Chapter 2325: My Name Is Han Fei, the Invincible

Feng Qingcheng felt her teeth ache when she heard that.

During the time that Feng Xingliu spent with Han Fei, his personality had changed a lot. Although he became more scheming, he became even more arrogant than before.

More importantly, Han Fei took Feng Xingliu to experience things that he had never experienced before and often stimulated Feng Xingliu. As a result, Feng Xingliu now became very accepting of new things and was bold enough to come into contact with them.

On the way to Dragon Fighting Street, Feng Qingcheng took out an exquisite flame badge, which seemed to have some special use.

Han Fei was curious. “What is this?”

Feng Qingcheng said, “Oh! This is our family’s totem token. We can use it to communicate with a few people distant, as long as the other party also has this.”

Han Fei was shocked. Wouldn’t this be equivalent to being able to chat with each other no matter how far away they were? It was equivalent to the altar of the God of War and the fire curtain appearing after his sacrifice, through which he could chat with the God of War.

Feng Xingliu asked casually, “Where are Feng Yu?”

Feng Qingcheng said, “She should already be in the Divine Capital Dynasty.”

In fact, Feng Qingcheng didn’t know where Feng Fei was. She wanted to send a message to Feng Yu to help them out. It didn’t matter if Han Fei had the support of a powerful force or not, Han Fei clearly didn’t know much about the big clans. He seemed to be used to being reckless and was even a little lawless.

Therefore, in Han Fei’s eyes, the Dragon Fighting Street was just a bunch of hedonistic kids! How could he be afraid of some hedonistic kids?

Feng Xingliu was thinking the same thing. I’m a Heavenly Talent. How can a bunch of hedonistic kids compare to me?

But Feng Qingcheng was different. Although she was young, she read a lot of books and had critical thinking. Chen Ye was only a peak-level Explorer, so he only felt that the Dragon Fighting Street was just a place where the Divine Capital Dynasty exiled rich kids.

However, Feng Qingcheng felt that one couldn’t judge a book by its cover. Was the appearance of such a chaotic place in the Divine Capital Dynasty really just for a bunch of idle rich kids to have fun?

Their goal was very clear, so they were very fast. In less than an hour, they arrived at the 1,001st island on the ground. This island was directly called the Dragon Fighting Island.

The Dragon Fighting Island spanned 120,000 kilometers and wasn’t large. It could even be said to be very small compared to other islands.

However, the people on the island seemed to be very tough.

As soon as Han Fei and the others arrived at Dragon Battle Island, they saw a few law enforcer-level children fighting each other. Yes, Han Fei could be sure that they were just children.

Perhaps because the cultivation environment here in the Divine Capital Dynasty was too good, the children born here were all very talented, so it was very fast for them to grow to the Law Enforcer realm.

This was the difference between the core of the East Sea, the Divine Capital Dynasty and the Yin-Yang World where Han Fei used to live. Their starting line was completely different.

The starting line of these children might be the finishing lines of Han Fei’s group. Oh, no, it might exceed their finishing line by far.

At this moment, the two youths were fighting each other, holding big bone sticks in their hands and smashing at each other’s heads.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The two of them knocked each other until their seven orifices bled, but they didn’t seen to care.

Feng Xingliu couldn’t help but ask, “Are they stupid? Are they practicing the Iron-Head Technique?”

Chen Ye said, “Well… they are just competing to see whose body is tougher. There is a Sun-Moon Shell behind them. They are gambling.”

Feng Xingliu: “…”

Feng Qingcheng: “…”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei grinned. “Interesting. Chen Ye, we’ve arrived at our destination. You can go back now!”


Chen Ye thought about his duty as a guide and then heard Han Fei say, “After all, you are from the Divine Capital Dynasty. You don’t have to get involved in the matters here. Go!”

“Yes, Master Han Fei.”

In a place where you didn’t have to be reasonable, Han Fei’s wild personality was exposed.

Han Fei’s perception swept across half of the Dragon Fighting Island. Han Fei wanted to sweep the entire Dragon Fighting Island, but his perception was shattered halfway, so he didn’t see the other half of the Dragon Fighting Island.

Even so, Han Fei had found the legendary Dragon Fighting Street.

The Dragon Fighting Island had the worst environment in the Divine Capital Dynasty. Battles often broke out here, so many places showed signs of collapse.

The so-called Dragon Fighting Street was a road that stretched for 80,000 kilometers. The street was so wide that it was almost unbelievable. The street was 3,000 kilometers wide and there was nothing but a flat road in the middle.

After Han Fei’s perception swept across, thousands of perceptions immediately swept over.

For a moment, all kinds of voices were heard.

Someone shouted, “Which son of a bi*ch dares to sweep the Dragon Fighting Street with your perception? Do you want to die?”

Someone scolded, “Which b*stard? Is the Dragon Fighting Street a place for you to behave wildly? I’m doing something and you’re peeping at me. If you don’t give an explanation, don’t even think about walking out of Dragon Fighting Island today.”

