Chapter 2315: The Star Core

Ever since he heard about the heavenly number theory from Feng Qingcheng, Han Fei had a feeling that his star transformation wouldn’t be simple.

However, he didn’t expect it to be 810,000 kilometers. This was because the star transformation could happen at any time. The best time he felt was the best time to transform his Origin Sea into a star.

Perhaps it would be best to turn one’s Origin Sea into a star when the length of his Origin Sea reached a heavenly number. However, if someone sensed that he was going to turn his Origin Sea into a star when his Origin Sea was 800,000 kilometers long, but they insisted on doing it when his Origin Sea was 810,000 kilometers long, the result might not be better than when it was 800,000 kilometers long.

This was because you couldn’t change your fate. This forceful behavior would cause a certain amount of karma, so it wasn’t necessarily suitable.

As for Han Fei, his Origin Sea happened to be 810,000 kilometers exactly.

Besides, Feng Qingcheng had said that there was no one who could turn his Origin Sea into a star when his Origin Sea happened to be 810,000 kilometers long even in tens of thousands of years. Such a person only existed in legends. Could it be that he was the one-in-a-million chosen one, the son of destiny?

However, Han Fei wasn’t surprised. He immediately thought of the Demon Purification Pot because his Origin Sea was the combination of his Origin Sea and Forge the Universe.

A treasure of the Demon Purification Pot’s level wouldn’t just expand his Origin Sea to 640,000 kilometers! Most of the time, he couldn’t make the decision for the Demon Purification Pot.

Therefore, Han Fei felt that he had benefited from the Demon Purification Pot.

However, in any case, it was really awesome for him to have the chance.

At this moment, Han Fei immediately stopped the star transformation. He had seen the process of star transformation from the Blood Fiend’s Star Bead and learned that he could actually completely control the star transformation process.

Although his entire Origin Sea had a coverage of 810,000 kilometers, this was only a plane, so the resources he had obtained now were only on the plane. However, the star transformation required this plane to transform into a planet.

In terms of surface area resources alone, Han Fei’s resources weren’t even enough to cover the surface of the planet, let alone by volume.

However, to create a star, he didn’t have to completely fill it up with resources, right? If he had to, he felt that perhaps he could barely meet his resource needs even if he conquered the entire Heavenly Race.

Therefore, the star transformation couldn’t be so complicated. Otherwise, how could so many people achieve it? Otherwise, if so many resources were needed to do it, how strong would they be after the star transformation? It would be impossible for him to cross realms to kill enemies.

Therefore, Han Fei suddenly felt that the so-called star transformation was only the first step of the Sky Opening Realm. The initial star transformation allowed his Origin Sea to become the Origin Star and give birth to a Star Bead.

However, star transformation couldn’t be so simple. An ordinary star wouldn’t require so many resources. Therefore, the quality of the star depended on the amount of resources and one’s potential. This was because cultivation was to embark on the path of becoming a god. One couldn’t just transform his Origin Sea into an ordinary star.

The star transformation and star path were closely related. In theory, the first step was star transformation, and the second step was the star path. As for the third step, everyone was different and his was Soul Enlightenment.

The information the God of War gave him was that he would first transform his Origin Sea into a star, mold the ground veins, give birth to a star core, inject vitality, and then temper his body. This was more like part of the star path. It was to fuse his Origin Sea with his body.

But for him, the order changed. The first step was soul enlightenment, the second step was star transformation, and the third was the star path. The end of the star path should be the consummation of star transformation.

Han Fei didn’t know if his guess was right, but it couldn’t be wrong to transform his Origin Sea into a star now.

Therefore, Han Fei issued an order in his heart, and the mountains, rivers, and earth began to distort. Part of his Origin Sea that was originally flat began to rise higher.

According to the star transformation technique he had learned, this process might take some time.

Three days later.

Two years later in his Origin Sea.

Han Fei clearly felt that the speed of star transformation began to accelerate, because a hemisphere had already begun to appear. A tremendous amount of resources melted in his Origin Sea, crossed the boundless black fog, and kept expanding. From this moment on, it indicated the official beginning of star transformation.


Three days later, Han Fei came out of his Origin Sea.

In the past three days, he had discovered some problems. The star transformation consumed more and more energy, and the consumption of resources was higher than he thought. Therefore, he had to come out and ask.

After coming out, Han Fei went straight to the Legendary Tavern, where Feng Xingliu was listening to stories.

Seeing Han Fei coming, Feng Xingliu immediately greeted him. “Hey, you’re out of seclusion? Come and listen. They’re talking about the Miracle Forest in the South Sea Divine Realm. It’s said that a hundred years ago, the Holy Lady of the Spiritual Race appeared. My family is in the South Sea Divine Realm. I heard that there hasn’t been a Holy Lady in the Miracle Forest for tens of thousands of years. I didn’t expect to hear the news of the Holy Lady’s birth here…”

Han Fei was not in the mood to listen to this now. He immediately stomped and set up a soundproof array. Immediately, Feng Xingliu hurriedly said, “Hey, hey, don’t. I’m having fun listening.”

