Chapter 2303: Blessing of the God of War

The only thing Han Fei wasn’t clear about now was the attitude of the divine beasts towards the Emperor Sparrow.

However, at least from Senior Brother Lei Heng’s tone, he seemed to be very afraid of the Emperor Sparrow. This fear might have shaped the relationship between the two sides.

Han Fei wanted to ask something, but after thinking about it, he didn’t. At this moment, neither he nor the Emperor Sparrow was strong. In the face of a true expert, the two of them combined weren’t enough to defeat him.

Han Fei could only say that during this period of time in the Divine Capital Dynasty, no matter what happened, he wouldn’t let the Emperor Sparrow appear again. Senior Brother Lei Heng said that the Emperor Sparrow wouldn’t dare to go to the Divine Capital Dynasty, which meant that someone in the Divine Capital Dynasty could find the Emperor Sparrow.

In the end, Feng Yu asked, “Little Junior Brother, has anything major happened in the Divine Capital Dynasty recently?”


Han Fei didn’t intend to tell Feng Yu at first. Besides, if he told her that he had fought the Heavenly Race, he wasn’t sure if this matter would be traced back to the Ruins of Gods.

Therefore, Han Fei shook his head quickly. “Nothing. Nothing happened at all. Everything is fine.”

Feng Yu didn’t doubt him and nodded slightly. “That’s good! I think I’ll arrive in less than two years. At that time, let’s sweep the Ten-Thousand-Year Great Competition.”

Han Fei laughed. “Ha, haha…”

The hundred-year gathering ended after the gift-giving session and a messy discussion. Han Fei kept the secret of the Emperor Sparrow well.

However, he had accidentally told Feng Xingliu and Feng Qingcheng that he had become enemies with the Heavenly Race. Feng Xingliu was easy to deal with, and he had probably forgotten about it. But Feng Qingcheng was a smart girl, who was still disguised as an ugly girl and hadn’t changed back into her original self.

The little girl was very smart, but Feng Yu probably wouldn’t tell them about the appearance of the Emperor Sparrow, right? Even if Feng Yu knew that he had been to the Ruins of Gods, there was no evidence that the Emperor Sparrow was related to him.

After all, the Emperor Sparrow had never been someone’s spiritual beast.

Han Fei felt that it shouldn’t be a problem. After leaving the Void Temple, he took a long breath.

“I’m so poor!”

The old turtle had eaten a lot of energy crystals recently and was half asleep. Most of the time, he was digesting energy crystals. Fortunately, time had accelerated in his Origin Sea. Otherwise, he didn’t know how long it would take this guy to digest them.

He, who happened to wake up at this moment, couldn’t help but complain when he heard Han Fei’s words. “You’re not poor. I’ve never seen anyone establish an Origin Sea like yours in my life.”

Han Fei said, “What do you know? I’m so poor that I don’t even have the resources to turn my Origin Sea into a star. You call this not poor?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly. “Forget it. I have something to think about now. Also, eat less of those energy crystals. They’re easy to eat, but difficult to digest.”

The old turtle said, “I ate very carefully…”

Han Fei didn’t leave the Sea of Stars. He thought for a long time. It wasn’t enough for him to rely on the Void Temple alone. The Phoenix Divine Race whose power he could temporarily borrow wasn’t enough either.

Han Fei felt that he lacked his own backer.

For example, Feng Yu came from the Phoenix Divine Race, Lei Heng was from the divine beast family, Senior Brother Six God should be a Monarch of the Insect Clan, and Senior Sister Dark Shadow didn’t reveal her identity, but since she could get the details of the battle of the undead army in the North Sea Divine Realm, she must have a force behind her too.

As for his other senior brothers and sisters, they were all powerful Monarchs. It didn’t matter if they had a backer or not.

Only he could be considered to be alone. He had to rely on bragging along the way. If he met someone truly powerful one day, he could only use the trump card of the Void Temple.

The others were different. Even if they bragged as much as him, they still had the power behind them as a shield.

Han Fei was thinking hard about how to borrow the power of the Void Temple for a long time.

For example, should he let Gu Tingnan be his backer? But he was the dignified Human Emperor and Gu Tingnan was his competitor.

Also, could he borrow the strength of the Ten Thousand Scale Monarch? But the Chaotic Wasteland was too far away and was remote, so the Heavenly Race might not treat the Ten Thousand Scales as an opponent.

“Son of a b*tch, if I become a god in the future, I’ll take tens of thousands of disciples and let them boast about me every day.”

Suddenly, Han Fei paused and took a deep breath. “A god?”

Han Fei swallowed slightly. Strictly speaking, he seemed to know a god, and he had communicated with him before. This person was the God of War.

Although the old turtle later said that the God of War was only a Monarch, he couldn’t be a simple person since he could survive the battle of the gods and descend a divine decree from infinite distances.

“Yes, the God of War.”

“Oh! How could I have forgotten about him?”


A moment later, Han Fei appeared in his Origin Sea. As he issued an order in his heart, a God of War Altar appeared. This was the most primitive God of War Altar, the War Giants’ God of War Altar.

Although it was a long time ago, Han Fei had a deep impression of it. It shouldn’t be a problem to reconstruct it.

