Chapter 2331: Yi Qianxing

At this moment, Han Fei could vaguely feel the authority of the strong.

A real cultivator had nothing to fear, because the enemy he faced was not worthy of his fear. For example, although he hadn’t reached the perfected Star Transformation Realm yet, he was confident of fighting a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator.

It was mainly because he was confident and had the powerful Void Stealing Technique. If a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator came to challenge him, he would have a chance to kill him.

Of course, Han Fei knew that there must be someone in this world who could crack the Void Stealing Technique. After all, the ninth level of Void Fishing was no longer divine-quality but ultra-quality among the Monarch-level techniques.

Regardless of the level of Void Fishing, it was a technique that only Monarchs could practice. In theory, only Monarchs could master Void Stealing.

But he mastered it in advance, which would be equivalent to him having the power of a Monarch in advance. This way, it would be equivalent to a dimensional reduction blow for the strong masters in the Sky Opening Realm.

Therefore, Han Fei was not afraid of the Dragon Fighting Arena at all. Even if he had to face a strong master like Zhao Honghuang, he would not be afraid. This was his confidence.

After a while, suddenly, many people looked at the entrance of Dragon Fighting Street, and a man with long hair walked over.

From his walking posture to the expression on his face, this person seemed a little feminine. Occasionally, he would show some feminine characteristics.

When Han Fei saw this person, he frowned slightly. Too feminine, he gave off a very bad feeling. There were many human emotions, but some would make people feel a little frightened and disgusted. Compared to pure evil, this feminine and vicious feeling was especially strange.

Of course, Han Fei was not afraid. He wanted to see what the Heavenly Race would do this time.

After Yi Chen was captured by him last time, Han Fei thought that either the Heavenly Race didn’t dare to attack him again, or they must have found a special way to deal with him.

However, Han Fei was confident that the Heavenly Race didn’t know all his methods, because he hadn’t shown some of his strength yet.

“What? The Heavenly Race released this guy?”

“Yi Qianxing? It’s the monster Yi Qianxing.”

“Oh! Han Fei is doomed. Compared to this God of Slaughter, Han Fei is nothing!”

“Good lord, I haven’t heard any news about Yi Qianxing for almost a thousand years. He’s said to have been suppressed by the Heavenly Race. Why would he appear in the Divine Capital Dynasty at this time?”


Someone took a deep breath. “Is this guy here for Han Fei?”

“Oh? Yi Qianxing, long time no see!”

Kong Xuan sat on his big chair, picked up his wine glass, and took a sip. “When did you come to the Divine Capital Dynasty?”

Yi Qianxing’s voice was as feminine as his temperament. “It’s been three months. I heard that a person appeared in the wilderness and attacked the Heavenly Race crazily. Tsk, tsk. What a pity. Why didn’t he kill them? Isn’t it good to kill those pieces of junk?”

Yi Qianxing grinned with redness in his eyes.

Yi Qianxing looked at Han Fei and let out a shrill laugh. “I really didn’t expect you to be willing to fight in the Dragon Fighting Arena. What a pity. I’m counting on you to help me kill more good-for-nothings of the Heavenly Race in the Ten-Thousand Year Competition. Just thinking about it makes me excited.”

Han Fei snorted. “What are you talking about? Why are you fighting for the Heavenly Race when you hate them so much? Are you out of your mind?”

Immediately, there was silence on both sides of the Dragon Fighting Street. Even these rich kids were unwilling to talk to the lunatic Yi Qianxing, but Han Fei mocked him unscrupulously.

Yi Qianxing licked his lips, his shoulders slightly shaking. “Interesting. As expected of someone who conquered the Dragon Fighting Street. Don’t worry. When I pick your head and extract your soul, marrow, and bloodline… Hehe, I will definitely kill more strong masters of the Heavenly Race for you.”

At this moment, Feng Yu said, “Yi Qianxing had already become famous ten thousand years ago. He was known for his ruthlessness and viciousness. He once entered the Heavenly Talent Selection in the Central Sea Divine Realm. Because of his cruelty and bloodthirsty nature, no one who fought him survived. As a result, the top Heavenly Talents died one after another, so he was forced to withdraw from the competition and was sent back to the East Sea Divine Realm.”

Han Fei responded, “It didn’t make sense.”

Feng Yu said, “It didn’t make sense indeed, but I wasn’t even born back then. Let me fight this battle, OK? Let me see how strong this cultivator who has been famous for ten thousand years is.”

Han Fei said, “No! Leave this person to me! The Heavenly Race caused me a huge loss. How can I vent my hatred if I let you do it for me?”

Feng Yu was speechless. Vent your hatred? That’s just because the Heavenly Race made you lose money.

Feng Yu said, “I won’t stop you when you reach the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm, but you haven’t turned your Origin Sea into a star yet…”

Han Fei said, “I have.”


