Chapter 2289: It’s My First Time, So I’m A Little Nervous

Feng Xingliu already couldn’t wait to fight. He knew that Han Fei was extremely strong. No matter what, he couldn’t be beaten five to zero. That would be too embarrassing.

He had to kill one of them first and then try to kill the second. Therefore, when he heard that Han Fei was going to attack, he started fighting before Han Fei.

Both parties were full of confidence in this encounter battle. The man surnamed Yi felt that with the strength of these two people, it was impossible for them to have stronger powerhouses in their Origins Seas. Therefore, even if they could still call a few people out, it was impossible for them to win.

And Feng Xingliu felt that even without Han Fei, how could four or five ordinary Star Transformation Realm cultivators be a match for him?

Therefore, as soon as the two parties entered the void, they attacked head-on.


However, the mentality of both parties was different.

As for the man surnamed Yi, he felt that these two people were mediocre and didn’t need him to do anything, so he didn’t do anything at all. The others also looked down on them, so only two people on his side attacked.

As for Feng Xingliu, he was eager to prove his ability and used his ultimate moves. As for Han Fei, he didn’t use the boxing gloves at all but only clenched a simple fist mark, which looked much weaker than Feng Xingliu.


The moment they exchanged blows, the person who was facing Feng Xingliu suddenly changed his expression and his soul trembled in shock.

“Puff ~”

The moment the man’s expression changed, the flame knife light spread out for three thousand kilometers and completely crushed him. His body was burnt to nothingness, and his soul was directly annihilated by the scorching power.

At the same time, on Han Fei’s side, a fist mark pierced through the depths of this person’s soul.


This person’s body and soul exploded at the same time. Han Fei was now in the Soul Enlightenment realm and had formed a Yang Soul. He could directly attack people’s souls.

Therefore, under this punch, this person’s body and soul were annihilated at the same time.

At the moment the two of them died, a total of five qualification tokens appeared on their bodies and quickly disappeared into Han Fei and Feng Xingliu’s wrists.


“How is that possible?”

“Not good, retreat!”

Rumble ~ Rumble ~

The weather changed, and two Great Dao cracks crossed the sky in a row, indicating the death of two Star Transformation powerhouses.

The young man surnamed Yi’s expression changed drastically. He was also extremely shocked. How could they be so strong? One move, only one move. How strong were they? One had just turned his Origin Sea into a star, but his star was quite dim, and the other didn’t seem to have turned his Origin Sea into a star yet. How could they kill a strong master who had turned his Origin Sea into a star many years ago in one move?

However, at this moment, Han Fei and Feng Xingliu had already continued to attack. Their speed was so fast that they had no choice but to resist them with all their strength. Because they had underestimated their enemies too much, they were very close to them. Who knew that these two people would kill one of their teammates in one move? Besides, these two people didn’t stop at all and rushed straight at them.

The young man surnamed Yi retreated without thinking. He didn’t care about his two companions. This time, he made a mistake. The other party showed such strong strength although his realm wasn’t high. He must be a Heavenly Talent. It wasn’t worthwhile for him to fight the two of them alone.

Most importantly, he felt that the fact that a person who hadn’t turned his Origin Sea into a star could penetrate a star transformation-level powerhouse meant that he had astonishing potential and he might not be able to beat him.

Seeing that the young man surnamed Yi was about to run, Han Fei said, “Feng Xingliu, these two are yours.”

Feng Xingliu was overjoyed. Then wouldn’t it be that I fight three alone, but you fight only two alone? I won.

“OK ~”

“Fire Phoenix Restriction! Fiery Saber…”

Han Fei didn’t care about the silly Feng Xingliu. After unleashing six times the speed of light, he caught the guy who was fleeing at less than five times the speed of light in the blink of an eye.

To be honest, Han Fei was surprised. This person probably didn’t have a simple background. He wasn’t at the late-stage of the Star Transformation Realm, but he could erupt with nearly five times the speed of light. This kind of person was definitely a Heavenly Talent. At least, he would be a top powerhouse if he were in the City of Scavengers.

However, the young man surnamed Yi was even more surprised than Han Fei. He subconsciously thought to himself, How is it possible? How can he burst out with the speed of light without turning his Origin Sea into a star? How can his speed be faster than mine? This speed is at least six times the speed of light! What kind of monster is this?

Han Fei stopped the young man surnamed Yi and punched him. The latter didn’t dare to be negligent. His body immediately emitted a white light, and he also clenched his fist and punched at Han Fei.

Boom ~


Boom ~

The entire right arm of the young man surnamed Yi and half of his body exploded.

