Chapter 2334: None of the Heavenly Races Can Fight

Han Fei didn’t care if some of his trump cards were exposed. Regardless of whether they were exposed or not, it wouldn’t be easy for him to walk out of the Divine Capital Dynasty after the 10,000-year competition.

He might as well take the opportunity to get some resources for himself now.

Han Fei felt that if it weren’t for his hard work to collect resources, he wouldn’t have been able to transform his Origin Sea into a star so smoothly.

Han Fei thought that if he killed Yi Qianxing, he might be able to take out his Star Core and stuff it into his Origin Star. Then he might be able to save the energy needed to mold the ground veins. Maybe he could quickly condense his Star Core.

Han Fei’s Yang Soul appeared and grabbed at the void. Dao patterns of the heavens and earth condensed and two God Sealing Spears burst out.

Someone exclaimed, “What? He grabbed the Dao Patterns of the heavens and earth so casually? How did he do it?”

Someone said, “This guy must be hiding his strength. I didn’t believe that a person who hasn’t entered the Star Transformation Realm could fight a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator.”

“Yes! Now it seems that Han Fei must have already turned his Origin Sea into a star. He must have at least reached the late stage of the star transformation realm, or even the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.”

Feng Yu was the most surprised of them all. Feng Xingliu was already used to Han Fei’s strength. Since the first time Han Fei met him, Han Fei had shown his strength.

Later, Han Fei unleashed more and more strange techniques, and he was no longer surprised.

Of course, he was still a little surprised. When did Han Fei cultivate a Yang Soul?

It was unknown if Yi Qianxing could still shed his shell in his Yang Soul state, so Han Fei shot out two God Sealing Spears to test him.

Yi Qianxing’s Ghost King Dharmakaya raised his hand, and a wave of blood Qi engraved with blood-colored Dao Pattern swept past the God Sealing Spears.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

The tide was destroyed, but the power of the God Sealing Spears was only reduced by half.


Yi Qianxing was slightly surprised. What kind of technique was this? The moment the spears touched the tide, they almost sealed the blood tide.

Boom! Boom!

After three consecutive waves, Han Fei’s God Sealing Spears were finally extinguished by the blood tide.

Yi Qianxing laughed weirdly and crazily. “Interesting. I didn’t believe that you could fight a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator, but now it seems that you are indeed capable. My Ghost King needs your hot blood, the Ghost Parade…”

Dao pattern arrays flashed under the feet of the Ghost King Dharmakaya, and ferocious demon-like figures appeared one after another. There were flesh balls full of tentacles, bloody corpses shadows, and disgusting monsters with sharp mouths and fangs that didn’t look like human beings. Han Fei could sense that all the ghosts were soul poison.

“Is this the Dharmakaya you are so proud of?”

Han Fei grinned ferociously and activated his Dharma Idol.

A dazzling golden light enveloped him, and a ten-thousand-foot-long Dharma Idol burst out on Dragon Fighting Street, enveloping Yi Qianxing’s rich blood and Qi in a faint golden color.

With a thought, Han Fei grabbed a holy divine brilliance. He had wanted to purify the Ghost King Dharmakaya and the poison of the Ghost Parade with the divine brilliance.


In the next moment, Han Fei suddenly felt inexplicably manic and excited. The additional 40% strength of the Dharma Idol had made Han Fei even stronger.

Han Fei’s huge palm grabbed at the ghost poison. Under everyone’s shocked gaze, he grabbed two ghost poisons and brought them to his mouth.

“Gulp ~”

After that bite, like eating a fresh and crispy crab claw, Han Fei’s Dharma Idol actually chewed the ghost poison.

“Huh? Well~”

Even Kong Xuan rose quickly. How was it possible?

Someone exclaimed, “That’s impossible! The Ghost King Dharmakaya, the super-strong Dharmakaya ranked 66th on the Sea Realm’s Dharmakaya List, was actually eaten?”

Someone was shocked. “Even if Han Fei has a Dharma Idol, so what? How can a Dharma Idol created from the fusion of ordinary dharmakaya be compared to the Ghost King Dharmakaya?”

Someone was surprised. “Han Fei’s former Dharmakaya is definitely not simple. It should be the strongest Dharmakaya of the Wild Ancient Race. Otherwise, it’s difficult to explain.”

Someone sneered. “Do the Wild Ancient Race have a super powerful Dharmakaya that surpasses the Ghost King Dharmakaya?”

Someone said, “Not necessarily. Those people in the Western Desert have basically lived from the Age of the Gods to the present. God knows what mysterious Dharmakayas have been passed down to them.”

Even Yi Qianxing was horrified at this moment. If Han Fei’s Dharma Idol was only comparable to the Ghost King Dharmakaya, he wouldn’t have felt anything. He would only think that Han Fei might be a Heavenly Talent at the same level as him.

However, it was a little unbelievable that Han Fei took the initiative to eat his Ghost Parade. Ghost Parade was the most poisonous soul poison. Was it really fine for him to eat it like this?

It turned out that Han Fei had a bigger appetite than Yi Qianxing thought.

