Chapter 2305: Confrontation

The information that Han Fei got from Chu Hao was that Monarchs would travel the Sea of Stars because there were enough resources in the Sea of Stars and there were giant beasts in the Sea of Stars. It was a suitable training ground for Monarchs.

Now, although Han Fei felt that the Sea Realm was so huge that even he couldn’t walk through the five divine realms, when he really reached the Monarch realm, his goal might be different, right?

Han Fei didn’t ask Feng Qingcheng anymore. Instead, he said, “If we wait here knowing that the Heavenly Races will attack us, wouldn’t outsiders think that we’re afraid?”

Feng Qingcheng said, “So, Brother Han Fei, you have to reveal your identity? If there are two divine races behind you, it will definitely be able to intimidate the Heavenly Race.”

Feng Xingliu said, “Our family alone can intimidate them.”

Feng Qingcheng rolled her eyes. “Shut up.”

Han Fei smiled. “It’s useless. The West Sea Divine Realm is too far away. The Heavenly Race won’t be afraid of me no matter if I reveal my identity or not.”

“The West Sea Divine Realm?”

Feng Qingcheng and Feng Xingliu were surprised at the same time. Although Feng Qingcheng had guessed it, she didn’t expect that Han Fei was really from the West Sea Divine Realm. But the West Sea Divine Realm was so far away from the East Sea Divine Realm!

Han Fei said, “Alright, let’s go! Qingcheng, enter the Origin Sea. If the Heavenly Race doesn’t send a few late-stage Star Transformation experts, I’m afraid they won’t be able to stop me. Let’s wait and see. Perhaps this will be another battle to capture captives?”

Feng Xingliu asked, “Late-stage Star Transformation Realm experts? We can’t beat them!”

Han Fei asked, “Are there many late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators less than thirty thousand years old in the Phoenix Divine Race?”

Feng Qingcheng said, “Of course not, but there must be dozens of them.”


Han Fei was speechless. It seemed that there were more Heavenly Talents than he had imagined! Thirty thousand years was neither long nor short.

Those who could reach the late-stage of the Star Transformation Realm within thirty thousand years could be considered Heavenly Talents. If dozens of them came, he might not be able to defeat them or escape.

If that was the case, they might really have to wait for Feng Yu. After all, Feng Yu had already reached the perfected Star Transformation Realm.

Thinking of the perfected Star Transformation Realm, Han Fei asked again, “Are there many cultivators in the perfected Star Transformation Realm in the Phoenix Divine Race?”

Feng Qingcheng said, “Of course not. Those who have reached the perfected Star Transformation Realm within thirty thousand years are very likely to become Monarchs. There’s nothing to hide. There are only two such people in the entire Phoenix Divine Race. If my sister is counted in, there are three.”

Han Fei nodded slightly, thinking that his sister had already reached the perfected Star Transformation Realm.

But now, Han Fei was a little hesitant. The Heavenly Race must know that he could steal power, so if they really wanted to attack him, they wouldn’t only send three late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

Han Fei guessed that they would send over at least five of them. However, if there was a perfected Star Transformation Realm expert involved, the situation would become even more complicated.

Although perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators weren’t allowed to participate in the 10,000-year competition, they could actually participate in the competition if they were less than thirty thousand years old.

Although he had the Nine Palace Luck Ruler, once he went deep into the wilderness, even if he ran at full speed, it was impossible for him to reach the Divine Capital Dynasty in a day.

If the Nine Palace Luck Ruler detected an Impasse during this period, the consequences would be unpredictable although Han Fei felt that they might not be able to find him in the vast wilderness.

Han Fei thought for a moment and suddenly said, “How about this? If anything happens, I’ll tell you in advance. Don’t you have Monarch jade slips with you? Just crush one and let it transport you from the battlefield to the Divine Capital Dynasty.”

“Then what about you?”

