Chapter 2282: Dead End

In the Sea of Chant, there lived a special race called Merfolk Chanters. There were many creatures in the sea who liked to sing and could unleash soul attacks through singing.

However, there were not many people who could form a large-scale race. Among large-scale races, there were not many who could produce a reasonable cultivation system. Even if there was a reasonable system, there were even fewer who could go far in this system.

It was just like how the Millennium Snappers also sang, but they didn’t have a specific system, so it was difficult for them to go far. Of course, it might also be because they weren’t born in the Sea Realm.

Anyway, under the restrictions of many conditions, the Merfolk Chanters were famous even in the Divine Capital Dynasty.

“Ahhh ~”


As the rhythmic singing sounded, this team of eleven people had no time to react at all. Most of them had illusions appear in their eyes.

There were also differences in illusions. Some illusions could be resisted as long as one’s will was firm and their soul resistance was strong enough, while some illusions were actually a kind of soul attack, branded in one’s soul, almost identical to reality.

And the Merfolk Chanters were this kind of exclusive soul refining race. Their soul power was abnormally strong, so strong that they could control a sea area. The strongest in the race was a Monarch, which was one of the basic conditions for the Merfolk Chanters to survive.


Because all of this happened too quickly, only four people in the eleven-person team blocked the singing voice. They were Feng Xingliu who was disguised as Liuxing, Miss Qingcheng who was only at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm, the captain of the team, and a Sky Opening realm female cultivator with a soul treasure.

At this moment, it was too late to recall these Sea Establishers. This was because they were instantly caught in an illusion. If they were forcibly recalled, their souls would be penetrated.

Down below, the demonic sea anemone rose. It was a star transformation realm demonice plant. If there was no one like Feng Xingliu hidden in this team, it could suppress the entire team alone.

How could Feng Xingliu not know about it? Therefore, he reacted faster than everyone else. A fiery spear appeared in his hand. This flame was extremely hot covered with a strange purple flame that was even crazier when encountering water. The spear shot out a wave of fire that swept out for tens of thousands of kilometers. It was as if a flame demon god had descended. The terrifying flames directly burned the soul power that was trying to penetrate over.

The demonic sea anemone shot out a water arrow from each of its countless tentacles, which exploded continuously.


Under this spear, the demonic sea anemone was pierced through, and half of its body exploded. Then, the demonic sea anemone triggered the void and jumped to escape.

It was not that it didn’t want to take these people down, but it felt that if it attacked forcibly again, it would be the one to die in the next moment.

However, before the battle ended, heavy echoes suddenly sounded in this sea area.

The captain who had just rushed out endured a hundred echoes and was forced back. He was bleeding from his seven orifices and his battle suit was tattered.

Feng Qingcheng clasped her hands together, and strange white flames erupted from her body, preventing the demonic sound from affecting her.

The captain said in shock, “It’s the Echo Demon Realm, the Echo Demon Realm of the Merfolk Chanters. Only eight Merfolk Chanters in the sky opening realm can create such an Echo Demon Realm. Why do the Merfolk Chanters attack our small team? We are just a small team!”

The captain was shocked and puzzled. As he thought, there were at least eight Merfolk Chanters in the Sky Opening realm here. According to the strength of the first Merfolk Chanter, he might have already turned his Origin Sea into a star.

Eight of them appeared at once. This was not as simple as eight ordinary Sky Opening Realm creatures. They might be able to escape from ordinary Sky Opening Realm creatures, but the Echo Demon Realm was equivalent to the domain of the Sky Opening Realm. If they didn’t break through quickly, they would slowly be obliterated.


Even the captain had been seriously injured. How could the other Sea Establishers withstand such an echo attack?

Feng Xingliu’s face changed drastically, and he immediately shouted at Feng Qingcheng, “Enter my Origin Sea.”

However, Feng Qingcheng shook her head. “Something’s wrong. Without me, you can’t escape. Are your protective jade slips used up?”

Feng Xingliu held up a hand and created a flame barrier to protect everyone. He said solemnly, “Then I’ll defeat them.”

The captain said, “I’ll attack in the opposite direction. Wuniang, take care of the others. Be prepared to leave the battle at any time.”

Feng Xingliu instantly broke through the void and erupted with an ultra-light speed. A purple light condensed on the spear beam with a wisp of divine splendor.

Clang! Clang!

Suddenly, the sound in the entire Echo Demon Realm stopped, replaced by a sound barrier, blocking where Feng Xingliu’s spear pointed.


A terrifying power erupted in the Echo Demon Realm. Because the range was limited, the power instantly swept behind. The other Sky Opening Realm powerhouse named Wuniang staggered slightly and almost failed to block the terrifying power.

“What a strong defense.”

While Feng Xingliu was exclaiming, they didn’t know that under his blow, the eight star transformation realm chanters all vomited blood and almost failed to withstand this blow.

“Deng, Deng Deng~”

Feng Xingliu’s attack failed, but a hurried sound wave seemed to hit the captain, and his head exploded and his body flew back.

When his head regrown, he said in shock, “Chanting Tide? Why is there a chanting tide?”

Feng Xingliu asked, “What is the chanting tide?”

The captain said, “That’s the power that only late-stage Star Transformation Realm Merfolk Chanters can unleash.”

