Chapter 2279: Yang Soul Appeared

It was not easy to recruit followers, especially in a place like the wilderness. How could people submit to him so easily?

Han Fei felt that Zhou Jingjing and the others could be recruited because he had known them for a long time and had a certain understanding of their nature and pursuit.

Therefore, when Han Fei recruited them, he gave them a batch of resources, which was less than one-fifth of the resources given to him by the fake god.

As for the specific amount, it was probably enough for a Sea Establishment realm cultivator to completely open up his Origin Sea. For a Sky Opening realm cultivator, this amount of resources was actually not much, but not little either. In addition, Han Fei had indeed taught Zhou Jingjing and the others some great techniques. He had passed on some secret techniques such as the Chaotic Demon Body that Taiyuan cultivated, the Ancient Desolate War Body that he had once used, the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring of the Beast King, Tianqing’s Void Divine Movement Technique, and so on.

Among them, some were for the Venerable realm, some for the Sea Establishment realm, and some for the Sky Opening realm. Han Fei had used these things in person.

With Han Fei’s current strength, he could release some of these things. Because he didn’t have absolute trust in Zhou Jingjing and the others for the time being, Han Fei still held back.

As for whether they would be given more care in the future, it depended on their performance.

Thirty years later.

In the ruins of a secret realm in the wilderness, a statue covered in dust was sitting cross-legged like an ancient object that had been dormant for a long time.

In this secret realm, there were a few Venerable-level crabs cultivating and attracting spiritual energy.

Suddenly, the statue opened its eyes, and a certain golden light burst out.


As Han Fei slowly opened his eyes, the dust on his body was instantly dispersed.

Crack, Crack, Crack…

As Han Fei slowly got up, cracking sounds came from his body.

This time, Han Fei smiled and then calmed down, frowning slightly.

“It matured!”

Han Fei sighed slightly. The resources he had obtained from the fake god had been used up in less than three years.

For the rest of the time, Han Fei had been waiting for the fifth divine pill to mature. While waiting, he tempered his body in the swamp of the sea of stars and comprehended the Dao of speed in the sea of stars.

Unfortunately, Han Fei felt that it was because he hadn’t turned his Origin Sea into a star that he hadn’t made much progress. His basic speed hadn’t reached five times the speed of light yet.

The only good thing was that in the past thirty years, his physique and soul had reached a great balance.

Han Fei, whose strength had soared, deeply realized the shortcomings of his soul. Over the years, he had been tempering his will and waiting for the fifth divine pill to mature.

Now that the fifth Divine Pill was ripe, Han Fei knew that it was time for him to repair his soul.


In the next moment, Han Fei appeared in his Origin Sea, where the Demon Purification Pot’s vines grew.

Looking at the little pill that was already red, Han Fei couldn’t help sighing. “You were about to mature more than thirty years ago, but you didn’t mature until now. I fed you a lot. Heh, it’s up to you whether or not I can refine a Yang Soul today.”

Yes, Han Fei wanted to build a Yang Soul. Since he saw the Yang Souls of the people of the Ghost Strait, Han Fei had already set this goal.

It didn’t make sense that they could cultivate the Yang Soul but he couldn’t. His soul wasn’t weaker than theirs, and was even much stronger than most people’s.

The Emperor Sparrow once said that the fusion of the soul and will could produce the Yang Soul.

Senior Brother Azure Dragon had also said that will could replace the soul and become invincible. It was the path of the extreme-dao body cultivator.

Han Fei thought that the soul was still useful. The God Slaying Boxing Gloves and the God’s Prayer Bead were both useful for the soul. Besides, the immunity to all techniques was only theoretical.

Besides, the physique of an extreme-dao body refiner might not necessarily be stronger than his.

Therefore, Han Fei still felt that he should fuse his soul and will and cultivate the Yang Soul first. In this way, if his body was not destroyed, his soul wouldn’t be destroyed either, which would greatly increase his chances of survival in the Sea Realm.

Han Fei extended his hand, and the fifth divine pill automatically fell into Han Fei’s palm.

Having waited for this day for so long, Han Fei couldn’t help but feel excited. He had deduced it countless times in his heart and felt that there shouldn’t be any problem.

Han Fei grabbed the fifth divine pill. With a thought, he appeared at the edge of the sea of stars, stepped into the swamp of the sea of stars, and then into the sea of stars.

In the sea of stars, Han Fei sat cross-legged and his invincible will condensed the Invincible Golden Body. Under such circumstances, Han Fei activated the Void Fishing, grabbed the fifth divine pill, and swallowed it.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.


Suddenly, Han Fei felt that his body was extremely light. When he came back to his senses, he found himself sitting cross-legged.