Feng Xingliu and Feng Qingcheng asked at the same time. Although the Monarch’s jade slip wouldn’t be considered cheating as long as it wasn’t used to kill the enemy, if you could foresee danger in advance, why wouldn’t we take you with us?

Han Fei licked the corner of his mouth. “I have my own path. A strong master will never be afraid of danger, even in desperate situations.”

“Well said. I’m with you.”

Encouraged, Feng Xingliu thought for a moment. If he were faced with so many late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators, he would definitely admit defeat.

Han Fei slapped him. “Shut up! I can’t run away, but can you?”

“Uh ~”

Feng Xingliu shook his head. “No! But how can you run away?”

“Humph! Because I have many trump cards.”


Han Fei patted Feng Xingliu’s shoulder, then looked at Feng Qingcheng and said, “When we go back, you’d better let him come out to gain more experience, or I won’t be able to continue talking.”

Feng Xingliu immediately shouted. “Hey! What do you mean? I suspect that you look down on me.”

Han Fei said, “No, no, you are very outstanding! Very outstanding. I mean you should leave when you encounter danger, but you don’t have to go if there isn’t any danger.”

Feng Qingcheng said, “Brother Han Fei, I’m very curious about how you foresee danger. Do you have a prophecy technique that can reach the Sky Opening realm or even the Longevity Realm?”

Han Fei didn’t keep it a secret. He took out the Nine Palace Luck Ruler with a flip of his hand. In the Sea Realm, although the Human Sacred Weapon was still extraordinary, it wasn’t as powerful as he imagined.

Sometimes, he would encounter danger when he needed to. Even if he had the Nine Palace Luck Ruler, the probability of transforming his luck was not high. He had already tried this. If he was at an impasse, it was impossible for him to change his luck now.

It was fine if he wasn’t in an impasse, but it was still very difficult to change his luck. Perhaps because his strength was high now, the limit of the Nine Palace Luck Ruler wasn’t enough to change his current luck.


The Nine Palace Luck Ruler’s marker moved and soon hovered between “Impasse” and “Greatly Ominous”.

Feng Qingcheng’s eyes lit up. A functional godly weapon? That was very rare.

Feng Xingliu immediately exclaimed, “You have another sacred weapon?”

Feng Qingcheng asked, “Sacred weapon?”

Feng Xingliu: “Han Fei told me that he also has a compass that can point direction.”

Feng Qingcheng couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled. She could sense that Han Fei didn’t seem to know much about the big clans. Even if the power behind Han Fei was in the West Sea Divine Realm, with Han Fei’s identity, he should know a lot about the big clans. But Han Fei didn’t seem to know anything at all. Unless Han Fei was a person like Feng Xingliu, she couldn’t understand why.

But Han Fei wasn’t. He was much smarter than Feng Xingliu, which was why Feng Qingcheng felt that Han Fei’s identity was a bit strange and was very curious about it.

With a thought from Han Fei, a large amount of Immortal Qi poured into the Nine Palace Luck Ruler, narrowly bringing the Nine Palace Luck Ruler’s marker closer to “Greatly Ominous”, but the marker still occasionally touched “Impasse”.

After injecting ten thousand wisps of Immortal Qi, the marker of the Nine Palace Luck Ruler finally fell on the “Greatly Ominous”. However, the marker was very close to the “Impasse”, and it seemed that it could slide to the “Impasse” at any time.

Han Fei said, “This thing can predict if there is a crisis today. ‘Impasse’ is the most dangerous situation and would be a near-death experience. ‘Greatly Ominous’ means very dangerous. The kind of situation where the slightest carelessness can lead to trouble.”

Feng Xingliu immediately glared at him. “Isn’t this too close to Impasse?”

Han Fei smiled and said, “Yes, but we’re not in an impasse yet. Well, it seems that there are already strong masters of the Heavenly Race guarding outside Tomorrow Camp, waiting for us to get out.”

Feng Xingliu was surprised. “Then what should we do?”

Feng Qingcheng asked, “Brother Han Fei, the result of your test can only detect your own luck, right?”

