Chapter 2321: Register and Sign Up

Although Han Fei had several things to do in the Divine Capital Dynasty, such as meeting netizens’ netizens.

However, none of these was as important as selling the qualification tokens.

Han Fei’s first question was, “Chen Ye, right? Do you know where those who had no choice but to enter the Divine Capital Dynasty after their qualification tokens were snatched live?”

Feng Qingcheng and Feng Xingliu immediately understood what Han Fei meant. This guy was going to sell the qualification tokens. Ever since they got off the Crossing, Han Fei had already told them his purpose, which was to grab the qualification tokens and sell them in the Divine Capital Dynasty.

Han Fei said that by doing this, they could find opponents for training and earn resources, killing two birds with one stone.


This sounded very reasonable, except that it sounded a little offensive.

Chen Ye was stunned for a moment. He had been prepared to deal with all the questions, but he didn’t expect Han Fei to ask this question. To be honest, the most bad-tempered people who came to participate in the competition were those whose qualification tokens had been snatched.

Most people would take advantage of the fifteen days after their qualification tokens were snatched to snatch it back. This was because during these fifteen days, they were still in a safe period and the Sky Opening cultivators couldn’t attack them.

However, either they couldn’t reach the Divine Capital Dynasty in fifteen days, or someone else had snatched it after they snatched it.

After all, there were ups and downs in the competition between the strong. Later, many people stayed in the non-safe zone outside the watchtower, waiting for the right time. As for whether they got the right time or not, for a period of time, strong masters who were seriously injured would enter the Divine Capital Dynasty every day.

Obviously, these people were defeated, their qualification tokens were snatched, and they couldn’t fight anymore, so they could only choose to enter the city. This was because they had heard that someone in the city would sell qualification tokens to others.

This was something that many people could think of. This was because a person only needed one qualification token. What was the point of snatching more? Therefore, many people made a fortune by selling their excess qualification tokens.

Chen Ye was stunned for a moment before he realized what Han Fei wanted to do. “Senior, are you going to sell qualification tokens?”

Stunned, Feng Xingliu remarked, “Oh, you’re quite smart.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. “Well, how can you tell?”

Chen Ye said, “Too many people have come to the Divine Capital Dynasty to participate in the Ten-Thousand-Year Grand Competition. Many of them didn’t get a Qualification Token and were seriously injured. These people probably don’t know you, so the only reason for you to find them must be to sell them Qualification Tokens.”

Feng Qingcheng said lightly, “You’re quite smart.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. “Do you know the price of Qualification Tokens in the Divine Capital Dynasty?”

Chen Ye nodded. “Theoretically speaking, the prices for the qualification tokens will be higher and higher as time goes by, and will rise to the peak on the eve of the 10,000-year competition. However, this peak isn’t very high. Because in the past, only Sea Establishment realm cultivators participated in the competition, so no qualification token’s price exceeded 20,000 kilometers of resources. But this time, it’s the 100,000-year competition. With the Sky Opening Realm cultivators participating, the price upper limit will definitely increase, but it’s impossible for a qualification to exceed 100,000 kilometers of resources.”

Han Fei asked, “Why?”

Chen Ye explained, “Because those who lose their qualification tokens will either lose their lives or escape with injuries. They may have resources, but they have to reserve the resources they need first. Also, they have to reserve resources for normal usage in the Divine Capital Dynasty and those for buying a Qualification Token. In any case, the consumption is actually not small. Besides, there are many people snatching the qualification tokens in the wilderness. The qualification tokens are gathered in the hands of the strong, so these people also have to sell them. Therefore, there are actually many qualification tokens to be sold. I don’t recommend you to come to those people in person to sell them. This will waste time and might not be able to sell them for a good price.”

Han Fei said, “Continue! If you have a better idea, I won’t be stingy with your rewards. It may be a huge gain for you.”

Chen Ye’s eyes lit up. “Seniors, how much can you give me?”

Feng Xingliu frowned. “You’re already negotiating terms?”

Han Fei interrupted him, “Chen Ye, how much have you earned since you became a guide?”

Chen Ye knew that Han Fei couldn’t lie to him, so he said without hesitation, “My income is mediocre. I received a total of 39 contestants and harvested 42,000 kilometers of resources. 90% of the resources were rewarded by a Sky Opening Realm master because I found a material for him to repair a godly weapon.”

Han Fei and the other two confirmed that there was no problem with Chen Ye’s words. Then, Han Fei smiled. “If you want to know how much we can give you, it depends on the channel you can find. For example, I can give you one of the qualification tokens for Sky Openers.”

Chen Ye was shocked when he heard that. A qualification token for Sky Openers, no matter how worthless it was, could be comparable to all his income so far. Its value was definitely above 40,000 kilometers of resources.

