Chapter 2323: Threat of the Heavenly Race

“Oh? So punctual?”

Even Han Fei was a little surprised. He had thought that with Chen Ye’s speed, it would be good if he could find a buyer in a day. He didn’t expect him to say that he had found the most trustworthy buyer.

Immediately, Han Fei rose. “Well, Feng Xingliu, here comes the business.”

Han Fei looked at Chen Ye and asked, “Who is the buyer?”

Chen Ye said, “My lord, this is the shop of my father’s comrade-in-arms. My father saved his life before he died, so he offered me the highest possible price.”

Feng Xingliu couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the highest price?”

Chen Ye said, “One Sea Establishment realm Token for 18,000 kilometers of resources, and one Sky Opening realm Token for 57,000 kilometers.”

Han Fei calculated in his heart. This price was higher than he thought because countless people who came to participate in the ten-thousand-year competition had died on the way.

Some of them died in the wilderness. Crossing the wilderness was not a simple task in the first place. Being able to cross the wilderness was a kind of training in itself.

Secondly, within 0.3 light years from the Divine Capital Dynasty, this was a large hunting ground. Although only people of the same realm were allowed to fight and kill each other, there were strong and weak people of the same realm. The killing between people of the same realm was often very intense.

Therefore, the number of qualification tokens distributed was definitely more than the actual number of participants. This meant that some of the qualification tokens would definitely be redundant.

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Chen Ye, where will the redundant qualification tokens go?”

Without thinking, Chen Ye immediately replied, “Master Han Fei, they will end up in the hands of the local residents of the Divine Capital Dynasty. Because if you want to watch the entire competition, you need qualifications. Many people are actually not qualified, so they can only buy a qualification token.”

Feng Xingliu couldn’t help but ask, “But if they get a qualification token, won’t they have to fight in the Competition?”

Chen Ye shook his head. “Master Xingliu, a lot of people will abstain during the game. They are not interested in the game itself. They are just going to watch the game. So, even if they are required to fight, they can give up.”

Han Fei immediately understood why the qualification tokens were sold at such a high price even though a lot of participants had died before the Competition. It turned out that some people would buy them as tickets.

However, this benefited Han Fei. Perhaps this was also a benefit of participating in the ten-thousand-year competition, but not everyone could get this benefit.

Feng Xingliu looked at Han Fei excitedly. “If each of them can be sold for so much money, then I seem to have made a fortune. I have 278 qualification tokens, which means more than 900,000 kilometers of resources…”

Feng Xingliu was excited. Sure enough, Han Fei made the right choice to take him all the way here. He didn’t care about the resources. What he cared about was the fact that he could earn a lot of resources.

Han Fei knew the feeling of Feng Xingliu. He would feel a great sense of accomplishment if he earned the resources through hard work of his own.

Chen Ye’s heart suddenly trembled when he heard that Feng Xingliu actually had 278 qualification tokens. This kind of big shot was really a strong master from a divine race! However, he didn’t feel indignant, nor did he feel that he was wronged for only obtaining the reward of one Sky Opening Realm Qualification Token.

Wasn’t this the so-called opportunity? A real cultivator could easily find a treasure that he couldn’t get even if he tried his best. As long as he could get what slipped through their fingers, he would be lucky.

Two hour later.

In the sky above the land city of the Divine Capital Dynasty, Chen Ye took Han Fei and the other two forward and introduced them to the training grounds, the Awakening Pool, the resource trade, the battlefield of the strong, and so on.

Because Chen Ye knew the Divine Capital Dynasty quite well, Han Fei and the others didn’t find it boring along the way.

Of course, it was mainly because Feng Xingliu had too many questions.

At this moment, this guy was still chattering.

“Xiaoye, what is this round green ball?”

Chen Ye explained, “Master Xingliu, that’s a Sting Ball demon. Its body is spherical, and its surface is full of long thorns. The quality of these thorns is different. Any one of them can be used as a weapon. When people go to the Sting Ball demon and offer resources, they will have a chance to pull out a thorn. But whether the quality is good or bad is hard to say.”

Feng Xingliu nodded and asked again, “How many races are there in the Divine Capital Dynasty? It’s not hot at all, but along the way, I saw many coquettish women who were dressed too revealingly and tried to seduce me.”


Han Fei immediately slapped her. “Hey! That’s the Clam Girls and the mermaids in the Undersea City. Their lifestyle is different from ours. Who would seduce you for no reason?”

“Then why am I slightly agitated?”

Feng Qingcheng couldn’t stand it anymore. “Shut up. Don’t talk.”