Han Fei nodded slightly.

Feng Qingcheng glanced at Feng Xingliu. “Even Brother Han Fei will be so dangerous. I’m afraid you can’t…”

Feng Xingliu was immediately anxious. “What do you mean by ‘I can’t’? Why I can’t? I can…”

Han Fei looked at Feng Xingliu. “Do you really dare to go with me?”

Feng Xingliu bit the bullet and said, “Why not? There’s nothing I dare not do since I was a kid.”

Feng Qingcheng scoffed. “You wouldn’t dare to fight Sister.”

Feng Xingliu: “Ulululu %¥&*…”

Seeing this scene, Han Fei couldn’t help but have a headache. He felt that it was better not to bring Feng Xingliu with him.

Han Fei looked at Feng Qingcheng and said, “In any case, you’re going to the Divine Capital Dynasty. If he is really in danger and can’t escape, I’ll let him escape with the Monarch-level jade slip.”

As he spoke, he stomped, and layers of arrays appeared in the courtyard one after another. On the ground, Dao patterns floated.

Feng Qingcheng’s eyes lit up. Was Han Fei also a master of arrays?

When Han Fei and the other two stood in the arrays, the outside world lost track of them immediately.

It was also at this moment that Tomorrow Camp immediately discovered it and reported the matter.

However, what they didn’t know was that Han Fei didn’t disappear from Tomorrow Camp. Han Fei waved his hand, and a blue barrier appeared in front of him.

Feng Xingliu immediately said, “Is this the Great Dao of Time?”

Feng Qingcheng’s eyes widened. “The Great Dao of Time? Could it be…”

Han Fei said, “Don’t ask. I’m not. Wait for me here. Qingcheng, hurry up and enter his Origin Sea.”


In the next moment, a teleportation array appeared more than ten million kilometers away from Tomorrow Camp. Han Fei arrived instantly, holding a clone that looked like Feng Xingliu in his hand.

In the next moment, Han Fei sprinted at full speed at six times the speed of light.

After only five seconds, Han Fei felt a figure appear in the speed range. The person’s speed was extremely fast. Han Fei had once seen someone as fast as him, whose speed was 9 times the speed of light.

Once he entered Han Fei’s field of vision, Han Fei knew that he was not far away from being caught.

The person behind didn’t approach rashly but kept a certain distance from Han Fei. Clearly, he already knew Han Fei’s Void Stealing Technique.

Nine seconds later, Han Fei saw a person appear next to him.

Thirteen seconds later, a person appeared on Han Fei’s left side. These people were a certain distance away from Han Fei and were obviously still waiting.

Han Fei sneered. “Why? Are the people of the Heavenly Race all cowards? Do you not dare to fight me?”

Someone responded, “What’s the rush? Let’s see how far you can run.”

Fifteen seconds later, Han Fei suddenly felt the void tremble, and dozens of shadows emerged from the void. Each shadow seemed to have the strength of the late-stage Star Transformation realm.

Han Fei knew that the hunting of the Heavenly Race had begun. At this moment, Han Fei grinned and the Vast Ocean Navigator appeared in his hand. As he pointed with the Vast Ocean Navigator, the next moment, Han Fei found the shadows’ original body. The next moment, all the shadows collapsed, and a figure smashed out of the void like a big star falling, smashing directly into the seabed.


Without any hesitation, Han Fei easily killed one of them with the Vast Ocean Navigator.

At this moment, the people who were chasing Han Fei all changed their expression. This person’s ability was indeed terrifying. As long as he found the original body, he could instantly deprive that person of some power. What kind of weird divine technique was this?

Twenty-five seconds later, there were as many as five people chasing Han Fei. Furthermore, Han Fei suddenly felt a terrifying force. It was multiple soul spikes trying to break his soul.

Unfortunately, that person didn’t know that Han Fei had already cultivated a Yang soul. With a few casual punches, he directly broke this soul attack.