Chapter 2337: Discussion About the Star Path

Half a day later.

In Han Fei’s Origin Star, there was another Star Core that was burning and bursting with infinite energy. No matter whose Star Core it was, it would eventually become a tool for his Origin Star to replenish energy.

Ignoring the Origin Star, for the time being, Han Fei had several things to do. The first was to offer sacrifices to the God of War.

In the Sea of Stars, Han Fei arranged the altar and stood on it, shouting,

The Great God of War

Faith of the War Giants

Eyes of the Earth

Sound of the Ancient Waves

In this boundless wilderness of the Sea Realm.

Boom ~

When the fire curtain burned, the God of War instantly replied, “You found a sacrifice again? Wait, what kind of offerings did you give me? The Heavenly Dao origin I can absorb from it is pitifully little. It seems that his Origin Star is about to perish. Did you dig up an old grave somewhere?

Han Fei wrote on the fire curtain. “Of course not. I just dug out his Star Core. However, Senior God of War, I’m really curious. How will you receive the thing I sacrificed to you?”

The God of War replied, “You won’t understand even if I tell you. When you become a Monarch and can set up a sacrificial field, you will understand.

Han Fei said, “Then don’t mind it. What I’m offering to you this time is a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator. This time, I can get more than last time, right?”

God of War: “You can use the God of War Seal for six seconds, for the sake of the fact that the sacrifice is a Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator. Don’t touch the Star Core next time. Give me a complete one. Then you’ll be able to use the God of War Seal for more than a hundred seconds.”

Han Fei asked, “So he’s worthless without the Star Core?”

The God of War said, “His Origin Star is about to die. What do you think he’s worth? If he hadn’t reached the Perfected Star Transformation Realm, I would have given you five seconds too. I even gave you one second more.”

Han Fei was lost for words. Fine, thank you.

Just when Han Fei was about to retreat, the God of War continued to send a message. “Hey! Aren’t you growing a little too fast? I can understand why you killed a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator last time, but how did you kill a perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator this time?”

Han Fei said, “Senior God of War, everyone has secrets.”

God of War: “Heh! If you don’t want to tell me, fine. But it’s not necessarily a good thing to grow too fast. After you finish the step of star transformation, you have to calm down and study your Star Path.”

Speaking of the Star Path, Han Fei had something to talk about. Anyway, the God of War liked to chat. He had probably been lonely for too long and always wanted to chat with someone.

Han Fei asked, “Senior God of War, what is the star path?”

God of War: “Oh! You’ve grown so fast that I forgot that you were an itinerant cultivator. The Star Path is a little complicated. What do you think you want to do after you finish your star transformation?”

Han Fei said, “Mold the ground veins, give birth to a Star Core, and then temper my body to build the strongest physique that can carry all my strength.”

God of War: “And?”

Han Fei paused. “Then, I don’t know! Should I create a blazing sun and make a circle of stars around it?”

God of War: “Huh! You know it? Have you ever seen such a combination of stars?”

“Uh ~”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. This might be his special advantage. After all, he was from another world.

However, it was not easy for others in the Sea Realm to know this. If someone wanted to jump out and see the entire Sea Realm, how strong would he have to be?

Besides, although the sky was full of stars, they were all hanging in the distant sky. How could people who had never been to the Sea of Stars and explored it know about the solar system?

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. “Oh! I have a good friend who is from the Phoenix Divine Race in the South Sea Divine Realm. He told me about this and drew a picture for me.”

God of War: “No wonder. But it’s not enough for you to only know this. Although everyone knows that we have to walk like this, it’s not easy to walk like this. What do you think the role and purpose of the stars surrounding your Origin Stars are?”

Han Fei thought for a moment and said, “Create an environment to facilitate the Creation?”

Han Fei felt that maybe this was how the solar system came about. In his original world, there were also legends about various immortals and gods there. If this was all true, didn’t it mean that that was just strong masters walking their own star path?

It seemed that those cultivators were quite strong. They had already embarked on their star paths billions of years ago. Perhaps they had already proved their Daos.

The God of War paused and then said, “This might be one of the goals. But this is to be considered after the Star Path. Some people will choose creation, but some will choose other things. There are all kinds of choices. In fact, the main goal is to connect to the power of those stars and strengthen the fundamental power of their Origin Stars. The other goal is to protect their own Origin Stars.”

