The situation on the northern expedition army's side was not much better. More and more people had used up their Clean Stones. In the next half an hour, more than a hundred teams were destroyed.

This was not the problem of the northern expedition army. The main reason was the lack of Clean Stones and the lack of sustainability of the battle.

In just one and a half hours, more than 300 million Clean Stones had been consumed. Plus the previous consumption, nearly half of the Clean Stones of the northern expedition army had been consumed.

Of course, the large consumption of the Clean Stones and the deaths of the cultivators of the three parties were exchanged for the deaths of nearly 20,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

Han Fei calculated with his fingers. So far, they had killed more than 30,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils. Including the number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils he and the Demon Vanquishing Tree had killed before, almost 40,000 were killed.

However, Han Fei had calculated that there might be nearly 100,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils here, and less than half of them had been eliminated.

At this moment, the advantage of the northern expedition army had disappeared. In just half an hour, more than a thousand people died. Even the ferocious beasts and the divine beasts began to die on a large scale.

Judging from the situation, after using up the Clean Stones, they could only kill more than 60,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils, but there might still be nearly 40,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils in this Mine Demon Stream.

Unless the entire northern expedition army was wiped out, it was impossible for them to completely wipe out the Bloody Hand Mine Devils in the Mine Demon Stream.

At this moment, the three major forces realized that this place was difficult to attack and ordered their men to retreat.

However, Han Fei knew that he couldn't run away. The rear had been surrounded. The northern expedition army had to fight now. The suppressed Bloody Hand might not be able to come out for the time being, but he could still control some of the Bloody Hand Mine Devil's actions.

Did he want to eat the northern expedition army all at once?

What Han Fei didn't understand was that this was not the territory of the Great Monarch Bloody Hand. This was the Mine Demon Stream, and behind it was Puppet City. Why did you try so hard to stop the northern expedition army?

In the next moment, the big cat, Wang Xiaojiu shouted, "Not good! Our escape route has been blocked. I've already sensed that a large number of Bloody Hand Mine Devils are coming from behind."


For a moment, everyone's expression turned extremely ugly. Behind them? The mastermind paid the price of 20,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils just to create an opportunity to block their retreat?

At this moment, countless people were horrified.

Especially the cultivators in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm, after such a long battle, they had almost used up all their Clean Stones. They could only risk their lives in another such battle.

Although Han Fei had facilitated the northern expedition, he didn't want the northern expedition army to be wiped out. The inheritance of the Great Monarch was there, but if you entered it, you would die. Then would you enter it?

However, he wouldn't die if he went in. Then, even if he took the Great Monarch's inheritance, no one could do anything but stare enviously.

At the same time, Han Fei's other purpose was to warn the Demon Vanquishing Tree. But the problem was that the Demon Vanquishing Tree hadn't appeared until now. Except for those ownerless roots, the Demon Vanquishing Tree didn't disrupt the invasion of the northern expedition army at all.

Han Fei didn't think this was right either. Once the Bloody Hand Mine Devils were wiped out, it meant that Puppet City lost a natural protective barrier.

Under the circumstances where the Bloody Hand Mine Devils were slaughtered so wantonly, the Demon Vanquishing Tree should be on the Bloody Hand Mine Devil's side at this moment. Only in this way could it maintain the current situation of the Mine Demon Stream and protect Puppet City.

However, he didn't have the Demon Vanquishing Tree, which made Han Fei eager to know what happened in Puppet City. However, what could have happened in Puppet City? The only thing was that the old turtle had reforged his body with the turtle egg of Great Monarch Mystic Martial. It wasn't a big deal and wouldn't cause such a strange situation.

Han Fei knew that this was the real crisis for the northern expedition army. Although they had reached this realm, they had to bear the consequences no matter what choice they made. He didn't feel guilty at all. All he wanted was to grow stronger and prove his Dao.

However, Han Fei felt that these people couldn't all die now.

All of a sudden, Han Fei shouted, "Those who have Clean Stones, stop hiding them. If you use them, you can at least fight for a while. Otherwise, you'll be courting death. Also, the City of Origin and the City of Scavengers must have extra Clean Stones. Don't hide them now. Do you want the northern expedition army to be destroyed?"

An Shanbei and Luo Chen's faces turned green. We've already taken out a lot, alright? The remaining Clean Stones are the key to the competition for the inheritance of the Great Monarch. Can they be used easily here?

At this moment, the two of them suddenly wondered if they should draw everyone's attention to Wushuang. However, Wushuang glanced at them coldly, as if saying, "If you dare to say anything, you will die."

This made them uncertain. This time, the strongest team in the Hundred Alliance City was this group of people from the Capital of Horror. There were as many as 70 perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators, and their combat power was extremely terrifying.

