Chapter 2280: Extreme Dao Dual Cultivation of Body and Soul

Han Fei failed to understand the new data template, but he could still feel the power of the Yang Soul.

It was just a strange feeling. He could touch the soul body, and he felt that even if he fought a strong master with his Yang Soul body, it would be fine. It felt like he was fighting with his own body, and everything was natural.

Thinking of his body, Han Fei stepped in and the Yang Soul disappeared into his body.

As for the Yang Soul that had entered his body, at first, he felt that the re-contact with his body was a little jerky, but as he moved a little, he could control it freely again.

However, when Han Fei wanted to continue to separate his Yang Soul from his body, he immediately felt that his soul and body were separated. It was a feeling of independence that his soul had completely left his body.


He even felt that it was fine without a body.

However, Han Fei didn’t really do that. He had tempered his body thousands of times and experienced countless hardships to have his current body. How could he abandon it so easily?

Han Fei immediately woke up the old turtle. “Old Yuan, wake up…”

“Huh? What’s wrong? Have we reached the Godfiend Sea?”

Han Fei couldn’t have felt worse. “You only know the Godfiend Sea.”

Han Fei said, “Let me ask you something. Do you know the real relationship between spiritual power and soul?”

The old turtle paused and said, “Don’t you know it? The power of the soul is naturally the strength of your soul. Spiritual power can be understood as the time for which you can fight with your soul. The power of the soul is the external manifestation of spiritual power!”

Han Fei frowned. The old turtle didn’t know this knowledge.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Old Yuan, you are also in the Sky Opening realm. You should know the cultivation method after the Sky Opening realm, right? Have you heard of Soul Enlightenment?”

Old Yuan was silent for a moment and said, “When you said this word, I seemed to remember something, but I really don’t remember. I’m just a remnant soul. Most of my soul was annihilated by that calabash and I forgot too many things. You know that.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “Okay, stop calling yourself a remnant soul. I gave you a lot of ownerless souls. I think you’ve recovered long ago. Don’t say that again, OK?”

“Um! Then should I stay sober?”

Han Fei thought for a moment. He was already so strong, and the people he came into contact with now were all in the Sky Opening realm. The old turtle no longer had any advantage.

However, although he didn’t have to make the old turtle fall asleep now, it was meaningless. It didn’t matter to him now whether the old turtle was around or not.

He might as well let him sleep and wake him up when he went to the Godfiend Sea. This way, he wouldn’t have to listen to his nagging.

Han Fei said, “Forget it. Go back to sleep. I’ll be in the Divine Capital Dynasty in a few years. There will be fights. If I really need you, I’ll call you.”

“Divine Capital Dynasty?”

The old turtle’s heart stirred. “In the past, demonic cultivators like us didn’t dare to go to the Divine Capital Dynasty easily. Anyway, I’ve never been there.”

“Heh heh!”

Han Fei sneered in his heart. What a weakling.

Ignoring the old turtle, Han Fei summoned the Emperor Sparrow.

As soon as the Emperor Sparrow came out, he said, “Recently, don’t call me out or fuse with me.”

Han Fei was puzzled. “Why?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “I’ve thought about it. That guy decades ago must be from the divine beast race. Although I haven’t sensed the aura of a divine beast in this life, my inherited memories tell me that it’s a divine beast. Besides, there are too many people who go to the so-called Ten-Thousand-Year Competition this time. There must be many strong ones. If I appear, I’m afraid you will immediately be killed.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “Okay! But I have a question. Do you know if there is a Soul Enlightenment realm in the Sky Opening realm?”


Immediately, the Emperor Sparrow looked at Han Fei suspiciously. “How do you know this word?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. “What’s wrong? Does this word have any special meanings?”

The Emperor Sparrow didn’t continue to ask. Instead, he said, “In my inherited memories, the first step of cultivation in the Sky Opening realm is to turn the Origin Sea into a star, the second step is to find a star path, and the last step is to reach the peak… In fact, there is still a step between the second step and the last step. However, this step varies from person to person. Some people’s third step is World Creation, some’s third step is Monarch Path, and some is Soul Enlightenment. In fact, Soul Enlightenment is very easy to understand. When the soul becomes as immortal as the heavens and earth, it is called Soul Enlightenment. Of course, it can’t be really as immortal as the heavens and earth. It’s just a metaphor.”

Han Fei’s heart trembled. Wait a moment… The first step is to turn the Origin Sea into a star, the second step is to find a star path, and the third step is Soul Enlightenment, right? I went straight to the third step? I haven’t turned my Origin Sea into a star yet.

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Is Soul Enlightenment the third step?”

The Emperor Sparrow: “Theoretically, yes.”

Han Fei asked, “What do you mean by theoretically? Can’t it be the first step?”

Immediately, the Emperor Sparrow looked at Han Fei deeply with a strange look. “Have you comprehended the soul?”