However, Han Fei continued, “Boy, your combat skills are good, your reaction is fast, and your comprehension ability should be good too. If you perform well on this tour, I can consider giving you a body-refining technique that can increase your strength by at least 50%.”



Chen Ye’s heart skipped a beat. He knew that the opportunity had come. He knew that with so many strong masters participating in the 10,000-year competition, he would definitely encounter an opportunity.

As a cultivator, his greatest wish was not only to harvest resources, but also to encounter opportunities. A good body-refining technique was exactly what he lacked. Although practicing it would consume a lot of resources, Han Fei also promised to give him a qualification token for Sky Openers, which meant that he would have at least 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers of resources to earn.

For Sky Openers, these resources were naturally not much, but he was only a peak-level Explorer! He was even one step away from being a Half-Venerable. How could he use so many resources?

All of this was to pave the way for his younger siblings to cultivate and improve his sister’s spiritual heritage. However, if he became stronger, his fate might be changed.

Chen Ye tried to suppress the excitement in his heart and immediately said, “Seniors, please give me a day. Tomorrow, I will find the most suitable buyers for you. Today, I can explain some basic knowledge about the Divine Capital Dynasty and the ten-thousand-year competition to you.”

At this moment, Chen Ye didn’t know that Han Fei, Feng Qingcheng, and even Feng Xingliu couldn’t help but nod slightly. A peak-level Explorer could still suppress his heart and calm down to explain to them in the face of such a huge temptation. This calmness was enough to prove this child’s excellence.

Feng Qingcheng couldn’t help but look at Han Fei, thinking to herself, Brother Han Fei is right. His eyes are quite sharp.

Half a day later.

Chen Ye took Han Fei and the others to a place between 6,000 and 7,000 kilometers above the sea in the Divine Capital Dynasty.

Chen Ye said, “Master Han Fei, this is the temporary residence of the strong masters participating in the 10,000-year competition. In this 1,000-kilometer residence, the space from the 6000th kilometer to the 6800th is the temporary residence of Sea Establisher-level powerhouses, and from the 6,800th to the 7,000th kilometer is the temporary residence of Sky Opening realm powerhouses. This is because there are more strong masters participating in the 100,000-year competition than in history. It’s said that more than 8 million people have lived here, including more than 600,000 Sky Opening realm powerhouses.”

“Shoot ~”

Listening to Chen Ye’s introduction, although Han Fei didn’t show anything, he felt that countless Iron-Head Fish were running crazily in his heart. There were still nearly two months before the start of the 10,000-year competition. If the competition really started, there would be tens of millions of Sea Establishers and millions of Sky Openers. What kind of number was this?

The Divine Capital Dynasty made Han Fei experience how terrifying it was for the first time. A Sky Opening Realm cultivator might be the peak of an Origin Ground. But because of this competition, 600,000 Sky Openers came, who were carefully selected from the entire East Sea Divine Realm. If any random Sky Opener could participate, Han Fei didn’t know how many there would be.

Feng Qingcheng exclaimed, “So many! This is much more than the number of participants in the Central Sea Divine Realm’s trial.”

Han Fei said, “They’re not of the same level.”

The arrival of Han Fei and the others required registration. They went to register Feng Qingcheng first because they were not taking the competitions of the same level.

After Feng Qingcheng finished registering, Han Fei and Feng Xingliu came to the registration office for Sky Openers.

At an altitude of 7,000 kilometers, when Han Fei and Feng Xingliu appeared here, there were only a dozen people in the registration office.

Chen Ye said, “Many people have already registered, but there are still about a thousand people registering every day. It’s very quick, only simple records will be made. The registration won’t be very detailed in the early stages.”

Han Fei could understand. No matter what kind of competition it was, the first step was to screen people.

The Sky Garden Square was a little like a floating island, but the scenery was more abundant. Spiritual fruits were mostly used as decorations here. Behind the square was a swirling artistic statue, which was an incomplete figure. Han Fei didn’t know who it was.

Chen Ye said, “That’s the Star Observation Statue. It’s said to be a statue of the remnant body of a strong master from the Divine Capital Dynasty who died in battle.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. When it was his turn, one of the two people in charge of registration was definitely at the late-stage Star Transformation Realm, and the other had just entered the Star Transformation Realm.

The woman who had just entered the Star Transformation Realm was as expressionless as a robot. “Name, realm, and background, and submit a qualification token.”

“Han Fei, Star Transformation, an itinerant cultivator.”


Suddenly, the woman couldn’t help but look up at Han Fei. Even the strong master who was resting with his eyes closed opened his eyes.