Chapter 2324: Dragon Fighting Street

“Ant-like Heavenly Race, they’re too much!”

Feng Xingliu was still delighted that they were about to get a lot of resources, but when it was time to get the money, something unexpected happened.

Feng Qingcheng said, “It seems that they can’t threaten Brother Han Fei in the wilderness, so they have to suppress him in this way.”

Not far away, Chen Ye secretly looked at Zhao Chang. Zhao Chang’s expression changed slightly. He looked at Chen Ye, whose face turned pale, and shook his head slightly. This matter involved the Heavenly Race.

There was a reason for this. Even Feng Xingliu couldn’t blame this on the Zhao Family.

After a few seconds of silence, Han Fei asked casually, “How big are the properties of the Heavenly Race in the Divine Capital Dynasty?”

Zhao Kai was stunned. Do you want to fight the Heavenly Race here? But this problem was not a big problem, so Zhao Kai said, “The Heavenly Race are a big power. Basically, they will be involved in all the livelihood and cultivation industries. For example, resource trading centers, refining workshops, alchemy houses…”

Han Fei turned around. “Okay! This matter has nothing to do with your Zhao family. Since our business can’t be done, we can’t stay long.”

Then, Han Fei glanced at Chen Ye. “Let’s go!”

Chen Ye’s heart did a flip. He was afraid, wondering if Han Fei would vent his anger on him. He didn’t know that such a thing would happen. He was still dumbfounded, wondering why a superpower like the Heavenly Race would attack Han Fei and the others.

After Han Fei left, Zhao Cheng took a long breath. “Fortunately, I came quickly and the deal hasn’t been completed. Otherwise, the consequences would have been dire.”

Zhao Kai frowned slightly. “He is Han Fei?”

Zhao Cheng said, “That’s right. I heard that he killed a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator of the Heavenly Race and extorted many resources from the Heavenly Race. Up to now, no one knows his exact background. They only know that the two people beside him are the Heavenly Talents of the Phoenix Divine Race in the South Sea Divine Realm.”

Zhao Kai said, “I heard that this person is extremely ruthless. He dares to challenge the Heavenly Race in the wilderness. Unfortunately, he shouldn’t be from the East Sea Divine Realm. It’s difficult for him to do anything in the Divine Capital Dynasty. But I estimate that the Heavenly Race’ actions this time might make them a great enemy in other Divine Realms.”

Zhao Cheng said, “That’s right! Feng Xingliu was obviously holding back his anger just now. I heard that the first place on the Heaven Roll, Feng Yu, is also here. She’s the number one on the Heaven Roll! The Phoenix Divine Race can’t be underestimated. I wonder if these two parties will encounter each other in this 10,000-year competition.”

Han Fei was also furious. If he sold all the qualification tokens he had, he could also sell them for more than 900,000 kilometers of resources. However, just because of a word from the Heavenly Race, his qualification tokens couldn’t be sold. How could he not be angry?

Feng Xingliu was angry because he was being targeted. He had never been targeted like this since he was young.

Han Fei’s fire was hatred. Cutting off my source of income is like killing my parents. How could Han Fei not take revenge?

However, Han Fei’s top priority was still to sell the Qualification Tokens. If he couldn’t sell them, he would lose nearly a million kilometers of resources! He had just f*cking turned his Origin Sea into a star and might need a lot of resources in the future. How much resources would these Qualification Token could be sold for?

Feng Xingliu cursed, “No, I can’t stand this. When I return to the South Sea Divine Realm, I’ll make my family suppress all the powers of the Heavenly Race in the South Sea Divine Realm.”

Feng Qingcheng said, “If you suppress them, why won’t they suppress the Phoenix Divine Race? You have to know that the Phoenix Divine Race also has some power in the East Sea Divine Realm.”

Feng Xingliu said, “I can’t just let them bully me. I’ve never been bullied like this in my life. It’s not easy for me to earn resources. If I take the resources back, how glorious will it be? Just because of those ants of the Heavenly Race, my source of income is cut off.”

After that, Feng Xingliu looked at Han Fei. “What do you think? Should we target the Heavenly Race in the Ten-Thousand-Year Grand Competition?”

Feng Xingliu talked like a robber now, thanks to Han Fei. They had robbed and killed more than once, so he inevitably changed.

Han Fei said indifferently, “Don’t panic. These big clans in the Divine Capital Dynasty are threatened by the Heavenly Race, but don’t forget, there are many people coming to the Divine Capital Dynasty to participate in the 10,000-year competition. There are also many people who can afford the qualification tokens. As long as we find the right users, we won’t have to worry about not being able to sell the qualification tokens. Besides, I don’t believe that everyone in this huge Divine Capital Dynasty is afraid of the Heavenly Race.”

