Chapter 2311: the Crossing

Because of the appearance of two mysterious helpers, Han Fei thought that this was why the Vast Ocean Navigator pointed here.

Therefore, Han Fei didn’t have to kill this person, because with this guy, he could get a lot of resources from the Heavenly Race. However, he still killed him. Considering that he needed to sacrifice to obtain the power of the God of War, this person was a good sacrifice. Secondly, only in this way could he sell the person in the Mirror of Infinity for more sources.

After that, Lin Xuan took the fish that donghuang Ziyou caught to the river and killed them all. When he returned, he began to cook them as he said, ”

babies, these fish are called black-eyed stingers. The most suitable way to eat them is to cook them in soup. &Quot;

the soup is thick and fragrant. With father’s special spices, it will definitely become an unparalleled delicacy! &Quot;


At first, the girls wanted to roast the black-eyed Stingray, so Lin Xuan explained it to them.

“Oh, oh, so the black-eyed Stingray is the most suitable for making soup!”

“Then hurry up and cook it, father. I want to drink a lot of fish soup!”

The little girls were all looking forward to it.

Since father said that soup is the best, then drink more soup!

Donghuang Ziyou laughed to herself. As expected of a good-for-nothing rich young master, he really had a deep understanding of food.

Under the gazes of the five of them, Lin Xuan finished cooking the black-eyed catfish soup. Before boiling, he sprinkled some special spices into the thick milky-white soup.

Hu ~

A rich and fragrant aroma filled the air within a radius of a thousand feet, causing the little girls to drool.

As donghuang Ziyou only had two heaven and earth Jade plates, the little girls quickly discussed and decided that the four of them would share one Jade plate. Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou would also share one.

Lin Xuan had no objections to this. His daughters ‘arrangement was very reasonable.

As the perfect stay-at-home dad, agreeing to their arrangements was also encouraging them to use their brains and improve their ability to deal with things.

Donghuang Ziyou didn’t say much.

It was not the first time she shared utensils with Lin Xuan.

Besides, on that night four years ago, the two of them had exchanged saliva quite a lot.

In front of his daughters, he naturally had to be generous and let them feel that there was no estrangement between his parents.

Just like that, the family of six savored the delicious meat of the black-eyed Spanish mackerel and drank the fish soup one bowl after another.

Although there wasn’t enough utensils, the little girls seemed even happier than before, their eyes full of happiness and joy.

“Although there are fewer things that can be used, our family relationship is even better!”

This little bully sister, Zhi Zhu, quickly concluded this logic.

Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou smiled in relief when they heard this.

Unknowingly, his daughter had grown up a little!

Han Fei looked back, and the gaze just now had disappeared. So he raised his chin at Feng Xingliu. “Get on the ship.”

At this time, the strong masters of the Heavenly Race looked awful. Why were they so unlucky as to run into the Crossing in this vast wilderness?

One of them shouted, “Han Fei, even if you can escape today, how can you leave the Divine Capital Dynasty?”

Han Fei sneered. “It’s none of your business whether I can leave or not. Oh, by the way, remember to take… two million kilometers of resources next time you come to me.”

The man sneered. “Who do you think you are?”


Han Fei casually threw out a head. It was the head of the perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator who had been sealed by him in the Mirror of Infinity.

Just now, Han Fei attacked the Mirror of Infinity twice. This person’s consciousness had been stolen, his body had been smashed and had fallen apart. Then, he was sealed by the God Sealing Spears and couldn’t regather his body or do anything. Now he was still lying in the Mirror of Infinity in a daze.

Han Fei said, “Remember, you only have one month. If you don’t bring me enough resources within a month, you won’t have a chance to see this guy again.”

“Young Master?”

The four people were greatly shocked. No wonder they hadn’t seen this guy from the beginning to the end. It turned out that he had already been captured by Han Fei. But how did Han Fei have the strength to capture a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator? A super strong master at the verge of Dao Proving should be able to easily crush Han Fei, right?

At this moment, they had no time to think. the Crossing was almost here, and these people reluctantly retreated and disappeared into the void.

Then, Han Fei’s Dharma Idol disappeared, and a mass of flesh and blood fell from the sky. While the body of the strong master of the Heavenly Race was still warm, Han Fei stuffed it into his Origin Sea.

In the end, he couldn’t help but sigh. A late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator was really powerful! If it were ordinary people, they would have been crushed into dust by him. But this person still had a human form.

From this, it could be seen that the path after star transformation as the God of War said was indeed extraordinary. Han Fei couldn’t help but look forward to what would happen if he completed that path.

At this moment, Han Fei cupped his hands at the girl and then looked at the sword cultivator. “Thank you for your help. My name is Han Fei. I’m an itinerant cultivator.”


Feng Xingliu looked at the girl with a smile. “G-Girl, hello! My name is Feng Xingliu. I’m… Uh, an itinerant cultivator…”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. Do you think she doesn’t know who you are? When did you become an itinerant cultivator?

The girl smiled. “Well, I know about the Phoenix Divine Race, but I don’t know about this one.”

The girl looked at Han Fei and smiled. “The Capital of Horror, Wushuang, nice to meet you.”


Han Fei thought that the name didn’t sound suitable for her appearance. Han Fei felt that such a gentle girl should be called Wen Rou(means gentle)!

