Han Fei suddenly stood up. "I thought that by launching a northern expedition, I could sweep through the Bloody Hand Mine Devils here. But you people only care about petty profits. Is a level-five mineral very valuable? So what if it's a level-six mineral? Can it be made into a godly weapon? An army of 20,000 people was abused by hundreds of Bloody Hand Mine Devils before you could even fight the Bloody Hand head-on. Aren't you a bunch of garbage?"

The big cat, Wang Xiaojiu, also stood up excitedly. "You're really not good enough! The battle was so chaotic. Although you formed a ten-person formation, it doesn't mean that seven or eight people don't work. However, once one of you was defeated, the entire formation collapsed and you were all crushed. Look, none of us ferocious beasts died because we are not greedy."

Mo Jiu said, "Although Wang Xiaojiu's words are unpleasant, what he said is true. The temporary northern expedition army is too inefficient in combat."

Even the white tiger of the divine beast lineage said, "This time, your northern expedition army was indeed in a mess. Just take the death of these thousand people as a lesson! But it should be a mess down there now. Maybe we should wait a few days before going down."

Han Fei shook his head. "We can't wait. It wasn't easy for us to gather all the other mine demons. There are probably more than 50,000 mine demons below now. God knows how long it will take for them to forget that someone has invaded. We should continue to fight, but not like just now."

Someone looked at Han Fei. "If we fight them now, their combat power will be several times ours."

Han Fei: "Mine demons are stupid, but are you stupid too? As long as your formation is not chaotic, you can fight even if there are ten thousand Bloody Hand Mine Devils down below. Of course, if you want to gain benefits, it's impossible not to sacrifice. No matter when you go down, people will die. The difference is that if you fight randomly, you might be wiped out. But if you fight steadily, you can defeat them one by one."

A brawny man stood up. "Although I don't like the Human Butcher, it was indeed a mess just now. Such a northern expedition army is vulnerable. You need to put down the minerals in front of you for the time being and distribute them after annihilating the mine demons."

Han Fei glanced at this person. His arms were covered with tattoos. In the battle just now, he seemed to have seen this person fight the Bloody Hand Mine Devils head-on. He was the leader of the Fist Light Mountain.

However, as soon as this person said so, an itinerant cultivator said, "How are we going to distribute the minerals? The perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators are different from our peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators!"

A perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator said, "I think that the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators can get 30% of all resources."

"That's bulls*it. We'll take 30%, and you'll take 70%? Believe it or not, I'm going home now!"

Someone sneered. "Do you think you can come and go as you please?"

An itinerant cultivator sneered. "Why? Who the hell are you? Believe it or not, I'll kill you right now!"

The perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivator sneered. "Feng Lun? I'm told that your knife is very fast. I don't know if your knife is still fast after you reach the perfected Star Transformation Realm, but I can try it."

"Shut up, all of you."

At this time, Wushuang stood up and said, "As the number one force in the Hundred Alliance City, I think the Capital of Horror is more qualified to speak than others. First of all, the people who participated in the northern expedition are all here to risk their lives. The lives of the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators and the perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators are the same. And finding the inheritance is something that requires concerted effort. Therefore, I suggest that the resources be divided evenly, and everyone can supervise each other and not be allowed to annex the mineral without authorization. After the war, the minerals will be distributed among those who are still alive evenly. After all, everyone risked their lives to get the minerals."

"I agree."

A young man from the Divine Capital Dynasty slowly raised his hand. "Perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators, don't forget that you're not here just for the minerals. As long as you're willing, there are plenty of ways to obtain the minerals. Now is the time to work together. We can't split up because of the uneven distribution of internal resources in the early stages of the northern expedition. That way, none of us will benefit."

Someone echoed, "I agree. Let's settle the score after the battle is over. Otherwise, we'll be wiped out before the enemy is finished."

"We itinerant cultivators don't have any objections."

"We peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators don't have any objections either. In fact, appearing here, we're bolder than you perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators."

Although many perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators were unhappy, they didn't speak anymore. Yes, if they jumped out now, it would ruin the harmony.

Their leaders also warned them. Although this was a northern expedition, the real say was only in the hands of these leaders and strong masters. Once they made a scene, they might be killed.