“Huh, my soul has left my body?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Although his soul left his body, it was not far away, because he seemed to be imprisoned by some power.

“It’s the power of will.”

Han Fei realized that it was the invincible will that locked his soul body and soul. However, this couldn’t complete the fusion of will and soul.

In the past, Han Fei could also use the Invincible Will at will.

In the past, Han Fei’s soul could leave his body, but it didn’t have much combat power and was fragile, so it was meaningless.

For ordinary people, even if they could do the above two things, it didn’t mean that they could fuse their will and soul.

For example, in the Ghost Strait, the people specialized in cultivating the soul. The secret techniques passed down from ancient times could fuse the will and the soul. However, it couldn’t be done overnight. They had to practice it from a young age and slowly cultivate with secret techniques until their will and soul were almost fused. Only when they cultivated the Yang Soul could this cultivation end.

However, Han Fei didn’t have that secret technique, nor did he know how to fuse the soul and will. Perhaps he would understand it in the future, but at least not for now.

But Han Fei had the Fifth Divine Pill! The Fifth Divine Pill could help the soul leave the body and open the eighth consciousness of the human soul. When the soul left the body, the mountains and rivers would shatter, the earth would sink, and he would feel that he was everything in the world and everything in the world was him.

This was the original effect of the fifth divine pill. Han Fei thought that it was definitely to cultivate the Yang soul.

At this moment, Han Fei felt that his soul was expanding infinitely. He felt that his soul was about to explode.


His soul was expanding and his will was suppressing. The two trembled at the same time. It might have been a day, a month, or only an hour.

At this time, Han Fei’s consciousness was no longer under his control. He felt that his soul was being crushed bit by bit. The terrifying pain was different from the physical pain. It was like his soul was being shattered.

At this moment, Han Fei felt that the sky had collapsed.

After a long time, Han Fei regained some consciousness. He forgot who he was. He seemed to be everything in the world. With a thought, a large amount of energy was swallowed by him.

However, after a long time, Han Fei began to wonder, who am I? What am I swallowing? Where was the thing I swallowed?

When Han Fei realized this, he saw a golden brilliance and a mist that looked like a faint blue mist. The two were interweaving and tangling.

The two were also converging, forming a pale gray mist that was neither gold nor blue, like the wisp of haze produced by sunlight penetrating the clouds.

When he gradually saw what the hazy mass was, Han Fei slowly looked shocked.

“Is this me?”


For a moment, infinite memories quickly appeared, filling his mind.

Yes, Han Fei instantly woke up. He was cultivating the Yang Soul. He suddenly realized something and immediately looked down, only to find his body sitting cross-legged not far away.

Han Fei quickly raised his hands and found that it was a hazy figure, a little weak, but he felt that he could even exert his strength.

Han Fei casually slapped the distant sky. The void exploded, and a void storm was born. It spun for a moment before disappearing.

“Yang Soul? Is this the Yang Soul?”

Han Fei immediately looked at his information to see if there was any change.

Information popped up in his eyes.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: 103 (Sky Opener ? Soul Enlightenment)

Bloodline Ranking among the Clans in the Infinite Ocean: the 200,016th

Chaotic Qi: 290,000

Soul: 5,821,082

Perception range: 6.5 million kilometers

Strength: 5,746,546 Waves

First Spiritual Heritage: Origin Spiritual Heritage

Second Spiritual Heritage: Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage

First spiritual beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 99)

Second spiritual beast: Emperor Sparrow (level 100)

Main Art: Void Fishing Level 9, Void Stealing Technique (Monarch-level, Ultra-Quality)


After cultivating for more than 30 years, he had used the Heavenly Dao Jade Essences and had been wearing the God’s Prayer Bead, so it was natural for his strength to grow. Han Fei had even thought that he should have broken through the 6 million mark in soul and body.

However, cultivating in the Sky Opening realm was clearly more difficult than he thought.

But this time, Han Fei was immediately attracted by his level.

In the past, every time he looked at the information, his level showed 101, but this time, it became 103, and there were two more words after the “Sky Opener”: Soul Enlightenment?

Han Fei didn’t understand what Soul Enlightenment meant for the time being, but in the next moment, Han Fei found that the column that showed “Spiritual Power” had become “Soul”.

This change made Han Fei a little confused.

The data behind seemed to be the original spiritual power data, but why did it become “Soul” now?

In the past, Han Fei had always felt that the soul was the limit of spiritual power, the quantification of spiritual power. The relationship between the two was that the soul contained spiritual power.

But now it seemed that his spiritual power had directly turned into his soul. What did this mean? What was the relationship between the two?