Chapter 2333: Defeat the Enemy with Yang Soul

On both sides of the Dragon Fighting Street, many people were stunned. At first, they were shouting, but then they found that they couldn’t watch a battle of this level at all, so they simply stopped shouting. Their perception swept back and forth on the Dragon Fighting Street, just to find where Han Fei and Yi Qianxing were.

Yes, most people couldn’t find them.

However, some people looked at the field with shocked expressions.

Feng Xingliu could see Han Fei and Yi Qianxing fighting. He saw the Great Dao of Time and the occasional clash. It was more like Han Fei was chasing, and Yi Qianxing suddenly exploded into countless streaks of light.

Perhaps he didn’t know Han Fei’s Great Dao and techniques, so he was dumbfounded.

Most of the people who could see the battle between the two felt the same as Feng Xingliu. Only the dozen or so people at the late stage of the Star Transformation Realm including Kong Xuan and Feng Yu were deep in thought.

The two’s fighting pattern was very strange. Both of them were still testing each other after several rounds. Yi Qianxing seemed to be dodging something, and Han Fei didn’t seem to want him to dodge. He even used the Great Dao of Time to reverse time.

Although they didn’t know what kind of confrontation the two of them had at that moment, they knew that the two of them must have had a very terrifying confrontation, but others couldn’t tell.

As for Feng Yu, she seemed to be deep in thought. She had heard the following words from Senior Sister Red Lotus once when Senior Sister Red Lotus and Senior Sister Green Lotus were frolicking.

Senior Sister Red Lotus said, “I steal your Great Dao.”

Senior Sister Green Lotus said, “I steal your Chaotic Spiritual Treasure.”

Senior Sister Red Lotus said, “I steal your thoughts of stealing my things.”

Senior Sister Green Lotus said, “I steal your thoughts of stealing my thoughts.”

At that time, Feng Yu felt that it was like children playing, so she asked Senior Sister Green Lotus and Senior Sister Red Lotus what they meant.

Then, Senior Sister Red Lotus said, “This is a great technique deduced by former cultivators of the Void Temple. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really completed before those seniors died.”

For some reason, when Feng Yu saw the battle between Han Fei and Yi Qianxing, she thought of this scene. Han Fei didn’t attack much, but Yi Qianxing guarded very carefully.

Feng Yu thought that she would ask Little Junior Brother later. If this was really the incomplete technique that Senior Sister Red Lotus mentioned, she might be able to learn it.

On teh arena.

In this confrontation, Han Fei and Yi Qianxing didn’t seem to fight, but they used a lot of methods.

Although Han Fei couldn’t take down Yi Qianxing, he had obtained a portion of his Great Dao. He didn’t intend to give up the Great Dao he had just snatched. With a thought from Han Fei, he activated the Void Descending and a clone descended into his quasi-Origin Star.


The green jade stone bridge appeared. Han Fei planned to make something out of nothing and see if he could comprehend more of this Great Dao.

As for Han Fei’s original body, he really charged out this time. With the enhancement of the power of the Heavenly Dao, the God’s Prayer Bead, and the God Slaying Boxing Gloves, his Great Dao was activated.

Han Fei’s Qi and blood immediately soared to the sky. He clasped his hands and unleashed the Immortal Fiend Saber.

One, two, three…

Thirty-six Immortal Fiend Sabers shot out. They would not stop until they caught up with Yi Qianxing.

However, considering Yi Qianxing’s Dao of molting, Han Fei knew that the Immortal Fiend Sabers wouldn’t work. At most, they could kill 36 dummies.

All he had to do was stall for time.

However, from the outside, all of this seemed much more intense than before. The Immortal Fiend Saber was not a minor technique. This was Han Fei’s former killer move. Even now, it was not something that anyone could easily break.

The Immortal Fiend Sabers were thrown out, but Han Fei stood where he was, which puzzled others. But they felt the consecutive explosions in the void, and the entire Dragon Fighting Barrier exploded with billowing ripples, making the audience very excited.

Han Fei’s heart sank. It was too fast. Yi Qianxing broke the Immortal Fiend Sabers too fast.

“Hey! Is that all you’ve got?”

At that moment, Yi Qianxing appeared beside Han Fei at ten times the speed of light, with two black bone blades in his hands. Han Fei failed to dodge, mainly because his speed was not fast enough. In the face of ten times the speed of light, even if he accelerated time, he still couldn’t reach Yi Qianxing.

Clang! Clang!


Suddenly, Yi Qianxing’s cunning and evil expression disappeared, because he found that his Dark Bone Spurs failed to penetrate Han Fei’s skin.

