Chapter 2295: End of the Top Heavenly Talents

Nobody expected that Yi Tianlong would be nailed to the seabed by Han Fei. In theory, even if Yi Tianlong was no match for Han Fei, it was impossible for him not to have any trump cards.

However, Yi Tianlong had inexplicably fallen into a strange crazy state just now, shouting that it was impossible, so Han Fei took the opportunity to penetrate him and nailed him to the bottom of the sea.

Most of the spectators were in the Sky Opening realm. They were surprised that Yi Tianlong was nailed through by Han Fei, but when they saw the Dao patterns that could gather with a wave of Han Fei’s hand, they couldn’t help but gasp.

Grasping the Dao Patterns of the heavens and earth wasn’t just about talent. It wasn’t something that could be mastered just because one’s realm was high enough. One had to be able to completely fuse his Great Dao into the Heavenly Dao and turn himself into a part of the Heavenly Dao at any time. Only then would he have the foundation to master the Dao Patterns.

Even if many people could already fuse as a part of the Heavenly Dao, it didn’t mean that they could master the Dao patterns. They could only master a part, but they had no idea how to completely master or use the patterns between the heavens and earth.

For example, Han Fei could use it because he had mastered the Dao Fusion Book. And what level was the Dao Fusion Book? It was very likely a Dao Pattern technique shown by the divine beast in the Ruins of Gods.

However, how could ordinary people have the chance to learn a magical technique like the Dao Fusion Book? Therefore, when Han Fei was proficient in using the Dao Patterns of the heavens and earth, even Yi Xianling and the others had already confirmed that Han Fei had definitely obtained a super inheritance. This kind of divine technique to control the Dao Patterns of the heavens and earth was extremely rare even in the Heavenly Race. Ordinary small races had never had such an inheritance before.

Therefore, the moment Yi Tianlong was suppressed by Han Fei, Yi Xianling immediately reminded him, “Yi Shuiliu, the other party’s background should be greater than we imagined, and he has many trump cards. Don’t let your guard down. Use all your strength to suppress them.”

Yi Shuiliu had also discovered it, so the moment Yi Tianlong was about to be suppressed, he had already taken action. Unfortunately, he was one step too late and was blocked by this fire-playing guy.

Yi Shuiliu knew that the two of them had an extraordinary background, so he naturally attacked with all his strength. As for Feng Xingliu, he was a person who used big moves the moment he started to fight, because this guy didn’t seem to have any small moves at all.


In the void, flames swept tens of thousands of kilometers away. A series of Strange Fire techniques burst out, and the entire sea of fire burned the soul. There was even the shadow of a fire seed, which was like a god, like a spiritual body in the fire, bombarding Yi Shuiliu intensely.

As for Yi Shuiliu, he seemed to be very talented in protecting his soul. Holding the godly weapon, the Flowing Water Saber, he was also not to be outdone. For a moment, the two were locked in a fierce battle.

Han Fei thought that this kind of battle was suitable for Feng Xingliu. This guy lacked combat experience too much. The reason why he could keep winning was that he was too strong, so strong that others couldn’t resist his attacks at all. In fact, if he didn’t use his ultimate divine technique, the strength of Feng Xingliu seemed to be about the same as Yi Shuiliu’s. The two of them fought back and forth, and their momentum and scale far exceeded his battle with Yi Tianlong.

At this moment, Han Fei was looking with a smile at Yi Xianling and Yi Jiajia who were rushing at him, which gradually turned into a frown.

“That’s not right! Logically speaking, my identity should have been seen through by now. The Heavenly Race definitely knows about the God Slaying Boxing Gloves!”

Han Fei was puzzled. When he revealed the God Slaying Boxing Gloves, he was already prepared to confess his identity. This time, he came with the intention of becoming famous. It wasn’t easy for him to come to the Divine Capital Dynasty. In addition to participating in the competition, he also wanted to make a name. Many times, ordinary people didn’t have great opportunities just because they weren’t famous enough.

Besides, he had planned to create a powerful identity for himself, but now it seemed that these Heavenly Talents didn’t know his identity at all. This was strange. Didn’t those people inform the others in the Heavenly Race?

But no matter what, Han Fei had already chosen to attack, so he didn’t hold back anymore.

At this moment, with the power enhancement of the God Slaying Boxing Gloves, the power enhancement of the God’s Prayer Bead, and the Power of Balance, Han Fei’s strength almost doubled.

However, Han Fei knew that this wasn’t enough. He could seal Yi Tianlong because Yi Tianlong wasn’t prepared at all. He didn’t know that Han Fei had something like the God Slaying Boxing Gloves, so he was caught off guard and ended up sealed. He had underestimated his enemy.

Therefore, Han Fei also activated his Great Dao, but not much, only doubling his strength. He couldn’t fully activate his Great Dao now, because his physique couldn’t keep up and couldn’t carry the terrifying power. Unless one day, his Golden Jade Marrow filled his entire body, maybe it could carry the full power of his Great Dao.

However, Yi Xianling and Yi Jiajia, who had already watched the battle, wouldn’t underestimate their enemy. Therefore, as soon as they stepped out, they chose not to fight one-on-one, but to fight together.

