Chapter 2286: Young People Who Haven’t Been Beaten By Society

Han Fei almost vomited. “Brother-in-law? Who is your brother-in-law?”

Han Fei thought to himself, Come on, I may be even younger than you. Don’t call me that!

The soul-protecting godly weapon was actually a very good thing. Han Fei wanted to keep it for himself, but considering that Feng Yu owed him a favor now, he might as well let her owe him another one.

He had a feeling that this trip to the Divine Capital Dynasty was not simple. He still had to work for Mo Qi. How could he easily get involved in the matters of the Time Temple?

Also, he had offended the Heavenly Race this time. If he guessed right, the Heavenly Race should have suffered a lot of pursuit over the years. Some of their Sky Opening Realm powerhouses must have been killed, but they would definitely know who was targeting them. Therefore, his name would definitely be known by the Heavenly Race.


Now, nothing seemed to have happened yet. However, he hadn’t reached the Divine Capital Dynasty yet!

However, at this moment, Han Fei casually threw the godly weapon out as if he despised it. Not only did it hurt Black Shark, but it also made him more certain that this person had a powerful background.

How could he give away a godly weapon so easily? He didn’t even blink. He wouldn’t believe it even if he was told that this guy wasn’t from a great force.

He had planned it well, and he was going to succeed. At the very least, he could grab a godly weapon or a divine technique, right?

Now, because of Han Fei, he had to give away his godly weapon and resources.

At this moment, on the Black Shark, the Sky Opening Realm powerhouses had almost taken out all their resources. They didn’t dare to not take out their resources since even their boss had already done it.

In the end, Han Fei got a total of about 360,000 kilometers of resources. He felt that this was the normal resource reserve of a fleet, which was much more than the resources of Qiu Shoucang and the others.

This also meant that the resources in the wilderness were more abundant than in the Chaotic Wasteland. 360,000 kilometers of resources was not a small amount.

According to Han Fei’s estimation, if he could completely consume this resource and use it to open up his Origin Sea, he could expand his Origin Sea to at least 530,000 or even 540,000 kilometers.

For the first time, Han Fei had an idea. It didn’t seem to be difficult to expand his Origin Sea. He used to think that tens of thousands of kilometers of resources were a lot! How many mineral veins, spiritual spring, spiritual stones, and other messy things did he have to dig?

But now it seemed that it was not a big deal. As long as he was strong enough, he could easily grab a lot of resources.

However, Han Fei had never thought that ordinary people in the Sky Opening realm wouldn’t be able to easily snatch the resources of the late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouses. Wasn’t that courting death?

More people, like the team Feng Xingliu joined, ran around digging resources, exploring secret realms, and then obtaining a little something, went to the major camps to exchange for resources. In this way, they could slowly expand their Origin Sea and strive to turn their Origin Sea into a star as soon as possible.

Therefore, Han Fei actually didn’t understand the pain of these ordinary Sky Opening powerhouses. He naturally felt that it was too troublesome and tiring to dig for resources by himself. These things could only be snatched. As for how others accumulated so many resources, it had nothing to do with him.

After Han Fei received the resources, he flashed and appeared beside Feng Xingliu and the others. With a thought, he put away the Blood Fiend and then shouted at Black Shark, “When I turn my Origin Sea into a star, I’ll come back to fight you again. Prepare some resources first!”



The Black Shark ran away in a hurry. As for why Han Fei didn’t attack the others on the Black Shark, the Black Shark felt that it was only natural. From the beginning to the end, Han Fei didn’t even glance at the crew of the Black Shark. His arrogant posture showed that he didn’t care about the so-called ants at all.

A person like Han Fei wouldn’t bother to personally deal with these ants. In fact, he didn’t need to do it himself. The Blood Fiend wasn’t something ordinary people could resist.

After the Black Shark left, the place where Han Fei and the others stood temporarily became an extremely dangerous place. Fist marks and knife intent were everywhere. Ordinary Sea Establishers probably didn’t dare to approach it.

When Han Fei appeared beside Feng Xingliu and the others, the team leader surnamed Zhou and the others didn’t dare to make a sound or even look up at Han Fei.

Han Fei glanced at them casually and said, “Don’t go to the Wind Valley. Those people should be from there. You can go anywhere else and find other camps. No one will cause you trouble.”

Captain Zhou quickly cupped his hands. “Yes, yes…”

After that, he gave the team members a look. He really couldn’t stand the fact that he almost died this time. In fact, he was quite angry at Feng Xingliu, thinking to himself, Why do you have to stay in our team?

However, he didn’t dare to show any disrespect on the surface.

Feng Xingliu snorted. “Wait a moment.”

Feng Xingliu’s face sank. He looked at Captain Zhou and the others and said, “I didn’t expect to drag you into danger this time, causing Old Zhou to almost die. This is my fault.”

Captain Zhou hurriedly said, “It’s alright, Brother Liuxing… Uh, Fellow Daoist Feng, the Black Shark has always been rampant in the Sea of Chant. Countless people have died in their hands.”

Feng Xingliu shook his head. “No matter what, I can’t let you risk your lives with me for no reason. Otherwise, I won’t be at ease.”

After that, Feng Xingliu took out seven or eight Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures. Yes, Han Fei wasn’t mistaken. They were all Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures! Although they were mid-quality ones, they were still Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures!

Then, he took out a Star Shell and said, “There are 100,000 kilometers of resources here. Take it as a small compensation for you, Old Zhou. I don’t have many resources left. This is all I have.”

Han Fei: “???”

