Chapter 2296: Complete Annihilation

All of this happened too quickly. Before the others could react, they saw that Han Fei had just been pierced through, but in the blink of an eye, he had appeared beside Yi Xianling, summoned the God Sealing Spear, and nailed it down.

In the eyes of most people, it was as simple as piercing a child for Han Fei to nail through Yi Xianling.

Only Yi Jiajia knew that this matter was not simple. It was impossible for Yi Xianling not to have the power to use her God Slaying Spear at that moment.

She didn’t use it probably because she didn’t have the time.

Yi Jiajia immediately looked at Han Fei’s boxing gloves. This thing was the key. Both Yi Tianlong and Yi Xianling lost their minds when they were punched by Han Fei.

Although Yi Xianling seemed to have been nailed through in an instant, Yi Jiajia still noticed this detail. The moment she was nailed through, she was momentarily absent-minded.


With a thought, Yi Jiajia deprived this power of this space and gathered it on an axe.

When Han Fei saw the axe, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly. Sure enough, lolis were all strong.

Knock, knock, knock!

Han Fei’s fist light and the giant axe collided a hundred times, and Yi Jiajia said, “There’s indeed something wrong with your boxing gloves. It’s not that you are stronger than us, but that your boxing gloves have the effect of striking the soul. Unfortunately, I protected myself with the power of the Heavenly Dao and can completely block the aura bursting out of your boxing gloves. You can’t hurt me with the same method.”

Han Fei sneered. “Little loli, don’t celebrate too early. Is it your Heavenly Gate that can absorb the power of the Heavenly Dao here, or is it your Great Dao? Well, let me see what range you can absorb the power of the Heavenly Dao.”

With a thought from Han Fei, a projection descended every ten thousand kilometers.

When Han Fei’s projection appeared 30,000 kilometers away, he immediately felt relaxed. Han Fei grinned. “30,000 kilometers? Hehe, I’m really curious. How much Heavenly Dao power can you use in such a large area and how much can your body carry?”


In the next moment, a ten-thousand-feet golden body suddenly appeared in the sky.


“What is this? A Dharmakaya?”

“What a huge Dharmakaya!”

Feng Xingliu was a little worried just now, but now it seemed that he was really stupid. Han Fei could even suppress a late-stage Sky Opening Realm powerhouse. How could he be suppressed by two little girls?

At this moment, looking at Han Fei’s 100,000-foot-long Dharma Idol, he felt envious, thinking that it was much stronger than his Dharmakaya. He couldn’t help but think to himself, I must fuse with my Dharmakaya and create my own Dharma Idol. Yes!

On the Heavenly Race’s side, not everyone was stupid. Someone exclaimed, “This is not a Dharmakaya, but a Dharma idol. Look, it looks exactly like this person.”

Someone was shocked. “What? Dharma Idol World? Is this person really from the Fist Light Mountain?”

An onlooker was shocked. “We don’t even have a Dharmakaya, but this guy has already created his Dharma Idol World? Good lord, is he really a Heavenly Talent of the Fist Light Mountain? Is he the personal disciple of the Fist Monarch?”

Yi Jiajia was the most shocked because she found that her Universe Technique couldn’t suppress this guy anymore. She mobilized the power of this space to try to crush Han Fei.

At that time, Han Fei clenched his fists and punched into the sky. In an instant, the void exploded, ripples rolled, and Yi Jiajia vomited a mouthful of blood.

Others didn’t know how terrifying Han Fei was, but she knew. If one wanted to penetrate her Universe Technique, his strength couldn’t be lower than hers. He had to be at least 1.5 to 2 times stronger than her to do it.

Even if Han Fei activated his Dharma Idol, Yi Jiajia didn’t think that his strength could exceed hers by 50%.

But the fact was that she was wrong. She had completely underestimated Han Fei’s strength. This wasn’t supposed to be the power of a person who hadn’t yet turned his Origin Sea into a star!

In the next moment, Han Fei’s voice rumbled, “My fist shakes the north and south, but I’ve never suppressed a ferocious beast loli. Now that I’ve caught you, you can’t escape.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Han Fei turned this battle into a close-quarter battle again. He used an ultra light speed and Yang Soul Strikes. Under his first hundred punches, Yi Jiajia was blown away.

