Chapter 2317: South Monarch

Han Fei wanted to stuff the three dragons into his Origin Sea, but he failed.

“Huh! Why can’t it be stuffed into my Origin Sea? Is it impossible to store these things in my Origin Sea?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but reach for the Star Core, but his clothes were burnt by the terrifying energy of the Star Core.

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was speechless. He had no choice but to attach an energy battle suit to his body. It seemed that it was time for him to build a godly weapon-level battle suit for himself. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if he accidentally lost his clothes in a fight.


Han Fei accumulated strength and threw a punch from the earth core outward. The golden sky-sweeping fist mark blasted from the earth core to the ground and then to the sky.

“Beat, beat, beat!”

For a moment, countless fist marks burst out, and soon, Han Fei dug out a super huge hole.

When Han Fei pulled the Star Core with a void hand, he clearly felt that there seemed to be a power in the entire star that was playing tug of war with him.

“Land of Earth Veins?”

Han Fei thought of the words of the God of War again. First, transform his Origin Sea into a star, mold the ground veins, nurture the Star Core, inject vitality, and then temper his body. It seemed that the ground veins were created for the Star Core.

The Star Core was equivalent to the heart of a human being.

Thinking it through, Han Fei cut the ground veins with his knife. When the ground veins collapsed one after another, Han Fei felt that the interior of this star seemed to be collapsing.


Han Fei wanted to kick the Star Core that had a diameter of more than 500 kilometers, but after that kick, the Star Core only rolled a few times. Han Fei’s face suddenly changed. This thing was so heavy and its density had reached a terrifying level. It felt like the first time he grabbed a small world.

“As expected of the core of a star. The terrifying energy gathered here probably provides the energy required by the entire star.”


Han Fei unleashed his power and casually dragged the Star Core and the Three-Headed Dragon Snake to the surface.

The Vast Ocean Navigator continued to point. After Han Fei forcibly tore open a huge hole with a fist mark, he dragged the two things into it quickly.

What Han Fei didn’t know was that not long after he left this star, the spiritual plants on this star began to decay, and in a few decades, they would completely wither. And because this star lacked a Star Core, its destruction was inevitable.

But Han Fei had no time to observe the destruction of a star. In the Sea of Stars, thanks to the guidance of the Vast Ocean Navigator, Han Fei dragged the Star Core with one hand and the Three-Headed Dragon Snake with the other and was about to drill into his Sea of Stars.

Suddenly, Han Fei felt a crisis in his heart. He only had time to turn around when he saw a bright red palm suddenly slapping at him.

“Who is it?”

Feeling the terrifying pressure, Han Fei’s eyelids were jumping wildly.


Han Fei hadn’t seen anyone yet, so he could only steal the power of this palm mark. However, in the next moment, with pops, cracks appeared on his body in many places. His energy had nowhere to vent and condensed into an energy explosion on the surface of his body that released the stolen power in this way.

Besides, Han Fei realized that something was wrong. The power he stole was interrupted in an instant, so he didn’t steal much. Otherwise, Han Fei suspected that he would just explode.

“So strong! I can’t even withstand a single palm mark?”

Han Fei was shocked. Is this a Monarch?

When Han Fei came back to his senses, he saw a beautiful woman with fan-shaped hairpins on her head. She was wearing a red dress that could be worn as a battle suit. The woman was looking at Han Fei up and down arrogantly and sizing up the Star Core and the Three-Headed Dragon Snake.

Han Fei asked solemnly, “Who are you? A Monarch of the Heavenly Race?”

Han Fei was already prepared to call out to his Eldest Senior Brother. The reason why he didn’t attack was that the other party didn’t have any killing intent.

The woman stretched lazily and said leisurely, “Can you put on your clothes first? Do you want to keep swinging that thing in front of me?”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei looked down and blushed. He hurriedly condensed an energy battle suit to block his body.

It couldn’t be helped. His previous battle suit had been burnt by the Star Core, and he had only condensed an energy battle suit. Who the hell knew that he would be ambushed at the entrance of his own Origin Sea? Could it be that this person had been ambushing him for a long time?

When the energy battle suit was condensed, Han Fei asked again, “Who are you?”

A faint smile appeared on the beautiful woman’s pretty face. “You can call me… South Monarch. Or, you can call me Aunt Nan.”

“Shoot ~”

Han Fei was stunned. Was this the South Monarch? He had always thought that the South Monarch was a man. Why was it a woman? If it was the South Monarch, he had guessed right. The other party was indeed a Monarch.

Besides, although everyone was on the Crossing, the stars were far away from each other. When did she come? Or had she just come?

Seeing that the South Monarch had no intention of killing him, Han Fei’s attitude changed drastically. He quickly cupped his hands. “Hi, Aunt Nan. Thank you for helping me out last time.”

Han Fei was talking about him being hunted by the Heavenly Race last time. Although it was Wushuang and Wang Beichen who appeared, if it weren’t for the Crossing, he would have to ask Feng Xingliu to activate the Monarch jade slip.

