Wang Xiaojiu widened his cat eyes and exclaimed, "How is it possible? I think you are very strong! Those having less than three Great Dao Locks are definitely not your match. You have four Dao Locks, right? Who can beat you out?"

Han Fei didn't hide his conversation with Wang Xiaojiu, because Han Fei didn't want to treat it as a secret. After all, they would definitely find out later that there were far more than 30,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils under the Mine Demon Stream.

To remind them that I don't know much about the Land of Inheritance. Of course, it's not up to me whether you believe it or not.

Sure enough, when Han Fei said this, it did cause many people to speculate. In fact, many people were secretly observing Han Fei. Although the Human Butcher started off as a pirate, he was indeed very strong.

Someone had suspected that Han Fei had at least four or even five Dao Locks since he could kill seven Dao Lock-level cultivators on his own.

Now, hearing Han Fei say that he was kicked out without even seeing the Land of Inheritance, whether it was true or not, at least they were vigilant.

After rushing for about 500,000 kilometers, they didn't see any Bloody Hand Mine Devils, but they did encounter a lot of invisible water veins, which were the roots of the Demon Vanquishing Tree. However, at this moment, everyone was walking in arrays, so the roots weren't very useful. After all, none of the people on this trip were weak.

After crossing more than two million kilometers, many people perceived the existence of the Bloody Hand Mine Devils. Just like what Han Fei saw when he first came down, these Bloody Hand Mine Devils were standing upright in the water, absorbing the mineral power of the Mine Demon Stream. On most of the Bloody Hand Mine Devils, there were Flash Lizards attached to them.

When the first perception touched the Bloody Hand Mine Devil, a Flash Lizard had already looked at the person.

Wushuang and the others all shouted, "Prepare to face the enemy."

When the leaders shouted to face the enemy, they saw light explosions one after another, and there were even Bloody Hand Mine Devils jumping over. Such a short distance was nothing for the Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

As the saying went, once there was one, there would be two. When the first Bloody Hand Mine Devil moved, it seemed to wake up the other Bloody Hand Mine Devils who were cultivating. As a result, there were many light explosions.

In terms of perception, the Bloody Hand Mine Devils were actually very strong. Han Fei knew the reason why there were only more than three thousand Bloody Hand Mine Devils at the entrance.

That was because the entrance was sealed by the Mystic Martial Armor, once the Bloody Hand Mine Devil attacked, it would be instantly purified. In the long run, even if the Bloody Hand Mine Devils had no intelligence, they generally wouldn't go to the entrance.

But it was different below the Mine Demon Stream. Here, the Bloody Hand Mine Devils would not be afraid. They were the masters here.

Wang Xiaojiu was next to Han Fei at this moment. When he saw the Bloody Hand Mine Devils, he muttered, "There are only dozens of them. We still need to fight for a while to attract more."

However, as soon as Wang Xiaojiu said so, dozens of them became hundreds.

Han Fei tilted his head and glanced at Wang Xiaojiu. "The Bloody Hand Mine Devil is very fast and arrives in the blink of an eye. Not everyone can afford the price of underestimating their enemy."

As Han Fei expected, it only took three seconds for hundreds to thousands of Bloody Hand Mine Devils to appear. Han Fei was not surprised at all. It took him three years to reach the blood spring. Even though he was in the form of black fog, he was repeatedly discovered. When he was discovered, he could only run for his life.

Now that so many people from the northern expedition army had broken in openly, it would be strange if the Bloody Hand Mine Devils didn't gang up on them.

When the number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils increased to three or four thousand, someone finally realized that something was wrong. Many leaders shouted at Han Fei, "Why are there so many Bloody Hand Mine Devils? Isn't it said that there are only more than 30,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils? Why has one-tenth of them suddenly come?"

Although there were still nearly 20,000 people in the northern expedition army, including ferocious beasts and divine beasts, there were still too many Bloody Hand Mine Devils!

They could block one Bloody Hand Mine Devil with a single jump and flash, but what about a hundred or even a thousand? Even if they moved in arrays, there was always an order. The Bloody Hand Mine Devils didn't know what order was. Instead, all they knew was to use Slaughter Fists and Bloody Claw.

An array could resist one or two, but it couldn't resist the attacks of multiple Bloody Hand Mine Devils at the same time.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of arrays were broken. This time, they were completely broken, not just had one or two loopholes.

The people who were scattered were horrified. They scattered the Clean Stones on their bodies and tried their best to escape behind the army.

However, there were always Bloody Hand Mine Devils appearing in front of them, punching them and blowing them up in the next second.

