Chapter 2327: Conquer Dragon Fighting Street (1)

Only a hundred seconds after Han Fei and Feng Xingliu entered the Dragon Fighting Street, almost all the strong masters on the Dragon Fighting Island had gathered here.

After Han Fei and Feng Xingliu fought for three hundred seconds in the Dragon Fighting Street, everyone saw that Han Fei was better at fighting than Feng Xingliu.

Although Feng Xingliu was violent in battle, his endurance was not good. He could keep up with Han Fei in the beginning, but the further he went, the less he could keep up.

The price of keeping using ultimate skills was that others might deduce a way to deal with them if they saw them. Even if they couldn’t really block Feng Xingliu’s attacks, they could at least delay his attack.

Besides, using a great technique not only consumed one’s own strength, but also tested one’s mental strength. Even a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm couldn’t sweep through so many strong masters in the Sky Opening Realm.

Back in the No. 3 Revived Place, five or six hundred evil spirits could stall An Taiping and the others. Although they couldn’t stop them in the end, they had made them lose at least fifty percent or more of their combat power.

But these people in front of him were all Star Transformation Realm cultivators. How could ordinary evil spirits compare to them? Even Han Fei didn’t dare to say that he could really defeat them alone. This was why he took Feng Xingliu with him.

Although Feng Xingliu couldn’t penetrate hundreds of people, if this guy really stimulated his potential, it would be no problem for him to beat fifty of them. After all, this was not a life-and-death battle. These people would not risk their lives to fight Han Fei and Feng Xingliu.

Boom ~

Someone poked Han Fei’s chest with a long stick. The power was violent, and the tide surged for thousands of kilometers, but Han Fei didn’t retreat at all. He held the stick in both hands and suddenly gave it a tug.

A terrifying force came. The other party dared not approach Han Fei and directly abandoned the long stick, which was an ultra-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure.

The ultra-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure struggled crazily, trying to escape Han Fei’s control.

Han Fei snorted coldly. “How dare you show off with a lousy weapon?”

Han Fei gave the stick a knee and then pulled it down with both hands.

Crack! Bam!

To the shock of countless people, the ultra-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure was broken into halves by Han Fei’s knee and thrown to the ground.

The person opposite Han Fei had no room to retreat. Since he had appeared on Dragon Fighting Street, he had to either lose or beat Han Fei back. He had no choice but to come up.

The long stick was useless. He took out a big axe, and a thick sharp light bloomed on the axe. Han Fei stretched out his hands, and gloves appeared on his hands.


After a punch, the man’s hands were shattered, and his giant axe was sent flying into the void.

At this moment, Han Fei had already beaten more than fifty people along the way.

The onlookers all exclaimed.

“This person’s physique is so strong that he can break an ultra-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure with his bare hands. Does it mean that his body can resist godly weapons?”

“This guy has been using fist techniques to defend himself from the beginning to the end. Is he from the Fist Light Mountain? Is there such a tough guy in the Fist Light Mountain?”

“The power of this person’s casual punch exceeds ten million waves. What does this mean? It means that his body can resist late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators. If he uses any secret techniques or the power of the Heavenly Dao, his combat power will probably be comparable to peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators’.”

“I think it’s more than that. If his combat power is only comparable to peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators’, would he dare to challenge the Dragon Fighting Street alone? Didn’t Dragon Fighting Street have a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator?”

“Fire Phoenix, surging fire tide!”

At this time, Feng Xingliu had just defeated more than 30 people, but Han Fei could see that Feng Xingliu was already a bit exhausted. He probably couldn’t last long.

A hundred seconds later, when Feng Xingliu pierced through the 39th person, someone unleashed the Fatal Poison Sting and took advantage of the moment when Feng Xingliu’s breath was chaotic to launch an attack.


Han Fei stole the time around that person. In the next moment, Feng Xingliu had already reacted. With a sweep of his sword, the flames incinerated the poisonous stinger.

Feng Xingliu didn’t notice this. He felt very tired now and felt that he and Han Fei were too careless. It was too difficult for two people to fight two hundred people. He was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to fight anymore in the latter half of the battle.

Han Fei said, “Feng Xingliu, do you want to be on the Heaven Roll? Do you want to go to the Central Sea Divine Realm? Do you want to surpass Feng Yu? If you do, fight until you’re completely exhausted.”


Feng Xingliu’s eyes were spitting fire as he roared, “You ants, come at me together!”

Feng Yu had already arrived at the Divine Capital Dynasty. She was invited by the royal family of the Divine Capital Dynasty and was visiting a princess.

When the flame emblem lit up, Feng Yu glanced at it and said to the princess, “Lan Xin, do you know the Dragon Fighting Street?”

