Chapter 2320: Divine Capital Dynasty

Ten days later.

From the time Han Fei and the others discovered the first watchtower to the time they came to the Divine Capital Dynasty, the total journey was ten light days, which was a ten-day journey at the speed of light.

This was the first time Han Fei and the others had seen the true appearance of the Divine Divine Capital Dynasty.

At this moment, Han Fei and the other two were standing at a certain entrance outside the Divine Capital Dynasty, looking at the city in amazement.

Han Fei had always thought that a city should look like a city with many houses and roads. But the city in front of him was too sci-fi.


Han Fei had been surprised many times along the way, but he couldn’t help but exclaim now.

The Divine Capital Dynasty was a city that looked very sci-fi. It was three thousand kilometers deep into the sea, six thousand kilometers high into the sky, spanning twelve million kilometers, with 4,900 islands on the sea. It was a super city that was a combination of underwater city, land city, and sky city.

The main color of the underwater city was ice blue, which was a kind of building ore called blue bricks. It was extremely malleable and took into account toughness and hardness. It was an excellent building material. In addition, the underwater city needed light, so the light algae was planted outside the blue brick building, creating a huge, dreamy undersea city.

The cities on land were like ordinary human-inhabited cities. Because there was relatively little land area, those who could live on land could barely be considered the middle-class of the Divine Capital Dynasty.

But this didn’t mean that there was only land on the sea.

In fact, the sky city six thousand kilometers above the sea was connected from the inside to the outside. The roads were crisscrossed with many layers of man-made land. At the top, there was the “Divine Palace” guarded by twelve great Monarchs.

More importantly, the magnificent city that was as high as 9,000 kilometers above the sea could spin. Its rotation speed was one circle a month, twelve circles a year.

The entire Divine Capital Dynasty, except for the entrances, was enveloped by an invisible barrier. How could an ordinary person set up such a huge barrier?

Feng Qingcheng exclaimed, “Wow! Is this the Divine Capital Dynasty? It’s so spectacular!”

Feng Xingliu said, “It’s so big. It must be very winding. Then where should we enter the city?”

Han Fei said, “Look, there are many people waiting inside the entrance. They must be selling maps. Let’s go. Why are you just standing outside and exclaiming?”

The entrances of the Divine Capital Dynasty were all on land islands, with a total of more than 700 entrances. The entrance where Han Fei and the others were was the 203rd entrance.

In fact, most of the people entering and leaving the Divine Capital Dynasty weren’t participating in the ten-thousand-year competition. Most of them seemed to be the natives of the Divine Capital Dynasty. On their arms, there was an ice-blue crystal, so when they entered the city gate, they just needed to show it and didn’t need to be examined.

There weren’t many people walking into the city from outside the city. It was just the three of them.

Perhaps it was because they didn’t encounter anyone else entering the city at this time, when Han Fei and the others came to the entrance of the 203rd city gate, someone seemed to have noticed them and a Sky Opener walked from behind the gate.

This person hadn’t turned his Origin Sea into a star, but Han Fei’s heart skipped a beat. There were more than 700 entrances to the Divine Capital Dynasty. If every entrance was guarded by a Sky Opening Realm cultivator, it meant that there were at least 700 Sky Opening-Realm gate keepers in the Divine Capital Dynasty. Regardless of whether they had entered the star transformation realm or not, the number of Sky Opening Realm cultivators here was too many. This was not something a place like the City of Scavengers could compare to!

The man walked to the door, looked at the three of them, and said neither humbly nor arrogantly, “Three contestants, please show your qualification tokens. If you don’t have one, you need to register. We will give you an identity card.”

Han Fei and the other two rolled up their sleeves and flashed their qualification tokens. This meant that each of them had more than one qualification token.

“Strong masters!”

The Sky Opening Realm guard nodded slightly. “Please enter. There are some basic rules that I need to tell you. In the Divine Capital Dynasty, you can’t go to the top thousand kilometers. In addition, private fights are not allowed in the city. Once you fight outside, all damages will require high compensation. If you need to fight, you can go to the arena, the ring, the Divine Capital battlefield, and other places. Furthermore, you have to register. My suggestion is that after you enter the city, you can find a guide and pay a certain fee to get to know the Divine Capital Dynasty in all aspects. The guide can also take you to the residential area where you should go.”

Han Fei smiled. “Thank you for telling me.”

After the three of them entered, the Sky Opener calculated in his heart and quickly had an answer.

“Han Fei fighting the Heavenly Race, Feng Xingliu from the Phoenix Divine Race, and the little princess Feng Qingcheng. They’re all big shots!”

In the city.

Seven or eight guides were already ready. These people who came to participate in the Ten-Thousand-Year Grand Competition were all rich. Although most of them had bad tempers, they were quite generous!

It wasn’t easy for Chen Ye to get a spot as a guide. He got this position only because he had two younger siblings at home and his late father’s credits in the Sky Crater World.