This scene was different from the battle at the entrance. At that time, the battle was too complicated and there were ordinary mine demons interfering. This time, there was no such thing.

After nearly 200 people died under this round of attack in just dozens of seconds, more and more people questioned Han Fei.

Someone shouted, "Human Butcher, are you lying? Why are there so many Bloody Hand Mine Devils here?"

Someone questioned, "Human Butcher, what else are you hiding?"

However, Han Fei had already thought of a countermeasure. He said, "Did I hide anything from you? Look carefully, there are less than 5,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils coming at us. However, the combat power of these Bloody Hand Mine Devils is completely different from the previous batch. It was chaos just now, but now it's a showdown. Besides, when I came in, I didn't fight among so many Bloody Hand Mine Devils, but deceived their perception and sneaked over."

Someone shouted, "Then why is the number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils still increasing? If I've guessed right, all the Bloody Hand Mine Devils within tens of millions of kilometers have been attracted to us."

Han Fei was also angry. "If you still have the time to ask me, then fight hard. This is the f*cking inheritance land of a Great Monarch. If it's really so easy to enter, the Great Monarch will have no face. Calm down. This kind of impact only happens once. After this round of impact, it will be our home ground."

Han Fei didn't feel guilty at all. You asked to come, and I didn't force you.

In fact, if there were only three or four thousand Bloody Hand Mine Devils in this round of attacks, it wouldn't be a big deal. More importantly, Han Fei wondered if the Bloody Hand Mine Devils would be controlled by that Bloody Hand.

This was very likely. As the Demon Vanquishing Tree had said, the Bloody Hand Mine Devils had attacked Puppet City more than once and also attacked the seal more than once.

The Bloody Hand Mine Devils didn't have the wits to team up to attack, so someone must be controlling them.

And the only thing that could control them couldn't be the Demon Vanquishing Tree, so it could only be the suppressed bloody hand.

In fact, as Han Fei expected, the number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils gradually increased to five thousand, and more were coming.

In the beginning, only more than 200 members of the northern expedition army had died, but the situation had just stabilized slightly, when the Bloody Hand Mine Devils behind kept replenishing, which was unbearable for many teams.

Someone threw out tens of thousands of Clean Stones in an attempt to purify the Bloody Hand Mine Devil that attacked their team.

However, this person was torn apart by another bloody claw.

The invincible divine beasts and demonic beasts didn't feel well either. In just a short while, more than 50 ferocious beasts had died.

Only the divine beasts were slightly better. All the divine beasts with the power of purification immediately came to the periphery, enveloping the other divine beasts.

At this moment, they couldn't run. If he ran, it would be equivalent to leaving their backs to these Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

Therefore, the northern expedition army, together with the divine beasts and ferocious beasts, could only retreat strategically. It was a little slow, but relatively safe.

It wasn't that the army didn't want to push forward, but that the Bloody Hand Mine Devils' attack was too ferocious and they couldn't push forward at all.

In just half an hour, the number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils had increased to more than 8,000, and there were still Bloody Hand Mine Devils coming.

The short journey of several million kilometers took them a whole hour.

When they retreated to the entrance but didn't leave the Mine Demon Stream, they found that the Bloody Hand Mine Devils stopped chasing them.

At this moment, they finally realized that these Bloody Hand Mine Devils were controlled. Yes, someone was controlling these Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

At this moment, the army stopped, all looking awful.

In the supervisor team, a supervisor said, "The second time we came down, we killed a total of 51,204 ordinary mine demons and 9,201 Bloody Hand Mine Devils. 2,902 people from the northern expedition army died, 309 from the ferocious beasts and 198 from the divine beast died."

This statistical result really shocked everyone. Before they went down to the bottom of the mine, only a thousand people from the northern expedition army had died. But after only an hour, nearly two thousand more had died?

Someone was horrified. "The northern expedition army came with more than 15,000 people, but now there are only 10,062 left. But we've only killed 12,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils!"

This time, before anyone questioned Han Fei. Han Fei said, "If I've guessed right, it should be the power left behind by the Great Monarch Bloody Hand. It's either his consciousness, a soul fragment, or something else. This thing is manipulating the Bloody Hand Mine Devils, just like how I was beaten out before I could enter the Land of Inheritance."

Someone said, "Why didn't you mention it before?"

Han Fei said, "Are you stupid? I explored this place alone and avoided these Bloody Hand Mine Devils, so I didn't know that they could be organized. It's not too late for you to know now!"

Suddenly, someone asked, "Human Butcher, how did you know that there are more than 30,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils here?"

