Chapter 2306: Unknown White Hole

In the East Sea Divine Realm, the Heavenly Race were used to bullying others. No one had ever dared to bully them.

They had hunted Han Fei before. At that time, they thought that Han Fei was just a nobody. Now that Han Fei was taking revenge crazily, in order to show the prestige of the Heavenly Race, they were prepared to punish Han Fei as a warning to others.

In the eyes of the Heavenly Race, if they caught him, it was one thing to kill him. Anyway, they had to catch him first. If Han Fei would rather die than submit, they would just kill him. Even if Han Fei had a superpower behind him, even if he had the support of a divine race, the Heavenly Race weren’t afraid. After all, they were an ancient big clan with divine heritage too.

Therefore, at this moment, the Heavenly Race had sent out many late-stage Star Transformation experts less than 30,000 years old. Yes, it wasn’t fair. If you wanted fairness, you just had to bring out an equal amount of strength.

Fortunately, Han Fei didn’t care. If it were in the past when he couldn’t even beat a late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator, he wouldn’t have left Tomorrow Camp.

But now, what better whetstone was there than a group of late-stage Star Transformation experts? If he could catch a late-stage Star Transformation expert, he would have the capital to extort resources from the Heavenly Race again.

At this moment, the five experts surrounded him but didn’t attack him.

Suddenly, Han Fei stopped. The distance was too far, and the time node he left was about to exceed his senses. If he ran again, he wouldn’t be able to go back.

Han Fei, who had stopped fleeing, didn’t attack either. He glanced at the five experts and said contemptuously, “You five cowards don’t even dare to fight me together. Are all the Heavenly Race members as weak as you?”

“Humph! Arrogant!”

How could the five powerhouses tolerate Han Fei’s insult? They split into dozens of clones and attacked Han Fei.

Because of the combat experience of the elders in the Ruins of Gods, they knew that the best way to deal with Han Fei was to fight with their clones.

However, they completely underestimated Han Fei’s growth over the past decades. The dozens of clones were all killed before they could even reach Han Fei.

Han Fei smiled in disdain. “Well, it depends on whose clone it is. If your clone can reach the late-stage of the Star Transformation Realm, I admit that I can’t beat you. However, don’t you see what level you are? How dare you use your clones to suppress me?”

At this moment, Han Fei’s Qi and blood were soaring. He didn’t look like a Sky Opening Realm cultivator before star transformation at all.

At this moment, the void suddenly trembled, and a young man in a windy cloak walked out of the void.

When Han Fei saw this person, he suddenly felt a strong fear in his heart. He vaguely felt that this person was dangerous, a little too dangerous.

“Perfected Star Transformation Realm?”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes and stared at this person, not daring to relax.

The young man smiled casually. “You’re right. I didn’t think I needed to do anything to subdue a nobody like you. I didn’t expect you to have so many juggling tricks up your sleeve.”

Han Fei sneered. “Do you want to try my juggling trick?”

The young man smiled casually. “Of course. Since you’re in such a hurry, feel the Sky Mirror Divine Technique that I’ve selected for you.”

Boom ~

In the next moment, one young man after another appeared in the void.

And these figures, in Han Fei’s view, were all original bodies. Yes, countless clones seemed to appear in the void, but these clones made Han Fei’s heart skip a beat. He felt that they were all original bodies.

Han Fei couldn’t help but think of the Mirror of Infinity. This was a strange technique similar to the Mirror of Infinity. It could make the original body produce countless clones that felt like original bodies.

The young man smiled contemptuously and said, “Um! This divine technique is specially designed for you. It took us a long time to find it. Although it’s difficult, it’s only a matter of time for a Sky Opener to cultivate it. I know you have a nautical instrument that can point to directions. Do you want to use it now?”

At this moment, Han Fei’s mind was racing. It was impossible for there to be an invincible divine technique. Even the Void Stealing Technique was the same. There had to be a way to crack this technique. The fundamental to cracking it was how to break the mechanism of this divine technique.

Since it was a technique, it was a phenomenon created with the Dao runes of the heavens and earth. Han Fei immediately thought of a countermeasure, which was to forbid all laws in this space to directly break the fundamental power of using this technique.