On the other side, the sword cultivator looked at Han Fei. “East Sword Pavilion, Wang Beichen. What was the sword Qi you used just now?”

Han Fei realized that this one was attracted by the sword technique he performed. He immediately replied with a smile, “I created it myself. All Great Daos in One Sword.”

Wang Beichen nodded slightly, but his expression didn’t change much. “Very strong. Let’s spar when we have time.”

Han Fei: “Okay!”

Han Fei was dripping with blood, his body was cracked, and he was exhausted. In their opinion, he was seriously injured.

It was the same case for Feng Xingliu, which was even weaker than Han Fei. Han Fei could fight the late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators, but Feng Xingliu couldn’t. It was equivalent to him being beaten up for three seconds.

Han Fei casually stuffed a mass of liquid divine brilliance to Feng Xingliu, pinched a mass of it himself, and stuffed it into his mouth. It would be too high-profile to use the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique, but if he used liquid divine brilliance, it wouldn’t attract much attention. Everyone would think that this was some kind of healing divine medicine, but they wouldn’t think that it was some kind of magical technique.

It was the first time that Feng Xingliu was so badly wounded. As soon as the liquid divine brilliance entered his mouth, he shivered and felt that his limbs and bones relaxed. The pain on his whole body was relieved, and his injuries were recovering at a visible speed.

He was about to ask what this was, but Han Fei shook his head slightly. Knowing what he meant, he didn’t ask further.

Han Fei looked at Wushuang and Wang Beichen. “I owe you two a favor. Let me treat you to a meal first!”

“A meal?”

Feng Xingliu immediately said, “Great! We’ve run for so long and fought so hard. We should take a rest.”

On the Crossing.

There weren’t many people who noticed the battle on Han Fei’s side. The Sky Opening Realm cultivators could notice the changes in the weather, but to watch the battle on Han Fei’s side from afar was not something ordinary Sky Opening Realm cultivators could do.

However, most people knew that something big had happened ahead. The appearance of a Great Dao crack was no longer a scene that could be caused by the death of an ordinary Sky Opening realm cultivator.

Unfortunately, when the Crossing passed by the place where Han Fei and the others were fighting, many people didn’t see the scene. Instead, many people gathered by the ship, collecting the spiritual rain after the destruction of the Great Dao.

They didn’t board the Crossing for free. The Sea Establishment cultivators and Sky Opening realm cultivators were charged at different prices every day they stayed on the ship. They also paid in different ways. After all, they themselves sometimes didn’t know what they had as itinerant cultivators.

As for the payment for boarding the ship, the amount of resources a Sea Establisher should spend for staying on the Crossing for a day was about a hundred kilometers. Furthermore, different resources would be collected according to their strength, but the lowest limit was 50 kilometer of resources. This was already a very small amount of resources.

Why were there so few? It was said that the owner of the ship, South Monarch, had gone from an itinerant cultivator to a Monarch. He knew very well how difficult it was for an itinerant cultivator to grow, so he didn’t rob them of their resources.

However, if a Sky Opener wanted to stay on the ship for a day, he would have to pay 1,000 kilometers of resources a day, which was equivalent to 100,000 kilometers per 100 days. In other words, he would have to pay 10,000,000 kilometers of resources every 10,000 days. To be more exact, he would have to pay the resources needed to fully establish an Origin Sea if he wanted to stay for 27 years.

For the Sea Establishment realm, this was naturally a huge number. But for the Sky Opening realm, this amount of resources wasn’t much. It was precisely because of this that there were many Sky Opening cultivators on the ship. There were nearly 10,000 people on the ship in a single day on average.

The South Monarch charged people from special powers even more. Anyone who was recognized as coming from a major power would be charged by 10,000 kilometers of resources a day. Because you came from a major power, I want to blackmail you. If you don’t want to be blackmailed, get lost.

This was the treatment Han Fei and the others received after they boarded the ship. Some peak-level Sea Establishment cultivators collected resources from them.

“According to our judgment, each of you will pay 10,000 kilometers of resources every day. How many resources do you want to pay?”

Han Fei smiled casually. “How soon will we reach the Divine Capital Dynasty?”

The waiter said, “The speed of the Crossing won’t be very fast, so it will still take a year and eight months to reach the Divine Capital Dynasty.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. This place was only 0.2 light-years away from the Divine Capital Dynasty. In this case, the speed of the Crossing was indeed not fast.

Han Fei was sure that the Crossing should be jumping for a while and sailing freely on the sea for a while, so it couldn’t work at full power. Therefore, this felt like taking a cruise ship in another world.

Han Fei looked at the man and was silent for a moment. “Would you believe me if I say I’m an itinerant cultivator?”

The waiter shook his head with a smile, thinking to himself, What are you talking about? You, Han Fei, have already made a name on the Crossing. You challenged the Heavenly Race, robbed them, and captured them for resources. And you call yourself an itinerant cultivator? Do you think I’m a sea pig?

Han Fei shrugged helplessly and casually paid two portions of resources. “The two of us will submit the resources for a hundred days first.”

The waiter was not surprised. He just smiled and gave Han Fei and Feng Xingliu a token with the word “South” engraved on it.

Feng Xingliu didn’t say anything. He never took money seriously. He thought to himself, My brother is paying this petty money for me. Why should I scramble to pay?

However, Feng Xingliu didn’t know that small favors were the easiest to win people’s hearts.