Han Fei said, "Based on the distance. To be honest, I explored for a full three years and finally found the entrance to the Land of Inheritance. In the past three years, I've basically walked all the paths ahead of the Land of Inheritance."

Someone's expression changed slightly. "What do you mean? Do you mean that there's a road behind the Land of Inheritance?"

Han Fei was silent for a moment. "I'm not sure. I haven't explored it."

Seeing that Han Fei didn't know the answer, many people immediately understood. It was not that he didn't know, but he didn't want to say it.

Everyone knew that it was impossible for Han Fei to tell all the information to them. Now, the problem had come. Firstly, the Bloody Hand Mine Devils could be controlled. Secondly, the information Han Fei provided before that there were 30,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils might not be valid now.

However, they couldn't blame him. This was because the northern expedition army, plus the divine beasts and ferocious beasts, couldn't easily take this place. How could Han Fei have known the danger here alone?

Yes, when people were in extreme trouble, they would instinctively find excuses for others. They felt that even if Han Fei had five Dao Locks, it was impossible for him to completely explore the Mine Demon Stream alone.

However, they were not Han Fei. How could they know Han Fei's capabilities? They could only use themselves as a reference to find an excuse for Han Fei.

At this moment, Han Fei said, "The Bloody Hand Mine Devils can be controlled. I didn't know it before. Now it seems that maybe the Great Monarch Bloody Hand still has a remnant soul or will left here. Everyone, if you don't want to continue exploring, you can divide up the gains from this trip and give up this northern expedition now."

In fact, Han Fei's words tempted many peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators. After all, too many people had died. There were 15,000 people in the northern expedition army, but one third of them had died before they reached the real entrance of the inheritance land. If they continued to fight, it was a question whether there would be 5,000 people left.

However, Han Fei's words were immediately rejected. Come on, it wasn't easy to find this place and organize a northern expedition, nor to let these people pave the way as cannon fodder. Who would be willing to disband the northern expedition army now?

Opportunities never come again. If they couldn't get the inheritance here this time, then in a few months or at most a year, a large number of strong masters would come to the Infinite Mining Area, and even Monarchs would come in person.

At that time, even if they could still come to this place, they would definitely not be the leaders. No matter how powerful the inheritance here was, it might have nothing to do with them.

Therefore, someone directly objected. "I disagree. The northern expedition army has made such a huge sacrifice. If we give up now, won't the sacrifices be in vain?"

Someone echoed, "That's right. Although we suffered heavy casualties in the second battle, our results are not bad this time. We killed more than 50,000 ordinary peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm mine demons and nearly 10,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils. This is already a huge improvement compared to the previous time."

Someone agreed. "I think so too. A large number of people died. That's because we haven't adapted to the fighting habits of the Bloody Hand Mine Devils. In addition, I think that there are some problems with the timing of your use of Clean Stones, which needs to be adjusted. I think that we can recover for another day and then attack again."

Wushuang said, "We're already here. There's no reason to give up halfway. In theory, even if there are more than 30,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils, they won't be able to withstand our repeated attacks. Although it's vast here, the number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils must be limited. Otherwise, this place wouldn't be able to nurture so many perfected Star Transformation Realm mine demons."

Since even Wushuang had expressed that she wanted to continue, no one objected. Even if some peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators wanted to leave, the resources were not in their hands, and they had no say. Besides, they also wanted to take a chance.

Therefore, they decided to rest for a day before going to war again.

During the break.

Different from the northern expedition army, the divine beasts and the ferocious beasts had distributed the resources they gained. While the northern expedition army was resting, the two parties were dividing up the resources.

Among them, the ferocious beasts had piled up level-seven and level-six minerals and those below level six.

The northern expedition army was all jealous. There were 1,800 level-seven minerals, 5,000 level-six minerals, and 40,000 minerals below level six in that batch.

This was all the gains of the ferocious beasts so far, but these guys were really shockingly strong. Only 3,800 ferocious beasts came this time.

More than 3,800 people had killed 1,800 Bloody Hand Mine Devils, which showed the terrifying combat power of the ferocious beasts.

The divine beasts were also allocating resources. They had 2,100 level-seven minerals, more than 6,000 level-six ones, but only about 20,000 below level six.

It could be seen that in the face of ordinary enemies, the ferocious beasts were obviously more destructive. In the face of the Bloody Hand Mine Devil, there was no telling if it was because of the natural suppression of the divine beasts, but the divine beasts were stronger.