Yi Tianlong had already been sealed. If the two of them fought one-on-one, once they were sealed, could Yi Yuan and the others defeat Han Fei?

Therefore, they chose to join forces without hesitation. Anyway, they were women. They didn’t have to obey the rules so strictly. The key was to win.

As soon as he came up, Han Fei heard an extremely enchanting voice. Furthermore, he felt that a certain power was trying to invade his soul and create an illusion for him.

However, they might not know that he had already entered the Soul Enlightenment realm, his Yang Soul had already appeared, and his entire soul had changed. It was no longer something that could be affected by mere enchantment and illusions. Even if it could, it was not something that Yi Xianling could affect.

However, Han Fei pretended to be stunned for a moment. At this moment, Yi Xianling and Yi Jiajia felt that their chance had come. Yi Jiajia activated some kind of great technique or Great Dao and suddenly appeared in front of Han Fei. At this moment, infinite gravity was pressing at Han Fei.

As for Yi Xianling, she took out a blood-colored spear. As soon as the spear appeared, countless strange rune chains appeared in the void and imprinted on it. Then, the spear seemed to cross space and directly imprinted on Han Fei.


All the emperors saw that Han Fei’s figure only paused in the void for a moment. In the next moment, he was instantly suppressed by Yi Jiajia with the power of the universe here and then pierced through by Yi Xianling’s spear. The entire process only took an instant.

Someone exclaimed, “That’s it?”

Someone was surprised. “Wasn’t he very brave just now? Why was he killed so quickly?”

Someone said indifferently, “Two top Heavenly Talents attacked at the same time, and I heard that Yi Xianling is good at creating illusions. It’s normal that this person was penetrated.”

On the Heavenly Race’s side, a group of Heavenly Talents immediately smiled.

Someone laughed. “This arrogant b*stard! Does he really think he’s invincible? He doesn’t know that he’s just a clown.”

Someone said proudly, “How can anyone survive my cousin’s God Slaying Spear? This guy is dead meat.”

Yi Yuan even shouted, “Sister Xianling, keep him alive. This person must have a lot of resources…”

When Feng Xingliu saw it from a distance, his face changed drastically, and he shouted, “Fire God Storm, Great Sky Burning Technique.”

Yi Shuiliu’s infinite water intent saber beams were instantly vaporized by the fire technique. The latter was shocked, but how could he let Feng Xingliu leave and interfere in the battle there?

His Flowing Water Saber, which he had never drawn, was unsheathed with a clang.

Hualala ~

Waves suddenly appeared in the void, covering the sea of fire, and the two collided again.

However, Yi Jiajia’s expression suddenly changed. “No, he faked it.”

Yi Xianling and Yi Jiajia were shocked at the same time and began to look for Han Fei’s original body. Indeed, their victory came too easily. It was as if this person had delivered himself to them. How could there be such a good thing in the world?

Therefore, the moment Han Fei was pierced through, Yi Jiajia realized that something was wrong. This person seemed to split.

“Twin in one.”

Han Fei’s figure suddenly appeared thousands of kilometers away from the two of them. The moment they attacked just now, Han Fei knew that the two of them wouldn’t hold back and would definitely try to kill him. Why should he fight them when he wasn’t familiar with their techniques?

Now Han Fei had already had a rough idea of their means.


A mere thousand kilometers could be covered in a blink of an eye. Yi Xianling felt a huge force attacking her from behind. She tried to use her soul barrier to block Han Fei, only to see that Yi Xianling’s soul barrier was penetrated by a punch.

In an instant, Han Fei threw out thousands of punches. If Han Fei didn’t use the God Slaying Boxing Gloves, Yi Xianling might have been able to block it. However, when the God Slaying Boxing Gloves was branded on Yi Xianling’s body, the latter’s mind exploded. She saw a magnificent body, which she instinctively thought was a god and wanted to worship.

Han Fei reached into the void, and a spear appeared, imprinted with the patterns of the heavens and earth.

Yi Jiajia certainly couldn’t allow this to happen. Once Yi Xianling was nailed, she might not be able to fight Han Fei alone. After all, this person had already shown extraordinary strength.

Yi Jiajia directly mobilized all the power within ten thousand kilometers and even deprived Han Fei of the right to borrow the power of the Heavenly Dao.


Han Fei’s heart did a flip. This girl is interesting. Her Great Dao can snatch the good fortune of the heavens and borrow the power of the Heavenly Dao.

However, she still underestimated Han Fei. Even without the enhancement of the power of the Heavenly Dao, Han Fei’s strength was not something she could easily resist.

At that moment, Han Fei reversed time, condensed Dao patterns from his past practice, and continued to stab down.


At the same time, activating the Void Descending Technique, Han Fei created a clone and punched out, blocking Yi Jiajia.



The moment Han Fei and Yi Jiajia collided, Yi Xianling had been nailed into the outside world from the void and stabbed into the seabed.

As for the God Slaying Spear, it was also suppressed by Han Fei. How could Han Fei let go of such a high-end trophy?