Feng Yu’s beautiful eyes lit up. Really? Wait, when did Han Fei transform his Origin Sea into a star? Could the star transformation be so quick?

Immediately, Feng Yu asked in surprise, “When did you enter the Star Transformation Realm? I remembered you hadn’t the last time we met. How large was your Origin Sea when you entered the Star Transformation Realm?”

As Feng Yu bombarded him with questions, Han Fei replied casually, “You know that I know the Great Dao of Time, right? So I can accelerate time for myself! I told Feng Xingliu that my Origin Sea was 490,000 kilometers when I did that because I didn’t want to discourage him. But in fact, it was 640,000 kilometers…”

Han Fei thought for a moment and didn’t tell her the fact that his Origin Sea was actually 810,000 kilometers when he did it, because it might hurt her feelings.

“Hiss ~”

Feng Yu instantly took a deep breath. How many years had it been? It seemed to be less than three years, but he had already entered the Star Transformation Realm. Feng Yu was dumbfounded.

However, Feng Yu wasn’t surprised that Han Fei had a 640,000-kilometer star transformation. Eldest Senior Brother’s judgment couldn’t be wrong. She would be surprised if Han Fei had a 490,000-kilometer star transformation.

After all, even if he had a 490,000-kilometer star transformation, he was still considered a genius, although there were still some such talents. As time went by, there were actually quite a lot of them.

However, there were very few people who could have a 640,000-kilometer star transformation. Although there were more than one or two of them after a long time, they were still extremely rare.

Besides, there might not be many people who could have a 640,000-kilometer star transformation and still stay in the Sea Realm.

This was because there was a high probability that those who had a 640,000-kilometer star transformation could become Monarchs. After becoming Monarchs, few people were willing to stay in the Sea Realm. In order to continue to become stronger, many Monarchs would go to the Sea of Stars.

The vast Sea of Stars seemed endless. Even Monarchs couldn’t explore it completely.

However, Feng Yu was a little conflicted in her heart. After the surprise, she sighed slightly. Should she tell Little Junior Brother that she had a 810,000-kilometer star transformation? What if she hurt him?

Han Fei and Feng Yu were both afraid of hurting each other, so they hid some of the truth.

Feng Yu thought for a moment. Since Little Junior Brother dares to fight, he probably has a certain degree of confidence. What’s the big deal about the Dragon Fighting Arena? Even if Little Junior Brother really loses, I can help him. Who dares to stop me?

Even at the very worst, Eldest Senior Brother could take action to suppress the entire Divine Capital. Then no one would dare to touch a single strand of Han Fei’s hair.

Feng Yu nodded slightly. Han Fei tilted his head and said to Yi Qianxing, “Ouch, you scared me! Extract my soul and sucked my marrow? Who the hell do you think you are? I can beat the hell out of you!”

“Hiss ~”

Countless people held their breath and gasped.

Even Kong Xuan’s lips twitched. Fine! I won’t interfere in this matter. Just let these two lunatics fight!

Yi Qianxing suddenly raised his eyes and stared at Han Fei. Then he grinned so widely that his smile almost reached his ears.

Han Fei mumbled, “What a freak. He has such a big mouth like a clown.”

Yi Qianxing’s feminine and cold voice sounded, “Very good. I will let you die in pain.”

Han Fei ignored him and looked at Kong Xuan. “Tell me, where is the Dragon Fighting Arena?”

“Heh ~”

Kong Xuan disappeared from Dragon Fighting Street with the throne under his butt. When only Han Fei and the others were left on Dragon Fighting Street, someone shouted, “Do you know nothing about Dragon Fighting Street? The Dragon Fighting Arena is right under your feet.”

At this moment, Kong Xuan’s voice sounded from a tall building. “Except for the contestants, the rest of you, leave the arena immediately. The Dragon Fighting Barrier is about to open.”


“Hahaha! Today’s Dragon Fighting Arena is going to be fun.”

“Yi Qianxing, kill him and tear this kid from the Western Desert apart.”

“Kill Han Fei, kill Han Fei…”

Shouts rose and fell on Dragon Fighting Street.

Feng Yu grabbed the immobile Feng Xingliu and Feng Yu and left the Dragon Fighting Street. Feng Xingliu snorted reluctantly, but Han Fei’s battle was obviously more important now. He quickly said, “Will Han Fei be okay? This person feels very strong. I can’t beat him.”

Feng Yu sneered. “Of course you can’t beat him. Who can you beat?”

“Ahh! Feng Yu, don’t go too far. I’m now the most handsome boy on this street.”

Feng Yu pouted. “Look around, the most handsome boy is over there!”

Feng Xingliu looked around.

“Kill Han Fei!”

“Kill him.”

“Ahhhhh! Come on, bet, bet, bet!”

At this time, Feng Xingliu was dumbfounded. These people are too much! Have they forgotten me so quickly?