It wasn’t until Han Fei summoned the God Sealing Spear from the void and nailed Yi Jiajia on the seabed that the people of the Heavenly Race were all dumbfounded. What happened? Why, why were the top Heavenly Talents of the Heavenly Race defeated too? This person hadn’t turned his Origin Sea into a star yet, right? Did he fake it? He was actually in the late-stage of the Star Transformation Realm, wasn’t he?

Yi Jiajia, who was nailed to the seabed, was beaten black and blue. She was about to go crazy. How could she let others see her gorgeous face being beaten like this? This was even more humiliating than defeating her.

However, she didn’t know what kind of spear Han Fei used. She was nailed through and couldn’t even move her fingers, let alone to recover. She was stabbed into the seabed by the spear pillar like a skewer of barbecue.

The one who had the same idea as her was Yi Xianling, who was also nailed through. She was a Heavenly Talent, riding on a dragon and extremely noble. How could she have expected that she would be nailed to the bottom of the sea and watched by everyone?

For a moment, she almost broke down.

However, Han Fei didn’t care what they were thinking. He roared, “Feng Xingliu, you can practice with that so-called top Heavenly Talent. Don’t let him run, or I will look down on you.”

Han Fei had already grasped the personality of Feng Xingliu. This guy could be quite obedient, but he wouldn’t allow anyone to say that he was incompetent. Any such words would drive him crazy.

Now, thinking that if he couldn’t win, he would be despised by Han Fei, Feng Xingliu felt terrible.

“How can I, Feng Xingliu, not win?”

“How can this idiot escape from me?”

“Han Fei has already nailed three enemies, but why haven’t I taken down one?”

“Han Fei is right. I was just practicing. I didn’t unleash my full strength.”

“By the way, the battle has just begun. It’s not that I’m not strong, but Han Fei… This guy is a little abnormal.”

Although Feng Xingliu was narcissistic, he knew that Han Fei was stronger than him. In the face of a late-stage Star Transformation cultivator, he could only be hunted, but Han Fei could blackmail a late-stage Star Transformation cultivator and suppress a whole ship of people alone. His strength was obvious.

With this in mind, Feng Xingliu felt better.

He replied, “Why are you fighting so fast? I’m still warming up. I haven’t fought in a long time. Let me have some fun.”

When the onlookers heard this, their hearts skipped a beat. You call it a warm-up? Is this how you warm-up?

However, Feng Xingliu and Han Fei came to fight these Heavenly Talents together, and their strength was obvious. Han Fei had already caught three and left one to him.

The Sky Openers in the Tomorrow Camp all understood that real strong masters were never afraid of fighting. Especially those with great backgrounds, they were even more passionate about fighting. The people of the Heavenly Race could blame no one.

Anyway, it was good that the onlookers believed him. Who knew that a super powerhouse like Feng Xingliu was so vain and liked to brag?

On this side, Han Fei stepped across the sky.

As for the Heavenly Race’s Heavenly Talents, they were horrified. Three of the four top Heavenly Talents had been nailed through. How could the rest of them be a match for Han Fei?

Perhaps they could gang up on Han Fei, but they were already shocked by Han Fei’s strength and thought that they couldn’t beat him at all.

Therefore, as soon as Han Fei came, many people wanted to run.

Han Fei shouted, “I won’t kill you, but if anyone dares to run, I’ll cut off the heads of the coquettish woman and the pig-headed loli and destroy their souls. Therefore, their lives are in your hands. If one runs away, I’ll kill one. If three run away, I’ll kill them all.”

Hearing that, who would dare to run away? How would they explain to the clan if Yi Xianling and the others were killed because they ran away?

Heh, if that was the case, the clan would definitely kill them.

Someone saw Han Fei for the first time, so he wasn’t beaten by him. He said angrily, “Do you know what you are doing? If anything happens to them, you will never be able to leave the Divine Capital Dynasty in this life!”

However, Han Fei grabbed backhand and pinched Yi Xianling’s head.

Boom ~

Anyway, these people couldn’t be killed under normal circumstances. Han Fei casually squeezed her head and crushed it. Then he looked at the person who spoke and said, “In my life, I hate it when someone threatens me. If you threaten me again, I’ll kill her on the spot.”

At this moment, who dared to threaten Han Fei again?

They didn’t dare to run or curse. They could only stare at Han Fei angrily.

However, Han Fei pointed at them as if nothing had happened and said, “Everyone, hand over all your resources and qualification tokens…”