They had already targeted Wushuang once and scammed her of five hundred million Clean Stones. If they scammed her again, even if they made it out alive, the consequences would be immeasurable. It was definitely not a good thing to offend the number one superpower in the Infinite Mining Area.

At this moment, guided by Han Fei's words, many leaders and cultivators had already looked at the two of them.

Someone said, "An Shanbei, Luo Chen, do you want us to all die?"

Someone shouted coldly, "It's very simple for two forces to disappear from this northern expedition army. You don't have time to think now. Hurry up and take out the Clean Stones."

On the ferocious beasts' side, Mo Jiu and Wang Xiaojiu also shouted, "We also want a share, or we will tear you apart."

All of a sudden, An Shanbei and Luo Chen felt as if they were sitting on pins and needles. If they didn't hand the Clean Stones over, they would be in serious trouble. They had every reason to believe that the army of the northern expedition would join forces and wipe them out. Then, the strong masters of the Capital of Horror would find a way to enter their Origin Stars and bring out the Clean Stones. This was something that they could completely do.

Therefore, An Shanbei shouted with an awful look on his face, "Two hundred million. That's the most I can offer. You may not know how precious the Clean Stone is, but it's something that our City of Origin earned by sacrificing countless cultivators. You're taking out hundreds of millions of them? What do you think we are? A treasure house?"

However, Wang Xiaojiu shouted, "We want 50 million, so you should take out 250 million. Don't bargain. If you can take out 200 million, you will definitely be able to take out 250 million. And the guy from the City of Scavengers, you also have to take out 250 million."

Mo Jiu added, "The divine beasts don't need any. They're born with the power of purification and are very powerful. We ferocious beasts want a hundred million."

Luo Chen said, "What about the City of Wanderers? They are also from the Chaotic Wasteland. How can they not have Clean Stones? Where is Chen Tianya? Don't think you can pretend to be invisible by keeping silent."

Seeing everyone's gazes sweep over, Chen Tianya snorted coldly. "I, Chen Tianya, don't hide anything. I originally had 100 million Clean Stones, and 80 million of them have been given away, and the remaining 20 million were split evenly by the ten of us. Now there's nothing on my Origin Star. If you don't believe me, come to my Origin Star and I'll chop off my own head if you find one. I'm open and aboveboard. Do you dare to show your Origin Stars?"

With that, Chen Tianya directly showed his Star Bead.

As Chen Tianya did so, the other nine people in the City of Wanderers also revealed their Star Beads. "Come, you can enter our Origin Stars at any time. If you find an extra Clean Stone, we'll chop off our heads."


Many people were no longer suspicious. Look at them. They showed all the Clean Stones they had. But look at the people of the City of Origin and the City of Wanderers, they were clearly fooling people. Would they dare to show their Star Beads?

Therefore, even if each of these two cities offered 250 million Clean Stones, no one would think that they had contributed all their Clean Stones. However, since Chen Tianya had proposed it, there would naturally be people who would take a look at his Origin Star.

When a dozen cultivators entered Chen Tianya's Origin Star and came out, they said to everyone, "Indeed, there is no Clean Stone, including on the modified stars."

Seeing this scene, everyone no longer suspected Chen Tianya, but they knew that if the 500 million Clean Stones were still not enough, their last hope would still be Luo Chen and An Shanbei.

The two of them looked awful as if they were constipated. However, now that the Bloody Hand Mine Devils had launched an attack, no one had the time to loot their stock anymore.

But An Shanbei and Chen Tianya were very puzzled. They knew that Long Wu also made a deal with Wushuang. Why didn't the City of Wanderers stock up more Clean Stones?

But they didn't know that the City of Wanderers gave three hundred million Clean Stones to Han Fei. Three hundred million wasn't a lot, but if it was all given to one person, it would be a lot. At least it could ensure that Han Fei could handle the real Bloody Hand with ease.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

For a time, another battle broke out.

However, after only two hours, the three major factions were having a hard time. There were too many Bloody Hand Mine Devils. It didn't look like there were only 30,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils at all. Conservatively speaking, there were at least 60,000 Bloody Hand Mine Devils here, or even more.

The northern expedition army frantically tried to break through the defense line and rush to the entrance. But in the end, it proved that they failed. There were too many Bloody Hand Mine Devils in the rear, giving them no chance to escape at all. Whichever rushed the most fiercely would be killed first.

A team with ten perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators cut through all obstacles and used millions of Clean Stones in a short period of time, trying to break through a gap.

However, the Bloody Hand Mine Devils attacked them crazily, and even the power of the mineral in this space was gathered. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of attacks separated the team of ten people. In only two seconds, the ten people were completely wiped out.

Such a breakthrough was carried out by five teams at the same time, but in the end, without exception, they were all wiped out.

Finally, some teams had almost run out of Clean Stones because of the constant attacks.

