Chapter 2336: The Great Dao of Life Borrowing

In order to show off, Han Fei didn’t leave with the others but left Dragon Fighting Street first.

In this operation to break into the Dragon Fighting Street, he suffered a small loss in the beginning, but later he made a huge profit. The end result was that he killed a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator of the Heavenly Race.

When Han Fei arrived at his yard No. 306, he was not afraid of being spied on because of the seal.

The moment he returned to his residence, Han Fei immediately entered his Origin Star.

As soon as Han Fei entered his Origin Star, a green jade stone bridge appeared. Han Fei stepped on it. Although Yi Qianxing had died, the Great Dao he had stolen wouldn’t last long.


Yi Qianxing’s path could be said to be almost invincible among all the Great Daos Han Fei had seen. If he didn’t have the Void Stealing Technique or the green jade stone bridge, he wouldn’t have been able to kill this person.

Earlier, he had only understood Yi Qianxing’s Dao with the little Dao he stole, but he hadn’t really embarked on it. Therefore, he couldn’t wait to come back to replicate this Dao.

If he didn’t replicate this unbelievably powerful Great Dao, it would be a waste of the green jade stone bridge’s existence.

On the other side, in a certain giant floating city in the East Sea Divine Realm, in the void crack, the real location of the Heavenly Race.

Crack ~

One of the jade slips of the Heavenly Talent Hall was broken. The strong master responsible for guarding this place noticed it immediately, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. Although it was a big deal that the jade slip of a Heavenly Talent was broken, it didn’t matter if one occasionally shattered. After all, this was the path of cultivation. It was unknown if you could survive to the next day.

However, when he scanned it with his perception, he suddenly stiffened and his body trembled.

“It’s over, it’s over…”

“What’s over?”

The captain of the guards noticed the anomaly and cast a questioning look at him. However, before this person answered, the captain’s perception had already swept over.

In the next moment, the captain of the guards trembled as if he had seen a ghost. A thought popped up in his head. It’s over.

Another moment later.

Boom ~

In the old residence of the Heavenly Race, in a continuous mountain range, hundreds of mountains suddenly collapsed, and killing intent soared to the sky.

“Han Fei, you son of a bi*ch, I’m gonna cut you into pieces…”

Han Fei didn’t know what happened in the Heavenly Race.

He only knew that Yi Qianxing’s Great Dao was rather difficult to walk, not because it was difficult to replicate, but because when he crossed the green jade stone bridge and tried to replicate this path, he would inexplicably produce a crazy killing intent.

As a result, Han Fei became ferocious after only going down to the fifth floor. He didn’t dare to go down to the sixth floor. This crazy killing intent was only felt when he fused with Little Black and Little White. Now, because his realm was much higher than Little Black and Little White, his emotions wouldn’t be controlled by Little Black’s brutality.

However, this Great Dao reminded Han Fei of the feeling back then.

No! I can’t just continue like this. Otherwise, once this Great Dao is born, my personality might change drastically. This isn’t what I wanted.

Han Fei stood on the fifth level of stairs, closed his eyes, and took a few deep breaths. He decided not to take the exact same path as Yi Qianxing. He would only take part of it and walk this Great Dao in an unknown direction, which was completely different from Yi Qianxing’s.

Han Fei had tried this before. The All Things Three was missing a page, but he had reconstructed the All Things Three without knowing the contents of this page at all.

The situation was the same now. Han Fei just didn’t know which Great Dao Yi Qianxing’s Great Dao would lead him to. Because he chose to give up Yi Qianxing’s Great Dao, he could only choose a Great Dao he didn’t know.

After walking down these steps, he didn’t know what Great Dao he would comprehend. But he was certain that he would definitely not be as bloodthirsty as Yi Qianxing. This was because he had deviated from Yi Qianxing’s Great Dao.


Han Fei’s face was solemn. After opening his eyes, he paused for a few seconds and finally stepped out.

One step, two steps…

After Han Fei walked off the green jade stone bridge, he suddenly had some weird and wonderful understanding.

“Huh? Life borrowing?”

Han Fei comprehended something. Yi Qianxing’s way was to absorb the remnant souls of people after killing them and then refine them into a kind of soul that could be killed by his enemy. In danger, he could directly attach this wisp of soul to the surface of his body and completely replace himself with that wisp of soul.

Therefore, theoretically speaking, as long as Yi Qianxing killed enough people and refined enough Death Replacement Souls, he was almost immortal when facing people of the same realm or even two levels higher.