Under the absolute suppression of the Dharma Idol world, Han Fei picked up one ghost after another and stuffed them into his mouth. To others, it was rather disgusting. The ghosts and demonic creatures looked ferocious and looked like aliens. Han Fei ate one alien at a mouthful, making them feel creeped out.

The Ghost King Dharmakaya certainly couldn’t tolerate this. He put his hands together, and a sea of blood emerged behind him. The tide of blood occupied half of the Dragon Fighting Street before it surged towards Han Fei.

After eating a group of ghosts, Han Fei’s desire grew stronger and he wanted to swallow the Ghost King Dharmakaya. However, the sea of blood did make him feel pressure. Perhaps he wasn’t the strongest now and couldn’t sweep through all Dharmakaya.

Therefore, Han Fei raised his hands and the Infinity Water appeared. By logic, an ultra-quality Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure was no longer useful at this time. However, the Infinity Water also turned into a blade wave and occupied the other half of the street.

This was not enough. With a thought, Han Fei activated the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique and attached the Infinity Water to it.

In an instant, the half of the Dragon Fighting Street where Han Fei was was shining with dazzling divine light. The scene was ridiculously powerful.

Half of Dragon Fighting Street was blood red, and the other half emitted a faint holy brilliance from the golden light. When the two sides collided, at first, Han Fei’s side was slightly suppressed, but as the brilliance erupted, the blade wave struck one wave after another, and gradually, the blood tide was suppressed.

Only Feng Xingliu shouted, “Han Fei, keep it up! Kill him, hammer him, and purify him!”

Feng Xingliu had experienced the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique more than once, so he knew what power Han Fei used. In his eyes, it was obvious that Han Fei was righteous because he could unleash the power of purification. On the contrary, Yi Qianxing was evil, very evil.

Feng Yu looked at Feng Xingliu strangely and couldn’t help taking a breath. Little Junior Brother had suddenly become so strong. How long had it been since he entered the Star Transformation Realm? Four hundred years?

He had become so strong after only four hundred years? Feng Yu calculated how long it had taken her to reach the perfected Star Transformation Realm. It seemed to have taken her… nine hundred years.

She had reached the peak of Sea Establishment when she was 900 years old, but it took her a full 900 years to reach the perfected Star Transformation Realm.

Feng Yu felt that she was already very talented. In the entire Phoenix Divine Race, she was the only one who could do this. However, today she felt the pressure. Han Fei had become so strong in only four hundred years. If he were given another four hundred years, he might be able to prove his Dao!

Of course, although she was amazed, Feng Yu knew that Han Fei must have borrowed a lot of power. Otherwise, she really couldn’t understand how Han Fei, who had just transformed his Origin Sea into a star, could be so strong.

The sacred sea of knives finally crushed the blood tide, revealing the Ghost King Dharmakaya.

Seeing that he had lost to Han Fei no matter in Yang Soul or Dharmakaya, Yi Qianxing immediately tried to withdraw the Ghost King Dharmakaya.

However, when he wanted to do that, he felt that the Ghost King Dharmakaya was out of his control. He could feel that the Ghost King Dharmakaya and Han Fei’s Dharma Idol seemed to have a life-and-death grudge. They really wanted to kill each other.

Little did he know that Han Fei was thinking the same thing.

Han Fei’s idea was to eat it.

Han Fei felt that it was just a way to absorb power. Since he swallowed Black Shark’s Rakshasa Dharmakaya in the Sea of Chant last time, the additional power that his Dharma Idol could unleash had reached 40%.

Han Fei couldn’t help but think that if he swallowed this Ghost King Dharma Idol World, maybe the power of his Dharma Idol could be increased to 50%.


Since Yi Qianxing couldn’t retreat, his Yang Soul could only return to his body. He wanted to save his Ghost King Dharmakaya by attacking Han Fei’s physical body.

However, the moment Yi Qianxing’s Yang Soul disappeared, Han Fei put on a teasing smile. You can shed your shell infinitely, but I also have my Twin Divine Technique!

Swish ~

Han Fei and Yi Qianxing returned to their bodies almost at the same time. However, Han Fei only returned half, which didn’t prevent his Dharma Idol from continuing to attack.

Swish ~

Yi Qianxing’s body broke through the void and rushed towards Han Fei. But he was shocked to find that Han Fei had also woken up and sneered.

When he looked back, he saw that Han Fei’s Dharma Idol’s hand had penetrated through the sea of blood into the Ghost King Dharmakaya’s body.

Chi la!

“Gulp ~”

The Ghost King Dharmakaya was torn apart and sent to Han Fei’s mouth. With a bite, a large amount of the Dharmakaya’s origin power was absorbed into Han Fei’s body.

“Puff ~”

Yi Qianxing instantly vomited blood. He was horrified. His Ghost King Dharmakaya had been destroyed.

This scene, in the eyes of the audience on both sides of Dragon Fighting Street, was horrifying.

At that moment, they wondered which one of Han Fei and Yi Qianxing was a lunatic… Oh, no, to be precise, they were both lunatics, but Han Fei was even crazier than Yi Qianxing.


Han Fei and his Dharma Idol roared at the sky at the same time, their voices crazy. “What bullsh*t Heavenly Race? None of them can fight.”