Captain Zhou: “???”

Han Fei wondered if he heard it right. A hundred thousand kilometers of resources? A small compensation?!

Han Fei couldn’t get so many resources at all when he was in the Chaotic Wasteland. He couldn’t get so many resources even if he fought in the scavenger arena for ten years!

It wasn’t that there weren’t so many, but that there weren’t even half of them.

Han Fei couldn’t have felt worse. He had thought that he was already a big show-off, but he didn’t expect this guy to be even a bigger one. Was this the style of Feng Yu’s family?

Captain Zhou would be lying if he said that he wasn’t tempted. Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures and a hundred thousand kilometers of resources. How many f*cking secret realms would he have to explore to get them? How could resources be obtained so easily?

He and Feng Xingliu were just strangers. In fact, even if he really died this time, it wouldn’t affect these big shots. He knew that from today on, they wouldn’t have any more interactions.

Therefore, although Captain Zhou said that he couldn’t accept it, he had already taken it.

Feng Xingliu waved his hand. “Old Zhou, don’t stand on ceremony with me. It’s just a little resource.”

Han Fei wanted to roll his eyes. Did he ever stand on ceremony with you? Unless they were fools, they would only gladly accept the resources.

On the other hand, Feng Qingcheng seemed to really want to stop Feng Xingliu, but she couldn’t do so in front of so many people. Han Fei immediately realized that this girl should be more sensible than Feng Xingliu.

Old Zhou and the others couldn’t wait to fly away. They didn’t say a word along the way, wishing they could fly billions of kilometers away.

After Old Zhou and the others ran away, Feng Qingcheng jumped up and knocked on Feng Xingliu’s forehead. “Are you stupid? Do you know how many resources you gave away? Ten times more than what they got from exploring the secret realm this time. Ten times!”

Feng Xingliu frowned. “So what? Old Zhou and the others almost died for us, you heartless girl.”

Feng Qingcheng almost wanted to bite him. “That’s different. Even if you teach him a great technique, isn’t it better than giving him resources? It’s better to teach him how to fish than to give him fish. Do you understand? We’ve almost used up all the money we brought this time…”

Feng Qingcheng, who was furious, suddenly realized that Han Fei was still there. She immediately shut up and changed into an obedient ordinary girl.

Feng Qingcheng said, “Sorry about that, Brother.”

Feng Qingcheng didn’t know how to address Han Fei. Since he denied that he was her brother-in-law, she might as well call him Brother because this person was of the same generation as her sister.

Calling him Senior was too distant, so it wouldn’t be good to call him Senior.

Han Fei shrugged slightly. “I agree with you. In fact, it’s not good to give them so many resources. It’s actually very difficult for them to divide the resources. It will inevitably cause internal strife in them. This is the wilderness. There is no deep friendship in the wilderness but benefits.”

Feng Xingliu blushed. “I think they’re quite nice. They’re not heartless people.”

Hearing his words, Han Fei asked with a smile, “Do you want to follow me to see what will happen to them?”

Feng Xingliu said, “Fine, Old Zhou is my good friend. How can I be wrong about him?”

Half a day later.

In an extremely distant sea area, Old Zhou looked around sharply.

At this moment, there were only two Sky Opening Realm powerhouses from his team beside him. Old Zhou said, “These resources are actually not bad. I’ll get six of the eight Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures, and each of you will get one. As for the resources, the three of us will get 70%. The rest will be given to the others. Any objections?”

The other two were not as strong as Old Zhou. At this moment, in the boundless wilderness, if they objected, the consequences would be unpredictable. Therefore, even if Old Zhou directly said an extremely unreasonable distribution method, they did not refute.

After all, they could get some benefits, and Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures were priceless.


Feng Xingliu, who was peeping from a distance with Han Fei, was dumbfounded and his face turned dark. “No, I have to get these resources back. This is too much…”

Although Feng Qingcheng couldn’t see what happened, from Feng Xingliu’s expression, she knew that what happened next must be very different from what Feng Xingliu thought.

Han Fei stopped him. “How can you get back the things you already gave away? If you don’t suffer a loss, you won’t know how dangerous the wilderness is. Do you know why Old Zhou gave each of them a piece of Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure?”

Feng Xingliu’s expression was ugly as he shouted, “Of course it’s because of their friendship! After all, they are a team.”

Han Fei sneered. “Team?”

Han Fei sneered. “Let me tell you, it’s just because he was afraid that those two would join forces to fight him. If there is only one Sky Opening Realm cultivator here, he might have already killed him.”

Feng Xingliu’s eyes widened. “No, no way!”

Han Fei chuckled. “No way? Believe it or not, after he distributes the resources, he will let these two people leave. Then, he will take the 30% of resources that should be given to the Sea Establishers, including the resources from your exploration of the secret realm this time.”

Feng Xingliu took a deep breath, and his eyelids twitched. “Well… Old Zhou is usually quite good to these Sea Establishers. With his character…”

Before Feng Xingliu finished speaking, the other two Sky Opening Realm powerhouses who had taken the resources had already flown away and left the team. Seeing this, Feng Xingliu’s eyes spewed fire, and the flames on her body evaporated.

Han Fei couldn’t help shaking his head. He must have never experienced the beating of society!

Feng Xingliu immediately shouted, “Don’t hold me back. I’m going to teach him a lesson. I treated him sincerely and never despised him because of his identity, but he…”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. “They almost died for you. How can you take back those resources?”

Feng Qingcheng nodded quickly. “Anyway, I can’t do that.”

Feng Xingliu: “…”