However, after he forbade all laws in this space, his ability to reverse time would be instantly cut off , which meant that he couldn’t return to Tomorrow Camp in an instant. According to Han Fei’s plan, this escape was just a test. The direction he really wanted to run wasn’t in this direction at all.

However, Han Fei didn’t panic immediately. Even if it was a divine technique, it was impossible for it to unleash the original body’s strength a thousand times at the same time to give him a devastating blow.

However, the other party didn’t give Han Fei any time to react. He just showed off his divine technique. Then, as he issued an order in his heart, countless clones surrounded Han Fei.

Surrounding him together with the clones were the five super experts at the late-stage of the Star Transformation Realm. At this time, they had already perceived Han Fei’s weird power. He could only deprive power for three times in total. Who would he deprive power from? And how would he do it?

Although Han Fei had the Blood Fiend Puppet, it could only stop one person at most. In this situation, it was meaningless.

At the moment they attacked, Han Fei sneered. “Goodbye. When I crack this technique, you are nothing.”


All of a sudden, time flowed backward around Han Fei, and in the next moment, Han Fei had already stepped into the river of time.

“You think you can escape into the River of Time in front of me? You’re too naive.”

In the next moment, one figure after another struck the river of time. The moment Han Fei stepped into the river of time, he was enveloped by violent power and his body was instantly penetrated.

This was the first time Han Fei had faced the power of a perfected Star Transformation Realm expert. When he felt the sword light from that person, most of his body was torn off. Under this round of bombardment of the late-stage Star Transformation experts, his body exploded on the spot.

“Twin in one.”


Amidst the crazy attacks of the young man and the crowd, Han Fei’s figure turned into a stream of light in the river of time, and disappeared from their vision.

“Huh ~”

The young man frowned slightly. This person was indeed difficult to deal with. He didn’t expect the other party’s methods to be so special. The figure just now should be his original body. How could it be a clone?

Furthermore, his intuition was that before he could even kill a clone of Han Fei, the clone had been sucked back by Han Fei’s original body.

Immediately, the young man said, “Remember this. This guy has other special techniques that can split him into two bodies. One can be seen and the other can’t be seen. These two bodies should both be the original bodies. They can even attract each other.”

Someone was shocked. “How can this guy have so many strange techniques? Besides, this guy has walked the path of time. Could it be…”

The young man said indifferently, “Don’t think about that. If he’s from the Time Temple, he must be carrying out some kind of trial now. He failed the trial himself. How can the Time Temple blame our Heavenly Race? Now let’s return to Tomorrow Camp. That Feng Xingliu is fake. This person has reversed time. I’m afraid he has returned to Tomorrow Camp.”

As a perfected Star Transformation Realm strong master, even across the river of time, this young man had seen through Han Fei’s Twin Divine Technique at a glance. In his heart, he had even begun to think about how to break the Twin Divine Technique.

This was the first time Han Fei had performed such a long-distance time reversal. If it was any further away, he wouldn’t be able to sense the time node he had left.

Han Fei had thought that he would return to Tomorrow Camp.

However, he guessed wrong this time. Han Fei didn’t return to Tomorrow Camp immediately, but was sucked into the white hole before he entered the speed of light.


Han Fei didn’t know how he came to this white hole when he used Time Reversal. When his speed reached the speed of light, there would be three strange choices: the Sea of Stars, the white hole, and the stairs. Han Fei hadn’t chosen any of them because he didn’t dare to.

This time, for some reason, he was sucked into the white hole.

The moment he entered this place, Han Fei felt as if he had entered an inexplicable channel. There was a strange power in this channel, trying to tear his body apart crazily.


Although Han Fei’s physique was amazing, he felt that his body was almost torn apart at that moment.


But fortunately, it was only for a moment. When Han Fei felt his body suddenly lighten, he had already appeared in the array of the small courtyard in Tomorrow Camp, in front of Feng Xingliu.


Feng Xingliu gasped and his face changed greatly. “Were you besieged?”

Seeing Feng Xingliu, Han Fei realized that he was back. It seemed that the white hole was still a path.

However, when he looked at his own body, he couldn’t help taking a breath. His body was dripping with blood and full of cracks, as if it would break at any time.

But Han Fei had no time to think. He squeezed a mass of liquid Divine Light into his mouth and grabbed Feng Xingliu. “Let’s go!”