While everyone was fighting, Han Fei was also fighting.

However, his battle was even more violent. Han Fei took the Slaughter Fist of a Bloody Hand Mine Devil with his bare hands, clasped it with one hand, and then tore one of the Bloody Hand Mine Devil's arms apart. Then, with another punch, the Bloody Hand Mine Devil's entire body exploded.

"Hiss ~"

Many people secretly exclaimed. Is this guy so strong?

This was truly a large-scale battle between cultivators. In terms of combat power, it was even crazier than when Han Fei controlled the Star Sea Metal-eating Ants.

Once the northern expedition army maintained their formation, even if the Bloody Hand Mine Devils attacked personally, it wouldn't be able to shake the formation. Once the Bloody Hand Mine Devil's attack failed, there would be a shower of Clean Stones. The moment a large number of Clean Stones erupted, the Bloody Hand Mine Devils' weakness was grasped.

Someone gathered all the strength of the ten-person team, broke the defense of the Bloody Hand Mine Devil with one blow, and then launched multiple soul attacks in a row.

Although the Bloody Hand Mine Devil was a level-seven mine demon, its intelligence was not comparable to that of intelligent races like them. It didn't know that if its attack failed, it should immediately retreat. Therefore, Han Fei saw a large number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils die.

And the best to deal with the Bloody Hand Mine Devils was the divine beasts. It had to be said that divine beasts could be classified as divine beasts not because they looked good, but because their Great Daos had the power of purification.

Although their Great Daos were different, the effects were the same. For example, Han Fei saw a fiery python that turned into flames. At the moment the Bloody Hand Mine Devil bombarded him, the flames were filled with pure fire origin energy, which actually stiffened the Bloody Hand Mine Devil. Then, it rolled its body and grabbed the Bloody Hand Mine Devil tightly. Although the other party was extremely powerful, he still couldn't break free and could only be burned to death by the pure fire origin energy.

A blue horse with a single horn on its head could summon pure lightning. Lightning had the power of purification in the first place, so the Bloody Hand Mine Devil was electrocuted to death before it approached the blue horse.

Han Fei was surprised. This was the suppression of attributes! There were actually many divine beasts with similar attributes.

But the fighting style of the ferocious beasts was different from that of the divine beasts. These ferocious beasts could be said to be quite valiant. For example, the leader of the ferocious beasts, Mo Jiu, whose speed completely crushed the Bloody Hand Mine Devils. His sharp claws could even break the defense of the Bloody Hand Mine Devils. Even Han Fei didn't dare to say that he could break the defense of the Bloody Hand Mine Devils so easily.

As for the big cat, Wang Xiaojiu, his speed was even faster than Mo Jiu, making many people experience what speed was for the first time. That guy's speed was nearly 30 times the speed of light. Under such extreme speed, Wang Xiaojiu scratched crazily and directly tore the Bloody Hand Mine Devil into pieces. Han Fei even saw Wang Xiaojiu open his mouth and swallow the dispersing black smoke and the distorted soul.

As for the Ice Pattern Spider, her body was surrounded by extremely cold Dao runes. Any mine demon that approached her would be severely slowed down. Then, the spider's two sharp claws, like two extremely cold blades, cut open the Dao of Strength of the mine demon. Then, dark green toxins seeped in. Any mine demon that was poisoned would fall into chaos and fight wildly. In less than ten seconds, their bodies would begin to freeze and they would die.

Han Fei observed the battle while fighting. He had to admit that this was a feast for the eyes. Before, he didn't think that the northern expedition army could break through the Mine Demon Stream, but now, it was not impossible. After the battle lasted for six hours, most of the ordinary mine demons had died.

Although no one had set foot in the Mine Demon Stream for tens of thousands of years, causing many mine demons of the Sky Opening realm to be born here, the space and resources here were relatively limited. In addition to the fighting between the mine demons and some of the mine demons that had already escaped, there couldn't be many ordinary mine demons here.

In just six hours, Han Fei witnessed the death of nearly 50,000 mine demons. And more than 3,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils died.

Of course, although the northern expedition army was strong, the consumption was a lot. Besides, even Han Fei couldn't find anything wrong with this battle, but the number of cultivators killed still exceeded a thousand.

This couldn't be helped. So many mine demons were not for nothing. A team could kill one or two mine demons at the same time, but they couldn't kill five or six.

Ordinary mine demons were also mine demons. They were also in the Sky Opening Realm and their physique was very strong. How could it be possible that no one was injured after 50,000 Sky Opening Realm mine demons were killed in six hours?

Fortunately, they hadn't officially descended to the bottom of the Mine Demon Stream yet. There weren't many Bloody Hand Mine Devils here. Once they entered the Mine Demon Stream and such a terrifying battle broke out again, the situation might be reversed.

At this moment, because ordinary mine demons were gradually dying, only the Bloody Hand Mine Devils were left.

Han Fei was waiting to see if the Bloody Hand Mine Devils would team up. He wasn't sure if the hand under the spring of blood could control these Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

At this moment, the supervisors were the busiest. They were counting the distribution of the minerals and the corpses of the dead cultivators. They would not allow the corpses of these people to be taken away by a certain fraction alone. After all, these were the corpses of peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators. In addition to their Origin Stars, they definitely had some modified stars. Furthermore, there must be a lot of resources on their Origin Stars.