In the past few years, he had already received more than 30 participants. Because he met a big client once, he was rewarded with almost 50,000 kilometers of resources.

It was said that some people were rewarded with tens of thousands of kilometers of resources because of their good explanation, and some were directly rewarded with Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures. Of course, that was a little exaggerated. It could only be chanced upon by chance, but one could obtain at least thousands of kilometers of resources by being a tour guide. This was the basic requirement of the leaders for tour guides like them. The reason was that they couldn’t let outsiders look down on the Divine Capital Dynasty, so the fee couldn’t be low. It had to show the level of the Divine Capital Dynasty.

As soon as the three people outside the city entered the gate, Chen Ye roared and knocked a blue turtle under his butt before he rushed to the front.

In the next moment, a seahorse tried to pass him, but the turtle suddenly stretched out a leg and extended far away like plasticine, kicking the seahorse in the face and sending it flying.

A sea dragon had already flown past him, but the turtle stretched out its head and bit the sea dragon’s butt.


Someone shouted, “Chen Ye, you broke the rules!”

Chen Ye said, “I didn’t hit you. It’s just the affectionate interactions between the mounts.”

Behind him, a young man rode a crab over. Seeing the horrible claws, Chen Ye patted the turtle’s shell and said, “Little Green, fart.”

“Puff ~”

Then a loud noise erupted from the turtle’s butt, releasing a large amount of dirty ink-like mist, blocking the vision of the person behind.

As soon as Han Fei and the others entered the inner city, they saw a group of people riding glowing big fish, seahorses, sea dragons, crabs, turtles, and other mounts, rushing towards them.

Then, they saw that these people were actually competing with each other. The green-headed turtle and the boy on it, one person and one turtle, used all kinds of unscrupulous methods to get rid of powerful competitors.

Feng Xingliu: “Ah, well…”

Feng Qingcheng opened her mouth. “Isn’t this person too… despicable? I definitely won’t choose him…”

Before Feng Qingcheng finished speaking, Han Fei chuckled. “I bet you’ll choose him as your guide.”

Feng Qingcheng looked at Han Fei in confusion. “Why?”

Han Fei said, “Firstly, they didn’t start to rush over until the moment we came in, which means that they had an agreement that they weren’t to be chosen by us at will. Secondly, although this boy has all kinds of means, it can also prove that he is smart. As long as he achieves his ultimate goal, the process doesn’t matter, which shows that he is very outstanding.”

Feng Qingcheng asked, “But shouldn’t we choose the guide ourselves?”

Han Fei said, “Look at these youths. They are very wild and their strength is between the peak-level Explorers and half Venerables. This shows that they are talented. Just now, the Sky Opener called them over not only to attract business for them, but also to help them grow in another way. At this critical moment, what they need is some resources, insight, and combat experience. Being able to be a guide here means that they shouldn’t lack anything else. All they lack is resources to help them successfully advance.”

Feng Qingcheng added, “But the resources needed for a Half-Venerable to become a Venerable are very few!”

Han Fei said, “If this position was specially designed, they would definitely have to pay taxes. In addition to being guides, they might have many other ways to earn resources. Otherwise, what we saw wouldn’t just be these seven or eight people, but hundreds or even thousands of people fighting to be guides here. The Divine Capital Dynasty will definitely not mess around when the 100,000-year competition is imminent, so those who can be guides must have been carefully selected. Among these carefully selected people, they can compete for job chances with their own means. Don’t you think this is a good idea?”

Feng Qingcheng couldn’t help but look at Han Fei in shock. “Brother Han Fei, you seem to know their daily life very well. You speak as if you live here.”

Feng Xingliu nodded. “That’s right. I didn’t think too much about it. I thought they were just a few guides.”

Han Fei smiled and said, “Have you forgotten what I told you? I cultivated to where I am today step by step. In every stage of cultivation, I risked my life and tried my best. Only in this way can I be who I am today.”

Feng Qingcheng was deep in thought. Even Feng Xingliu couldn’t help but admire him from the bottom of his heart.

After a while, when the boy on the turtle rushed to Han Fei and the others, the guides behind stopped chasing him with bitter expressions. They did not rush to compete with Chen Ye for this opportunity.

Chen Ye rushed to Han Fei and the other two, a little nervous. He was afraid that these people would look back and pick one of them. In such a situation, he actually couldn’t explain the reason to them.

“Greetings, my lords, my name is Chen Ye. I know the Divine Capital Dynasty very well. I know all the information you want to know as long as it doesn’t involve my privacy.”

Han Fei asked, “How much does your guide charge?”

Chen Ye hurriedly said, “My lord, our price is all the same, a thousand kilometers. If you three want to go different places, you may have to pay for other guides. But if you three travel together, you only need to pay a thousand kilometers of resources. I will serve as your guide for ten days.”

Han Fei nodded slightly and threw out a Star Shell. “OK, I’ll take you!”