Chapter 2304: Monarch’s Traces

Although Han Fei hadn’t turned his Origin Sea into a star, he learned the reason for the rapid progress in body tempering after star transformation from this God of War Seal. He even directly understood the direction of his physical cultivation after turning into a star.

According to the God of War, creating earth veins was to create connected earth veins for the entire source star like the human body. Then, a star core would be born and the entire earth veins would be controlled. It was equivalent to a central nervous system appearing. By injecting vitality into it, the source star would be revived, which was equivalent to giving birth to a mother star.

Then, it would be body tempering, which would be even more terrifying. The God of War actually wanted him to connect his body with his Origin Sea.

Han Fei was horrified. If the source star fused with his original body, his body would be equivalent to fusing with a star.

Furthermore, from the God of War Seal, it could be seen that this was not a technique created by the God of War. This was the path for every body cultivator. Or rather, this path was suitable for everyone.

The difference was that if one’s physique wasn’t strong enough, they couldn’t carry the power of the Source Star at all, so they couldn’t completely fuse with the Source Star, and the power that erupted in the end wouldn’t be enough.

It was like two people establishing a 300,000-kilometer Origin Sea at the same time. One of them had a physique of 1, and the other had a physique of 2. The power provided by the Origin Sea was both 1, so the first person’s final strength was 2, and the second person’s final strength was 3.

The truth was that simple, but Han Fei was briefly stunned after he figured it out. He felt that something was wrong.

If that was the case, then if their basic physique was the key to the gap between them, how big could the gap between their basic physiques be? It didn’t make sense!

Han Fei immediately sent a message to the God of War. “Senior God of War, I have some doubts. The difference between our basic physiques shouldn’t be so huge even at the late Star Transformation stage! Is the body tempering after Star Transformation based on the size of the Origin Sea?”

The God of War replied, “You haven’t reached that level yet. Don’t make wild guesses. From what you’re saying, it seems that you can’t use the God of War Seal for the time being. But you’ve offended someone, so what you can do now is to keep a low profile.”

Han Fei wanted to roll his eyes. Are you kidding me? As soon as I came out of Tomorrow Camp, I announced the start of a battle with the Heavenly Race, okay?

Han Fei quickly recovered. “Senior God of War, is there anything you can help me with now? I’m afraid I’ll be hunted by many late-stage Star Transformation Realm powerhouses of the opponent, or even some in the perfected Star Transformation Realm.”

The God of War said, “Then run! Find someone who can help you. I’m just a remnant soul. How can I have the strength to help you more? If you have a way to contact the wild ancient races in the West Sea Divine Realm, you can use the God of War Seal to find someone to help you.”


“The Wild Ancient Race of the West Sea Divine Realm?”

Han Fei suddenly felt that he had found the backer he longed for, but this organization was too far away. He was in the East Sea Divine Realm, which was far away from the West Sea Divine Realm. How could he get there?

Han Fei asked, “Senior God of War, do you have any other instructions?”

God of War: “When will you come to the Sea of Stars?”

“Come to the Sea of Stars?”

Han Fei was stunned. Why would I go to the Sea of Stars for no reason? Although I can stay in the Sea of Stars for a long time now, if I keep staying there, I will faint sooner or later.

Han Fei responded, “Senior God of War, the human race is in danger, and I have three Monarchs to eliminate. I’m afraid I don’t have time to go to the Sea of Stars for the time being.”

The fire curtain was obviously taken aback for a moment. “Wait, if you want to save someone, so be it. But you haven’t turned your Origin Sea into a star yet. Why do you want to eradicate Monarchs?”

Han Fei felt that the God of War seemed to have nothing to do and was chatting with him. He couldn’t help but remember what the Giant King said. He said that he could chat with the God of War. Han Fei didn’t believe it back then, but now he believed it. He had been chatting with the God of War for a long time.

But Han Fei wasn’t in a hurry. Even if the God of War wasn’t a true god, he was definitely a super strong Monarch. It wouldn’t hurt to chat with him more.

Han Fei said, “Senior God of War, the Ten Thousand Scale Race has enslaved billions of human beings. How can I let them off? The two Monarchs of the An family conspired to kill my wife, so I must not spare them! And also, the Heavenly race has tried to kill me time and time again. Such a big clan has been wreaking havoc on the Sea Realm for countless years. How can I let them off when I have the chance to get rid of them?”

The God of War only felt that his head was hurting. He thought to himself, What do they have to do with you? The Sea Realm is so big and has so many problems. Can you handle all of them?

However, the path of a peerless Heavenly Talent had no rules. What Han Fei wanted to walk was his path. The God of War could only try not to disturb him. Otherwise, once he tried too hard but ruined Han Fei’s path instead, the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

However, the God of War felt that from what he knew of Han Fei, it was only natural that Han Fei was being hunted.

