Chapter 2284: Devour the Dharmakaya

Since Han Fei ran out of the Ruins of Gods, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds. It was completely different from before he entered the Ruins of Gods.

Although his physique and soul were not strengthened much, his foundation was abnormally firm. He had already opened his Origin Sea to 400,000 kilometers, cultivated his Yang Soul, and showed the advantage of the Dao of Balance.

Han Fei’s attack stunned Feng Xingliu. Although these two people had extraordinary backgrounds, they didn’t expect to meet such Heavenly Talents so easily.

They didn’t even know such a Heavenly Talent before.

Oh, no, there were two. In his life, there were indeed two people who had such abnormal talent and strange combat power. One was Feng Yu, this indescribable woman, the strongest Heavenly Talent in the history of their race. As for the other, they didn’t know if he counted, but he wasn’t from their race.

Feng Xingliu looked at Feng Qingcheng dumbfounded. “Seriously? That level?”

Feng Qingcheng pursed her thin lips slightly. “He should be at the same level as Sister. If he can really resist this Black Shark without being defeated, his talent might be able to enter the Heaven roll.”

Feng Xingliu’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Feng Qingcheng said, “You just don’t read enough books. Some Divine Range families have young descendants with atavistic bloodlines, some have Divine Heritage, and some are born with the Dao Body. We came to the East Sea Divine Realm this time to see the heroes of the world, including talented powerhouses and the descendants of Divine Heritage. This might be the first one we meet.”

Seeing Feng Qingcheng’s beautiful eyes shine, Feng Xingliu couldn’t help but say with a black face, “Hey! Why are your eyes shining? Why are you smiling? Aren’t you afraid that he will be defeated?”

Feng Qingcheng shook her head. “How can a person who can make Sister give him the Phoenix Feather Violent Saber be ordinary? If he’s really so talented, he might be my brother-in-law.”


Feng Xingliu couldn’t help but mutter. How could Feng Yu fall for this show-off?

While Feng Xingliu curled his lips, Han Fei had already put away the Phoenix Feather Violent Saber. He planned to disguise himself as someone from the Fist Light Mountain. How could he keep playing with the knife?

“Take my blow ~”

Han Fei launched a horizontal punch, and a golden fist mark burst out at an ultra-light speed, carrying strange runes.

Black Shark sneered. “Even if you have a secret technique, how can it last long? Old Zhou, can you be stopped by a puppet?”

As Black Shark spoke, he punched horizontally. He was also a body refiner. By cultivating the Black Dragon Fist, he could create a scene of a hundred dragons rampaging.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Knock, knock, knock!

However, when the two fists collided, Black Shark felt terrible. He seemed to see a supreme demonic shadow. His face couldn’t be seen, but there seemed to be a path in front of him. As long as he walked on it, he seemed to be comparable to a god.

“Divine Path?”

Black Shark’s breathing was rapid, but he couldn’t see the Divine Path clearly for long before he was awakened by the pain in his soul. It turned out that every fist mark of Han Fei carried a strange power that seemed to be able to directly brand his soul.

He could still feel a little discomfort from the punches, but in an instant, after thousands of punches, he felt that his soul seemed to be baptized and purified by lightning. In just this round of confrontation, his soul dissipated and he was almost possessed.

“What kind of fist technique is this?”

Black Shark was horrified. Not only did he almost lose himself in the so-called divine path, but this guy could also directly attack his soul. How could he continue to fight? His body could still withstand the blow, but his soul would be shattered. Then his combat power would plummet, and he would be in danger.

However, this didn’t scare Black Shark away. It just made him realize that he couldn’t fight Han Fei in close combat. This guy’s strength wasn’t inferior to his, and his soul could even cause infinite piercing to him.

Immediately, Black Shark retreated and stomped, and a black shadow thousands of meters long appeared in the sea.

“Raksha Divine Body, Dark Curse.”

“A Dharmakaya?”

Han Fei was sure that this was a Dharmakaya. When the Dharmakaya fused with the Black Shark, it would become a Dharma Idol.

On the Black Shark, countless people exclaimed.

“The Rakshasa Divine Body, Boss actually used his Dharmakaya?”

“Who is this person? How can he force Boss to this point?”

The one who was most frightened was Old Qin, the captain of Feng Xingliu’s team. As soon as he reconstructed his body, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Rakshasa Divine Body? The Rakshasa Divine Body ranked within the top thousand on the Dharmakaya List.”

Feng Qingcheng snorted. “How dare he show it off when it hasn’t even entered the top hundred?”

Feng Xingliu said, “Hey, that’s still a Dharmakaya! Does anyone else have one here?”

Feng Qingcheng said, “I’m not afraid of him even if I don’t have a Dharmakaya.”


As soon as Feng Qingcheng said so, another giant thousands of meters tall rose from the ground. However, this giant was shining with golden light. It was Han Fei’s Dharma Idol.

Many people exclaimed, “He also has a Dharmakaya?”

“What kind of Dharmakaya is this?”

“Why is he in the Dharmakaya?”

“Why does this Dharmakaya look exactly like this person?”

Feng Xingliu’s eyes widened, and Feng Qingcheng exclaimed, “Dharma Idol World! He has already fused with his Dharmakaya. Even if he has fused with the worst Dharmakaya, it’s still a Dharma Idol. No Dharmakaya can compare to a Dharma Idol.”