How could it be possible? He was a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator. In terms of physique and strength, he couldn’t be weaker than Han Fei. Even if he had fought Han Fei and knew that Han Fei’s physique and strength were very strong, so what? He had reached the perfected Star Transformation Realm. From entry to the Star Transformation Realm to the perfected Star Transformation Realm, this path was the true path of the Sky Opening Realm. Han Fei hadn’t stepped on it yet, but he had already walked it through. There was no reason that he couldn’t penetrate Han Fei.

“The path of invincibility?”

At that moment, Han Fei’s body burst into a dazzling golden light. The Infinity Water was penetrated by the two black spurs, and even the Invincible Golden Body was almost pierced through. At this moment, there was clearly a strange poison spreading in his chest.

However, the God’s Prayer Beads, this ultra-quality auxiliary godly weapon, finally bloomed with its brilliance at this moment. A light-colored ripple spread out from Han Fei’s body, and the spreading dark green strange poison was directly purified.

Suddenly, Yi Qianxing disappeared and retreated, because he felt a trace of threat just now.

“What a fast reaction.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Just now, he released the Void Lines. Although he couldn’t control Yi Qianxing with the Void Lines now, he could still scare him.

However, this kind of scare might not work twice.

On his Origin Star, the projection was walking on the green jade stone bridge. Han Fei didn’t want to use the green jade stone bridge to walk directly onto Yi Qianxing’s Great Dao, because he knew that even if his original body walked over, even if he walked on Yi Qianxing’s Great Dao, he would still be much weaker than Yi Qianxing. Therefore, his goal was only to know what this Great Dao was.

However, after the short confrontation with Han Fei, Yi Qianxing seemed to be certain that Han Fei couldn’t do anything to him, so he was a little unscrupulous. He didn’t intend to give Han Fei a chance to react. He wanted to quickly crush him.

Yi Qianxing, who had just retreated, attacked again.

“Those who walk the path of invincibility will die a miserable death. But isn’t it great to let me kill you? Hahaha…”

Yi Qianxing appeared again. Knowing that the fist mark was ineffective, Han Fei was about to draw his saber.

But suddenly, Han Fei felt that something was wrong. At that moment, what was charging at him was not Yi Qianxing’s original body, but a soul.

“Yang Soul?”

Someone exclaimed, “His Yang Soul has left his body! This is a technique of the Ghost Strait!”

Someone smiled and said, “Han Fei is doomed. Even if he has entered the Star Transformation Realm, how can he defeat the Sun Soul Technique?”

“Ghost Eyes, Infinite Blood Prison.”

At that moment, the Dragon Fighting Street turned into a pool of blood. In the pool of blood, thick blood and rotten creatures crawled over Han Fei.

This was not an illusion, but a soul poison. It was the soul poison given to him by the other party. Perhaps Yi Qianxing saw that ordinary physical poisons had no effect on Han Fei, so he poisoned Han Fei’s soul.

“Hahaha! Bloom! Ghost King Dharmakaya.”

Hualala ~

In the blood pool, blood bulged, and a ferocious bloody man rose from the ground, more than three hundred meters tall.

“Gulp! Wow!”

Kong Xuan finished the wine in his cup in one gulp and said indifferently, “Even if Han Fei is a peerless Heavenly Talent and his physical combat skills are not inferior to those perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators, the soul is still his weakness. The Ghost King Dharmakaya requires extremely powerful soul power to master. This Dharmakaya is mainly used to attack the soul and corrode it. Han Fei, I’m afraid he will lose. Huh? Why are you here?”

A long dress appeared beside Kong Xuan. It was Princess Lan Xin who came with Feng Yu. She said casually, “Feng Yu asked me about Han Fei. I can feel that the two of them have a deep relationship. If Han Fei dies, I’m afraid you will be hated by her. Once Feng Yu proves her Dao, you have to be careful…”

Kong Xuan smiled. “So what? I might be afraid of her when she proves her Dao and enters the God Roll. The first place on the Heaven Roll, heh…”

However, in the next moment, the corners of Kong Xuan’s mouth stiffened, and he couldn’t help but sit up straight.

Han Fei’s body stood on the spot, and his soul also left his body.

“Is he crazy?”

This was the common feeling of everyone who saw this scene. How can your soul compare to Yi Qianxing’s Yang Soul?

However, in the next moment, Han Fei’s Yang Soul clenched his fist and shook the blood pool.


To everyone’s shock, the blood pool collapsed at a visible speed.

Finally, someone exclaimed, “Yang Soul, this guy has also cultivated a Yang Soul.”

“That’s impossible. How can he control his Yang Soul as easily as controlling his body?”

Everyone found it ridiculous. Even if Han Fei had hidden his strength and had actually cultivated a Yang Soul, he still had to use a soul technique, right? How could his Yang Soul hit the ground with his fists?

More importantly, after one punch, the blood pool was gone.

What did a body and soul cultivator mean? Han Fei was going to show Yi Qianxing and these ignorant popinjays…