Han Fei shouted, “Yes! I have!”

The Emperor Sparrow’s neck was immediately tilted, and he looked at Han Fei with a complicated expression. “What I just said is that the first step is to transform the Origin Sea into a star, and the third step is Soul Enlightenment. But it’s not absolute. However, the first step of a normal person is never Soul Enlightenment. And star transformation is closely connected to the star path, so these two steps are the first and second steps. Did you… encounter a great opportunity?”

Han Fei said, “I ate a fruit.”

“Eat a fruit?”

The Emperor Sparrow raised his voice. Han Fei sounded as if he had just eaten a candy. However, when he thought that even he became this guy’s spiritual beast, it wasn’t surprising that he had a great opportunity.

He said, “So, your soul can leave your body now?”

Han Fei said, “Um! This should be the so-called Yang Soul, right?”

With that said, Han Fei showed the Emperor Sparrow how his soul left his body. It seemed that it was easy for his Yang Soul to leave his body. Then, Han Fei punched the void and created a void storm.

“How is that possible?”

The Emperor Sparrow screamed and looked at Han Fei in shock, dumbfounded.

Han Fei asked, “You seem surprised? Is there something wrong with my Yang Soul?”

The Emperor Sparrow rolled his eyes at Han Fei. “Yours is much more advanced than the Yang Soul. It’s not just the Yang Soul.”

This time, it was Han Fei’s turn to be stunned. “What do you mean? The Yang Soul is also divided into levels?”

The Emperor Sparrow looked at Han Fei with a complicated expression. “Remember what I told you? When the soul and will are fused, one can produce a Yang Soul. Those who cultivate the Yang Soul can only brag that their soul won’t be destroyed, but they will never say that their soul is immortal. Secondly, when the Yang Soul attacks, he can only use soul techniques, but the soul can’t be used as the body. I remember I also said that when the Yang Soul and your Great Dao of Origins are fused, you can comprehend the higher-level usage of soul power. In other words, any great technique you use can have the runes of the soul attached to it, so it can both hurt the enemy’s body and destroy his soul. In this way, you can kill both your enemy body and soul.”

Han Fei was stunned and asked, “Didn’t you say that this is a power that only Monarchs can master?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “Yes! The Soul Enlightenment realm of the Sky Opening realm should only be about the Yang Soul. You can only comprehend the power of dual killing of body and soul when you reach the longevity realm! Where… where did you get this fruit? Can you get me one too?”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei said, “There’s only one in the world.”

The Emperor Sparrow opened his mouth and was silent for a moment. Suddenly, the Emperor Sparrow said, “Do you dare to take the Extreme Dao?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. “Extreme Dao? Extreme Dao Body Refining? Extreme Dao Soul Refining?”

The Emperor Sparrow took a deep look at Han Fei. “Extreme Dao dual cultivation of body and soul.”


Han Fei felt his brain wasn’t working well enough. “Extreme Dao dual cultivation?”

The Emperor Sparrow said, “This is just a guess in my inherited memories. It seems that no one has walked this path before, but I think that there should be such a path in this world. Some people walk the path of Extreme Dao body refinement, and some walk the path of Extreme Dao soul refinement. Logically speaking, taking only one of these two can be called extreme. But if someone cultivates both body and soul to the extreme until he can’t go further anymore, and then balance the two and reach an ultimate balance, it will be the Extreme Dao dual cultivation of body and soul, which can also be called the Extreme Dao of Balance.”

Suddenly, Han Fei’s heart trembled. It seemed that Senior Brother Azure Dragon had mentioned this before. However, the extreme balance that Senior Brother Azure Dragon mentioned only referred to the absolute balance of strength and soul, not the dual Extreme Dao.

However, the Emperor Sparrow gave him a new idea. As for how to understand the word limit, if his strength reached the strength of an Extreme Dao body refiner and his soul also reached the strength of an Extreme Dao body refiner, wouldn’t this be equivalent to Extreme Dao dual cultivation of body and soul? It sounded awesome.

But for some reason, Han Fei suddenly felt that his blood was boiling.

However, as soon as Han Fei’s blood boiled, the Emperor Sparrow poured a bucket of cold water on him and said, “But don’t be happy too early. This is just a guess. In theory, the Extreme Dao only becomes the Extreme Dao because they only choose one between body refinement and soul refinement. That’s why it’s called the Extreme Dao. This idea is actually contradictory. You are just walking on your own limit, which is fundamentally different from the original Extreme Dao. Besides, there is no absolute balance in this world. But I think you can try walking this path. Whether you can continue or not, you will become a strong master of an era, provided that you don’t die…”


“Tsk, tsk ~”

Han Fei didn’t seem to hear the Emperor Sparrow’s long speech. He only heard, “You will become a strong master of an era.”