Chapter 2316: Star Sea Giant Beast

As soon as Han Fei came out, he returned to his Origin Sea a moment later.

But then, he crossed the swamp of the Sea of Stars and appeared above the Sea of Stars, carrying a broken body in his hand.

Han Fei had planned to use this late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator of the heavenly race as a sacrifice to the God of War, but fortunately, he was not in a hurry to use the power of the God of War Seal, so he was not in a hurry to make a sacrifice. He didn’t expect it to come in handy now.

Han Fei held the Vast Ocean Navigator in his hand. As the marker spun, Han Fei took the soul points scattered in the bones of this broken body and opened his Origin Sea in one fell swoop.

In the blink of an eye, Han Fei quickly got in.


Han Fei had entered other people’s Origin Seas more than once. He didn’t feel anything wrong before. But now that he thought about it carefully, if the Origin Sea of a Sky Opener was a big star, when he entered someone’s Origin Sea, wouldn’t it be equivalent to crossing a long distance in the Sea of Stars and instantly appearing in his Origin Sea?

Therefore, the so-called connection between cultivators and his Origin Sea was actually equivalent to a miniature wormhole. By entering the Origin Sea, he had crossed billions of kilometers in the Sea of Stars.


In the Origin Sea of the Heavenly Race powerhouse, as soon as Han Fei appeared, he felt that there were several Great Daos permeating here, trying to suppress him.

Han Fei sensed that the Demon Purification Pot was about to come out, but this time, Han Fei hurriedly said, “Master Calabash, this person has died. Let me do it this time.”

Sure enough, the Demon Purification Pot didn’t continue to drill out from between Han Fei’s eyebrows.

Han Fei sensed that this Origin Sea world was quite rejecting him. He didn’t know if it was because he had killed the owner of this Origin Sea that this world was trying to suppress him.

Unfortunately, the ownerless power of the Great Dao, apart from restricting Han Fei’s soul from completely exploring this world, couldn’t suppress Han Fei at all.


The corners of Han Fei’s mouth curled up slightly. This was the first time he had strolled so leisurely in someone else’s Origin Sea. In the past, he came and left quickly and basically relied on the Demon Purification Pot to absorb the energy.

Now he felt it most vividly without relying on the Demon Purification Pot. This big star was full of vitality. As far as Han Fei could perceive, this star was a world with a good environment.

When he looked up, he could even see the scorching sun. Did this guy create a galaxy himself?

In his perception, there seemed to be a few places in his Origin Sea that had been penetrated by some kind of power. He wondered if it was because he had done something to his Origin Sea during the battle with him.

Han Fei smiled and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Because this person died unjustly, most of his power was distributed to his clones, and then his original body’s consciousness was directly stolen and he fell into a deep sleep, so he never used the power of the Origin Star.

In any case, this person was in the late stage of the Star Transformation Realm and knew much more about the Star Transformation Realm than him. Han Fei walked and stopped, his mind racing.

This person’s Origin Star’s ground veins had a very special backflow. Han Fei crossed more than 100,000 kilometers and found more than 3,200 main ground veins, hundreds of thousands of branches, and tens of millions of small unidentified and insignificant branches. 800 veins gathered and led to the depths of the star.

“These are the earth veins. After the star transformation, all Sky Openers know how to mold and sort out their own earth veins. Unfortunately, these molded earth veins are part of this star body. It’s too difficult to dig it over and turn it into my own use. However, the star core should have gathered most of the star’s vitality and power. Digging this thing is equivalent to having most of its power.”

With a thought, Han Fei came to a place where ground veins gathered in a few steps.


After a while, Han Fei appeared deep underground. Theoretically speaking, if there was a star core, it should be the earth’s core.

Following the ground veins to the deepest part, the main veins of the ground veins began to gather. Further down, Han Fei found a path from some ancient cracks. The power of the Great Dao burst out from inside.

The power of the Great Dao rejected Han Fei, but that was all. It couldn’t resist Han Fei’s power. Unfortunately, the power of repulsion greatly limited his perception range. And the closer he went to the Star Core, the greater the repulsive power, and the smaller his perception range would be.

However, this was only an ownerless Origin Sea, so Han Fei wasn’t worried.

Another moment later.

Han Fei felt a terrifyingly high temperature, so high that Han Fei felt that he would be burned. There was also a huge amount of energy swarming towards the three twisted pillars. The so-called star core was much smaller than he had imagined. What Han Fei saw was probably smaller than 500 kilometers.

However, when he glanced over, his body suddenly stiffened.

This was because he saw an incredible scene. The huge energy was swarming towards the three twisted pillars. He didn’t pay attention to it in the first place.

However, data appeared in Han Fei’s eyes, and a strange creature that he had only heard of appeared.

<Name> Three-Headed Dragon Snake (Star Sea Giant Beast)

<Introduction> The Three-Headed Dragon Snake is a rare Star Sea Giant Beast that lives in the Sea of Stars. It’s a strange beast born by looking for ownerless stars and absorbing the power of the stars. By swallowing the power of the stars, it can strengthen its own strength, swallow the Dao runes of the stars, and embark on a path exclusive to itself. The Star Sea Giant Beast is good at finding and discovering stars that match it.

