and they saw hope of getting out.

Han Fei didn’t stop in the sky. Instead, he pressed his palm on the God Sealing Spear set up by the former powerhouse. On the spear pillars, the Dao patterns disappeared one after another and finally dissipated.

When half of the dense Dao patterns dissipated, cracks appeared on the spear pillars.

This scene made all the emperors hold their breaths. They were already prepared to die, but they didn’t expect to survive miraculously. Sometimes, when luck came, it couldn’t be stopped!


When the first spear pillar shattered, the golden light that had shrunk by more than ten times expanded by four or five times again.


Han Fei took a deep breath, jumped to another spear pillar, and said, “Senior, it’s time to give me the second portion of the resources.”

One month Later.

When the third spear pillar shattered, everyone clearly felt that the world was different. They had a feeling that they could go out.

At this moment, in addition to the two spear pillars on the golden light, Han Fei temporarily sealed this so-called god with 108 spear pillars.

On this day, Han Fei stood on the fourth spear pillar and looked at the more than 200 strong masters. “Everyone, there are still two spear pillars left before this seal is broken. Now that you can leave this place, you’d better leave quickly! It’s best if you can leave the Ruins of Gods within half a month. Don’t step into it again.”

How could these Sky Opening Realm powerhouses not understand what Han Fei meant? From the moment they saw that he rebuilt the seal but removed the original seal, they knew that Han Fei didn’t trust this so-called god, but his strength wasn’t enough to seal this god-level powerhouse with a spear pillar. Therefore, every time Han Fei wanted to remove a spear pillar, he had to set up 36 spear pillar seals to replace the original spear pillar seal.

Now that there were only two spear pillars left, Han Fei became even more careful. If the remaining seals couldn’t seal this god, the consequences were not something they could bear.

At this moment, no one refused. No one wanted to bet on this last probability. Besides, it wouldn’t do them any good whether they bet or not. If they won, they would only live, but if they lost, they would die. And since they could leave now, why bother?

Immediately, someone cupped his fists. “Fellow Daoist Han Fei, when we meet again, let’s drink and chat happily. I, Man Jiang, take you as my friend. Today, I can’t help you. Please excuse me.”

Someone echoed, “Fellow Daoist Han Fei, after we leave today, we’ll become enemies with the Heavenly Race. We’ll kill as many Heavenly-Race Sky Openers as we can.”

Someone looked grateful. “Fellow Daoist Han Fei, I’m Lu Wen. I can’t repay you. All my resources are here. Brother Han, please accept them…”

Although Han Fei only asked them to help kill a Sky Opening realm powerhouse of the Heavenly Race, they would definitely choose those they could kill to kill and wouldn’t seek death. As Sky Openers, in order not to have any inner demons in the future, they didn’t mind giving Han Fei their current resources.

“Brother Lu is right. Brother Han, please take my resources…”

“Brother Han…”

For a moment, a lot of resources were sent to Han Fei. Although these people were not necessarily good people, since they could reach the Sky Opening Realm, their conscience must be clear. No matter how important resources were to them, they could give them up at this moment.

Han Fei cupped his fists. “In that case, thank you, everyone. The sea is vast and the road is long. Take care…”

When all these people left, the god groaned. “Human, do you think I will hurt them?”

Han Fei smiled. “I don’t know.”

The god said indifferently, “There are no friends on the path of cultivation. These people are just impulsive. If they are really caught by the Heavenly Race, they will definitely sell you.”

Han Fei laughed. “It’s fine. I’ll trample on the Heavenly Race someday. I’m afraid they don’t know me.”

Han Fei didn’t hide his clones. Both Nezha and Zhang Daqian had their own uses. However, if he guessed right, Han Fei’s name would definitely be known in the Divine Capital Dynasty this time.

Another month passed.

When Han Fei stood on the last wall pillar, a small world flew in front of Han Fei. When Han Fei stuffed this small world into his Origin Sea, there was a Mystic Yellow Soil Mountain inside.

“Good lord!”

When Han Fei saw the Mystic Yellow Soil Mountain, the “god” said, “This Mystic Yellow Soil Mountain is enough to consolidate your Origin Sea. It’s my reward for saving me.”

Han Fei smiled. “Senior, don’t forget, there’s still the last ultra-quality godly weapon!”

The god said leisurely, “Actually, the four seals have been broken. You should know that they can no longer trap me.”

Han Fei smiled and said, “I know! But it can trap you for a while. If you don’t give it to me, I’ll find a Monarch over during this period of time. Do you really think a Heavenly Talent like me is stupid?”

The god didn’t speak but said, “Break the last seal and I’ll give it to you.”

Han Fei shook his head. “When I break the last half of the seal, you have to give it to me. Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape from the Ruins of Gods.”


Han Fei thought for a moment and said, “Senior, I have a Blood Fiend Puppet in the late stage of the Star Transformation Realm. You should return it to me after such a long time, right?”

Perhaps because the Blood Fiend was too far away from him, he didn’t perceive it. Therefore, before breaking the seal, he had to take the Blood Fiend Puppet away.

The void twisted, and a Blood Fiend Puppet inexplicably jumped out of a mountain.

Han Fei was relieved to see that. Fortunately, he didn’t lose it. This puppet was equivalent to a super expert. It was very important and no less important than an ultra-quality godly weapon. It would be a great loss if he lost it.