Chapter 2302: Gifts

When Han Fei woke up, he didn’t feel any special improvement. Although this time he felt that he seemed to understand something, yet he felt that he didn’t hear anything.

After class, when everyone came back to their senses, they suddenly heard Feng Yu say, “Thank you for your teachings, Eldest Senior Brother. I’ve already perfected my state of mind and clarified my Dao on the path of Sky Opening.”

At this moment, Senior Brother Azure Dragon spoke first, “Congratulations, Eleven. You have a chance to prove your Dao.”

“Congratulations, Eleven. You have a chance to prove your Dao.”

“Hiss ~”


Han Fei took a deep breath. Therefore, this class might have been specially taught to Feng Fei. It definitely didn’t mean that Feng Yu had a chance to prove his Dao, but it was an euphemism that Feng Yu was going to prove her Dao.

At this moment, Han Fei couldn’t help but feel nervous. Good lord, Feng Yu and Feng Xingliu were the same age, who both had cultivated for 1,800 years. Now, Feng Yu was going to prove her Dao, which seemed to indicate the current strength of Feng Yu.

“The perfection of the Star Transformation Realm?”

Han Fei’s face turned solemn. It seemed that Feng Yu was even more talented than him. He had the Demon Purification Pot, so he could accelerate time during his cultivation.

But she didn’t have it. She had only cultivated for 1,800 years. The only thing he was better than him was that she had awakened her Divine Heritage at birth.

Han Fei couldn’t help but sigh. Before he entered the Void Temple, Feng Yu was ranked last. Now, Feng Yu was about to prove her Dao, which meant that she could become a Monarch at any time.

This meant that in the entire Void Temple, except for Feng Fei and him, everyone was a Monarch.

Although Han Fei had this conjecture before, he had guessed that only the Fifth Senior Brother, Senior Sister Green Lotus and Senior Sister Red Lotus were Monarchs.

But from the looks of it, he was probably the only one who hadn’t become a Monarch!

Han Fei was shocked. No wonder the Void Temple was the strongest among the Three Temples. There were only ten of them in total, and almost all of them were Monarchs. And the Eldest Senior Brother was even an extraordinary Monarch. This combat power was almost unparalleled in the Sea Realm.

Han Fei even felt that his Eldest Senior Brother, Senior Sister Shen Le, and Senior Brother Undead were all terrifying existences.

Han Fei didn’t think so before. He had thought that all Monarchs were like the Eldest Senior Brother. But after he had met Gu Tingnan, Ten Thousand Scale Monarch, and the two An family Monarchs, he knew that there was a difference between Monarchs.

Eldest Senior Brother could cross the endless void and descend directly into the Raging Sea. However, Gu Tingnan and the others couldn’t do it. They didn’t even know where the Raging Sea was. Even if the An family found it, they couldn’t enter it.

Therefore, Han Fei had long discovered that the two An family Monarchs were on completely different levels from his Eldest Senior Brother.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t proved his Dao yet and knew too little about Monarchs. It was meaningless to think about it now. His top priority was to turn his Origin Sea into a star. For others, perhaps it wasn’t difficult to turn their Origin Seas into stars, especially for the descendants of the divine race like Feng Xingliu and Feng Yu. With their talent, their family resources must be at their disposal.

However, as an itinerant cultivator, perhaps the difficulty of obtaining resources was beyond imagination. He had to rob, cheat, and loot, but the resources he obtained were still not enough.

Fortunately, he still had a batch of qualification tokens, which totaled up to about 120. He didn’t know how much he could sell them for later.

At this moment, the class was over.

When everyone congratulated Feng Yu, the Eldest Senior Brother said, “There’s no need to rush to prove your Dao. Since Eleven has already comprehended it, it might be tomorrow or in a hundred years. Before proving your Dao, you can find some treasures to protect you and wait for the Monarch’s Tribulation.”

Feng Yu cupped her hands. “Thank you for your reminder, Eldest Senior Brother.”

At this moment, Senior Sister Shen Le casually threw out a green feather that flew towards Feng Yu through the endless void. Senior Sister Shen Le said, “Eleven, this feather can help you block the Monarch Tribulation. Take it.”

Feng Yu smiled sweetly. “Thank you, Senior Sister Shen Le.”

Han Fei swallowed hard. Wow, everybody is giving treasures now. Should I give away a treasure too? But I’m very poor! All the good stuff I have is gone. I can’t afford it!

Then, Senior Brother Undead gave Feng Yu a mass of strange mist, saying that it could also block the monarch’s tribulation.

Senior Brother Azure Dragon gave Feng Yu a scale, and the effect was the same.

The Fifth Senior Brother gave her an ultra-quality godly weapon, which was a human skin made of the molting of a Monarch Silkworm. It was a magical treasure that could filter the monarch’s tribulation.

Senior Sister Green Lotus and Senior Sister Red Lotus seemed to have a lot of spiritual treasures of heaven and earth, divine medicines, and precious grasses. They gave Feng Yu two red lotuses, saying that they could absorb the monarch’s tribulation, increase her physical resistance, and condense her soul.

When it was Senior Sister Dark Shadow’s turn, she said, “Little Junior Sister, I don’t have anything good here. I’ll make it up to you when I have some.”

Feng Yu hurriedly waved her hand. “No, no, Senior Sister Dark Shadow, it’s okay.”

Senior Sister Dark Shadow said, “That won’t do! The others have all given you something, so I can’t be the exception.”