Han Fei said, “I’ll hire him to tell stories to you later, OK? Now I have some questions for you.”

Feng Xingliu said helplessly, “That’s fine! You’ve been acting weird these past two days. What’s wrong with you?”

Han Fei asked, “Let me ask you something. After you start to transform your Origin Sea into a star, do you only need to consume resources during the process? Do you have to use some other things?”

Feng Xingliu said, “Well, in theory, yes, because the amount of resources doesn’t account for much in the entire star body! So… hey, have you turned your Origin Sea into a star? That’s not right. You said more than a year ago that your Origin Sea was only 400,000 kilometers. Why have you suddenly turned your Origin Sea into a star? How can it be so fast?”

Feng Xingliu was shocked. He knew that Han Fei would be able to expand his Origin Sea faster since he had got enough resources, but he didn’t expect it to be so fast! I can accept that you’re going to transform your Origin Sea into a star in eight or ten years, but it’s only been a year! What kind of crazy speed is this?

Han Fei quickly stopped him. “Did you forget my identity? Different from others, it’s much faster for me to establish my Origin Sea.”


Feng Xingliu was shocked. Is this the strength of the son of a god? He’s really strong. His speed of establishing his Origin Sea is ten times faster than mine. No wonder those people want to hunt the Ancient Demon God Clan. So that’s the reason!

Feng Xingliu secretly made up his mind. He couldn’t let anyone else know about this, or else his buddy would be in serious trouble.

Immediately, Feng Xingliu said, “Well, have you already started?”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “Yes.”

Feng Xingliu asked curiously, “How big is your Origin Sea now?”

Han Fei said without thinking, “490,000 kilometers.”

Feng Xingliu gasped in shock. Sure enough, I, Feng Xingliu, am a true genius. Even the son of a god can only transform his Origin Sea into a star when his Origin Sea is 490,000 kilometers long. It’s exactly the same as me. It seems that my potential is very great.

Han Fei asked, “So, what should I pay attention to when transforming my Origin Sea into a star?”

Feng Xingliu thought for a moment and said, “Theoretically speaking, you only need to form your Origin Star in the early phase of the Star Transformation. With sufficient resources, it’s naturally fine for you to form your Origin Star city. But…”

Han Fei frowned. “But what?”

Feng Xingliu said, “But, if possible, it would be best if you could find a way to get a Star Core. By swallowing this Star Core, you can nourish your Origin Star and help it gather energy, and the stronger the Star Core is, the better. Also, if you have World Origin, it will be even better. Of course, the two I mentioned can be used after the star transformation. It’s just a matter of order. With the two before your star transformation, your Origin Star will be more stable. If you get them after the star transformation, it will take you some time to consolidate your Origin Star.”

Han Fei’s heart sank. When he heard Feng Xingliu’s words, he knew that if his Origin Star could be stable, who would be willing to stabilize the Origin Star in the future?

Immediately, Han Fei asked, “Wait a moment. I know what the World Origin is, but what is a star core?”

Feng Xingliu explained, “It’s the core of other people’s Origin Stars or natural stars. However, the energy contained in the core of natural stars is much weaker. You should know that when you transform your Origin Sea into a star, you have to transform it from a plane into a ball. Inside this Origin Star, it’s not empty. It also needs to wriggle and find a state that suits it best. At this time, such a huge energy mobilization requires a lot of energy to drive it. Even if you don’t use energy to drive it now, after star transformation, you still need energy to sort out the interior of your Origin Star.”

“Sort out?”

Feng Xingliu nodded. “Yes! It’s the process of sorting out. However, this sorting requires a huge amount of energy. The best energy is the Star Core! The energy contained in a Star Core is beyond imagination.”

Han Fei suddenly thought of something. “Well, can I directly dig out the star core of the Heavenly Race cultivator I killed?”

Feng Xingliu said in surprise, “Well, can you find where his Origin Star is? It’s different from those who haven’t opened the sky. After a person who hasn’t opened the sky dies, his Origin Star may fall into the Sea Realm. We can even land on it and snatch the resources of his Origin Sea. But once he opens the sky, although his Origin Star is still connected to the Sea Realm after he dies, it won’t appear in the Sea Realm because it’s an independent star. You can only go to his Origin Star through a certain void node. When I transformed my Origin Sea into a star, my uncle… a Monarch dug out a star core for me.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. Humph, you show-off!

Han Fei didn’t pay much attention to it. Instead, he said, “In other words, after he died, his Origin Star was still alive?”

Feng Xingliu: “Yes! It’s said that as long as the Origin Star is still alive, even if this person’s body dissipates and his soul is destroyed, he will still be reborn in the future. And after he transforms his Origin Sea into a star again, he can find the lost Origin Star. Of course, this is a legend. In fact, when people die in the Sea of Stars, their Origin Stars will most likely be swallowed by a Star Sea Giant Beast or something. Then they will really die.”

Han Fei: “…”

This was not the first time Han Fei had heard this. He had even guessed it himself. However, even in a family like Feng Xingliu’s, this was still a legend, and legends were not trustworthy.

Han Fei: “Got it. Keep listening. I’m leaving.”