Everyone took a breath in relief. Although they had witnessed the deaths of thousands of peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators, they still felt that they had made a fortune this time. Just the 50,000 mine demons and the level-seven minerals produced by the Bloody Hand Mine Devils meant that they had obtained at least more than 3,000 godly weapons.

Of course, the resources of the ferocious beasts and the divine beasts wouldn't be shared with the northern expedition army. They had their own way of fighting and basically didn't need the help of the northern expedition army.

Another hour later, when the last Bloody Hand Mine Devil perished, everyone knew that there shouldn't be any Bloody Hand Mine Devils near the sea now. However, they knew even better that they hadn't reached the bottom of the Mine Demon Stream yet.

They didn't know what the real Mine Demon Stream was like yet.

At this moment, the white tiger said, "Hey, can you still fight? If you can, go down and take a look. You have to try."

Wushuang suggested, "Let's have an exchange of views."

Mo Jiu said, "What's there to talk about? This isn't a victory yet. It's just an appetizer. Now that the northern expedition army is in peak condition, it's a good time to take the initiative to attack."

Ignoring White Tiger and Mo Jiu, Wushuang asked the leaders telepathically, "What do you think?"

After witnessing the strength of the Bloody Hand Mine Devils, someone responded, "I think we can continue. Although there are a lot of Mine Demons in this place, we can still handle them."

Someone replied, "We can continue. We're mainly facing ordinary mine demons now. In fact, these mine demons didn't cause much damage to us. Half of the casualties were killed by the three thousand Bloody Hand Mine Devils. However, without the interference of these ordinary mine demons, I don't think the subsequent battles will be very fierce."

"Seconded. Although the six-hour battle is exhausting, the weakest cultivator of our northern expedition army is in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm. Our endurance is not so poor. We can still fight."

Everybody agreed, and Wushuang didn't say anything, but she still asked Han Fei for his opinion.

Wushuang asked, "What do you think?"

Han Fei said, "I have no objection, but let me remind you that the main enemy in the battle just now was not the Bloody Hand Mine Devil. Besides, you should note that half of the Bloody Hand Mine Devils were killed by the divine beasts and the ferocious beasts. If you continue to fight, you'd better not underestimate your enemy."

This time, no one argued with Han Fei, because what he said was true. Besides, he didn't sound like he wanted the northern expedition army to suffer heavy casualties. This at least showed that it wasn't the time for Han Fei to burn the bridge after crossing it.

Some scheming people were glad to see this attitude of Han Fei.

After the painful lesson, everybody in the northern expedition army had learned their lesson. They had to keep alive to get resources.

The 15,000-strong northern expedition army was now less than 12,000, but the resources were constantly increasing. Therefore, the more people died in the early stages, the more the survivors would get.

Participating in the northern expedition was an act of gambling with one's life. The reason why so many people participated was that most people who came to the Infinite Mining Area were gambling with their lives. Instead of hanging around in the Hundred Alliance City and relying on some small mining areas to slowly grow, it was better to do something big at once. If they succeeded, it would be equivalent to thousands of years of cultivation. If they failed, their lives would be lost.

Was it a loss? No one felt that it was a loss. They had witnessed the departure of too many companions. Which one of them who survived wasn't strong-willed? And all those who came to the Infinite Mining Area had the determination to prove their Dao!

Therefore, when everyone agreed and continued to explore, they formed arrays again and once again turned into ten-person teams.


At the bottom of the Mine Demon Stream, everyone was ready to erupt at any time. The moment they descended to the bottom of the Mine Demon Stream, their first reaction was of course to sweep with their perception, but perhaps because they had killed all the Bloody Hand Mine Devils near the entrance, they didn't find any Bloody Hand Mine Devils at first.

However, they all discovered a problem. Under this Mine Demon Stream, there was a different world inside. The entrance was only a thousand kilometers wide, but below, their perception couldn't reach the end. God knew how big it was.

At this time, Han Fei had become the tour guide. The big cat, Wang Xiaojiu, rushed to Han Fei and said, "Human Butcher, do you have a name?"

Han Fei said, "You can call me Human Emperor. You might know my name one day."

Wang Xiaojiu said, "I'm afraid that that day won't come. I heard that you have many enemies. Many people in the northern expedition army want you dead."

Mo Jiu was speechless. Wang Xiaojiu, what are you talking about? I just told you not to get too close to this person. Why did you keep talking to him when you knew he was going to die?

Han Fei grinned and said, "Really? Too many people want me dead, but nobody can kill me."

Wang Xiaojiu tilted his head and stared at Han Fei with her round cat eyes. "You're quite confident. How about this? You can secretly share the essence of the Great Monarch's inheritance with me, and I'll protect you. As a ferocious beast, I'm a man of my word. I promise you in my capacity as a cat."

Han Fei glanced at him speechlessly. "It has no essence. You might not believe it, but I was kicked out of the place of inheritance of the Great Monarch Bloody Hand before I could enter it."