Then, Senior Brother Six God said, “Junior Sister Feng Yu, I have a Substitute Egg here. If it fuses with your body, you can transform into your original body. If necessary, it can die in my place once.”


Han Fei was shocked. At the edge of Dao proving, it was not easy to die in place of someone. This was equivalent to having one more life.

Han Fei gaped in surprise. These people were too rich. He wondered what they would give him when he was about to prove his Dao.

Then, Senior Brother Lei Heng said, “Junior Sister Feng Yu, my gift may make you a little uncomfortable. Well, I’ll give you a refined Monarch Realm Lightning Plate, which contains three thousand Monarch Realm lightning strikes. If you temper your body with it slowly, it may help you improve your strength by about ten percent.”

“F*ck, there’s such a thing in the world?”

Han Fei’s eyes widened. Improve the strength by ten percent! Are you serious, Tenth Senior Brother?

Feng Yu smiled sweetly. “Thank you, Senior Brother Lei Heng.”

This time, when it came to Han Fei, he simply said shamelessly, “Senior Sister Feng Yu, I…”

Before Han Fei finished speaking, he heard the Fifth Senior Brother laugh and say, “Little Junior Brother, forget it. You haven’t turned your Origin Sea into a star yet. Don’t consider anything related to the monarch’s tribulation. Just focus on preparing resources for your star transformation.”

Han Fei couldn’t have felt more awful. He said, “That won’t do! Everyone has given Senior Sister Feng Yu a gift. I have to give her one too! Senior Sister Feng Yu, I owe you one. I’ll definitely give you a big gift later.”

Regardless of whether it worked or not, Han Fei would brag about it first. Most importantly, everyone had given a gift to Feng Yu. If he didn’t, it would be embarrassing. Even if he was little junior brother, he was still a member of the Void Temple! How could he avoid his responsibility?

Feng Yu said, “Little Junior Brother, you saved the two brats from late-stage Star Transformation experts, which is already a big favor. You don’t have to give me anything. Star Transformation requires a lot of resources. Your foundation in the Sea Realm isn’t stable, and you don’t have any major forces backing you up. You’d better think of a way to turn your Origin Sea into a star first.”

Senior Sister Dark Shadow said, “Can Little Junior Brother already face late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators head-on?”

Senior Brother Lei Heng said, “Wow, this growth rate is too fast. Only four hundred years?”

Senior Brother Six God said, “You can contend with late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators before star transformation. Little Junior Brother, you must have many opportunities!”

Han Fei smiled awkwardly and said “I’m flattered.” In any case, he would have one more thing to do when he returned, which was to find treasures.

After the gift-giving session was over, it was time to discuss current affairs.

Senior Sister Shen Le, Senior Brother Undead, Senior Brother Azure Dragon, and Fifth Senior Brother all expressed that they had nothing to say. In fact, Senior Sister Shen Le, Senior Brother Undead, and Fifth Senior Brother had never mentioned anything in the current affairs discussion.

Senior Sister Green Lotus and Senior Sister Red Lotus seemed to be in a special place. Normally, they didn’t participate in the discussion either.

Senior Sister Dark Shadow said, “On the North Sea Divine Realm’s side, the undying army is already showing signs of defeat. So far, the undead army has begun to press towards the border of the East Sea Divine Realm. The war in the Sky Crater World of the East Sea Divine Realm may be intense in the next few hundred years.”

Senior Brother Six God added, “I personally participated in this battle. There’s a piece of news that the army of the North Sea Divine Realm has temporarily eased. Another main reason is that a Heavenly Talent Monarch was born among the undead.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. It seemed that Senior Sister Dark Shadow and Senior Brother Six God were both in the North Sea Divine Realm.

Senior Brother Lei Heng said, “Well, I recently received news that the Emperor Sparrow has returned. The location is in a place called the Ruins of God in the wilderness of the East Sea Divine Realm. This is the first time the Emperor Sparrow has appeared in a million years. As far as we know, the Emperor Sparrow is temporarily in the Sky Opening realm and isn’t very strong.”

After that, Senior Brother Lei Heng looked at Han Fei and Feng Yu and said, “Eleven, Little Junior Brother, you are both in the East Sea Divine Realm now. You can pay attention. However, I think with the identity of the Emperor Sparrow, it’s unlikely for him to go to the Divine Capital Dynasty. He should still be in the wilderness, so it won’t be a big problem in the short term.”

When Han Fei heard the news, his head suddenly buzzed.

“How did Senior Brother Lei Heng know that the Emperor Sparrow appeared in the Ruins of God?”

Han Fei’s heart trembled. He was certain that he had never exposed the Emperor Sparrow the entire time. Even when he fused with him in battle, he didn’t let the Emperor Sparrow appear.

It was impossible that Senior Brother Lei Heng was from the Heavenly Race. If he was, he should have already known Han Fei’s identity and that the Emperor Sparrow was his spiritual beast.

If it wasn’t Lei Heng, was it the Ghost Strait? The Ghost Strait was good at soul technique but wasn’t as good as Senior Brother Lei Heng. Besides, if even the three Sky Opening Realm cultivators of the Heavenly Race didn’t know it, how could a little old man from the Ghost Strait know? At that time, he was blocked by the Blood Fiend and was far away, so he shouldn’t be able to sense the specific situation on his side.

Therefore, in the end, Han Fei confirmed a fact. Senior Brother Lei Heng was from the divine beast family.

This was because when he left the Ruins of Gods, the Emperor Sparrow also sensed something. He said that he sensed the aura of a divine beast.