South Monarch chuckled. “Everyone is wondering who you are. It turns out that you’re from the Wild Ancient Race of the West Sea Divine Realm. Although the former God of War of your Wild Ancient Race is not an orthodox god, there are still gods in your race. Why do you have to hide your identity?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Did this South Monarch see the God of War Seal on him?

It must be the case. Since the God of War dared to ask him to go to the Wild Ancient Race, the God of War Seal should be an important symbol of the Wild Ancient Race. As the number one itinerant cultivator in the East Sea Divine Realm, it was said that she was extremely powerful. It was not surprising that she knew this.

However, Han Fei didn’t know much about the Wild Ancient Race. Thinking for a moment, he said, “Auntie Nan, this is the East Sea Divine Realm. What’s the use of my identity as a member of the Wild Ancient Races? Besides, with my relationship with the Phoenix Divine Race, the more mysterious I appear now, the more advantageous it will be for me, right?”

Regarding this, South Monarch agreed. The strong clans of the West Sea Divine Realm naturally couldn’t be high-profile in the East Sea Divine Realm. If it was the South Sea Divine Realm or the North Sea Divine Realm, it would be fine. For example, the Phoenix Divine Race could still be arrogant in the East Sea Divine Realm, but the West Sea Divine Realm was too far away.

South Monarch didn’t ask further. “Well, I was wondering why there was an abnormality in the Sea of Stars outside the Crossing. You found the Origin Star of the Heavenly Race cultivator and happened to encounter a Star Sea Giant Beast?”

Han Fei hurriedly said, “Aunt Nan, you’re so wise.”

South Monarch snorted. “You have a sweet mouth. Fortunately, you only encountered a planetary-level Star Sea Giant Beast. Otherwise, even if it went further and reached the star level, you would have big trouble. Well, it’s not necessarily true. You seem to have some special methods…”

Han Fei smiled awkwardly. “Well, I’m flattered.”

Han Fei wanted to run now, fearing that South Monarch would take away the resources he had worked so hard to get. If South Monarch wanted them, should he give them to her or not?

The South Monarch said, “This is the first time you’ve encountered a Star Sea Giant Beast, right?”

Han Fei nodded. This was indeed the first time. When he saw the Three-Headed Dragon Snake just now, he was stunned.

The beautiful woman said, “A Star Sea Giant Beast is considered truly dead only when its crystal core is taken out. Otherwise, the crystal core still exists in its original body and the original body hasn’t been completely crushed, so you can’t take it into your Origin Sea. Because theoretically, he is still alive.”

“Ah, well…”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect this to be the reason. Therefore, the Star Sea Giant Beast could actually be stored in the Origin Sea!

Han Fei put his hand into the body of the star beast and took out the crystal core of the beast. He glanced at it and found that it was a refining material, the main material for forging godly weapons. It also contained some star power, but Han Fei didn’t know what star power was. Now with South Monarch in front of him, he didn’t have the time to study it.

Then, as Han Fei issued an order in his heart, the space phantom of his Origin Sea descended, and this Star Sea Giant Beast was immediately absorbed into his Origin Sea.

Han Fei was speechless. So that’s the reason why I couldn’t take it into my Origin Sea.

Han Fei looked at the Star Core again, and the South Monarch said, “This person’s Star Core is at the late stage of the Star Transformation realm. How can you, a person who hasn’t transformed your Origin Sea into a star, enter it at will? You can’t take it in even if you drag it to the entrance of your Origin Great Dao. You have to destroy the Great Dao origin in this Star Core first and make it ownerless before you can smoothly take it into your Origin Sea.”

Then, South Monarch shook his head slightly. “Forget it. You’re still a little lacking if you want to obliterate the Great Dao origin of the late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator. Let me help you.”

As she spoke, South Monarch grabbed casually. A force field was forcefully extracted from the Star Core, followed by a terrifying power that caused ripples in the void. South Monarch must have been obliterating this person’s Great Dao origin.

One second later, South Monarch said casually, “Try again.”

With a thought, the phantom of Han Fei’s Origin Sea descended again. In the next moment, the Star Core was also taken in.


Han Fei immediately felt that being ignorant was really scary. He didn’t even know this.

And South Monarch suddenly said, “How did you get the inheritance of the God of War Seal? You don’t even know this? You’re not from the Wild Ancient Race, right?”

“Huh? Of course I’m from the Wild Ancient Race.”

South Monarch shook her head. “You are not. Otherwise, as the inheritor of the God of War Seal, how could you not even know the way to collect the Star Sea Giant Beasts and Star Cores? You… are more like an itinerant cultivator who knows nothing about this world.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei asked, “Well, Aunt Nan, would you believe me if I said that I’m a member of the Wild Ancient Race who has been wandering outside since I was born?”

“Oh, is that so? Then you should know that if you have the God of War Seal, you should have the God of War Axe bestowed by the God of War. Where is your axe?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. “Well, my God of War Axe…”

South Monarch said teasingly, “Keep making up stories. There’s only one pair of God of War Axes, which are kept by the God of War. Why would the God of War give them to you… Heh, you itinerant cultivator.”

Han Fei: “…”