Someone sneered. “Stranger, do you know what happens when you break into the Dragon Fighting Street?”

Someone was too lazy to curse and simply shouted, “Someone, bring those people here. Make them kowtow and apologize.”

A shop owner from Dragon Fighting Street smiled. “Interesting. Newcomers! They have qualification tokens for the competition. They are outsiders!”

Someone was amazed. “I can’t see through their strength, but the other one has just entered the Star Transformation Realm. His strength seems to be mediocre… Why did they bring a peak-level Sea Establisher with them?”

At this time, Feng Xingliu said, “Many people have gathered around.”

Han Fei said, “Don’t panic. Let’s fight our way through.”


Feng Xingliu was dumbfounded. “Wait, we haven’t even figured out what happened yet, and we’re already fighting our way through?”

Han Fei said, “In such a place, there’s no need to reason. The more chaotic a place is, the more strength speaks. Let’s fight first. After fighting, we can do our business. The ways to integrate into different circles are different.”


The void trembled, and someone stepped out of the void and pointed at Han Fei and Feng Xingliu. “Who are you? How dare you mess around in the Dragon Fighting Street? Go to hell… Ah…”


The group of Sky Opening cultivators at the edge of the star transformation realm had only come to call for reinforcements, but they were used to being fierce. They didn’t expect someone to attack them. Ignoring his strength, he was kicked to the ground by Han Fei.

This person was kicked into the void, flying 8,000 kilometers in the void, and a hole directly appeared in his chest.

“Hiss! So strong!”

Outside, someone shouted angrily, “You blind b*stard, come to Dragon Fighting Street if you have what it takes.”

Dragon Fighting Street was 80,000 kilometers long and 3,000 kilometers wide, and many people were already waiting there.

Han Fei could tell that the whole street was sealed by a spiritual barrier. The ground was paved with special black bricks, but even so, many places were damaged. Obviously, there were frequent battles here.

Han Fei smiled and said, “Xingliu! Let me recite a few poems for you.”

Feng Xingliu Liu Mengran asked, “Poems? What is that?”

Han Fei said with a faint smile, “Listen carefully. The first line, even if it is an army of one hundred thousand, I will go forward.”


Feng Xingliu couldn’t help but be refreshed. Why was this sentence so appropriate to the scene in front of them?

Feng Qingcheng’s eyes lit up too, but for some reason, she found his words a bit weird.

Han Fei followed.

“Holding the sun, moon, and stars in my hands, there is no one like me in the world.”

Feng Xingliu looked at Han Fei in shock. So arrogant? Is this Han Fei’s belief?

“The sky’s the shore of the immense sea. I am the tallest when I stand on the peak of the mountain.”

“The strong have been lonely since ancient times. Only the arrogant leave their names.”

“Standing on the peak, no one can be my foe. Stepping Fighting Dragon underfoot, who can beat me?”

“Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!”

Feng Xingliu was amazed by Han Fei’s poems. Although he wanted to learn it, he really couldn’t make such poems.

The poems were so domineering and unbelievably arrogant that Feng Xingliu felt that he wanted to slap Han Fei’s face.

Feng Qingcheng opened her mouth, took out the flame emblem again, and sent a message. “Sister, it’s out of control. Han Fei has already gone wild and challenged the Dragon Fighting Street alone. Oh no, with Feng Xingliu.”

Han Fei stepped into the Dragon Fighting Street, and Feng Xingliu followed him in. Feng Qingcheng was only spectating the battle, so she wasn’t worried. Besides, she had jade slips to protect him. Even if a Monarch came in person, he couldn’t kill her easily, so she followed them in.

Immediately, when Han Fei entered the Dragon Fighting Street, a star transformation realm cultivator burst out with his rod like a roaring dragon.

Han Fei also roared and punched out. With a loud clang, the ultra-quality long rod bent, and half of the body of the person who attacked exploded. He was sent flying for 30,000 kilometers.

Someone attacked Feng Xingliu, and the latter grabbed a fiery feather in the air and shot an arrow at the cultivator who was in the late Star Transformation Realm. The cultivator’s body exploded and he was burnt to ashes.


Feng Xingliu exclaimed, his heart trembling. Can people fight like this in the main city of the Divine Capital Dynasty? I’m so fierce. I can actually be so fierce.

On the other side, Han Fei kept attacking with the Sacrificing Punch. A strong master who had obviously mastered the Great Dao of Strength rushed up, thinking that Han Fei had also mastered this Dao, and prepared to fight Han Fei head-on.


He punched out a spiral storm, crushing the vast sky of the Dragon Fighting Street. All the other people who were about to attack had to dodge this punch.

Han Fei roared, “My name is Han Fei, the Invincible. I’m told that there are many strong masters in the Dragon Fighting Street, so I’m here to fight you.”