Wushuang said, "Since there are no objections, let's take an hour off, restore to our peak state, and get ready for battle. This time, don't scramble for resources randomly. All the forces, select one person to supervise, one person in the team to collect minerals, and the other members can supervise each other, and the resources will be divided when the battle ends."


Someone nodded. Every force selected one person to supervise, so the supervision effect would be good. Even if the supervisors were attacked, they wouldn't all die. The final supervision result would be very credible.

At this time, someone stood up. "I am Yu Bo, the leader of the Grand Development Sect in the Central Sea Divine Realm. In the battle just now, 998 strong masters died in the northern expedition army, and a total of 6,203 mine demons were killed. In fact, the battle result is not bad. It's just that the appearance of the Bloody Hand Mine Devils seriously disrupted the rhythm. Otherwise, the result would not have been like this."

Everyone's heart skipped a beat. There was actually someone who could calculate all of this. In the complicated situation just now, God knew who fought and who was killed. But now, they found that there was really such a talent in the northern expedition army. Then this supervisor team obviously had a spot for this person.

He must have announced the data to join the supervisor team!

Suddenly, someone asked in confusion, "Have you forgotten something? Almost a thousand of us died, and more than 6,000 mine demons perished. But why hasn't the weather changed at all?"


For a moment, everyone was stunned. Even Han Fei was stunned.

Yes, so many people had died, but there wasn't even a Great Dao crack in the sky. Wasn't this strange?

"There's a seal."

Immediately, everyone realized that there must be a seal down the Mine Demon Stream. Otherwise, how could the weather be normal when thousands of strong masters died?

Some leaders looked at Han Fei, and Han Fei said casually, "If it weren't for the seal, the Bloody Hand Mine Devils would have left here long ago. We wouldn't have had a chance to fight them. Not only the Bloody Hand Mine Devils appear in the outside world, but the ominous power will also spread in the outside world. So, this is not a big deal, because the seal is not aimed at us. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to get out at all."

With Han Fei's explanation, everyone understood and didn't dwell on this problem.


Two hour later.

The northern expedition army, the divine beasts and the ferocious beasts, entered the Mine Demon Stream again.

Just as Han Fei expected, the mine demons here hadn't completely left. He spread out his senses and found at least 30,000 mine demons of various kinds and nearly 50 Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

The moment the northern expedition army entered the Mine Demon Stream, these mine demons swarmed over again.

However, this time, adhering to the lesson from last time, the formation of the northern expedition army didn't disperse, so when the first wave rushed over, the nearest thousands of mine demons were shattered the moment they collided with the northern expedition army. After all, they were facing the strength equivalent to ten people.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After the initial defense succeeded, the speed of light explosion appeared again. Someone shouted, "Don't be distracted. Just send all your strength to one person."

The strong masters in each team who had gathered their strength responded smartly when they saw a Bloody Hand Mine Devil coming at them. Blade auras spread out, rod shadows struck like a heavenly pillar, and strange flames burned.

Therefore, after multiple clashes and explosions, a Bloody Hand Mine Devil was finally shattered because the person who gathered the strength of ten people could unleash a power much stronger than that of the Bloody Hand Mine Devil.

Therefore, this time, the northern expedition army showed the qualities of a strong master again.


The battle lasted for about half an hour, and the number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils gradually began to increase. At first, there were only more than three hundred, but then more than a thousand came one after another.

Some people resisted them, and some didn't.

There was a team, and someone was emitting black gas. At that moment, this person crumbled a lot of Clean Stones, and then he felt that his soul was burning. Yes, that ominous power had already tried to invade the bodies of various races.

While the man was purifying himself, his formation was broken. In the next moment, a Slaughter Punch broke through the formation. The formation collapsed, and the nine people all took out their Clean Stones, and the dazzling white light directly purified the bloody hand.

However, once a loophole was found, what came was no longer one Bloody Hand Mine Devil. When three Bloody Hand Mine Devils came at once, even though the team released Star Beads one after another, some of them were torn apart by a single claw and even their souls couldn't escape.

Twenty minutes.

Half an hour passed.

Two hours.

When the number of the Bloody Hand Mine Devils reached more than 3,000, the northern expedition army suffered a lot of casualties.

In just two hours, they had encountered more than 3,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils, and more than 800 people had died.

Of course, this time was different from last time. This time, more than thirteen thousand ordinary mine demons were killed.

In the northern expedition army, many people shouted, "Don't panic. Even if there are fewer people in the team, the array can't be broken..."