Feng Xingliu snorted inwardly. After a while, he suddenly said, “Xiaoye, why do you have to ride a sea creature under your butt when you go out? Is this your spiritual beast?”

Chen Ye said, “Master Xingliu, Little Green is not my Associated Spirit, but he is as close as my Associated Spirit to me. This is because the Divine Capital Dynasty advocates mutual assistance between races. Firstly, it is to prevent creatures like them from growing up too quickly and giving birth to more children, which will lead to over-proliferation. Secondly, we can make progress together and complement each other to promote our growth. Thirdly, it is convenient!”

It was just like buying a car. Having a car was better than running on two legs.

Soon, Han Fei and the others came to a resources trading place covering about 1,000 kilometers in a land city.

This shop was called the “Zhao Family Resource Trade Center”.

Obviously, it was a family business. It occupied such a large area, and many people lined up here to exchange for or sell resources.

Han Fei knew that whoever could afford so many of their Qualification Tokens couldn’t be simple.

As soon as Han Fei and the others arrived, a peak-level Sea Establishment Realm cultivator immediately flew over.

After seeing Han Fei and the others, he hurriedly cupped his hands at them. “My lords, nice to meet you. I’m Zhao Chang.”

Chen Ye hurriedly said, “Master Han Fei, Master Xingliu, this is Uncle Zhao, my father’s comrade-in-arms. I got the best price through Uncle Zhao.”

Zhao Chang respectfully said, “My lords, I am one of the managers of the No. 13 Zhao Family Trading Center. I can guarantee that the price that the Zhao Family offers is 10% higher than other trading centers. The Zhao Family’s scale can be ranked in the top ten in the entire Divine Capital Dynasty. You can rest assured.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. Zhao Chang was a peak-level Sea Establisher and one of the managers of a large trade center. He must have made connections for Chen Ye out of old friendships. Otherwise, he only needed to pay the usual price. Anyway, such a super power didn’t lack such little resources.

Han Fei nodded. “Okay! Then make the arrangements quickly!”

This kind of huge transaction was naturally handled by the director himself. Zhao Chang at most acted as a go-between. And the director of the resource center here seemed to have known about this long ago and led them to the Zhao family’s house to talk.

Han Fei nodded slightly when he saw the director. He was not surprised that the director was a late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator. In charge of a huge resource trading center, he couldn’t be an ordinary person. The people in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm wouldn’t meddle in such matters, so the director was only a late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator.

“Dear guests, I am Zhao Kai from the No.13 Trade Center. Zhao Chang has reported the situation. It is said that you have many qualification tokens. May I know the exact number?”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “We have 362 Sea Establishment realm Tokens and 569 Sky Opening realm Tokens in total, which is quite a lot. I think with the Zhao Family’s wealth, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to take these tokens, right?”

Zhao Kai’s heart slightly trembled. Although he knew that this deal was big, he didn’t expect it to be so big. 569 Sky Opening realm Qualification Tokens. To be able to snatch so many qualification tokens, the other party’s strength could be seen.

Zhao Kai chuckled and said, “Of course, it’s not a big problem. Our Zhao Family’s prices will definitely be fair. Please wait a moment. I’ll go get the resources now.”

Just as Zhao Kai was entertaining Han Fei and the others, he suddenly saw a Sky Opening cultivator flying over. This person was not from the No. 13 Trade Center. He might be from the Zhao Family.

Zhao Kai couldn’t help but frown. Thinking that this person was here to snatch the business, he immediately said, “Brother Cheng, why are you here? I’m meeting a big client here. Why don’t you wait for me for a while and I’ll have a drink with you later?”

However, the newcomer shook his head slightly, glanced at Han Fei and the others, and then said something telepathically.

Zhao Kai’s face immediately changed, and he looked at Han Fei and the others in surprise.

Han Fei and Feng Qingcheng sensed that something was wrong, and Han Fei asked, “What happened?”


The visitor said, “Sir, I’m afraid we can’t do this business.”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean? Are you going to dismiss me with a few words?”

Zhao Cheng was shocked by Han Fei’s terrifying gaze. Although he was angry, he didn’t dare to flare up because he knew who these people were.

In any case, they were not someone he could afford to offend.

Director Zhao Kai hurriedly said, “Mr. Han Fei, it’s our Zhao family’s fault for what happened today. But to be honest, someone from the Heavenly Race has issued a warning. Anyone who dares to make a deal with the three of you will face the wrath of the Heavenly Race. I’m afraid no one in the Divine Capital Dynasty dares to make a deal with you now.”