Chapter 2288: Ants

Han Fei was very impressed with the rule that the qualification token could be snatched. This was a good way to select talents!

This was a shortcut for a real powerhouse to rise!

Many itinerant cultivators were usually pitifully poor, but in battles, it was very likely that their bicycles would turn into motorcycles, cars, or even supercars.

Besides, this was clearly a bug. Could it be that no one had paid attention to how the qualification tokens were dealt with later? This was worth thinking deeply. Perhaps it was deliberately done by the Great Monarch East Martial.

Quite a few people had the same idea as Han Fei.

At this moment, Feng Qingcheng had finished snatching, and Han Fei was observing the sea of stars. “We should be not far from a certain camp now. The surrounding stars are dense, and it’s the best place to hunt. Are you two ready?”

Feng Xingliu seemed to be persuaded by Han Fei’s words, so he nodded. “Then let’s fight! But I still want to visit the Divine Capital Dynasty. I’ve never been there. It’s said to be very beautiful.”

Han Fei immediately shouted, “Are you a woman? Why do you like beautiful places? Do you know what a man should pursue?”

Scolded again, Feng Xingliu shouted, “What do men should pursue?”

Han Fei rubbed his fingers. “Resources, of course. With resources, you can do whatever you want. Think about it. Since you were born, everything you use is resources, isn’t it?”

Feng Xingliu’s face sank. “I don’t think so… But it seems to be true.”

Han Fei said, “Don’t bicker. Just admit it, you’re nothing without your family.”

Feng Xingliu was furious. “Say that again?”

Han Fei said, “So what? If you have the ability, snatch tens of thousands of qualification tokens. If you don’t want the resources, give them all to me.”

Feng Xingliu said, “No, I snatched them, so they should be mine.”

Looking at Feng Xingliu that was crushed by Han Fei’s words, Feng Qingcheng shook her head slightly. Her brother was really stupid.

Suddenly, Han Fei said, “Come on, there are six or seven shining stars in the northwest. Someone must be fighting there. Let’s go.”

In the blink of an eye, Feng Qingcheng stepped to the side of Feng Xingliu and disappeared.

Han Fei and Feng Xingliu used an ultra-light speed at the same time, rushing at five times the speed of light.

The reason why it was five times the speed of light was that five times the speed of light was the speed of Feng Xingliu. When Han Fei first knew that Feng Xingliu could burst out at five times the speed of light, he was shocked.

This was the power of a rich family. Feng Xingliu could already unleash five times the speed of light although he had just turned his Origin Sea into a star not long ago. Many people couldn’t comprehend an ultra-light speed after turning their Origin Seas into stars.

Of course, he was an exception, because he had got all kinds of opportunities, but Han Fei’s current extreme speed was less than six times the speed of light unless he accelerated by controlling the surrounding Time Power.

Han Fei had thought that this battle might last for a while, but to his surprise, the battle was over less than a hundred seconds after they ran out.

“So fast. They eliminated their opponents in the same realm so quickly. It seems that this is a team that specializes in this!”

Feng Xingliu asked, “The stars over there have dimmed. What should we do now?”

Han Fei took out the Vast Ocean Navigator. “What should we do? This is my home ground. Of course we should chase them now!”

Feng Xingliu looked at the navigator in Han Fei’s hand curiously and asked in surprise, “Oh, what kind of godly weapon is this?”

Han Fei said, “This is a human… This is a sacred weapon.”

“Sacred weapon?”

Feng Xingliu was puzzled. “Why haven’t I heard of a sacred weapon? If it’s not a godly weapon, shouldn’t it be a spiritual treasure of the heavens and earth?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. “This is something artificially refined. Is it a weapon?”

Feng Xingliu said, “That’s not necessarily true. My family’s Fire Dao Rebirth Wheel is also a weapon! But we call it a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure. It’s just one level higher than the spiritual treasure of heaven and earth.”

“What, what wheel?”

Han Fei was stunned. What the hell is this?

Feng Xingliu was stunned. “You don’t know about the Feng family’s Fire Dao Rebirth Wheel?”

Han Fei was stunned. “Should I know?”

“Uh ~”

Feng Xingliu was choked for a moment. It seemed true that outsiders didn’t know much about it. Therefore, he said proudly, “Fire Dao Rebirth Wheel means that once a person dies, his body is gone, and his soul is unable to be saved, through this wheel, we can forcibly step into the river of time, the river of life, and the legendary Reincarnation Ancient Dao to forcibly pull his soul back and transform it into a fire spirit. In addition to having no body, he can still be an extremely powerful fire spirit.”

