Chapter 2326: A Dragon Fight

Why was Han Fei so interested in Dragon Fighting Street when he heard that it was a place where hedonistic children gathered and was the most chaotic place in the Divine Capital Dynasty?

That was because Han Fei thought that the money of the rich second-generation heirs was the easiest to earn.

Regardless of whether Dragon Fighting Street was really a concentration camp for rich kids, according to Chen Ye’s description, the people here were aggressive, rich and willful with good and evil people mixed up.

It was exactly such a place that the Heavenly Race’s influence couldn’t reach. Han Fei admitted that the Gate of Heaven was very powerful and involved in a wide range of properties in the East Sea Divine Realm. Perhaps the Divine Capital Dynasty was also inextricably related to the Gate of Heaven.

However, it was impossible for everyone in this world to be afraid of the Heavenly Race, such as the hedonistic children of the major powers. These people had always been a group of fearless guys. Only when they suffered a battering might they have a trace of fear. However, as long as they weren’t killed, they would use their status to find strong cultivators to kill you.

As for whether there were hedonistic children in the Sky Opening Realm, Han Fei firmly believed that there were. One of them was Feng Xingliu.

Although Feng Xingliu wasn’t a playboy, he was a spendthrift, wasn’t he? He kept calling others ants and was not afraid at all of challenging the Heavenly Race with him. When he was bullied by the Heavenly Race, he immediately claimed he would return to the South Sea Divine Realm to wipe out the Heavenly Race’ power.

These were typical characteristics of hedonistic children. It had nothing to do with what realm one was in. As long as one’s family was powerful enough and was willing to pay the price, he might be able to reach the Sky Opening Realm even if he was a pig, let alone a human being.

Han Fei had some experience in dealing with rich playboys. First of all, he had to anger them. People who were angry were the most irrational.

At this moment, Han Fei didn’t want to sell the qualification tokens for money for now. He just wanted to earn some money first.

Sure enough, when Han Fei shouted this slogan, the Dragon Fighting Street exploded.

“What an arrogant son of a bi*ch. If I don’t kill you today, where is the face of our Dragon Fighting Street?!”

“Go to hell! Come on, let’s kill these two!”

Since Han Fei dared to barge into the Dragon Fighting Street, these people dared to gang up on him. They were not stupid. They could tell that Han Fei and Feng Xingliu were not weak, or even extremely strong. Ordinary Star Transformation Realm cultivators could not even withstand a single blow from them.

However, there were only two of them, but there were too many strong masters in the Dragon Fighting Street.

However, being rich didn’t mean being stupid. When these people asked their subordinates to attack, they all ordered one thing. “Before they are killed, I want to know all their information.”

At the end of the Dragon Fighting Street, there was a strong master who looked like a tycoon. He lay on a throne on the road comfortably. In front of and on the left and right sides of him stood six bodyguards at the late-stage of the Star Transformation Realm.

This person shouted, “Everyone, listen up. Those who haven’t entered the Star Transformation Realm, get lost. Set up the Dragon Fighting Array. Each family picks two people. Don’t just put everyone on the street. It will make the Dragon Fighting Street look like a mess.”

As soon as the tycoon gave the order, two-thirds of the hundreds of Sky Opening cultivators who had appeared suddenly disappeared. There were only less than 200 left, but these 200 people were all Star Transformation Realm cultivators.

Han Fei licked the corner of his mouth. It was just a street, but there were at least 200 Star Transformation Realm cultivators. There must be stronger people who hadn’t taken action yet. The Divine Capital Dynasty was indeed worthy of its reputation.

To be precise, there were still 192 people here. These people stood on the sides of the road in twos, waiting for Han Fei and Feng Xingliu to walk forward.

Then, the young master said to Han Fei and Feng Xingliu, “It’s been many years since I’ve seen an outsider dare to barge into the Dragon Fighting Street. Since you have barged in, don’t leave. If either of you dare to run, I’ll send ten late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators to kill you.”

Han Fei sneered. “If I take a step back, this game is my loss. I heard that there is trash from the Heavenly Race who hangs around the Dragon Fighting Street all year round. Is this news true? If it is, come out, get on their knees and wait for me to crush them.”

Han Fei didn’t know if there were people from the Heavenly Race in the Dragon Fighting Street. Whatever, it wouldn’t cost him anything. He could also give these people the illusion that he was here because he heard that there were people from the Heavenly Race in the Dragon Fighting Street.

“Hiss ~”

When Han Fei shouted this, even the young master was a little stunned. The Heavenly Race? Was this f*cking villain here because of the Heavenly Race?

Someone gasped. How dare he make the Heavenly Race kneel and wait for him? Had the outsiders become so arrogant now?