Han Fei was even more certain that after all this was set up, the power of the Origin Star would be greatly improved, and correspondingly, the Origin Star’s master’s strength would definitely become extremely strong too. At this point, the entire Star Path must have been completed. At this time, it seemed simple to create a new world, right?

Han Fei asked, “Senior God of War, now that I know everything, how can I get the stars?”

God of War: “What do you know?”

Han Fei: “I…”

God of War: “It’s very difficult to prove your Dao. Most people use their Origin Stars as the base point to search for the stars around and bring them back. After slowly modifying them, their Star Path will be completed. However, that’s what the majority of people do.”

Han Fei frowned. “What about the minority of people?”

God of War: “Have you ever thought about whether there are other star paths besides the one you mentioned?”

Han Fei thought for a while. Shit, I don’t know anything.

Han Fei: “No.”

God of War: “You lack imagination. How can an ordinary dead star you pulled back be modified into a star comparable to an Origin Star?”

“With enough resources, it should be possible.”

At this moment, Han Fei understood without the God of War saying anything. It might require an unimaginably huge amount of resources.

Creating his Origin Star had almost killed him. The ground veins hadn’t been molded yet, and the Star Core hadn’t been born yet. If he modified ten or eight more of them and brought back a huge energy body comparable to the sun… Heh, Han Fei didn’t know how many resources it would take.

Han Fei hurriedly said, “Senior God of War, you seem to have another brilliant move.”

God of War: “Hehe! Alas! I usually don’t tell others about this kind of thing!”

Han Fei said, “Senior God of War, as a big shot comparable to a god, you should be broad-minded. Do you want me to turn to the Phoenix Divine Race for help? I don’t know them well, but I know you very well! Senior, are you in trouble now? If I become stronger, I might be able to help you in the future.”

Han Fei’s words touched the heart of the God of War. He knew about the Phoenix Divine Race. They were a big clan that had once had a god, and he had fought side by side with their god.

He had seen Han Fei grow up to where he was today. Uh… It was mainly because this kid kept contacting him. Furthermore, his background was clear. He was also a human. If he didn’t have a good relationship with him, should he have a good relationship with that bird race?

Immediately, the God of War responded, “Fine! I can tell you a secret. You can actually skip the Star Path in a certain way.”



Han Fei was stunned. Wasn’t this a necessary road? Could it be skipped?

Han Fei immediately replied, “Senior God of War, I don’t read much. Don’t lie to me.”

God of War: “It’s true that ordinary people can’t skip this step, so they can only find the dead stars and modify them roughly. If they’re lucky, or from a large power, they can also enter other people’s Origin Star through their Star Beads and directly snatch other people’s Origin Stars and modify them. This method works too. However, this modification needs to obliterate other people’s Great Dao. The way to obliterate it is mainly to comprehend other people’s Great Dao, assimilate it, and transform other people’s Origin Stars into their own after a long time. This can’t be done in a thousand years or ten thousand years, so I’m quite curious how you directly stole others’ Star Core and took away their Great Dao, turning their Origin Star into a dead star.”

Han Fei: “Secret.”

Han Fei thought of something. “Senior, I have a question. How can I bring back others’ Origin Star? They are so big.”

The God of War replied, “Find them! You can leave behind your own Dao runes, ask someone to help you, or dig them back bit by bit through the Star Beads. As long as you don’t touch the Star Cores at first and come back and forth many times, you can get them back. Of course, there’s a simple way. That’s to directly refine others’ Origin Stars. In this way, you can change their forms at will and hold seven or eight in one hand. Let me tell you, many people use this method.”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. Isn’t this cheating?

If he chose, he would definitely choose to cheat. Otherwise, even if he had the Vast Ocean Navigator, he wouldn’t be able to find the void node and drag such a huge star back.

Han Fei said, “Senior God of War, this method sounds awesome! Then why should we skip the Star Path? How?”

God of War: “That’s a good idea, but the Star Path is something that everybody can take. What’s special about it?”

The God of War added, “Hehe, but the way to skip the path of stars is only suitable for body refiners, very powerful body refiners. Otherwise, when you’re going to prove your Dao, you’ll probably die. Are you sure your physique is strong enough?”

Han Fei responded without hesitation, “Yes~”

Han Fei felt that since the God of War despised normal star paths, there must be a reason.

He was already prepared. If my physique is not enough, who else is?

The God of War said, “Then just wait and ask me when the time comes. Because before I tell you this secret, I will conduct some simple tests on you during the birth of your Star Core. After confirming it, I will tell you about this method. If you don’t meet this requirement, you’d better go find dead stars!”