Above the Sea of Stars, the altar was floating in the air, and bonfires were everywhere in front of the altar. Han Fei used the Void Descending Art to create a hundred projections around the bonfires. Every projection put their fingers between their eyebrows, leaned forward, and raised their necks.

Above the bonfire, barbecue was on a boat, and a Sea Establishment-realm corpse and a lot of resources were placed on it.

After everything was ready, Han Fei pondered for a while, stood on the altar, and shouted,

The Great God of War

Faith of the War Giants

Eyes of the Earth

Sound of the Ancient Waves

In this boundless wilderness of the Sea Realm.

With the sincere expectations, the current Human Emperor,

Prays for the eternal continuation of the Giant Race

Prays for the peace and happiness of the beast race

Prays for the extinction of the sea demons.

Fourthly, I pray that I, Han Fei, can prove my Dao.

May you listen to the pious prayers of your people

May your light be eternal,

Please give us your oracle


Above the altar, a curtain of fire rose to the sky.

After waiting for two, three seconds, Han Fei thought that the ritual might be ineffective. This was because he was the only one making the ritual. The number was not right, or the environment was not right.

However, starting from the third second, Han Fei discovered that the resources placed on the bonfires were slowly melting and finally disappearing. His eyes widened. This had never happened before!

The things on these bonfires were used as food, and the things on the altar were used for sacrifice.

When Han Fei looked back, he found that the sacrifices prepared on the altar, which was the Sea Establishment-level sea beast that Han Fei had prepared, and the energy crystals were gone.


Han Fei’s heart trembled. When he looked at the fire curtain again, he saw words surfacing, and these words appeared quickly and abundantly. On it were the words, “Without the barrier of the small world, it’s much easier for the oracle to descend. Heh, you’ve actually come to the Sea Realm? How can you make a bunch of projections to offer sacrifices?”

“Hiss ~”

Han Fei was immediately shocked. Good lord, the God of War looks quite energetic this time!

Han Fei hurriedly said, “Senior God of War…”

However, before Han Fei finished speaking, words appeared on the fire curtain: “Write, I can’t hear you.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei thought to himself, How do you know I’m talking? But he didn’t think too much about it. He hurriedly extended his hand and carved words in the air. His movements were smooth and natural. “Senior God of War, I’ve saved the beast race. Now I’m the Human Emperor, and I broke into the Sea Realm alone. The human race here was suppressed by the Chaotic Wasteland’s Ten Thousand Scale Monarch. The two Monarchs of the An Family in the City of Origin tried to find the Raging Sea. As the Human Emperor, I broke into the Sea Realm alone and came to the East Sea Divine Realm to participate in the 10,000-year competition. Along the way, I encountered a lot of hardships, fighting a divine beast and attacking the Heavenly Race. Unfortunately, I’m an itinerant cultivator with no one to rely on. I can only rely on my own strength in combat and snatching resources. Now I’ve become a mortal enemy of the Heavenly Race. Please help me, Senior God of War…”

Han Fei kept writing. Although he didn’t know which force the God of War was from, he knew that the God of War was a human, at least a humanoid. Besides, there should be a reason why the God of War’s inheritance was in the Raging Sea. Han Fei suspected that he was from the Raging Sea. Since he had found him, he would naturally ask him for reinforcements!

However, after a few seconds of silence, a line of words appeared on the fire curtain. “I feel that what you said is very exaggerated.”

Han Fei hurriedly responded, “Senior God of War, I’m not bragging at all. I’ve cultivated for 400 years and haven’t turned my Origin Sea into a star yet, but I can already fight late-stage star transformation realm powerhouses, which I only told you… I think I can turn my Origin Sea into a star when the length of my Origin Sea reaches the heavenly number of 810,000 kilometers, but I don’t have enough resources…”

God of War: “…”

God of War: “How large is your Origin Sea now?”

Han Fei said, “700,000 kilometers. My foundation is extremely solid, but I haven’t sensed the chance of star transformation yet.”

What Han Fei didn’t know was that somewhere deep in the Sea of Stars, someone looked shocked.

“F*ck, the human race finally has a peerless Heavenly Talent?”

On the fire curtain.

God of War: “I’m too far away from you, but I’ll bestow you with the mark of the God of War. From today onwards, you can obtain the power of the God of War for one to ten seconds for every Sky Opening realm creature you sacrifice. When you activate the mark of the God of War, you will temporarily obtain the strongest combat power that your original body can handle and the heritage of the God of War.”

Han Fei didn’t look very happy. Instead, he frowned slightly and quickly replied, “Senior God of War, my body can’t even withstand my own strongest combat power now. I’ve finished cultivating the Golden Jade Bones and haven’t refined much Golden Jade Marrow. And I’ve cultivated the Yang God, but my body still can’t withstand my strongest combat power.”


In the depths of the Sea of Stars, a big star was shaking and moving.

Then, a message from the God of War came again. “Turn your Origin Sea into a star first, mold the ground veins, nurture a star core, inject vitality, and then temper your body. In this way you can make rapid progress. Before that, keep a low profile.”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei had thought that he had found a backer, but the backer told him to keep a low profile first?

Han Fei asked, “Senior God of War, what do you mean?”

However, this time, what responded to Han Fei was an exquisite double axe mark, which sank directly into Han Fei’s chest. In the next moment, many insights appeared in his mind.

“Oh. So that’s how it is.”