But Han Fei’s pupils were constricted slightly, because he saw that the man’s flesh and blood, bathed in the white light, recovered instantly as if they hadn’t been penetrated.


Han Fei knew how strong he was. Even without the God Slaying Boxing Gloves, he had the power of more than nine million waves, and he could punch out a fist soul. Logically speaking, half of this person’s body should have exploded, and part of his soul would have been destroyed by him.

However, this magical white light seemed to be even more magical than his Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique. It actually easily restored his body.


This person retreated tens of thousands of kilometers, but Han Fei didn’t chase him. As the person retreated, a door of light that emitted holy light appeared behind him.

“Heavenly Race?”

Han Fei asked casually, “Are you from the Gate of Heaven?”

Over the years, Han Fei had some understanding of the Heavenly Race. The Gate of Heaven was just a general term for the entire Heavenly Race. They were a sect just like the Fist Light Mountain and the Ghost Strait.

However, in the Gate of Heaven, it was the Heavenly Race that controlled everything. In the East Sea Divine Realm, the Gate of Heaven was a very powerful force, second only to the Divine Capital Dynasty and as famous as the City of Terror. In terms of overall strength and external activities, it was stronger than places like Fist Light Mountain and the Ghost Strait.

However, Han Fei had never understood what the door behind them meant.

The young man surnamed Yi said, “That’s right. Not only am I from the Gate of Heaven, but I’m also from the Heavenly Race. Fellow Daoist, no discord, no concord. It doesn’t matter if those people die. However, you and I are both Heavenly Talents. If we join forces, who can be our match?”

Han Fei only punched once, and the young man surnamed Yi knew that he was no match for this person. If it weren’t for his Gate of Talent, he would have been seriously injured by the power of that punch just now. That punch could injure both the body and the soul. He didn’t know what method the other party used, but this person was probably a top Heavenly Talent of the Fist Light Mountain.

He didn’t dare to imagine what he would be like if he was punched a few more times. Therefore, he took the lead to propose cooperation.

He believed that with the reputation of the Gate of Heaven and his identity as a disciple of the Heavenly Race, he should be no weaker than this person in terms of seniority. If he could obtain this guy’s help, he would be able to snatch many qualification tokens.

However, Han Fei glanced at him contemptuously. “Who do you think you are to join forces with me? Are you qualified…”


Before Han Fei finished speaking, the Great Dao crack appeared again. It seemed that Feng Xingliu had killed another one. Han Fei wasn’t surprised. Except for late-stage Star Transformation realm powerhouses, these people were no match for Feng Xingliu at all.

The young man surnamed Yi’s face changed drastically. He took out a talisman and waved his hand. The talisman unfolded, and billions of sword streams surged at Han Fei.

After throwing out this blow, Yi didn’t say anything but prepared to escape at an ultra-light speed.

However, Han Fei simply ignored the billions of sword streams. The void around him distorted, and less than one-tenth of the power of the talisman fell on him.

Han Fei didn’t block this tenth of power at all and punched at the young man surnamed Yi.


This punch was 30% more powerful than before, because Han Fei had slightly activated his Great Dao. Mainly, he wanted to see how effective the door of light was. He didn’t believe that any random person could surpass his Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique just because of a damn door.

The young man surnamed Yi exploded, but under the white light, he recovered in the next moment.

“Huh? Interesting.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Golden fist marks erupted continuously. The young man surnamed Yi shattered again and again. On the seventh time, the door of light finally dimmed. But this time, Han Fei didn’t attack again.

“You won’t kill me?”


In the distance, the Great Dao cracks appeared again. Feng Xingliu had already killed three Star Transformation powerhouses. This speed was very fast.

Yi Yuan was shocked. The god of death with fire had come. He never expected that he would die like this.

But in the next moment, Han Fei didn’t attack him but looked at him casually.

At this time, Feng Xingliu had already flown over. When he stopped at Han Fei’s side, he laughed. “Haha, I won. You haven’t even killed him yet.”

Han Fei shrugged casually. “OK! You win.”

“Uh ~”

Feng Xingliu’s surging aura was immediately extinguished. He was speechless. “You admitted defeat so easily?”

Han Fei didn’t know how to communicate with Feng Xingliu. He said, “You did a good job. Hey, why are you shaking so much?”

“Am I shaking?”

Feng Xingliu looked down and found that his legs, hands, and body were trembling.

Subconsciously, Feng Xingliu’s voice trembled. “It, it’s my first time killing someone. I, I’m a little nervous.”