Those people roared, "Are there any more Clean Stones? Any more?"

Someone shouted, "Teams whose Clean Stones have almost been used up, retreat."

Someone was lost for words. "Retreat? Where can we retreat to? The entrance is blocked. We can only go deeper."

However, although these people were cursing, they still ran deeper.

As they ran, hundreds of teams gathered together in a magnificent array. Just when they thought that they might have to face the dangers in the depths first, they were surprised to find that the Bloody Hand Mine Devils that were originally in the depths of the Mine Demon Stream had all surrounded their entrance.

"Wait, something is wrong. The Bloody Hand Mine Devil doesn't stop us from going deeper."

Among the ferocious beasts, Mo Jiu shouted, "All ferocious beasts, charge deeper."

The divine beasts, such as the white tiger, were exhausted. They also shouted, "Retreat and go deeper."

At this moment, everybody realized that something was wrong. If the Bloody Hand Mine Devils wanted to surround them and kill them, they should've attacked them from the front and back, which would've messed up the teams. However, everybody was too busy rushing to the entrance to notice it.

It was obvious that the manipulator was trying to drive them deeper.

Although they didn't know the reason, it was definitely impossible for them to escape blindly. In order to survive, they could only go deeper. At least, they had to see why this Bloody Hand Mine Devil was driving them deeper when he could exhaust them to death.

Han Fei's face gradually turned dark. Something was wrong. In the depths of the Mine Demon Stream, there was nothing but the Blood Spring and Puppet City. Han Fei seemed to have guessed the Bloody Hand Mine Devils' intentions.

Had Bloody Hand already developed such a high level of consciousness? He wanted to drive everyone to Puppet City that was meant to block the ominous. Those who weren't contaminated by the ominous could enter.

Of course, if the Demon Vanquishing Tree was unwilling, they couldn't enter. But up to now, the Demon Vanquishing Tree hadn't appeared. Was it watching the show?

If these people really attacked Puppet City, it was very likely that the Demon Vanquishing Tree could kill all of them with the strength of the Carefree Level.

More importantly, would the Demon Vanquishing Tree kill them? What if the Demon Vanquishing Tree protected the northern expedition army? Then wouldn't it be a huge loss for the bloody hand if the Demon Vanquishing Tree used the northern expedition army to fight the Bloody Hand Mine Devils?

"No, something is wrong with the Demon Vanquishing Tree."

Han Fei frowned. The answer was simple. The Demon Vanquishing Tree was not stupid. On the contrary, it was very smart. If there were really so many strong masters to be used, the Demon Vanquishing Tree would definitely force the northern expedition army to kill the Bloody Hand and even help them.

Therefore, Han Fei was certain that something might be wrong with the Demon Vanquishing Tree.

However, he couldn't figure it out. The blood spring had almost been sucked up by the Emperor Sparrow, and the Bloody Hand was suppressed under the blood spring with a seal on it. He had set up multiple seals under the original seal, in case the Demon Vanquishing Tree sensed the existence of the Bloody Hand. This was also the key that Han Fei mentioned to the northern expedition army.

If the Bloody Hand hadn't broken the blood spring, the only change in Puppet City would have been that the old turtle had entered.

But the old turtle's soul was only in the perfected Star Transformation Realm. His strength was nothing in front of the Demon Vanquishing Tree. How could this change happen because of him?

Up to this moment, Han Fei didn't feel any feedback from his clone. He didn't know if it was still alive. Although the clone didn't use much of his power, it was still a clone in the peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm.

At this moment, everybody was running as fast as they could. Whoever was slow would be killed if they were caught up by the Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

At first, hundreds of peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators couldn't keep up with the speed and were enveloped by the Bloody Hand Mine Devils, crushed in an instant. Then, Han Fei stopped and came to the back. He punched the air and instantly threw out thousands of fist lights to stop the Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

Han Fei roared, "Do all the perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators of the northern expedition army eat sh*t? Although I helped facilitate the northern expedition, I never thought of letting them be cannon fodder. You, all perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators, didn't bring up the rear but let a group of peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivators bring up the rear. Is this the northern expedition of your Hundred Alliance City? Isn't it disappointing?"

Han Fei's words almost brought tears to the eyes of these itinerant cultivators. Just now, many itinerant cultivators said that they couldn't keep up and were going to die.

However, in the entire northern expedition army, only the Human Butcher they regarded as a ferocious bandit was saving them. The others ran forward desperately, not caring about their lives at all.

Han Fei's words echoed the thoughts of the itinerant cultivators and reminded Wushuang and the others.

Wushuang roared, "All the perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators of the Capital of Horror, cover the rear."

The people from the Divine Capital Dynasty also realized that this was definitely a good opportunity to win people's hearts. They immediately shouted, "All the perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators of the Divine Capital Dynasty, cover the rear."

