Chapter 2293: Two Brags

Tomorrow Camp was a relatively famous camp on the periphery of the Divine Capital Dynasty. It was a large trading camp. The city here spanned 30,000 kilometers.

It was said that in the war between the East Sea Divine Realm and the Savage Sea Demons, when it was at its fiercest, the sea demons once fought to the Tomorrow Camp. At that time, the strong masters guarded the camp, and the Great Monarch East Martial fought the Sea Demon Monarch bravely and repelled them all the way to the Sky Crater World.

So far, the Savage Sea Demons and undead creatures didn’t dare to cross the Sky Crater World at all.

The strong masters of the Heavenly Race had gathered in the Tomorrow Camp. This naturally couldn’t escape the notice of some people. For a moment, the itinerant cultivators in the Tomorrow Camp were all watching the show, so were the big clans. They wanted to see what had happened that caused a lot of top Heavenly Talents of the Heavenly Race to come.

At this moment.

In the Tomorrow Camp.

Han Fei, Feng Xingliu, and Feng Qingcheng were sitting in a courtyard around a big pot.

“Slurp, ah!”

Feng Xingliu was shocked and sighed. “They’re all liars. My family are all liars. They said that cultivators don’t need to eat and we just need to swallow spiritual energy and Chaotic Qi. However… they never said that hot pot was so delicious!”

Feng Qingcheng nodded quickly. “I agree with you on this. It seems that the clan is still hiding something from us. They must not tell us because they don’t want us to be greedy for food.”

Feng Xingliu said, “That’s right, liars. I was eighteen but I didn’t know that there was such a thing as hot pot in this world until today.”

Feng Qingcheng nodded quickly. “Yes! I wonder if Sister knows.”

“Puff ~”

Feng Xingliu and Feng Qingcheng, who were discussing hot pot, suddenly looked in confusion at Han Fei who squirted his food out of his mouth. “What’s wrong?”

Han Fei looked at them in shock. “Wait a moment, how old did you just say you were? I’m not well-educated. Don’t lie to me.”

Feng Xingliu wiped the corner of his mouth and grabbed a barbecue lobster. “Eighteen! Why?”

Han Fei suddenly looked at Feng Qingcheng and asked, “What about you?”

Feng Qingcheng thought for a moment. “Brother Han Fei, although I’m only eleven years old, you don’t have to find it strange… Because our way of calculating age may be different from yours.”

Han Fei’s heart was pounding. That made sense, but he wasn’t sure how old these two were.

Feng Qingcheng said, “Our family records every hundred years as one year, so according to normal time, Feng Xingliu is 1,800 years old.”

While stuffing garlic prawns into his mouth, Feng Xingliu echoed, “Yes, that’s right.”

Han Fei couldn’t have felt worse. He waved his hand and put away the hot pot.

Immediately, Feng Xingliu shouted, “Hey! I haven’t finished eating. I haven’t finished eating.”

Han Fei said, “No time for you to eat. The enemy is already here. Eat after the battle.”

Feng Xingliu glanced at the outer domain and muttered, “There seem to be a lot of them this time, right? More than thirty of them. It seems that a few of them are much stronger.”

Han Fei said, “Isn’t that obvious? If they don’t find someone stronger, how can they win? Remember, try to keep them alive this time, OK? Our first windfall is coming.”

Feng Xingliu’s eyes lit up. “Haven’t we already got our first windfall? I already have 29 qualification tokens and 200,000 kilometers of resources.”

What Feng Xingliu showed off was not the number of 200,000 kilometers, but the fact that he had earned so many resources himself.

Han Fei rolled his eyes. “Look at you. How can you call that a windfall? If you get so many resources at once, it can still be considered a windfall, but it took you two months to get them. This is called labor, understood?”

Feng Xingliu looked in the direction of the Heavenly Race. “Is this the standard of windfall?”

Han Fei thought for a moment. “At every stage, the criteria for a windfall are different. This depends on your needs. For example, this time, if you and I can’t get 500,000 kilometers of resources each, it’ll be embarrassing.”

Feng Xingliu was shocked. He wasn’t a fool. 500,000 kilometers of resources was really a big number. How could he get it so easily?

Feng Qingcheng said, “Brother Han Fei, it’s not easy to take out so many resources, is it? The difference between 500,000 miles of resources and 100,000 miles of resources is not small.”

Everyone knew that when calculating resources, it was measured by 10,000 kilometers. The resources that could expand the Origin Sea by 100,000 kilometers were called 100,000 kilometers of resources. And the resources that could expand the Origin Sea by 500,000 kilometers were called 500,000 kilometers of resources.

500,000 kilometers of resources was 25 times more than 100,000 kilometers of resources.

Han Fei decided to blackmail the Heavenly Race hard this time because he felt that it would cost him a lot of resources to go to the Divine Capital Dynasty. If he didn’t save enough resources, he wouldn’t be at ease.

On the big ship with the Heavenly Clan’s seal, the four top Heavenly Talents occupied the bow deck, each in a comfortable position, leaning or sitting.

Among these four people, two were men and two were women. The burly and handsome man was called Yi Tianlong. He was good at fist techniques, but if you thought that he was only good at fist techniques, you were wrong. This person was also very good at the Dao of the soul.