This was the first time Han Fei had seen a Dharmakaya other than the Firmament Martial God Body. For some reason, when Han Fei saw this Rakshasa Dharmakaya, his throat moved and he felt a little hungry.

However, Han Fei, in the state of the Dharma Idol World, still blasted out a large number of golden fist marks. As for Black Shark, he roared angrily. Even if the other party had a Dharmakaya too, he hadn’t turned his Origin Sea into a star yet. How could he fight him?


Knock, knock, knock!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Compared to the battle between Han Fei and the Black Shark, the battle between Blood Fiend and Old Zhou seemed ordinary.

As for Feng Xingliu, he had nothing to do now. Just a moment ago, he thought he was doomed, but at the next moment, a thug came out.

Besides, this thug was ostentatious, arrogant, and ferocious. But for some reason, his personality was a bit like Feng Yu’s.

Black Shark roared crazily, “The Rakshasas eat blood.”

Thick black fog burst out with strong corrosive power. When Han Fei’s fist touched it, he felt that his flesh and blood were corroded.


“Heaven Enlightenment…”

Boom ~

A divine pillar descended from the sky, and a large amount of black fog was purified. Han Fei’s fists rained down and blasted part of Black Shark’s soul out of his body.

For some reason, Han Fei felt more and more hungry. Even he didn’t realize that his Dharma idol, which was originally only ten thousand meters long, was getting bigger and bigger.

He didn’t come back to his senses until it was more than 20,000 feet long.

Under everyone’s horrified gaze, Han Fei grabbed the Rakshasa Dharmakaya with both hands. The Black Shark detonated the phantom frantically, trying to shatter the Dharma Idol.

But his hands were entangled by the other party’s power. With a thought from Han Fei, two golden arms extended from his Dharma Idol, grabbed the Rakshasa Dharmakaya, and bit down.


Everyone present gasped. How could it be eaten?

Feng Xingliu was also confused. He couldn’t help but look at Feng Qingcheng. “What’s going on? Isn’t the Dharmakaya condensed from the power of the heavens and earth? Is he eating Black Shark’s Dharmakaya?”

Feng Qingcheng was slightly confused and opened her mouth. “Well, I don’t know! The Dharma Idol is a burst of power borrowed by the original body. Um… it’s not mentioned in the books!”

“Chi la ~”

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Four big hands and a mouth suddenly exerted strength and tore apart Black Shark’s Dharmakaya.

“Crunch, Crunch ~”

Seeing that the Raksha Dharmakaya was about to disappear, Han Fei opened his mouth and bit something. There seemed to be a power between the heavens and earth that was swallowed by him.

Then, Han Fei suddenly felt that the power of his Dharma Idol seemed to have increased by 10%.


Han Fei was a little confused. He mainly relied on the second divine pill to cultivate his Dharma Idol. At that time, when he used his Dharma Idol, his strength was only increased by 30%. He had used it a lot, but this was the first time he wanted to swallow someone else’s Dharmakaya.

Han Fei couldn’t help but remember that he began to comprehend his Dharma Idol by fusing with the Firmament Martial God Body.

Han Fei’s heart suddenly trembled. Seriously?

He remembered that the information of the second divine pill said when one comprehended the Dharma Idol World, he would use his body as the Dharma Idol. With the nine heavens above his head, he stepped on the Abyssal Sea, and his Dharma Idol could be 33,000 feet long, swallowing all into his true body.

In the past, he had never understood the true meaning of swallowing all things into one’s true body, but now it seemed that something was wrong. If he hadn’t met this person, he probably wouldn’t have known that he could eat other people’s Dhammakaya.

“Puff ~”

Black Shark was bleeding from his seven orifices and his hair was disheveled. He was about to go crazy. Who the hell is this? Why is he fighting so unreasonably? His Dharmakaya could eat?!

At this moment, although Han Fei was surprised, his hands didn’t stop. His 20,000-foot-long body kept punching the Black Shark with four fists.

Although the latter’s Dharmakaya was broken, he wasn’t completely defenseless.

However, his original purpose of summoning his Dharmakaya was to block Han Fei’s strange fists. Now that the Dharmakaya was gone, Han Fei’s fist mark fell like big stars. Even if he could block it, he didn’t want his soul to be shattered by the other party.

At this moment, Old Zhou, who failed to break through the Blood Fiend, screamed, “Black Shark, I’m done playing. You can play by yourself!”

The old man realized that something was wrong. This was because in this 100,000-year competition, many strong masters would try to hunt the strong masters who came to participate in the competition. They didn’t hunt before because there was only one Sea Establishment realm competition in the past, but this time, there were competitions for Venerables, Sea Establishers, and Sky Openers. They knew that the Sky Opening realm powerhouses who came to participate were definitely extraordinary, so many people tried to hunt them.

However, this didn’t mean that they could really hunt unscrupulously.

These people were too strong, especially this one. He hadn’t even turned his Origin Sea into a star but was suppressing Black Shark the whole process. How many Heavenly Talents of this level were in the East Sea Divine Realm?

Where did he come from? How could the power behind him not have left him any trump cards?

Such a person might not even be afraid of Monarchs. Forcefully hunting him would only backfire in the end.

Black Shark was furious! He was about to retreat.

However, Han Fei pressed on. The giant ran in the air and chased after him at an ultra-light speed. Han Fei shouted, “You can get lost, but leave the ship behind.”

Black Shark: “???”