In addition to these two powers, the power that also decided to cover the rear included the Fist Light Mountain, the Heaven Worshiping Palace from the Central Sea Divine Realm, the City of Wanderers that only had three perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators, and a group of itinerant cultivators.

Yes, most of the people covering the rear were itinerant cultivators. They came here to get an opportunity. No one wanted to die. Itinerant cultivators helped itinerant cultivators, so they were willing to cover the rear to protect other itinerant cultivators.

However, even including them, there were no more than 300 perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators guarding the rear. The cultivators of other factions sneered at Han Fei's actions.

Someone muttered, "Bring up the rear? Are they out of their minds? Tens of thousands of Bloody Hand Mine Devils are chasing us. Isn't it courting death to bring up the rear?"

Someone even said bluntly, "How stupid. How can 300 perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators resist 30,000 perfected Star Transformation Realm mine devils? If they want to die, go!"

As for Luo Chen, An Shanbei, and the others, they had paid a huge price for the inheritance of the Great Monarch this time. How was it possible that they went to defend the rear at this time?

They also thought that Wushuang came here for the inheritance of the Great Monarch, and the most effective way to obtain the inheritance of the Great Monarch was to get the Clean Stones. It was impossible for them to give away Clean Stones anymore. No matter what others said, getting the inheritance was the key.

Once they obtained the inheritance of a Great Monarch, it meant that a powerful Monarch would rise. If he could reach the level of the Great Monarch Bloody Hand, it would be worth it no matter how many Sky Opening Realm cultivators died.

Besides, they knew that there was not just the inheritance of the Great Monarch Bloody Hand in this place. They knew that this was the Mine Demon Stream, the city of the former Great Monarch Mystic Martial. God knew how many treasures were left here!

There were only so many treasures. They didn't want to share them with so many people!

At this moment, they seemed to have forgotten that they were chased to run deeper by the Bloody Hand Mine Devils.

In the rear, Han Fei erupted, and five strange sounds burst out from his body. He was simulating the breakage of the Great Dao Locks, but no one saw Great Dao Locks appear on Han Fei.

Therefore, many people weren't sure if Han Fei had broken his Great Dao Locks.

However, in the next moment, they were sure.

Han Fei's Qi and blood soared to the sky, and a golden fist mark shattered the void. A Bloody Hand Mine Devil attacked at the speed of light explosion, but it was blasted apart by Han Fei's punch. The Bloody Hand exploded and the Flash Lizard shattered.

"Hiss ~"

"So strong! How is it possible? He blew up a Bloody Hand Mine Devil with one punch?"

"A super cultivator with five Dao Locks. God, no wonder Human Butcher could kill seven Dao Lock-level cultivators in one battle. No wonder Human Butcher could find the inheritance of a Great Monarch and enter this place alone to explore."

Someone exclaimed, "He has five Dao Locks and is about to prove Dao. If it weren't for the inheritance of the Great Monarch, he wouldn't have come to the Infinite Mining Area at all, right?"

Someone was shocked. "That's right. Human Butcher hasn't done much evil up to now, right? He only killed some pirates and destroyed the Soul Controlling Sect."

Everyone present knew what kind of people the Soul Controlling Sect was. They were all perfected Star Transformation Realm cultivators and had been invited by the Soul Controlling Sect before. How could they not know?

As for the pirates, were any of them good? If they were, why would they be pirates?

Therefore, at this moment, many people's opinions of Han Fei changed.

At this moment, even Chen Tianya was shocked. Is this person so strong? So he is about to prove Dao! No wonder he dares to compete with the Master of Silence for the position of Human Emperor. No wonder the Master of Silence asked Long Wu to listen to his orders. There is indeed a reason for all this!

On the ferocious beast's side, the big cat Wang Xiaojiu exclaimed, "Meow, this person is so scary. The power unleashed by his fist exceeds the power of the Dao Proving Level, right?"

A black yak said, "His strength is definitely comparable to that of a Dao Prover, but I haven't seen many laws in his attacks. However, his combat power feels like that of a ferocious beast."

Wang Xiaojiu said, "Of course. If the laws in his attacks are strong, he will be a Monarch. How can he still be in the Sky Opening Realm?"

Mo Jiu said, "It feels a little strange. I didn't see his Dao Locks at all."

Wang Xiaojiu said, "Maybe he didn't want his Great Dao to be seen! I just didn't expect him to be willing to fight for a group of irrelevant cultivators. It's too exciting. I want to fight."

Mo Jiu didn't stop him but said, "Be careful. Save your strength. I feel that something big will happen later."

"Got it!"

Swish ~

Wang Xiaojiu jumped out, appeared next to Han Fei in an instant, and shouted, "Brother Human Butcher, I admire you and have come to fight alongside you."