The princess who was sipping tea was slightly surprised. “Dragon Fighting Street? That’s not a good place. Why is Miss Yu suddenly asking about this?”

Feng Yu got up and said, “Two of my family have gone to Dragon Fighting Street. I have to take a look.”

“Huh? Challenge the Dragon Fighting Street?”

The princess named Lan Xin couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. “There are so many strong masters on the Dragon Fighting Street. How can two people break through?”

An hour later.

Feng Xingliu couldn’t fight anymore. He had only defeated 48 people, feeling mentally exhausted and physically powerless, and his soul was extremely sore. This soreness was partly caused by his outburst, and partly because he was beaten up.

At this moment, Han Fei had already defeated more than 80 people, but he suddenly turned back and came to Feng Xingliu. “When I was fighting, a maidservant massaged your feet for you. When I was fighting, you might be lying on the rocking chair sleeping. When I was competing for resources, you might despise the treasures in your family’s treasure house. When I was competing for resources, someone might have already sent the resources to you, but you were thinking how you could escape from cultivation… Xingliu, you cannot be a young master forever. Where are your divine techniques? Where are your flames? Where is the blood of the Divine Phoenix flowing in your body? ignite it and let it burn violently…”

“Look, I’m going to reach the end of the street, but you’re only halfway through. Don’t you want to catch up with me?”

“Feng Xingliu, if you cross this street, you will be the most handsome boy on this street. You will make a name for yourself, shake the Divine Capital Dynasty, and impress the entire Phoenix Divine Race…”

Feng Xingliu heard Han Fei’s cry at this moment, but he didn’t have the time to speak because it would mess up his breath. However, a fire was burning in his heart.

He didn’t quite understand what Han Fei meant before, but now he knew that Han Fei was squeezing his power.

He was also wondering why Han Fei could do it, but he couldn’t?

As for the others who were watching the battle, including many playboys on the Dragon Fighting Street, their eyes turned cold. These two guys actually used the Dragon Fighting Street as a whetstone.

Someone shouted, “Come on, kill them!”

Two late-stage Sky Opening Realm cultivators rushed up. One of them slashed with his long saber, and the saber beam spread out for thousands of kilometers, carrying the Dao of Destruction. The other formed a strange seal and gathered the power of the Heavenly Dao into an invisible cage.

When the two forces enveloped him, Han Fei’s eyes turned cold. He counterattacked and fused the Sacrificing Punch with the Imposing Dragon Punch.


Boom ~

The barrier exploded, and the saber beam turned into powder. The two cultivators joined forces, trying to block the attack, but half of their bodies were annihilated, and blood splashed across the sky.

Han Fei’s punch went all the way to the end of Dragon Fighting Street. In front of the young master, an old servant in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm took action. He reached out and grabbed, and the power of the Great Dao gathered.


The ripples shook, unable to affect the young master at all.

The young master smiled faintly. “This person is indeed very strong.”

The old servant nodded slightly. “This person’s fist mark carries invincible intent. He didn’t show it before because he didn’t fight to his full strength. Now, I can be sure that he takes the path of invincibility.”

“Oh? The path of invincibility? No wonder he dares to come to the Dragon Fighting Street. He is not only sharpening his knives with the Dragon Fighting Street, but also beating the Heavenly Race and making a name for himself! However, he has to be alive to walk the path of invincibility.”



At that moment, Feng Xingliu erupted. He began to burn his blood and crazily make his Great Dao operate. In his Origin Sea, the ground veins were trembling, and the core of his Origin Sea was solidifying, constantly producing Dao runes.

“Feng Xingliu is the most handsome boy on this street… Divine technique, arrow aura like a phoenix…”

Feng Xingliu had released all his strength. His skin was torn apart, and scarlet burning blood was as sticky as magma, and flames all over his body turned into arrows.

A spear light broke through the void, but before it approached him, the spear light was melted by the terrifying heat wave.

A sword tide surged and stopped ten thousand feet away from Feng Xingliu.

Some of the poisons, like snakes, evaporated tens of thousands of feet away.

For a moment, none of the various techniques could get close to him.

Han Fei looked at the twenty or so people left on the other half of the road. They knew that they couldn’t beat Han Fei, so it wouldn’t be their fault if they were defeated by Han Fei.

However, at this moment, even they couldn’t help but marvel at the huge potential and terrifying strength of these two people. Although the ten-thousand-year competition hadn’t started yet, they knew that these two people would definitely make a name in the competition.

Feng Yu was still some distance away from the Dragon Fighting Street. All of a sudden, she sensed the descent of a fire phoenix.

“Second awakening of bloodline? Is this the Fire Phoenix Divine Technique after the essence blood was burnt?”