This was because from the understanding of the Great Dao that Han Fei had deduced earlier, killing a powerhouse of the same realm could allow Yi Qianxing to obtain many death substitute souls.

However, the Great Dao that Han Fei comprehended now was different. This Great Dao was based on Yi Qianxing’s Great Dao, so the two had a lot of similarities.

With this Great Dao, he could also kill strong cultivators, but the difference was that he could extract the life and luck of the person he killed and refine them into another life of his.

If one day, Han Fei encountered an invincible cultivator, he could use this life he had cultivated to exchange for his life. No matter if the other party was a Monarch or a god, no matter how powerful their blow was, they could only kill his borrowed life.

However, because his life was with him, if the other party was too strong, there was no reason for him to only take his life but not shatter his body and soul. Therefore, when the borrowed life perished, Han Fei would be invincible for three seconds.

This was unreasonable invincibility. He would be immune to any physical and soul attacks during the three seconds. Within three seconds, even a god couldn’t obliterate him. There would be the power of the Great Dao protecting him, unless the other party’s strength could directly crush the Great Dao.


Han Fei took a deep breath. He couldn’t practice countless Life Substitute Souls like Yi Qianxing, and could only borrow life once.

However, this life was super strong. He could be immune to any physical and soul attacks for three seconds, and even gods couldn’t kill him.


Han Fei couldn’t help but exclaim. He was too amazed by the power of this Great Dao. Of course, in the face of a cultivator who could definitely crush him, it was still useless. The other party just needed to wait for the three seconds to pass, or exile him to the endless void, which could also finish him off.

However, what if he faced an evenly matched cultivator? He could be immune to any physical and soul attacks for three seconds! Taking advantage of the three seconds, he might be able to turn the situation around.

And now, Han Fei had such an opportunity.

Although Yi Qianxing was dead, he still had his body as a sacrifice to the God of War.

Last time he gave the God of War a sacrifice, he was allowed to use the God of War Seal for five seconds although he had taken that person’s Star Core.

This time, Han Fei decided that he still had to dig out the Star Core. Otherwise, if he left the Star Core there, it would only be taken by Starry Sky Giant Beasts.

Above the Sea of Stars, Han Fei carried the remains of Yi Qianxing and took out the Vast Ocean Navigator, quickly indicating the direction.

Another moment later.

When Han Fei appeared on a Origin Star, just like last time, he still couldn’t sweep Yi Qianxing’s Origin Star with his perception. This was because Yi Qianxing’s Origin Star was born with his Great Dao, so it was very rejecting Han Fei and his perception couldn’t work here.

Han Fei could only fly around and soon confirmed that Yi Qianxing was a 640,000-kilometer Star Transformation cultivator. There were not many cultivators of this level in the entire Sea Realm. The quality of his Star Core was undoubtedly better than the last one.

However, Yi Qianxing’s Great Dao was a little strange, a little like the Creation. This was because his Origin Star was enveloped by blood and Qi. On this Origin Star, extremely powerful monsters were born.

They were the demons and ghosts appearing when Yi Qianxing used the Ghost Parade. The strongest of them had already opened the sky. However, the monster was covered in blood and its tentacles were all over the ground, like a huge twisted ugly worm. However, there was only one such worm and it was in a deep sleep. It didn’t seem to be very active.

Han Fei wasn’t interested in waking this thing up. Of course, it wasn’t because he couldn’t beat it, but because this thing was too disgusting. He’d better leave it to the Starry Sky Giant Beast! Perhaps they liked this thing!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

He used the Void Descending Art to drop tens of thousands of projections. Han Fei quickly gathered all the external resources of Yi Qianxing’s Origin Star and then found the Star Core of this Origin Star according to the ground veins.

This time, there were no Star Sea Giant Beasts here, mainly because he came too fast.

This was a Star Core with a diameter of more than a thousand kilometers. Its density was extremely high and its mass was extremely huge. Han Fei suspected that if he let this thing burn in the Sea of Stars, it might still have slight energy fluctuations after burning for billions of years.

With South Monarch’s reminder, Han Fei knew that the Star Core could be stored in his Origin Star. Therefore, he took out the Demon Purification Pot without hesitation. Compared to South Monarch’s ability to directly extract the Great Dao, Han Fei still had to count on the Demon Purification Pot. Otherwise, the Great Dao of this Origin Star would keep growing, and he wouldn’t be able to deal with it in a short time.