On the other hand, the northern expedition army had sacrificed five thousand people and acquired about eight thousand level-seven minerals, twenty-five thousand level-six minerals, and a total of 180,000 minerals below level six. Of course, this was all their gains since this northern expedition started.

However, if they were distributed evenly, each person would get almost one level-seven mineral and three level-six minerals. However, this gain was clearly not much compared to the current sacrifice.

Of course, as the battle continued, everyone would get more. Those who benefited in the end might be more delighted!


One day later.

Everyone had returned to their peak state. After the latest discussion, they decided to clear the way with Clean Stones from the moment they encountered the Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

The total number of Clean Stones distributed in everyone's hands was a billion. However, the consumption of the previous battles was quite high. However, everyone knew that a hundred Clean Stones were not enough for the Bloody Hand Mine Devils. Only a thousand Clean Stones could shake one Bloody Hand Mine Devil. To purify one Bloody Hand Mine Devil, it might take ten thousand Clean Stones. But to use thousands of Clean Stones at once, this level of resource consumption was terrifying. Therefore, in just these two battles,100 million of the 1.1 billion Clean Stones had already been used.

However, compared to the Clean Stones, their lives were naturally more important.

The third exploration.

They went deep into the bottom of the Mine Demon Stream. This time, they went five million kilometers down, and a large number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils raided them again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In order to deal with the first round of attacks by the Bloody Hand Mine Devils, more than ten million Clean Stones were released at the beginning of the battle. Although it still couldn't completely stop the deaths, this time, only dozens of people died in the impact. It was much stronger than the last time when hundreds of people were killed in one wave. Of course, it would definitely cost some Clean Stones.

The first round of attacks by the Bloody Hand Mine Devils lasted less than a hundred seconds. Although more Bloody Hand Mine Devils came later, the number no longer increased on a large scale, but increased one after another.

With the previous experience, this time, no one was stingy with the Clean Stones in their hands. In fact, many peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators had already figured out that they would have no chance to get a share of the real inheritance of the Great Monarch.

Too many people here coveted the inheritance of the Great Monarch. They had no resources at all except for the more than 50,000 Clean Stones distributed to them by the strong masters. It was almost impossible for them to compete for the greatest opportunity.

Therefore, what they could compete for was resources that the real strong masters didn't want.

The perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators were not interested in these resources because they were already perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators. But the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators were interested because the level-seven mineral could create enough conditions for them to advance to the perfected Star Transformation Realm. Once they reached the perfected Star Transformation Realm, although the level-seven mineral was still precious, they wouldn't have to risk their lives to obtain it.

An hour later.

The battle had reached a point where the northern expedition army couldn't hold on anymore. This was because the number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils had completely exceeded 10,000. This meant that almost every squad was facing seven or eight Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

Fortunately, the divine beasts and the ferocious beasts shared the pressure. Otherwise, the northern expedition army would probably retreat again.

More than two hours later, a member of the supervisor team roared, "Everyone, we've killed more than ten thousand Bloody Hand Mine Devils."

This reminder shocked many people. A large number of Clean Stones were squandered in exchange for the death of ten thousand Bloody Hand Mine Devils. However, they discovered that while they were still fighting the Bloody Hand Mine Devils, the other party's number remained around ten thousand.

Three hours later.

A team member shouted, "Request a temporary retreat. We've used up all our Clean Stones."

Someone shouted angrily, "Why are there still so many Bloody Hand Mine Devils? Didn't they say there were 30,000? It should be enough now, right?"

Some teams had run out of Clean Stones, and the Bloody Hand Mine Devils found an opportunity to break up their array.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the light of purification, only a few places were not covered by the light of purification. The Bloody Hand Mine Devils would definitely be the first to rush up.

Therefore, the first squad of ten that was completely wiped out appeared.

After fighting for such a long time, although the number of enemies killed had soared, when the Clean Stones were used up, those people became live targets.

Almost every team that ran out of Clean Stones was wiped out in an instant.

It wasn't easy for the ferocious beasts and divine beasts either. This was because the ferocious beasts had started to use the Clean Stones. However, they didn't use it on the Bloody Hand Mine Devils, but on themselves.

In the end, there were too few of them, but there were too many Bloody Hand Mine Devils. The prolonged battle had greatly increased the probability of them being contaminated. Their own resistance was insufficient, so they could only resolve it with Clean Stones.

And in this place, nearly 500 strong masters of the ferocious beasts died.

The situation was better on the side of the divine beasts. Only about 200 of them died, but the combat power of the divine beasts had obviously plummeted. They must have used too much power.

Mo Jiu and the white tiger both shouted, "Retreat first, retreat first."