Han Fei was shocked. F*ck, what?! Is there a river of life? And what kind of place is the Reincarnation Ancient Dao? Good lord, the knowledge of the children of the big clans is really different. But I can’t show that I’m an uneducated idiot.

Therefore, Han Fei snorted. “Isn’t your Fire Dao Rebirth Wheel refined by humans?”

Feng Xingliu said, “Yes! It’s said that it was refined before the death of my family’s god.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. “So! He should be called a Chaotic Sacred Weapon! Come on, a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure should be called a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure. Just like the Chaotic Green Lotus, it was born naturally. Isn’t it easy to get confused if these two are both called Chaotic Spiritual Treasures?”

Feng Xingliu seemed to think about it seriously. “Well… that does make sense. Sigh, it’s not easy to find a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure… That Chaotic Green Lotus is indeed delicious. Unfortunately, I only ate a Chaotic Green Lotus when I was young. I don’t remember what it tastes like now.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei almost wanted to kick Feng Xingliu to death. Are you showing off? So what if you’ve eaten a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure? Do you know that my wife has eaten a whole one?

Han Fei and Feng Xingliu chatted for a long time, but this guy kept talking about the trivial matters of daily cultivation, how bad the divine pills tasted, how uncomfortable the family’s medicinal bath was, and how his body twitched when he practiced the divine technique…

Han Fei felt that he couldn’t take it anymore. Feng Xingliu had been showing off all the way, but he didn’t know what he had said, so he could only echo occasionally and make casual comments, once again full of hatred for the big clans.

But Feng Xingliu didn’t know it. Because Han Fei saved him and Feng Qingcheng, although he really wanted to compete with Han Fei, he often forgot about it and accidentally chatted with him.

Feng Xingliu said, “Actually, if Feng Yu hadn’t been born a few days earlier than me, she would have called me Elder Brother… Hey, why are you dragging me…”


Suddenly, Feng Xingliu, who was angry at the fact that he was born a few days late, was pulled away by Han Fei. The two of them crossed thousands of kilometers and suddenly appeared in front of a man in a golden robe.


Seeing that man, Feng Xingliu frowned and immediately said, “Leave this guy to me.”

Han Fei ignored the idiot Feng Xingliu. Leave him to you? Do you know how many people there are?

On the opposite side, the person didn’t expect to be hunted. He was first stunned, but then he seemed to look at the sea of stars and found that the stars of these two people didn’t seem to be as bright as his, or even much worse than his.

Immediately, the man sneered. “Do you want to rob me? Do you know who I am?”

Hearing that someone wanted to compete in identity, Feng Xingliu stomped and fiery clouds rose. “You ant, do you know who I am?”

Feng Xingliu learned the term ant from Han Fei. Han Fei had said it when he snatched the Black Shark.

However, at that time, Han Fei said that to make himself look like a disciple of a super force, because this was what those super powerhouses always said.

However, Feng Xingliu said this word purely because of the other party’s words, “Do you know who I am?”

He, Feng Xingliu, had been competitive all his life and never wanted to be outdone. How could he stand this? Therefore, he used the word “ant”.

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth twitched. Good lord, this guy was literally a mockery godly weapon!

For two people who regarded each other as an ant, the final result would definitely be a fight.

Sure enough, as Han Fei expected, the young man opposite him didn’t intend to escape. Instead, with a thought of him, four Sky Opening Realm powerhouses appeared in a row. Including him, there were a total of five Sky Opening Realm powerhouses who had already turned their Origin Seas into stars.

The people who were released were also a little stunned. “Brother Yi, you found a new target so quickly?”

The young man surnamed Yi sneered. “I didn’t find them, but they sent themselves to me. They probably found my traces by accident and found me alone, so they came to me.”

Someone looked at the Sea of Stars and sneered. “What? Their stars are much less resplendent than mine. Humph… hey, who gave you two the illusion that you can rob others?”

Feng Xingliu’s face immediately turned cold, and he pointed at the man. “Shut up, ant. Quickly hand over the qualification token, or don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

The moment the man was pointed at, his face immediately turned cold. “B*stard, if I don’t take out your soul and crush it inch by inch today, how can I vent the hatred in my heart?”

Han Fei saw that both parties were already ready for a fight. Then what was he waiting for?

He glanced at Feng Xingliu. “Let’s see who can snatch more qualification tokens?”

Feng Xingliu: “Fine, Fire God Descends…”