To Han Fei’s surprise, more than a dozen people stood up. “Where did you come from? How dare you challenge our Heavenly Race?”

Han Fei chuckled. He shouted this mainly because the Gate of Heaven had frequent dealings with the Divine Capital Dynasty. After beating up Yi Yuan and the others from the Heavenly Race, he learned that these people were more or less arrogant.

Since this Dragon Fighting Street was said to have gathered all the hedonistic children of the Divine Capital Dynasty, there should be one or two Heavenly Races, right? Sure enough, there were.

Seeing these people stand up, Han Fei grinned. “Alright! If you have the guts, don’t leave. I’ll give you a chance to call for reinforcements. You’d better call as many as you can. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of my time.”

The young master of the Heavenly Race said with an ugly expression, “You ant, talk when you can walk to me. It’s ridiculous that the two of you want to conquer the Dragon Fighting Street.”

Han Fei immediately looked at Feng Xingliu. He had already attracted a lot of hatred. If he let Feng Xingliu speak at this time, this guy would definitely irritate these people.

Han Fei said to Feng Xingliu via voice transmission, “Xingliu, if you destroy this street, you will be the most handsome boy on this street. From now on, the entire Divine Capital Dynasty will know you, Feng Xingliu. Feng Yu can rank first on the Heaven Roll in the Central Sea Divine Realm. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to destroy a street, right?

Feng Xingliu was refreshed, and then he grinned. “The people on the street are as insignificant as ants to me.”

Feng Xingliu pointed at the people of the Heavenly Race and said, “Ants of the Heavenly Race, you’re not even qualified to lick my feet. I won’t walk out of this street until I destroy you.”

On both sides of the street, luxurious shops were lined up. All kinds of rich people and strong masters were watching the show.

Many people were puzzled. It turned out that those two seemed to have a big grudge against the Heavenly Race!

Even the young master at the end of Dragon Fighting Street said, “Go find out who the Heavenly Race have pissed off recently. I’m afraid these two people came to the wrong place.”

An old servant in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm in the front said, “Young Master, the one who used fire just now should be from the Phoenix Divine Race in the South Sea Divine Realm. Based on this, they should be the two people who defeated the four Heavenly Talents of the Heavenly Race in Tomorrow Camp. As for their names, one seems to be called Han Fei, and the other is called Feng Xingliu.”

“Oh? I see. I heard that in the battle at Tomorrow Camp, not only did they suppress the four Heavenly Talents of the Heavenly Race, but they also captured more than 30 Star Transformation Realm cultivators. From the looks of it, they don’t seem to be weak.”

The old servant said, “Even if they are talented and extremely strong, it’s impossible for two people to conquer the entire Dragon Fighting Street. It’s hard to describe the soul strength needed for this. Unless their mental recovery ability is extremely high and their strength can maintain the peak state.”

Young Master: “I heard that the Phoenix Divine Race’s number one on the Heaven Roll, Feng Yu, is here too?”

The old servant nodded. “Yes. If it’s that person, I’m afraid no one in the Dragon Fighting Street can challenge her. According to the intelligence from the Central Sea Divine Realm, Feng Yu once fought a God Molt and won in the end. We can’t underestimate her.”

The young master nodded slightly. “Then don’t kill them. When Fneg Yu comes to ask for them, just give them to her.”

The young master calmly crossed his legs. At the front of the Dragon Fighting Street, a fight had already started.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

“Hoop, Hoop, Hoop~”

In a head-on clash, the brave would win. Han Fei’s fist marks were invincible. All his techniques could both hurt the body and attack the soul. He swept through more than 20 people along the way, his Qi and blood overwhelming and his killing intent overflowing.

Feng Xingliu was in high spirits. A fiery phoenix appeared and its terrifyingly high temperature swept across the Dragon Fighting Street. He used the Fire Phoenix Technique to burn the bodies of seven or eight people.

However, Feng Xingliu was not Han Fei after all. Although he seemed extremely powerful in battle, he was also under a lot of pressure.

It was not a problem for him to beat a dozen ordinary people in the late-stage Star Transformation Realm, but how could those who were sent to the Dragon Fighting Street be ordinary?

After taking down seven or eight people, Feng Xingliu was a bit exhausted and couldn’t be as invincible as Han Fei.

Feng Qingcheng watched from the back. A dazzling pearl appeared on the surface of her body and surrounded her. Every time a wave of air rippled over, it couldn’t shake her at all.

She somewhat understood what Han Fei meant. He was helping Feng Xingliu to make a breakthrough. Feng Xingliu was very strong, but he still couldn’t reach his limit. Even in trials, it was very difficult for so many cultivators to besiege him. Feng Xingliu could fight ten or twenty people, but could he fight a hundred? If he could defeat the hundred people, his star path would definitely reach a new height.