At this time, Han Fei looked at Chen Ye, who quickly lowered his head and said apologetically, “Sorry, Master Han Fei, Master Xingliu, I… I really didn’t know…”

Han Fei said casually, “It’s not your fault. Feng Xingliu and I won’t blame you. Back to the first time I asked you, do you know where the injured and disqualified guys are?”

Chen Ye hurriedly said, “Master Han Fei, those people are too scattered. However, because they don’t have a qualification order, they can’t live in the No. 1 Spinning Star City, or they can only live lower than 3,000 kilometers. I can go to the major inns to ask. There must be some gathering places for them.”

Han Fei thought for a moment. “That’s not appropriate. It’s indeed troublesome to search them one by one. You might be familiar with the Divine Capital Dynasty, but you’re only a peak-level Explorer. With your strength and identity, it’s difficult to find out when the strong masters stay or leave.”

Han Fei said, “Perhaps we don’t have to sell the Qualification Tokens to these big families. The Divine Capital Dynasty is essentially a dynasty above the East Sea Divine Realm, with Great Monarch East Martial presiding over it. The Heavenly Race can threaten these big clans, but can they threaten the royal family?”

Feng Qingcheng’s eyes lit up. “That’s right. The royal family is extremely powerful, suppressing the entire Gate of Heaven. If we can cooperate with them… But there’s a problem. The Heavenly Race has been standing in the East Sea Divine Realm for many years. The royal family of the Divine Capital doesn’t need to offend the Heavenly Race for us. And the Heavenly Race might have a good relationship with the royal family of the Divine Capital.”

Chen Ye was shocked. Do you want to do business with the royal family?

Chen Ye said, “Well, Master Han Fei, the royal family of the Divine Capital only collects taxes. They won’t participate in the trading of qualification tokens.”


Han Fei frowned slightly. In that case, was he going to find the Crossing? The Crossing should be arriving at the Divine Capital Dynasty soon. However, if South Monarch helped him, wouldn’t he owe her another favor?

Although Han Fei felt that owing a favor to a person for a million kilometers of resources was nothing, a favor was a price now, and it might not be the same price in the future.

Han Fei knew that he couldn’t help South Monarch at all now. If South Monarch valued him, she would be glad to make him owe her a favor. But Han Fei was not used to it. He never liked owing favors, and it was not easy to owe a Monarch a favor.

Even if he did, he shouldn’t owe someone like South Monarch.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Damn, how could I have forgotten the Vast Ocean Navigator?

Han Fei immediately said, “Chen Ye, give me a map of the Divine Capital Dynasty.”

Chen Ye was dumbfounded. What’s the use of this? Feng Xingliu and Feng Qingcheng were stunned too, not knowing what Han Fei was doing either.

A moment later, Han Fei took Chen Ye back to Residence A 306.

As Han Fei issued an order in his heart, he discovered that the scaled-down map of the Divine Capital Dynasty was like a three-dimensional projection.

Han Fei held the Vast Ocean Navigator in his hand and stood in the projection. As the Vast Ocean Navigator spun, it quickly found a place.

Feng Xingliu and Feng Qingcheng widened their eyes. “What’s this?”

Feng Xingliu sniffed. “Qingcheng! Can our family also make such a sacred weapon? Its function is too powerful.”

Feng Qingcheng said, “This isn’t something that you can make easily.”

Chen Ye was dumbfounded, not knowing what Han Fei was doing.

At this time, Han Fei suddenly asked, “Chen Ye, what is Dragon Fighting Street?”


Chen Ye was stunned for a moment and then quickly said, “Master Han Fei, this Dragon Fighting Street is not a good place to go.”

Han Fei said, “Tell me about it.”

Chen Ye seemed a little scared. “My lord, almost all the hedonistic playboys of the Divine Capital Dynasty gather on Dragon Fighting Street. The entire street is for consumption. And it’s full of blood and violence. There is the most terrifying Dragon Fighting Arena in the Divine Capital Dynasty. Ordinary people can’t enter it without a lot of money or a distinguished identity. Otherwise, they can only enter it as gladiators.”

Feng Qingcheng frowned slightly. “Is there such a place in the Divine Capital Dynasty?”

Chen Ye nodded. “In the Dragon Fighting Street, everything is chaotic and disorderly. It’s basically an anarchic place. It’s said that in the Divine Capital Dynasty, countless hedonistic sons of rich families idled around, but later angered Great Monarch East Martial, so he directly ordered a street to be built for them called Dragon Fighting Street. It’s said that those hedonistic sons of rich families can only play in it. Whoever dares to do evil outside will be killed.”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered. “Oh!”

Feng Xingliu wondered, “They sound like my cousin Feng Ye who fools around all day long.”

Han Fei grinned. “This is a great place. Chen Ye, take us there.”

Chen Ye panicked. “Well… Master Han Fei, accidents happen often in that place…”

Han Fei: “With me here, what can happen to you? Don’t worry. Just lead the way.”