Feng Qingcheng’s heart stirred. She extended her hand and pointed, and a white flame covered Feng Xingliu and the captain. The power of the chanting tide couldn’t shake them anymore.

The captain was slightly relieved, but then he cupped his hands at the void. “My lord, we are just an ordinary team. I am their captain. I am willing to give all my resources to you. Please spare our lives.”

Under the eaves, he had no choice but to lower his head. In the captain’s opinion, it was impossible to win this battle. Not to mention that he still had many Sea Establishers to protect, how could the three of them, who were still sober, resist a late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouse?

He couldn’t help but glance at Feng Xingliu. Unfortunately, the strength that Feng Xingliu had shown so far hadn’t reached the late-stage of the Star Transformation Realm. Otherwise, they might still have a chance to fight back.

Seeing that the captain actually surrendered, Feng Xingliu immediately shouted, “On the path of cultivation, we can’t submit to anyone. Old Qin, this matter started because of me. I won’t implicate you.”

“Because of you?”

Before the captain could react, he saw Feng Xingliu holding a spear and standing proudly. A hundred-foot-long flame phantom soared into the sky like a fire god. His aura soared crazily.

Feng Xingliu shouted coldly, “You b*stards have been chasing me for years. Today, your wish has been fulfilled. However, I’d like to see if someone can keep me here.”

“Fire God Storm.”


On Feng Xingliu, flames were steaming and suffocating. In an instant, the seawater within a hundred thousand kilometers formed a storm vortex, dyeing the entire sea red.

The voice in the Echo Demon Realm was actually burned by the flames, intermittent. One could vaguely hear a crisp voice shouting, “Retreat, retreat, don’t resist it head-on.”

Feng Xingliu’s eyes were spitting fire. “Retreat? Where to?”


The fire storm took shape, and in the storm, all Great Daos froze. Those who wanted to break through the void or even burst out at an ultra-light speed discovered that this storm could even swallow the speed of light. Their Great Dao couldn’t break free from this storm at all.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

These people were swept backward, and the eight Star Transformation Realm powerhouses were instantly minced by the flames. Their souls were burnt in the flames and were about to disappear.

In the field, the only late-stage Star Transformation merman shouted fiercely.

Swish ~

At this critical moment, a big black ship suddenly leaped into the air. On the ship, someone stepped on the void and punched out, leaving a blue mark in the fire storm.

Seeing this punch, Feng Qingcheng suddenly appeared behind Feng Xingliu. As she pushed with one hand, a shell appeared in front of Feng Xingliu.


Amidst the terrifying explosion, a strange phenomenon suddenly erupted, and a grayish-black pillar of light blasted out again.

In the next moment, Feng Xingliu was sent flying. His body was smashed to the ground and dragged tens of thousands of kilometers, shattering dozens of mountains along the way.

Feng Qingcheng’s expression changed, but her reaction was extremely fast. At the moment the power fluctuated, a green thread attached to Feng Xingliu.

She couldn’t leave Feng Xingliu, or the enemy would seize the opportunity. Once the enemy seized the opportunity and caught her, Feng Xingliu could only surrender.

The moment Feng Xingliu flew out, Feng Qingcheng followed like a shadow and landed lightly on the ruins.

The fire storm finally dissipated.

An arrogant voice sounded in the void, “Interesting. You’ve just turned your Origin Sea into a star but already have such combat power. I’m afraid few people in your realm would be your match. What a pity. If you had kept a low profile, I wouldn’t have chased you. Hand over! All your godly weapons, divine techniques, abnormal flames, and that girl. Then I can let you go, but that girl must stay.”

Old Qin and the others in this team were already stunned. They discovered, to their shock, that Feng Xingliu was actually a hidden super powerhouse, but in the next moment, this super powerhouse was pierced through.

“Black, Black Shark?”

Old Qin swallowed as he listened to the person on the Black Shark talk about godly weapons, divine techniques, and abnormal flames. What kind of f*cking treasures were these? He had never seen any in his life!

However, he immediately realized that Liuxing had only joined their team to avoid the pursuit of the Black Shark.

“In your dreams.”

A ruin exploded. Although there was a big hole in Feng Xingliu’s body, he still stood proudly, as if he were the boss of the Black Shark.

After that, Feng Xingliu took out a jade slip. “Who do you think you are? How dare you rob me? Believe it or not, I’ll call my men over and destroy your den. Have you reached the longevity realm?”

The man on the Black Shark chuckled. “I know that your family must be extraordinary. As long as I hunt you, my Black Shark can just leave and sail into the wilderness. Even if your family has a Monarch, so what? I guess you have a Monarch jade slip, but do you dare to use it? The appearance of a Monarch will definitely alarm other Monarchs. If you don’t use it, you still have a chance to escape. If you use it, neither you nor this little girl can escape. Otherwise, why would you have escaped until now?”

The guy on the Black Shark snorted. Suddenly, his body flashed, and the giant shadow of a Devil Shark appeared beside Old Qin.

He casually grabbed Old Qin and suppressed everyone in this team.

Feng Xingliu’s face changed slightly, and then the powerhouse of the Black Shark said, “Well, you don’t care about these ants, do you?”

As he spoke, Old Qin was crushed and his soul was grabbed by the Black Shark powerhouse, unable to escape.

Feng Xingliu said coldly, “Do you only know these dirty tricks?”