The God of War responded, “By the way, if you have a chance, prepare some powerful creatures or resources in your Origin Sea. With only a Sea Establisher creature and the ordinary resources, there’s not much time left for our call. It would be better if you sacrifice more Sky Opening realm creatures. Before you turn your Origin Sea into a star, take care. I can’t help you.”

Han Fei: “…”

With that, the fire curtain jumped and was extinguished.

“Phew! That’s it?”

Han Fei opened his clothes, trying to see where the double axe mark were imprinted. However, when he lifted his clothes, he immediately exclaimed, “Good lord.” He saw two exquisite axes dark red and filled with fighting intent. But why was the icon so big?

It was fine if he was given an inch-long mark, but this God of War Seal was like a tattoo on his chest, covering both sides of his chest.


“Turn my Origin Sea into a star first, mold the ground veins, give birth to a star core, inject vitality, and then temper my body.”

Han Fei remembered this sentence. In fact, all these years, he had thought of finding a body-refining technique stronger than the Void Body Refining Technique.

However, his growth in the past four hundred years was too fast. It was so fast that he had been digesting his strength and consolidating his foundation for almost four hundred years.

Even now, with so many coincidences, he had just consolidated his foundation. How could he have the time to temper his body and soul?!

After hearing what the God of War said, Han Fei felt that there was actually no need for him to study techniques now. What he lacked now was only resources.

He couldn’t obtain all the resources he needed to complete the star transformation even if he captured Yi Tianlong and the others once more.


Quickly taking the altar back to his Origin Sea, Han Fei returned to the outside world.

In the past year, Feng Qingcheng had been crazily absorbing the knowledge of the outside world in the Tomorrow Camp, observing this world from all kinds of information, intelligence, and events.

As for Feng Xingliu, he was either eating or showing off in Tomorrow Camp. He looked so handsome that everyone praised him on the way. He felt great listening to them.

“Come back.”

Han Fei transmitted his voice to Feng Qingcheng and Feng Xingliu’s ears, and the two of them quickly returned to the yard they rented.

The next second after Han Fei spoke, Feng Xingliu arrived and said in surprise, “You cultivated so quickly? It hasn’t even been a year and you’re already out?”

Han Fei said, “It’s pointless to dawdle. I’ve done what I should do. Let’s go!”

Feng Qingcheng asked, “Brother Han Fei, shouldn’t we wait for Sister to arrive? We’ve fallen out with the Heavenly Race, and they must have been prepared, right? Would they let you take so many resources from them for free?”

Han Fei grinned. “What do you know about the outside world this year?”

Feng Qingcheng said, “I’ve gained a lot of knowledge. All we needed to do was to spend some resources, and then we could get all kinds of information. We have also known more about the Heavenly Race. As far as I know, the residence of the Heavenly Race is actually close to the Divine Capital Dynasty, and they often travel to and from the Divine Capital Dynasty. For tens of thousands of years, the Heavenly Race has been in the East Sea Divine Realm. They are more powerful than I thought. There are at least five Monarchs in their clan, so the Heavenly Race will definitely attack us if Brother Han Fei doesn’t reveal his identity.”

“How many?”

Han Fei was shocked. Do you mean there are more than five?

Han Fei couldn’t help but think, How many Monarchs does the Void Temple have? There are more than five Monarchs in the Heavenly Race alone?

Feng Qingcheng said, “But in such an ancient race, there can’t only be strong masters on the surface. For example, our Phoenix Divine Race has many hidden powerhouses.”

Han Fei’s heart sank. Were the Monarchs no longer valuable?

Feng Qingcheng blinked. “Brother Han Fei, don’t be surprised. Monarchs have a lifespan of millions of years. Since the Heavenly Race has existed for so many years, it’s not surprising that they have so many Monarchs.”


Han Fei was about to ask what he meant. Did she mean that there should be many Monarchs in such a long time?

But immediately, Han Fei was also taken aback. That did make sense! In the Sea Realm, even if it was difficult for a Monarch to appear, it wasn’t too much for one Monarch to appear every 100,000 years in every area, right?

So ten Monarchs appeared in a million years, a hundred in ten million years, one Sea Realm, five Divine Realms, and so many forces. After such a long time, there should be at least tens of thousands of Monarchs, right?

Han Fei had suspected this before. He thought that it was because it was difficult to prove the Dao, but no one discussed it back then. Now that Feng Qingcheng said it so bluntly, she meant that there was a secret behind it.

Han Fei wondered if the girl had seen through his disguise as a superpower.

Han Fei thought for a moment. Since there couldn’t be so few Monarchs in the major factions, where did all the Monarchs go? The answer was obvious: the Sea of Stars.