< Level > 108

<Quality> Star Sea Giant Beast

<Realm> Late-stage Planet Level

<Great Dao> Force Field

<Battle Technique> Dragon Snake Soul Fire, Force Field Storm, Strange Cage

<Collectible> Behemoth Heart, Behemoth Crystal Core, Three Dragon Teeth…


<Note> This is a Three-Headed Dragon Snake that is about to advance to the Star Level. Deal with it with care.

“Huh? A Star Sea Giant Beast?”

Han Fei’s eyes widened. Although he had known that there were star sea giant beasts in the Sea of Stars, he never thought that he would meet one under such circumstances.

Also, what was the Planet Level? And what was the Star Level? Fortunately, the information said that it was also level 108, which was easy to understand. It was equivalent to a late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator! But it was still one step away from the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.

Han Fei didn’t expect that the enemy’s Origin Sea that he had fought so hard to conquer would be occupied by a Star Sea Giant Beast.

At this moment, he remembered the traces of battle and destruction on the ground. It was probably the destructive blow that the Three-Headed Dragon Snake dealt to some ordinary creatures in this Origin Sea.

When Han Fei looked at the Three-Headed Dragon Snake, the Three-Headed Dragon Snake was also staring at Han Fei with its six big round eyes, stunned.

The Three-Headed Dragon Snake was probably thinking. Wasn’t this person already dead? Wasn’t the Origin Star already empty? Why was there a person now?

The Three-Headed Dragon Snake’s round eyes gradually began to constrict and become vertical, which clearly meant that it seemed to be ready to enter a combat state.


Han Fei immediately activated the Great Dao, held the God Slaying Boxing Gloves in his hand, activated the God’s Prayer Bead, and activated the power of the Heavenly Dao. This was the first time he faced a Star Sea Giant Beast, so he didn’t know how strong it would be, so he had to be careful.


The three dragon heads roared one after another, and this place was covered by the star core flames.

Swish ~

The huge tail swept over, and the Three-Headed Dragon Snake was angry. You blind b*stard, don’t think you can escape.

In terms of strength, Han Fei was never weaker than others. When he used the Sacrificing Punch, his strength was terrifying and had reached the late-stage of the Star Transformation Realm.


Han Fei and the Three-Headed Dragon Snake flew out at the same time, breaking a pile of rocks in this narrow earth core.

“Hehe! I thought the Star Sea Giant Beast was very strong. I didn’t expect it to be so weak.”

Having gained combat experience, Han Fei was about to take action when he found that the gravity here changed.

However, Han Fei had also mastered the Great Dao of Gravity. At this moment, it had gradually evolved into a force field. By changing the force field around him, he could eliminate the power created by the Three-Headed Dragon Snake.

As the saying went, the Great Dao attracted each other. There was no telling if it was because of this, but Han Fei, the powerhouse of the Heavenly Race, and the Three-Headed Dragon Snake, which all took the Dao of gravity, collided.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this time, the God Slaying Boxing Gloves took effect. This three-headed dragon-snake often fell into an inexplicable state of madness. As a result, when they fought for a hundred rounds, it was crazily suppressed by Han Fei, punched, kicked, and smashed. Its skin and flesh were torn apart, and its head and mouth were broken and dislocated by Han Fei.

But perhaps it had gradually adapted to the God Slaying Boxing Gloves, Han Fei suddenly discovered that he was imprisoned by a strange force field cage.


The Three-Headed Dragon Snake shook its dislocated chin and spewed out a weird magnetic force, forming a storm, preparing to cover the imprisoned Han Fei.

But in the next moment, it suddenly forgot how to use its Imprisoning Cage. Hey, what is my Great Dao?

The Three-Headed Dragon Snake had never encountered this before, so it was stunned.

Han Fei, on the other hand, brandished his sword and punched the three-headed dragon-snake like raindrops.

After fighting for a few seconds, this thick-skinned Three-Headed Dragon Snake burst out a layer of blue-green flames that could burn the soul.


The Three-Headed Dragon Snake: “…”

“Puff ~”

After fighting for more than three hundred seconds, Han Fei finally killed the Three-Headed Dragon Snake. He happened to lack the dragon tendon of the Sky Opening Realm, so he just accepted this gift with a smile.

Dragging the Three-Headed Dragon Snake with one hand, Han Fei looked at the star core and tore off his battle suit that had been burnt.

“Its physique is tough, and its soul power can resist me for so long. In the end, it can even unleash an ultimate blow. Its Qi and blood power is shocking. Its overall strength is comparable to a late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator or even close to a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator. Is this the power of a Sea of Stars Giant Beast? Isn’t it too strong?”

Han Fei was shocked. If it weren’t for the Void Stealing Technique, this battle might have taken six hours to end.

And this was just a rare Star Sea Giant Beast in the Sea of Stars. Wasn’t it only one level higher than ordinary Star Sea Giant Beasts? Then what if there was a legendary or even legend-level one…