The one dressed in green and holding a slender sheathed long saber was called Yi Shuiliu. He was good at sabers and could be ranked in the top five in his generation in the Heavenly Race. Few people in the same realm as him could resist a single slash from him.

The one with a crooked braid was called Yi Jiajia. She looked cute and cared a lot about her image. She carried a small bag on her back and was good at the Universe Technique.

The last woman who came on a Flying Dragon Fish was called Yi Xianling. This person was very good at bewitching techniques and could enter the top three of her generation in illusion techniques in the Heavenly Race. However, this person didn’t only know these soul techniques. Her God Slaying Spear had once suppressed a late-stage Star Transformation cultivator.

Seeing everyone, Yi Xianling giggled. “Oh, Jiajia, you’re here too? Are you here to see men or to fight?”

Yi Jiajia looked at her coldly and sneered. “Do you think everyone is like you? I don’t want to talk to you.”

At this time, the brawny man said, “Hey! Don’t fight every time you see each other. Why do women make things difficult for women?”

“Shut up.”

Yi Jiajia and Yi Xianling scolded in unison, making Yi Tianlong shrug his shoulders. He thought to himself, fine, keep quarreling then.

Yi Shuiliu was a cold guy. He snorted. “The enemy seems to be here.”


Instantly, Yi Tianlong and the other two stopped bickering. They looked in the direction of the Tomorrow Camp, where two young men were walking over leisurely. One of them was holding a few skewers of grilled shrimp and eating while walking.

In fact, the four of them didn’t just come here because they were asked to. They were really curious about what the two guys who could defeat the thirteen Heavenly Talents of the Heavenly Race were like. Besides, one of them hadn’t even turned his Origin Sea into a star yet.

From the description of Yi Yuan and the others, they were sure that these two people were not someone Yi Yuan and the others could deal with. And they wanted to fight the Heavenly Talents of other races in advance, so they came.

Looking at Feng Xingliu who was in fiery red and Han Fei who looked like a normal human,

Yi Jiajia exclaimed, “Little Brothers, you’re so handsome!”

Yi Xianling said, “And you said you weren’t here for men.”

Yi Jiajia snorted. “Humph! Old woman, do you think I’m like you?”

The corner of Yi Xianling’s mouth twitched. “Yi Jiajia, just wait for me to tear your mouth apart.”

In the rear, when Yi Yuan and the others saw Han Fei and Feng Xingliu, their eyes turned red.

Yi Yuan roared, “It’s them, it’s them.”

Someone shouted, “Cousin, the one who played with fire stepped on me. Just cripple him and leave him to me.”

Someone was furious. “Cousin, the one playing with fire is not the most arrogant one. The one next to him, you must nail him through. I’ll cheer you on.”

Yi Xianling looked back and shouted coldly, “Shut up, you useless things.”

At this moment, Yi Tianlong stepped on the bow of the ship, looked at Han Fei and Feng Xingliu from a distance, and his voice rolled away. “It’s the two of you who have repeatedly robbed our Heavenly Race and scolded our Heavenly Race for being incompetent?”

With a faint smile on his face, Han Fei replied as he walked, “Yes, it’s me. I think your Heavenly Talents are a mess. Why, the three of you are wearing fancy clothes and bringing a little loli with you. Why, are you giving her to my brother as a wife?”

Feng Xingliu immediately looked at Han Fei. “Wow! How do you know I like this type?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes and ignored him.

Yi Jiajia snorted. “Heh, little brother, it depends on whether the brother next to you is worthy.”

Originally, this was just the trash talking segment, but when Feng Xingliu heard this, he immediately straightened his face. “Hey! Ant, who do you say is not worthy?”

Yi Jiajia: “???”

Han Fei didn’t know why ants became Feng Xingliu’s catchphrase since Feng Xingliu followed him. This ant didn’t offend you!

Yi Xianling said, “Tsk, since you’re here, why don’t you tell me your names?”

Han Fei chuckled. “If you want to know our names, it depends on whether you are qualified or not. I heard that you are the top Heavenly Talents of the Heavenly Race. Let’s see if you can withstand my punch.”

Yi Tianlong sneered. “If you want to compete in fish technique, fine! I dare not to say that my fist technique is in the top ten of the same realm, but it’s more than enough to beat you.”

Han Fei sneered. “Not even in the top ten? Then how do you deserve to fight me? My fists once shook the north and south, suppressed the sea and the sky, and I’m known as the number one Fist Emperor in the world. How do you deserve to be my opponent?”

Feng Xingliu looked at Han Fei again. If Han Fei was known as the number one Fist Emperor in the world, how could he be weak?

Immediately, Feng Xingliu roared, “I once controlled the fire to burn the sea and the divine beast, known as… Uh… the number one Fire Emperor in the world. Ants, hand over your resources quickly!”

The Heavenly Race powerhouses: “???”

Yi Tianlong and the others were speechless. Are these two brags? What kind of joke is that? Number one Fist Emperor and number one Fire Emperor?

Behind Han Fei and Feng Xingliu, many strong masters from the Tomorrow Camp were watching the battle. Hearing their bragging, they were all speechless, thinking to themselves, These two are dead meat. Do they know who their opponents are?